definitely enjoying this oh yes


WINTER: Wait, you’re not going to set me up with someone…are you?

LELIE: Well, if you’re not going to ask someone and no one has asked you yet, I might set you up with someone, yes.

WINTER: I could just…not go? You know that’s an option too right?

LELIE: That’s not an option Winter! You’re going, if you want to or not!

WINTER: Oh yes, I’ll definitely enjoy myself now

LELIE: Oh shush, it’s going to be fine! Just let me handle this.

WINTER: That’s what I’m worried about…but okay.

Pink. A Bam Brown story

There was something about the look in Bam’s eyes that made you stop what you were doing and look directly at him. Your mind was only partly on your work as you laid the fresh strips of venison on the grates of the smoker. Your brother-in-law Bear had already started the fire in the smoker for you and once the last strip was laid in, you shut the door and turned around to face Bam.

“Let me take that for you.” He reached out and took the tin plate and long fork that you had been using from your hand. A smile tilted the corners of his mouth as he leaned in and gave you a light kiss. Slipping your arm through his as you had seen his mother do with his dad so many times, you and Bam walked in comfortable silence back to your cabin.

Stopping at the washbasin outside the front door, Bam quickly rinsed off the dirty utensils. You loved to watch Bam work. He was such a hardworking man. His forehead was lined in concentration because he always said that anything worth doing was worth doing well. You reached out to stroke back the wispy curls that had fallen around his face. Bam shook off the wet utensils and laid them aside to dry. When he reached for the drying towel you thought he would wipe his hands dry like he normally did. Instead he brought the towel up to your face and just before he covered your surprised eyes, he whispered.

“Trust me.” You never had a reason not to trust Bam so you nodded excitedly and let him tie the drying towel over your eyes and turn you toward the cabin door. You were so eager to find out what the surprise was that you started to walk slowly in the direction you thought he wanted you to go, your hands stretched out in front of you.

“Just let me lead you, girl. I don’t need you tripping over something and falling on your face.” His voice was right on your ear and his prickly attitude made you smile. Bam could go from sexy sweet to in-your-face sarcastic in a heartbeat. But that’s just the way he was and you loved every bit of him. His breath on your ear was warm and sweet and your insides stirred a little as his hands pressed on the small of your back. He gave you a small push forward.

Stepping into the cabin, you noticed right away that the room was warm and the smell of savory meat was pleasantly strong. Bam steered you to the middle of the room and you felt his hands leave your back.

“Can I look now?” You were so excited and your hands were clasped together in front of you.

“Not yet.” Bam’s voice was further away and you turned your head in the direction of his voice, straining to hear any sounds at all that might give you a clue as to what you might soon see.

“Hurry, Bam. You know I don’t have a lot of patience.” You unclasped your hands and shook them in front of you, trying to calm yourself down. Bam’s laugh cut through the silence.

“Oh, just settle down there, girl. I’m almost ready for you.” And within a second, his hands were on your shoulders, and then you felt him releasing the cloth from your eyes.

Your first thought was that you couldn’t possibly be in your own cabin. The one-room cabin had been transformed into a soft pink wonderland. It appeared that Bam had borrowed ever strip of pink cloth he could get his hands on to hang on the wall and to use as a bedspread on the bed. Even the tablecloth on the small handmade wooden dining table was patterns of light pink roses on a dark pink background. You had told him once that the cabin still felt like only a man lived there and you were itching to bring some feminine color to the place. At the time, he had only frowned and shook his head at you, but clearly, he had been listening.

“Baby…” You could barely speak you were feeling so much emotion. The words you wanted to say were stuck in your throat behind your tears and finally you just burst out crying. Your hands flew to your mouth and you felt the tears dripping on your fingers.

“Hey, stop that.” Bam reached out and pulled you to him, pressing your face to his chest. “Don’t get all fluffy on me just yet.”

Bam planted a light kiss on your forehead and then led you to sit at the small table.

“This is so…amazing.” You looked all around you at all the bright pink colors and patterns. As you peered more closely at one wall covering, you thought it looked familiar. “Baby, isn’t that Rainy’s sweater right there?” You pointed.

“Yes. And she wants it back when we’re done with it.” Bam grinned as he tugged on the hem of his gray pullover jacket, yanking it over his head and hanging it on a hook by the door. Your eyes widened at the sight of his tight muscles displayed in this black tank top. “So, unfortunately, all this pink is temporary, but I thought at least you could enjoy the view for tonight.”

“Oh, yes Bam. I’m definitely enjoying the view.” 

You watched as Bam spooned the hot stew into the two bowls and set one before you.  He was a good cook and you knew the food would be delicious, but you barely tasted it, you were so happy. As Bam talked about the work he had done that day and you gave him a recap of your adventures in learning to use the smoker, the evening drew on. The light slowly faded from the sky as you and Bam sat talking and laughing and discussing your dreams for your future. It was comfortable and relaxing and your heart was so full of love for your husband. When Bam finally stood up to clear the dishes from the table, you stood up with him and followed him to the washbasin.

“I’ll take care of these, Babe.” He gave you a little push back with his hand.

“No, I want to help. I don’t want to be even that far away from you tonight.” You jerked a thumb back over your shoulder at the table just a few feet away. You kissed his bare shoulder and slid an arm around his trim waist.

“You know.” Bam began slowly. “I really had planned to do so much more for you tonight. I had all these different ideas of how to make this a perfect romantic evening for you. To make it really special, but…” He leaned his head back, slight disappointment showing in his eyes.

“No buts, Bam. This was perfect.” You wrapped your arms around his neck and stroked his hair, smiling into his deep blue eyes. “It was me, and you, in a beautiful girly room.” Bam looked around at his pink handiwork and smiled.

“There was a delicious romantic dinner and I spent the evening with the most handsome man in the world, talking about our life and our future. It doesn’t get any better than that.” You let your lips slide over his, feeling the softness of his mustache on your tongue. Bam’s body responded and you felt his arms tighten around you.

“Well…” Bam drawled. “Maybe there’s one more thing that will make this evening even better.” Bam lifted his brows and gave you a sexy smile as he led you to the pink-draped bed. He knew exactly what to do to start your motor. It was just like turning on a chainsaw.