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Jessa or Climon

“Come with me,“ she said. ”Stay with me. Be with me. See everything with me. I have traveled the world and seen so much, but there is so much more, and no one I would rather see it with than you. I would go everywhere and anywhere with you, Jem Carstairs.”

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Do you have any Zukka fic recs? All these posts are starting to make me ship it. (Honestly, it's a wonder I didn't ship it before- my one requirement for a ship is "person A makes person B happy", and Sokka would definitely make Zuko happy.)

I’ll tabletop you any day

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Quit your life and come train Pokemon.

How Zuko Kind of Maybe Starts Accidentally Dating the Water Tribe Peasant

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Kidnapping Isn’t All Its Cracked Up To Be (It’s Better)

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Under Wicked Sky

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so we had a health inspector come in the other day, and apparently it all went super well, he only had a few things to point out that we needed to clean more... today though when i changed the garbage i noticed an inch thick later of mold on the bottom of our garbage can... super glad he didn't see it, otherwise we'd all be fucked! definitely wish i had more than one coworker who gave a flying shit lol

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*slowly clapping hands* !!! I. agree. with. every. single. word !!! Harry had to hold on the world for so long and so hard even tho he didn't want to but still he had to grasped the borders of reality hold on them and sometimes his hands and fingers burnt so bad but there was no time for him and no one *trully* acknowledged his effort so when someone comes and tell him he can let go and get lost in himself and in Draco and in them it just means so much for him. ah I have to go re-read your fic

Yes! Exactly!

Like ok to be fair I can definitely see either one of them having a praise kink. But for me personally I only read it and write it for Harry because to me it makes more sense.

I just imagine Harry as someone who has never felt worthy or good enough or wanted. And then he had all this celebrity forced upon him but none of it was real. It wasn’t for anything HE did.

And then even after the war he gets all this praise but it feels false because these people don’t know him and they’re praising him for things he didn’t do alone. He had help. He was not the only one responsible for the end of the war and so it feels meaningless.

But then there’s Draco, and Draco just knows what he wants and needs.

And just imagine the way Harry feels the first time Draco hugs him from behind while Harry is cooking one night whispering “You’re such a good boyfriend, Harry.” And he has no idea why Harry nearly drops the spoon he’s holding and shudders.

Because from then on Draco makes sure to praise him in and out of the bedroom (but lets be honest he knows when it’s out of the bedroom that will lead them back there.)

And so when Draco praises him it shakes him to the core because it’s real and it’s everything he’s ever wanted and needed.

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!! oh my god, your mystic messenger harry potter head canons give me LIFEE I didn't realize how badly I needed this crossover until now! do you think you could do the rfa members with a slytherin s/o too? (slytherins are so misunderstood sometimes ;( )

Yes, of course, my Slytherin friends!


  • You’re definitely one to take charge
  • Yoosung loves that about you
  • Follows whatever you say tbh
  • Also in awe of how ambitious you are
  • You end up influencing him a lot when it comes to his studies
  • No one messes with Yoosung since you two started dating
  • You’d probably be the one sneaking around to see him at night


  • This is a good match
  • Almost too good
  • You two are always scheming something
  • However you end up bickering sometimes because you both are headstrong and Jumin likes someone he can lead
  • The couple that ‘observes’
  • You two just enjoy watching your friends and schoolmates interact
  • You really only offer advice or talk if you’ve been asked or if you’re trying to manipulate the scenario to both of your advantage (not always in an ‘evil’ way, but for example if you wanted alone time and Yoosung was bugging you you’d tell him Saeyoung was looking for him or something lolol)


  • You two have a fairly different thought process
  • But he likes that about you
  • Often relies on you for advice about what to do if he’s in a sticky situation
  • Probably owes a lot of his Quidditch success to you because you push him to be the best he can be
  • He’s always trying to figure you out


