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Harry/Uma headcanon: Though she would never admit it, one of the biggest reasons Uma hates Mal with passion is because she broke Harrys heart.

I could definitely see that, considering that Uma comes across as very loyal to what she deems as hers, crew no exception, but especially with Harry.

Harry is her eldest friend, her first mate, someone so dear to her heart that she wouldn’t hesitate to rescue him if need be, and the one person she knows she can count on to never falter or waver away from her. So, some girl coming in and breaking his heart would be unacceptable in her eyes; not to mention, that this is the same girl whom she used to call friend and began to push her aside, tear her down, and replace her as if she were nothing. Mal breaking his heart would definitely add to the fuel of her anger.

She’s already broken Uma’s heart, how dare Mal just saunter in and break the heart of one of her own as well.

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Do you have any Zukka fic recs? All these posts are starting to make me ship it. (Honestly, it's a wonder I didn't ship it before- my one requirement for a ship is "person A makes person B happy", and Sokka would definitely make Zuko happy.)

I’ll tabletop you any day

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*slowly clapping hands* !!! I. agree. with. every. single. word !!! Harry had to hold on the world for so long and so hard even tho he didn't want to but still he had to grasped the borders of reality hold on them and sometimes his hands and fingers burnt so bad but there was no time for him and no one *trully* acknowledged his effort so when someone comes and tell him he can let go and get lost in himself and in Draco and in them it just means so much for him. ah I have to go re-read your fic

Yes! Exactly!

Like ok to be fair I can definitely see either one of them having a praise kink. But for me personally I only read it and write it for Harry because to me it makes more sense.

I just imagine Harry as someone who has never felt worthy or good enough or wanted. And then he had all this celebrity forced upon him but none of it was real. It wasn’t for anything HE did.

And then even after the war he gets all this praise but it feels false because these people don’t know him and they’re praising him for things he didn’t do alone. He had help. He was not the only one responsible for the end of the war and so it feels meaningless.

But then there’s Draco, and Draco just knows what he wants and needs.

And just imagine the way Harry feels the first time Draco hugs him from behind while Harry is cooking one night whispering “You’re such a good boyfriend, Harry.” And he has no idea why Harry nearly drops the spoon he’s holding and shudders.

Because from then on Draco makes sure to praise him in and out of the bedroom (but lets be honest he knows when it’s out of the bedroom that will lead them back there.)

And so when Draco praises him it shakes him to the core because it’s real and it’s everything he’s ever wanted and needed.

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!! oh my god, your mystic messenger harry potter head canons give me LIFEE I didn't realize how badly I needed this crossover until now! do you think you could do the rfa members with a slytherin s/o too? (slytherins are so misunderstood sometimes ;( )

Yes, of course, my Slytherin friends!


  • You’re definitely one to take charge
  • Yoosung loves that about you
  • Follows whatever you say tbh
  • Also in awe of how ambitious you are
  • You end up influencing him a lot when it comes to his studies
  • No one messes with Yoosung since you two started dating
  • You’d probably be the one sneaking around to see him at night


  • This is a good match
  • Almost too good
  • You two are always scheming something
  • However you end up bickering sometimes because you both are headstrong and Jumin likes someone he can lead
  • The couple that ‘observes’
  • You two just enjoy watching your friends and schoolmates interact
  • You really only offer advice or talk if you’ve been asked or if you’re trying to manipulate the scenario to both of your advantage (not always in an ‘evil’ way, but for example if you wanted alone time and Yoosung was bugging you you’d tell him Saeyoung was looking for him or something lolol)


  • You two have a fairly different thought process
  • But he likes that about you
  • Often relies on you for advice about what to do if he’s in a sticky situation
  • Probably owes a lot of his Quidditch success to you because you push him to be the best he can be
  • He’s always trying to figure you out


