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Constantine endagering Batboys S/O Headcanons.

Request: @tomatojellyfish

Synopsis: Constantine’s dangerous methods endanger the batboys/bruce’s S/O, and their reaction.

Hope you like it!


-He hates that Constantine endangered you.
-(even if you’re a mage too, man he will be angry)
-He doesn’t like it when any hero endangers a life, yours takes the cake.
-“Lighten up will ye. She’s alive ain’t she?”
-“It was too close, I couldn’t loss her.”
-“She has bollocks the size of coconuts, she’s fine.”
-“Nearly leading someone to their death is not though!”
-Most likely fought the urge to punch John in the face.
-(But it was close.)
-Doesn’t trust John around you, or anyone else for that matter for a long time.

-Roof shaking yelling.
-Also fought the urge to hit him.
-“Tell him you’re fine luv, he won’t listen to me.”
-“I’m fine, Dick.”
-(mage or not, he was scared of losing you, especially at the hands of a hero.)
-Holds a grudge against John, but reluctantly can come to terms with it, because you’re still alive.

-Actually punches John.
-He doesn’t deal well with it at all.
-He gets rather aggressive, but calms down because he sees it scares you to see him so violent towards a “good guy”.
-He never lets it go.
-Doesn’t like the idea of working with him ever again.
-“You bring harm to her again, I’ll shoot you in the ‘bollocks’.”

-Silent anger.
-Scarily calm.
-But lectures John on safety.
-Clings to you a bit to be entirely sure you’re fine.
-Easier to forgive John, he did his job.
-“Be sure to check who’s in harms way before you ever do that again.”

-You have to calm him.
-“It’s okay Damian, I’m fine and the world is safe.” (“For now.”)
-“Listen to your lady, Kid.”
-Grudge. Definitely holds a grudge.
-Possibly against all magic users that remind him of John.

-He wouldn’t cope well if he nearly killed you.
-He doesn’t want to live with that guilt given his past with not being able to save someone.
-The wrath of the batboys or batman isn’t what scares him about it.
-He would be scared of sending you to hell.

anonymous asked:

Good morning, good afternoon, good night, oh, universal consciousness leading us through the dark alleys of existence, Lord Seddm. I ask you to clarify about life, the universe, and everything. I was wondering, just out of curiosity, if Mewni and the other dimensions are planets at points distant from the Universe, or are they parallel dimensions of the Earth itself? Or a mixture of both? From now on, I thank the sharing of this knowledge for this humble admirer of your stupendous wisdom.

Oh my, what an introduction! Remember that at least 75% of what I say about this show turns out to be wrong! The show has never been clear about what dimensions are: is Mewni the whole dimension, just the Kingdom, both? Is Pony Head’s kingdom on the same planet as the Kingdom of Mewni, since they were friends since childhood? The book Miss Heinous has mentions “the Earth dimension” “the Mewni dimension”… I don’t think there’s a clear definition, and it’s just to add flavor and magic to the world of the show.

About the parallel universes/dimensions mentioned in Mathmagic, I think it’s a whole other deal, something that’s hardly ever going to be referenced again. The scissors seem to move the users through space only, they can even be used to move from one room to another…

Maybe the book out in March, “Star and Marco’s Guide to Mastering Every Dimension”, is going to shed some light on the subject. 
But personally I believe not even the writers knows exactly what dimensions are, and they just use it as needed by the episode.

Just so you know (Love Wins)

Here’s my fic for day 1 of Bluepulse Week. I hope you enjoy it along with all of the other bluepulse stuff that I and others come up with! n.n

Just so you know (Love Wins) (Ao3 version)

Day 1. Love Wins

Bart had thought, what with having prevented the Reach Apocalypse and all, that he was done dealing with apocalypses… apocalypsis? …whatever. He had thought that the closest he would have to deal with was the near-brush with annihilation after they chased the Reach off Earth (and Wally died— he didn’t like thinking of it, but it was a fact and it was there— of course interpreting the world nearly being destroyed as an apocalypse separate from the original one was an afterthought more than anything). The point was that he had thought he was done with them and that he’d just continue on with his life, superheroing and generally just doing his thing. Instead? No.

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