  • Respects you a lot
  • You guys agree on almost everything
  • You take more risks than her, though
  • The rest of the group looks up to you guys for your grades
  • Yoosung tries to ask you guys for help a lot when he’s struggling in a class but he ends up just getting a lecture usually
  • She blushes a lot because you’ll often hide little love notes in her class books


  • Another good match
  • You two are rule breakers, though
  • You guys stay up all night together in the common room snuggling and giggling
  • You skip classes together
  • You both are just very smart but would rather spend the time together rather than learning potions
  • You two take a lot of bets on Quidditch matches


  • Really enjoys your thought process
  • Always praising your intelligence
  • He enjoys having long and deep conversations with you
  • Would probably find you guys in the library or sitting under a tree together on the grounds
  • You two always arrive in the great hall early and just sit together while you eat, enjoying each others company


  • Another pair of trouble makers
  • You guys are the couple no one wants to piss off
  • You hang out exclusively together
  • Often go off alone
  • You want him to succeed, and you’re probably the only one that’s figured him out enough to trick him into working hard in class

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Season 2 is definitely still gonna be white as fuck. I believe there may be one more prominent character of color coming along, and that's it?? I think for season 3 people need to put more pressure on the duffers, since they really didn't get any last year. I love this show so much, but they need to pull through on this front

agreeee holy shit. i only remember seeing one character of color being added & i think her name is roman? but i don’t remember any others so im just like :/ and from what ive seen i have a Bad Feeling™ she’s not going to last the whole season. i love it too, but i agree with all of this. i hope people do address it and talk about it more so the duffers realize they really…. gotta do better.

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Don't you think it was crappy for Greg to very pubically make a big show about how Tomato betrayed him by befriending a man Greg didn't like? Even if he was trying to penis ride Greg, my intention makes me think Tomato generally viewed Greg as a friend, and was one of the many people that was blinded too Greg's true colors

I do most definitely think it was a shitty move on his part. That being said, I doubt that anybody was surprised, and I think almost everybody was expecting this to happen eventually. Perhaps the only person who didn’t see this coming was Tomato Bisquette himself. But then again, that’s what happens when you try to pay a narcissist to be your friend so that you can ride the coattails of their Internet infamy to snatch up some of that fame for yourself. I doubt that Greg ever really liked Tomato or considered him a friend - most likely he just kept him around because he was useful for doing collaborations with, and also useful in the sense that more or less all he ever did was suck Greg’s dick on Twitter.

I do feel bad for him, though. He seems like a genuinely nice guy, and I get the impression that he’s the type of person who just really wants to see the best in everyone. Very similar to Cyr:

But yeah, I think 99% of people would consider what Greg did to be just completely unreasonable. It seems quite silly and immature to expect an acquaintance/business partner to hate somebody just because you hate them, too. Especially since, as MrRepzion confirmed, Tomato did nothing but speak highly of him. Seems like a massive overreaction to me; but then again,  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ that’s Greg. 

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At my first dojo, my master wouldn't take any of that sexist b.s. some men would come in with. Straight up if they were being shitty about it or just plain wouldn't take other students seriously, he'd show them the door if they didn't change their tune. It was definitely one of the things I needed to see at the time I practiced there (since I was very young and still getting my shit together self-wise). Between my master and all of my fellow students, I really miss my old dojo.

If you ever see him again, please high five him for me. 

Our master was, fortunately, like this too. (Still is.) But I can’t count the number of clinics or tournaments I went to where I experienced this sort of sexist coddling, and hated it. 

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Here's a gay question that's not on the meme I didn't see on the meme: fictional characters not formally identified as lesbians who are definitely lesbians?

oh this is a GOOD ONE. i’ll do five just cause it’s a good number but obviously there are loads more. 