  • Respects you a lot
  • You guys agree on almost everything
  • You take more risks than her, though
  • The rest of the group looks up to you guys for your grades
  • Yoosung tries to ask you guys for help a lot when he’s struggling in a class but he ends up just getting a lecture usually
  • She blushes a lot because you’ll often hide little love notes in her class books


  • Another good match
  • You two are rule breakers, though
  • You guys stay up all night together in the common room snuggling and giggling
  • You skip classes together
  • You both are just very smart but would rather spend the time together rather than learning potions
  • You two take a lot of bets on Quidditch matches


  • Really enjoys your thought process
  • Always praising your intelligence
  • He enjoys having long and deep conversations with you
  • Would probably find you guys in the library or sitting under a tree together on the grounds
  • You two always arrive in the great hall early and just sit together while you eat, enjoying each others company


  • Another pair of trouble makers
  • You guys are the couple no one wants to piss off
  • You hang out exclusively together
  • Often go off alone
  • You want him to succeed, and you’re probably the only one that’s figured him out enough to trick him into working hard in class

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Togashi also had a gay couple in YuYu Hakusho and was going to to have 2 main characters end up as a couple but backed off because he didn't think it would be received well for the time. I'm so happy anime/manga has come a long way. Horikoshi is playing a lot with different body types too and it makes me so happy.

I heard about that! Togashi is definitely one of my favorite manga writers. 

Yeah, I’m glad Horikoshi is giving the females different body types and different faces. Too many artists give their female characters very similar faces and similar body types, so they don’t feel like people. Furthermore, the body types of the girls in BNHA aren’t your typical barbie-thin anime body like you see in other manga and anime. They have different curves, fat, and muscles, all on the body in a realistic way. 


Robin: I can’t get into the specifics. I really wish I could, but… let me just tell you this, okay? If you did know exactly why I was going, not only would you support me, but you would be thrilled.
Elizabeth: I can’t imagine being thrilled about losing you again. I guess you believe in this.
Robin: I do. And I need you to believe that I have a very good reason for leaving. And I know that it doesn’t make sense now, but I just need you to trust me on this, okay? As my friend.
Elizabeth: I can trust you.

  • *holds hands*
  • Dan: we're bros
  • *kisses*
  • Dan: we're bros
  • *has sex*
  • Dan: definitely still bros
  • *gets married*
  • Dan: still bros tho
  • *adopts five children*
  • Dan: Bros with a capital B
  • *50 years later*
  • Dan: so guys, we sort of have a confession to make- so please, don't be too shocked, but Phil and I are more than bros
  • whole fandom: omg didn't see that one coming

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okay can you imagine slytherin percy standing up for the underdogs of Hogwarts and not just other slytherins but like younger hufflepuffs who get made fun of for their house or ravenclaws like luna who people think are just crazy and everyone just going 'you can't mess with these people or else you'll have percy fricken jackson on your case' and no one knows how he dose it like he just shows up when some blood slur or other insult comes up and is like you'll hope you didn't say that soon

Oh yeah definitely. Slytherin Percy would so stand up for others getting bullied - not to mention the fact that that is already a canon aspect of him - but I can just imagine some pureblood about to throw a blood slur, and suddenly they stop and look up and see Percy Jackson at the other end of the hall, just waiting for them to finish that sentence and so they just throw their hands up and walk away.

Didn’t See

23. “What? Didn’t see that coming?”

Sam x Reader

“She’s dead, Sam. She’s been dead for weeks.” The demon laughs, watching as the expression on his face fades from one of a stoic warrior to one of weakness and worry.

“You’re lying.” He accuses, but the demon only shrugs, pinning him harder to the wall with the flick of a wrist.

“What? Didn’t see that coming?” It cackles, pacing back and forth, “You were just too slow, Winchester – and now your dear Y/N paid the price. She cried for you, you know. As she was dying. She was in pain and she needed you so badly, so deeply, she was sobbing your name as the light faded from her-“

“Stop it!” He yells, “Stop it, stop it, stop it!” Tears run thick and fast down his cheeks now and his heart feels like it’s been torn in two, “Leave me alone, dammit!”

