definitely going to spain

After my rigorous exam month (which ended with passing Quantum Mechanics I!) I travelled to Spain for the first time and visited my friend, whom I hadn’t seen for 2.5 years. He fulfilled his dream to study Aerospace Engineering in Barcelona and recently sealed an internship at the European Space Agency!
I absolutely loved the city and I definitely want to go back. 

Favorite moments from Poe Party Ch. 5

- Lenore only caring about the blood stains

- Charlotte’s reaction to being accused (bring on that reaction gif)

- “Charlotte, no one is accusing you.” “No, I am. I definitely am.”

- “And then I suppose I screamed…”

- “AND he hates going to Spain!” “WHAT?!”

- George only caring about preordering the deceased’s book

- “It’s a real hatchet job…” get it? GET IT?!

- “You think this is EASY?!”

- George’s “it’s rest day!” but then Hemingway can’t lift him either

- George complimenting another dress and trying to talk his way out of it again

- Annabelle and Emily friendship omg someone finally noticing Emily! 

- Wilde rolling his R for so long on threat


- Annabelle being completely clueless on why someone may not sleep in their own bed after going out

- Annabelle actually leaving an accused murderer with a ghost and EMILY DICKINSON like what are they going to do

- Charlotte, Lenore, and Emily all alone…. oh god the awkward silence

- How Wilde never even plays along that George is a man

- The face on Agatha Christie’s face before she falls down


- how Annabelle seems more upset about George dying than Eddie dying

- “I George Elliot am a woma–” everyone else: are you kidding me right now, mariann, WE KNOW 

- “Her only crime is being totally basic”

- Hemingway’s creepy over-enthusiastic smile while holding knifes

- “Alright, I think the murderer is doing alright.”


- Charlotte not quite being able to decide if she’s aroused or not by Hemingway being a tool

- *long pensive silence* “She was stabbed”

- Poe’s reaction to the idea of a seance

Just a random thing I’ve noticed with people who speak English as a second language. (I can only speak from the perspective of US English).

“Are you going on vacation on your break?”
“I’ll go to Spain this summer!”

“I’ll go” will obviously be understood, but definitely sounds weird. If it were me, I would say “I’m GOING to Spain this summer.”

The phrase “I’ll go” is used more with something you’re consenting to. For example:

“I need to pick up some milk, but I’m so tired.”
“I’ll go!”

“Who wants to sing first?”
“I’ll go!”

But for events in the future, it’s always “I’m going” (as far as I can think of right now).

“Are you doing anything tomorrow?”
“I’ll go to the store to get some bread.”

“Are you doing anything tomorrow?
"I’m going to the store to get bread.”

In contrast with: (correct)
“Mom! We’re out of bread!”
“I’ll go to the store tomorrow and get some.”

Sorry if this isn’t very eloquent, I wrote t sporadically while in the car on mobile! If anyone more educated on ESL or linguistics wants to correct me or give their opinion, please do! :)