  1. KIRA NERYS. it’s one of the greatest crimes of television that we were given this swaggering angry butch traumababy and asked to believe that she was a heterosexualist. 
  2. JULIE DODSON. one of the best scott and bailey phenomena is that all scott and bailey fangirls seem to come independently to the same conclusion more or less immediately. julie dodson, lifelong lesbian. praise the goddess for pippa haywood’s legendary slouch.
  3. CLARE CARTWRIGHT. we all know that for happy valley to have any genuinely satisfying narrative resolution it must end with safe gay clare. 
  4. JANET FRAISER. most of my feelings about stargate have dwindled to [shrugging girl emoji] but listen you can take janet fraiser career dyke from my cold dead hands. 
  5. MINERVA MCGONAGALL. i don’t care about 99% of harry potter things but i am ride or die for lesbian minerva mcgonagall. if you’re not already convinced i have a trenchcoat full of femslash that will convince you. 

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Same anon as before.I can see things from both sides. I definitely see Taylor's. I think the same can be said of fans who aren't fully understanding where fans who might feel more uncomfortable are coming from. Put yourself in their shoes too. Have you ever felt one way about something that you didn't necessarily WANT to feel but no matter how much you tried to change it, you couldn't? I'm sure many people don't want to feel upset, but can't just turn it off. Just need to be respectful about it

i mean… sure, i would not be upset to see pictures of taylor,  ig stories of her goofing off with her friends, lip syncing to the radio, of her playlists, of her and joe, her witty captions, her silly hashtags, her comments on the most inane things, or the serious stuff, sure i’d love if she made ten minute long vlogs that were filled with all sorts of taylor humor and entertain me all day long. i think she’s hilarious and i love her (obviously or i wouldnt have a tumblr blog). i would want all that or even one cookie crumb of that. i wont lie.  i dont think anyone (who is a fan) is saying that they wouldnt like that stuff?

i am just saying that bc i understand why she isnt doing it, im not upset about not having it.

so i guess the difference is “wanting it but understanding why it isnt there” vs “wanting it and being upset over it”.  The inherent difference there is the difference btwn wanting or wishing something existed, vs, being upset over it not existing.

i want it, but i am not even remotely upset bc i understand the why behind it, and i dont feel it is my place to be upset about taylor’s choices on how she lives her life.  So i cant empathize with being upset, but i can empathize with the predicament she is in.  just me. 

maybe in order to understand why she is where she is there is a need to learn to understand exactly where she is first. 

Oh my god, how the hell did I get so invested in Shameless? I seriously didn’t see this coming.

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(Bows to your greatness because I love your fics). Sabremom, please, please, please. Tony's first Heat with Steve in CN. Just! All the possibilities and how amazing it would be. Steve could work over this Obie offering his...ah... "services" for Tony's first Heat and that beautiful moment when Steve just comes out with it. He didn't like thinking about Tony being alone when he needed (which is one of my fave parts), and now is his CHANCE. Please, please give us this wonderful thing. I'll beg.

I will definitely write Tony’s first Heat with Steve at some point. I’ve given that a lot of thought, let’s just say.  I think Steve will be so excited and happy to take care of Tony, and Tony can finally put the memories of his first Heat behind him and sort of see what the big deal is about.  Steve being the world’s biggest service top is one of my favorite things.

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Togashi also had a gay couple in YuYu Hakusho and was going to to have 2 main characters end up as a couple but backed off because he didn't think it would be received well for the time. I'm so happy anime/manga has come a long way. Horikoshi is playing a lot with different body types too and it makes me so happy.

I heard about that! Togashi is definitely one of my favorite manga writers. 

Yeah, I’m glad Horikoshi is giving the females different body types and different faces. Too many artists give their female characters very similar faces and similar body types, so they don’t feel like people. Furthermore, the body types of the girls in BNHA aren’t your typical barbie-thin anime body like you see in other manga and anime. They have different curves, fat, and muscles, all on the body in a realistic way. 

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It was late afternoon before Steph found the coffee shop she was looking for, looking down at B; but the younger Barista didn't seem to recognize the place at all. However, that definitely was the Brewed Awakenings logo they kept drawing. She pulled the empty coffee cup out of their hands as they went inside, walking up to the Level 3 she could see behind the counter. "Excuse me, but do you happen to remember seeing B around here before?"