The demon sighs, running its finger over the blade of a knife, “I just thought you might like to know.”

Sam remains silent, looking down at the floor in defeat. You’ve been gone almost a month, torn from his grasp – he’d searches high and low, chopped a hundred black-eyed bastards to ribbons. And yet… still, he was too late. There’s nothing worth living for now. Not Dean, not Cas, nothing.

“Aw, is Sammy a little sad?” It tuts, advancing slowly on him, “Poor thing. I’ll tell you what, though, she’s definitely in a better place now she isn’t stuck with-“

The bronze glow of a dying demon illuminates the small room and instantly, Sam is released from his confines. His eyes flicker up to his saviour.

The first thing he notices is the onyx eyes.

“Definitely didn’t see this one coming, huh?”

The second is the anti-possession tattoo, unbroken and unmarred but turned upside-down.

“Y/N?” He gasps as you grin, turning the bloody angel blade over in your hand.

“In the very flesh.”

  • Mom: How are y-
  • Me: If you think about it, Pietro is most definitely alive. First off, we didn't see or hear about any funeral. Marvel could be pulling another Coulson on us. Next, they made a point of his fast metabolism in the film. That would certainly play into him healing after all those bullet wounds. And remember, the first time he got shot, he didn't seem to mind at all. He probably heals very quickly. Also, the Inhumans movie is supposed to come out soon. I don't know if they will play on his and Crystal's romance, but it's a possibility. Finally, Helen(the doctor who used that one machine on Clint) could also create new tissue for Pietro. I mean, they built a whole body with it. Also, Aaron Taylor-Johnson is signed on for multiple movies. He's only been in AOU and the mid-credits scene in TWS. And if you remember, Cap said that if you die, just walk it off, which could be a nod to the supposed alternate ending on the AOU DVD where Pietro might live(or come back to life in a later movie).
the signs decide to go to the mall (sorry about the length)
  • Leo: aye Pisces lets go to forever 21
  • Scorpio: ooh! let me come with!
  • Gemini: me too!
  • Aries: don't forget about me!
  • Virgo: but Scorpio, we were gonna go to hot topic together!
  • Pisces: alright Leo, as long as we can get ice cream afterwards
  • Scorpio: *stands in the way of people walking, trying to decide whether they should go to forever 21 or hot topic*
  • Taurus: it's ok Virgo, I'll go to hot topic with you
  • Capricorn: *wanders into the sports store with cancer*
  • Sagittarius: *follows capricorn and cancer*
  • Scorpio: *realizes most of their friends have left, tags along with Aquarius and libra to try on hats in the thrift store*
  • (in forever 21)
  • Gemini: guys should I get the oversized sweater or the fitted sweater
  • Leo: neither
  • Pisces: *at the same time as leo* get whatever makes you happy :)
  • Gemini: ...anyway, Aries what do you think?
  • Aries: fitted, definitely
  • Gemini: thanks!
  • Pisces: Leo come with me to buy this hoodie
  • Leo: wtf why ok
  • (meanwhile, Virgo and Taurus are awed by the amount of band tees)
  • Virgo: I need them all
  • Taurus: *gasps*
  • Virgo: what!?
  • Taurus: it's buy one get one half off!
  • Virgo: I'm going to buy everything
  • Taurus: do they have a rapper section
  • (let's see how Capricorn, Cancer, and Sagittarius are doing in the sports store)
