definitely going to be a magic user again

Constantine endagering Batboys S/O Headcanons.

Request: @tomatojellyfish

Synopsis: Constantine’s dangerous methods endanger the batboys/bruce’s S/O, and their reaction.

Hope you like it!


-He hates that Constantine endangered you.
-(even if you’re a mage too, man he will be angry)
-He doesn’t like it when any hero endangers a life, yours takes the cake.
-“Lighten up will ye. She’s alive ain’t she?”
-“It was too close, I couldn’t loss her.”
-“She has bollocks the size of coconuts, she’s fine.”
-“Nearly leading someone to their death is not though!”
-Most likely fought the urge to punch John in the face.
-(But it was close.)
-Doesn’t trust John around you, or anyone else for that matter for a long time.

-Roof shaking yelling.
-Also fought the urge to hit him.
-“Tell him you’re fine luv, he won’t listen to me.”
-“I’m fine, Dick.”
-(mage or not, he was scared of losing you, especially at the hands of a hero.)
-Holds a grudge against John, but reluctantly can come to terms with it, because you’re still alive.

-Actually punches John.
-He doesn’t deal well with it at all.
-He gets rather aggressive, but calms down because he sees it scares you to see him so violent towards a “good guy”.
-He never lets it go.
-Doesn’t like the idea of working with him ever again.
-“You bring harm to her again, I’ll shoot you in the ‘bollocks’.”

-Silent anger.
-Scarily calm.
-But lectures John on safety.
-Clings to you a bit to be entirely sure you’re fine.
-Easier to forgive John, he did his job.
-“Be sure to check who’s in harms way before you ever do that again.”

-You have to calm him.
-“It’s okay Damian, I’m fine and the world is safe.” (“For now.”)
-“Listen to your lady, Kid.”
-Grudge. Definitely holds a grudge.
-Possibly against all magic users that remind him of John.

-He wouldn’t cope well if he nearly killed you.
-He doesn’t want to live with that guilt given his past with not being able to save someone.
-The wrath of the batboys or batman isn’t what scares him about it.
-He would be scared of sending you to hell.