Kyle rose a brow at the unfamiliar pair of Baristas coming into the shop, first at the one asking the question and then at the other one before returning to the first one.
“I’m sorry but I do not know what you mean.” He said confused.

Didn’t See

23. “What? Didn’t see that coming?”

Sam x Reader

“She’s dead, Sam. She’s been dead for weeks.” The demon laughs, watching as the expression on his face fades from one of a stoic warrior to one of weakness and worry.

“You’re lying.” He accuses, but the demon only shrugs, pinning him harder to the wall with the flick of a wrist.

“What? Didn’t see that coming?” It cackles, pacing back and forth, “You were just too slow, Winchester – and now your dear Y/N paid the price. She cried for you, you know. As she was dying. She was in pain and she needed you so badly, so deeply, she was sobbing your name as the light faded from her-“

“Stop it!” He yells, “Stop it, stop it, stop it!” Tears run thick and fast down his cheeks now and his heart feels like it’s been torn in two, “Leave me alone, dammit!”

The demon sighs, running its finger over the blade of a knife, “I just thought you might like to know.”

Sam remains silent, looking down at the floor in defeat. You’ve been gone almost a month, torn from his grasp – he’d searches high and low, chopped a hundred black-eyed bastards to ribbons. And yet… still, he was too late. There’s nothing worth living for now. Not Dean, not Cas, nothing.

“Aw, is Sammy a little sad?” It tuts, advancing slowly on him, “Poor thing. I’ll tell you what, though, she’s definitely in a better place now she isn’t stuck with-“

The bronze glow of a dying demon illuminates the small room and instantly, Sam is released from his confines. His eyes flicker up to his saviour.

The first thing he notices is the onyx eyes.

“Definitely didn’t see this one coming, huh?”

The second is the anti-possession tattoo, unbroken and unmarred but turned upside-down.

“Y/N?” He gasps as you grin, turning the bloody angel blade over in your hand.

“In the very flesh.”

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okay can you imagine slytherin percy standing up for the underdogs of Hogwarts and not just other slytherins but like younger hufflepuffs who get made fun of for their house or ravenclaws like luna who people think are just crazy and everyone just going 'you can't mess with these people or else you'll have percy fricken jackson on your case' and no one knows how he dose it like he just shows up when some blood slur or other insult comes up and is like you'll hope you didn't say that soon

Oh yeah definitely. Slytherin Percy would so stand up for others getting bullied - not to mention the fact that that is already a canon aspect of him - but I can just imagine some pureblood about to throw a blood slur, and suddenly they stop and look up and see Percy Jackson at the other end of the hall, just waiting for them to finish that sentence and so they just throw their hands up and walk away.

  • *holds hands*
  • Dan: we're bros
  • *kisses*
  • Dan: we're bros
  • *has sex*
  • Dan: definitely still bros
  • *gets married*
  • Dan: still bros tho
  • *adopts five children*
  • Dan: Bros with a capital B
  • *50 years later*
  • Dan: so guys, we sort of have a confession to make- so please, don't be too shocked, but Phil and I are more than bros
  • whole fandom: omg didn't see that one coming
  • Mom: How are y-
  • Me: If you think about it, Pietro is most definitely alive. First off, we didn't see or hear about any funeral. Marvel could be pulling another Coulson on us. Next, they made a point of his fast metabolism in the film. That would certainly play into him healing after all those bullet wounds. And remember, the first time he got shot, he didn't seem to mind at all. He probably heals very quickly. Also, the Inhumans movie is supposed to come out soon. I don't know if they will play on his and Crystal's romance, but it's a possibility. Finally, Helen(the doctor who used that one machine on Clint) could also create new tissue for Pietro. I mean, they built a whole body with it. Also, Aaron Taylor-Johnson is signed on for multiple movies. He's only been in AOU and the mid-credits scene in TWS. And if you remember, Cap said that if you die, just walk it off, which could be a nod to the supposed alternate ending on the AOU DVD where Pietro might live(or come back to life in a later movie).