  • Sagittarius: lol cancer catch! *throws football as hard as they can at unsuspecting cancer*
  • cancer: what the heck Sagittarius that wasn't funny!
  • Capricorn: you didn't even give cancer time to catch it
  • Sagittarius: whatever, let's go check out the skateboards
  • Cancer: *brushes it off and hesitantly follows Capricorn and Sagittarius to the skateboards*
  • Capricorn: Sagittarius check this out! *rolls through stomach down on a skateboard*
  • Sagittarius: you're so dumb, this is how you do it *gets on skateboard, speeds up, crashes into a display of basketballs*
  • Cancer: I knew coming here wasn't a good idea
  • Capricorn: run!!!
  • (in the thrift store)
  • Libra: Aquarius look at this one *puts on top hat*
  • Aquarius: is that how you pick up the ladies
  • Libra: no it's how I pick you up
  • Aquarius: you wish *puts on fedora* am I cute yet
  • Scorpio: no
  • Aquarius: well Scorpio I didn't ask you
  • Libra: stop don't be mean to Scorpio
  • Scorpio: yeah don't be mean to Scorpio
  • Aquarius: Scorpio is the one who insulted me!
  • Scorpio: I was joking!
  • Aquarius: why are you so mean to me?
  • Libra: both of you shut up!
  • Scorpio: hey is that Capricorn, Sagittarius, and Cancer running our way?
  • Aquarius: what did they do this time?
  • Scorpio: who let Capricorn and Sagittarius go somewhere together?
  • Libra: did everyone forget what happened last time they went somewhere alone together? *shudders*
  • Cancer: Scorpio save me from these two!
  • Aquarius: what happened?
  • Sagittarius: I kind of released about 50 basketballs into the sports store on accident
  • Scorpio: are you kidding me?
  • Sagittarius: on accident!
  • Capricorn: it was an accident, Sagittarius was trying to show off their skateboarding skills and kind of crashed
  • Cancer: that part was kind of funny but what if they catch us?
  • Libra: relax, I'm sure you'll be fine
  • (at the end of the day, the signs meet up back at the food court)
  • Aries: hey, where are Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Libra, Capricorn, and Cancer?
  • Virgo: How much do any of you wanna bet the reason they're not here is Capricorn and Sagittarius' fault?
  • Pisces: it's definitely their fault
  • Gemini: are they really that bad?
  • Leo: did you forget about the pretzel incident?
  • *all of them shudder*
  • Pisces: wait, Virgo and Taurus why do you both have three Hot Topic bags?
  • Taurus: there was kind of a sale
  • Virgo: and there was kind of a lot of stuff we wanted
  • *they both awkwardly laugh*
  • Aries: you two, I swear...
  • Gemini: hey, is that..?
  • Virgo: oh no
  • Pisces: what did they do this time?
  • Leo: why are they running?
  • Taurus: I'm tired
  • Sagittarius: *out of breath* you'll never guess what happened!
  • Gemini: do we really want to know?
  • Scorpio: we're being chased by mall security!
  • Cancer: I hate all of you for bringing this onto me
  • Leo: what could you have possibly done this time?
  • Capricorn: long story short, Sagittarius knocked over a ton of basketballs and we ran and found Scorpio, Aquarius, and Libra then security found us so we started running again
  • Aquarius: why did I run if I didn't do anything?
  • Libra: I was thinking the same thing
  • Cancer: why didn't I just hang out with Scorpio?
  • Aries: security's coming!
  • Pisces: run!

