definitely going back next year


Soooo yeah, here they are! My pictures from the Asylum16! 

I’ve made 2 more (one with Richard Speight Jr alone and one with Mark Sheppard) but I look awful in those, I don’t even like myself on those ones… But the Supernatural cast is the sweetest ever and I’ve had the time of my life this weekend, I wanna go back there already!!

I’m definitely doing Asylum18 next year, because the Supernatural family is the best and this weekend allowed me to meet amazing and talented people. 

(Sorry if I made any mistakes in my post, English isn’t my first language!)



It was so much fun! Currently I’m in a car, making my way to Chicago to visit for a few days and then it’s OFF TO TROTCON! 10 hour drive means a lot of sleeping and… a lot of Pokemon Go WHAT.

It was SO MUCH FUN meeting all you lovely people! Thank you so much to everyone who attended the panels I was on, who made the time to visit my booth, and who tracked me down as Blank Canvas to say how much they enjoy my work, aaaaaa. <333 Definitely going to go back next year! WAAAAAHHH

also yes i drew this while in a car and stopped at a mcdonalds to post it. class.

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Me and my sister at ECCC2015 cosplaying as Steve (her) and Bucky (me). A reporter wanted to take a picture of us for an online news site (which is why the camera quality is so good lmao) and he also got some pictures of us fighting and reenacting stills from CATWS. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find the rest of those pictures yet. But the con was awesome, and I’m definitely going back next year! ^)^

(Please don’t repost or use without my permission! Thanks. :))

“Something has happened to me recently. I was accepted into university, but I couldn’t pay the tuition, so I was kicked out. It’s because I missed the deadline. When I applied for school, I wrote my phone number on the application. However, I changed my phone number and couldn’t modify my contact info at the school, so I didn’t hear anything about my tuition. I got accepted into university but couldn’t go. I couldn’t believe it, thinking like ‘Ah, I got into university but…..“ .
“What is your biggest concern now?”
“Getting back in. Next year I’m definitely going to go to a better school than that one. I didn’t fail because of my abilities.”

“최근에 있었던 일이에요. 제가 대학에 붙었는데 등록금을 못 내서 떨어졌어요. 등록금 접수 마감을 못 지켰거든요. 원서 접수할 때 전화번호를 쓰잖아요. 제 전화 번호가 바꼈는데 연락처를 수정 못해서 등록금 접수 소식을 못 받았어요. 대학이 되었는데도 못 들어간거죠. 믿을 수가 없었어요. ‘어, 나 대학 된건데…’ 하고..”
“지금 가장 고민하는 건 뭔가요?”
“다시 입시죠. 내년엔 꼭 그 대학보다 더 좋은 대학을 갈 거예요. 실력으로 떨어진 건 아니니까요.”

TorCon Is Over

The Supernatural Toronto Convention was absolutely amazing! The cast members were all hilarious and had a great stage presence, and I couldn’t have asked for a better sixteenth birthday present. Richard Speight Jr. hugged me twice and I cried in joy, Jared Padalecki never gets tired of people making fun of how tall he is, and Misha Collins can be really damn intimidating. Maybe that’s just because I was panicking beCAUSE MISHA COLLINS WAS STANDING NEXT TO ME. I’ll be posting more pictures of the convention over the next week or so, so expect more pictures to come :)


The Master Sword may the be gem of my treasures from the con, but these are quite the finds for me as well!

Note: I won the Marceline Hero Snapshot by smashing pots ‘Link Style’ and finding a hidden blue rupee within!

Sadly I was not allowed to use my new sword to smash the pots…

Sparklestuck III

Haha guys, after a long night of staying up all night at Sparkles I finally have awoken up from my six hour nap for the day. First off Sparklestuck III was amazing guys, it was My friend and I first actual time going, and heck we are going back again when it comes around again. I loved all the activities that we did there, and how incredibly sweet everyone is and how funny you all are. And thanks for all the cute compliments, and I’m sorry if my friend and I scared you by calling you people adorable in the middle of nowhere.


I was one of many Roxy Lalonde’s but I wore her regular outfit with a white short skirt, and I spent the majority of my time rollerskating. I also hanged out with a God Tier John Egbert, a Jade Harley, and adorable Tinkerbull.


Everyone, you were all sweet and I seriously love you guys even if I didn’t talk to you. And I loved how everyone would worry when someone fell over and seeing how I feel a good few times, it was nice to see people checking on us fallen people to see if we were okay! It was also pretty funny when Samantha, Samta, and Jade were rollerskating with four other people around Five o’ clock everybody was pretty much dead, and then all of the sudden this one song came on and you all ran into the center and danced like there was no tomorrow forgetting how tired you were!  Also along with the ‘dead’ Davesprite who stood motionless for a long time, I give them props and we were so tempted to place a rose on your chest next to that purple flower. And the Karkat and Kanaya who decided to join you in your ‘dead’ façade were cool too, but I still can’t get over the fact that Davesprite was covered in chex mix and flowers by the time we went to get some sodas.


The games were fun, as our team said, “Twerk it for Derse!” And “Put the Bunny Back in the Box” especially was my favorite game and the lightning round was amazing. Since we tied with Prospit we decided to send the fastest people who just so happens to be a majority of Roxy’s (You guys were amazing) and Leijon’s (who were amazing also!) Also whoever got Vriska’s dice and scorpio necklace with her name on it, I hope you enjoyed it and I really love the Pounce De Leon plush toy its just so adorable.


Anyways now I’m probably going to regret going to school tomorrow since I’m dead beat tired, and I believe I sprained my palm or really badly bruised it along with really bad blistered and sore feet. But it was totally worth it.


Pictures are coming soon, and can’t wait to see you lovely people at Promstuck or Momocon if you are going!


Baltimore is over and done with. I got to hang out with some great friends and cool fans who stopped by. I had a really good time!! I’m definitely planning on going back up next year.