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When did love get so black and white? In TFP, two men are living together, raising a kid, solving crimes forever more, who have been shown to be willing to get hurt/die for one another, changed into better people for and because of each other. But it's not valid because they didn't kiss. It's not valid if we don't see a marriage or sex. John and Sherlock love each other, whether that be as friends, spiritually, or romantically. But no, unless it's definite death til us part love, it's invalid.

I like it when characters can be soulmates without either romance or the exchange of bodily fluids coming into the equation. There are a lot of different types of love in the world.

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When..has...Jason even abused women? This is coming from someone who dislikes him, but I will admit he´s not someone who looks down upon women???? What is it with this fandom, painting every character they don´t like in a bad light????

Idk, but it’s really starting to annoy me. I honestly think they have like group chats and orchestrate their next victim and for whatever reason. XD Like as ridiculous as that sounds it’s probably true, because their arguments are nothing short of ridiculous.

But yeah, Jason has never abused women. He has however fought in war against some women of war (as all heroes do, when attacked by a female villains), but in post crisis he did in fact fight two heroins and turned on one and stabbed her in the shoulder (which he patched her up but of course that person didn’t acknowledge that part in their argument, in fact they said “he left her there to possibly bleed out”). Both scenes happened in post crisis which is where Jason was freshly back from the grave and his dip in the Lazarus pit: which is infamous for turning people temporarily mad.

Jason, when he was Robin, beat up a guy for slapping a prostitute and calling her a degrading name, and Batman had to intervene to save the pimp. Jason also went to a serial rapist’s house, after one of the woman he raped killed herself, and it was heavily implied that Jason may have pushed the guy off the balcony (or he just didn’t save the rapist from tumbling down to his death). It’s really left to which ever is your pick. Jason also was betrayed by his biological mother, which resulted in his brutal death at the hands of the Joker. The very last thing he does, after being beaten with a crowbar and just before getting blown up, is use his body as a human shield to try and protect the woman who had just betrayed him (and was now being betrayed as well by the joker). But of course that person doesn’t point any of those things out in their argument.

Jason also tried to save Duela Dent (Jokers daughter who is definitely as crazy or more crazy than Harley) in both post crisis and in the new 52. His first and only sidekick was a female (in post crisis). He stripped down naked to show he was unarmed and handed himself over to a group who wanted him dead, just to save his sidekick. RHATO has a lot of times where women have thrown themselves at him and he doesn’t sleep with them because he’s not that kind of guy, despite him sending asshole vibes all the time. Jason admires women (Batgirl, Starfire, Wonder Woman, Supergirl), and openly vocalizes it. He also doesn’t mind being manhandled by them. He got in a bar fight defending a woman from being harassed by a man. But Jason does not do the same for males. He actually clashes with most male characters he interacts with (except for Tim). He can be very mean spirited even towards men that are his “friends”, example Roy or Batfamily members. But he never talks mean spiritedly towards the opposite sex. The list goes on and on, and though Jason is not perfect, his entire life shows that he holds women with very high regard (even when they are not deserving of it). And you can definitely see the contrast when you see him interacting with male characters. He’s for sure a three dimensional character, who can definitely be an asshole at times, but his good qualities far out weigh his bad ones. And I think that’s exactly why his fans love him so much. At least, that’s why I love him.

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I once saw someone say that Harry telling McGonagall that he'll come down hard on Hogwarts if she didn't keep an eye on Albus and Scorpius is OOC because it's an abuse of power and Harry wouldn't do that after seeing how Fudge and Scrimgeour did the same thing. What do you think of that? Like I strongly disagree that any characters in CC were OOC but I'm unable to find the right words for it. :/

Oh yeah, I’ve seen that too.

It’s a hard scene to watch. Definitely not Harry’s most likable moment in the play, but also one of the most heart-breaking. It’s hard to watch a character you love making terrible choices and it’s easy to want to counter that by saying “He’d never do that!”

I agree that in normal circumstances–in situations when Harry is calm, when he has time to think, when the stakes as he sees them aren’t so incredibly high–that Harry would never do that. He’s not the sort to abuse his power and he’s generally disgusted by people who do.

But it wasn’t a normal circumstance, Harry wasn’t calm, he was panicking, and he believed his son’s life was at stake. I would like the people who think Harry was OOC in that scene to ask themselves this: What would Harry Potter do to protect his children? Would he stand back and think, Hmm, I think this kid who’s the son of a former Death Eater and might actually be Voldemort’s son could be a life-threatening danger to Albus, but I’m not going to do anything about it because I don’t believe in abusing my power? Nah.

What does Harry do when he thinks someone he loves is in danger? Short answer: anything. Long answer: he freaks out and responds without thinking things through clearly. Like he did when he thought Sirius was in danger in Order of the Phoenix.

Another question: We know Harry is deeply principled to the point of self-righteousness (and it’s part of the reason we love him). But would he be willing to compromise his principles, to do something he believed was wrong in order to achieve a necessary ultimate outcome? Yeah, he would. Like in Deathly Hallows when he uses the Imperious Curse to get into Bellatrix’s Gringott’s vault. Does Harry think it’s right to use the Cruciatus Curse? How could he, knowing what happened to Neville’s parents, what Draco was forced to do, having been a victim of the curse himself?  He’d never do that! Only he does. In the moment, when he’s surging with fear and anger, Harry isn’t scanning his past to remind himself what he believes is right and wrong based on his past experiences: he just acts.

When Harry threatens McGonagall that he’ll “come down on this school with the full force of the Ministry” he’s not making a calm, thought-through choice. He’s panicking. Not only does he think Albus’s life is at stake but he thinks it’s his own fault. So when McGonagall tries to resist him, when she won’t do what he needs her to do, he calls on his power as head of MLE not because he doesn’t love and respect McGonagall, but because doing so will remove the obstacle in his way.

What does Harry keep saying, over and over again? “I need to protect him.” “I need to protect my son.” That’s what he’s thinking about–not Scrimgeour or Fudge. He’s not even thinking about his relationship with McGonagall (or Ginny for that matter). He’s thinking “I need to protect Albus and I’m going to do whatever it takes to do so.”

And what happens once he calms down enough to listen to reason? He realises that he’s been a huge asshole and he immediately takes steps to make up for it. He appologises to McGonagall and tries to appologise to Albus. That’s there, it’s in the play. You can’t ignore it. Harry knows he was wrong.

I mean, a lot of us love Harry. Some of us love him beyond reason (me). But loving a character doesn’t mean erasing and ignoring their flaws. Harry is righteous and principled and loving, but he’s also a man who’s lived through an incredible amount of trauma and that causes him to occasionally make bad choices. You can’t expect him to be perfect. He’s not that kind of hero and he never was.

  • The finale was beautiful and so perfect ahhh my shipper heart is very content right now!
  • For starters:
  • -Lemon Breeland, the voice of all Zade shippers! Loved her conversation with Zoe and her constant pushing for Zoe to realize how in love she really is with Wade, you go girl
  • -I had definitely begun to ship George and Lemon again after how insanely funny and cute they'd become this season and I was hoping SO bad for George to get on that ship : (
  • -I do not support Lavon trying to win Lemon back, I had a feeling he was running towards her but i was hoping it was AB cause her and Lavon are so great together. Am not in favour of the reappearance of this love triangle from season 1, but Team George regardless
  • -Cricket being gay was probably the biggest shocker of the hour HA didn't see that one coming
  • -Meatball and Lily-Anne's vows were priceless, too bad it didn't work out for the odd lovebirds
  • -I like this different side to Joel, I always thought him and Zoe were great as friends, and he proved to be a great friend to Wade tonight too so YAY Joel!
  • Now where to start with Zade? Zoe's weird and stress-induced behaviour at the beginning of the episode, trying to make conversation with Wade and giving him the mini ice breaker brush was adorable, it was clear how much it was killing her to see him packing and ready to walk out of her life.
  • Her confession was beautiful. It was raw emotion spilling out of her, and like Lemon said, it took a lot of guts for her to put herself out there and completely let her guard down for the man who broke her heart.
  • Loved the fact that Wade did not leave and realized that he wasn't willing to sacrifice his identity for his new job, or sacrifice his love for our crazy New Yorker.
  • But the scene that absolutely took the cake for me was Zoe telling Wade that she is not willing to give up on him and that she'll do anything to prove to him that they belong together. One year ago, in the season 2 finale, Wade told Zoe that she saw potential in him to be a better man and that if she gave him a second chance, he would be ready for her. Love how we have come full circle.
  • Wade may not have said 'I love you' back to her but that doesn't mean he's still not madly in love with her. Of course he is, it's written all over his face. And Zoe is not one to give up on the people she loves.
  • Special mention to Wade's smile at the end, that he was so happy that she isn't giving up on him, no matter how much he tries to stay away and fight what he feels for her. AH my precious babies

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What do you think happened to Howard, to turn him from the guy in CA1 to the one Tony knew? I had thought it was the war, the loss of Steve, and the Manhattan Project that began his fall, but I heard in Agent Carter he was still fundamentally the guy we saw in CA1, if sadder, so it seems those factors didn't do him in. And since Peggy was such a huge part of his life, you'd think she would've reined him in when he began to self-destruct! (Unless Peggy had her own fall from grace too?)

Ooh, I definitely have thoughts on this. :D

First of all, one thing that I think is important about how Howard comes across in the Iron Man movies is that we never actually see him except through Tony’s reactions to him. (I have heard that there are tie-in comics in which we directly see Howard being a terrible and/or abusive father, but there are also tie-in comics that show Steve and Bucky growing up together in an orphanage, so I don’t really consider them canon on the level of movie canon for how I view the characters.) 

In terms of actual MCU movie/TV canon, all we get is the Tony’s-eye view of Howard, and children often get a very different view of their parents than their parents’ adult peers do. I’m not trying to argue that Howard was a stellar father. Actually, the Howard that we see in CA1 and Agent Carter probably wouldn’t have been a good father, or at least would have been a person who didn’t put his children first (which actually seems to be his main failing as Tony’s father in terms of what we see in the MCU movies, as opposed to being outright abusive, along with setting a terrible example with the Merchant of Death thing and general womanizing/alcoholism/etc). He’s a decent person (and AC gets even more into Howard’s decent and moral side; more on this in a minute) but he’s also irresponsible, flightly, a womanizer, an obsessive workaholic, and a borderline alcoholic who had probably gone past “borderline” by the time he had Tony – none of which sets him up for parenthood success.

But there’s also a big turnaround in one of Howard’s main moral stances from Agent Carter to the Iron Man movies, which is his willingness to build and sell weapons of mass destruction. According to AC, Howard severed his ties with the U.S. military after one of his inventions was deployed during WWII and caused a number of horrible casualties. We also see him continuing to grapple with guilt about it in AC. A few decades on, though, he’s primarily a weapons manufacturer. I think my general take on how this happened is “the money won” – well, money and Howard’s drive to know ALL THE THINGS. The plot in the first season of AC is kicked off by the fact that Howard kept coming up with highly destructive inventions and storing them in a special vault, because he couldn’t NOT build the prototypes; he didn’t have the willpower not to develop them, but he didn’t want them getting out (which they did anyway). In season two, he wants to get his hands on an incredibly destructive new form of matter to figure out how it works and whether energy can be harnessed for it. Basically I don’t have a hard time seeing how, over the years, Howard’s desire not to hurt people with his inventions was eroded as people from the U.S. government to private corporations to SHIELD continued throwing money at him to invent new weapons, something he wanted to do anyway and had to fight a constant (and, apparently, losing) battle with himself not to do. Basically it’s like shoving booze at an alcoholic.

A point that was brought up on LJ a little while back, too, is that SHIELD must have relied on Howard to build useful devices to help it do its thing, and:

a) there is an INCREDIBLY fine line (bordering on nonexistent) between technology that’s used to protect/defend/police, and tech that’s used to attack/destroy/kill (i.e. many inventions could probably be used for both – in fact, unless he limited himself to making body armor, which is unlikely, there’s no way Howard could AVOID creating destructive weapons as a side effect of his work at building new devices to stop and control supervillains at SHIELD). And:

b) there is a distinct possibility, bordering on likelihood, that Howard financed his work on SHIELD tech by selling similar tech on the open market, and there is also a reasonable possibility that various governments, particularly the United States and particularly during the Cold War, might have cut Howard deals that would allow him to build weapons for SHIELD (this quasi-military organization operating within their borders) if he also gave them access to the same or similar tech.

So basically it would’ve been a slippery slope from a Howard in CA1/AC who was in it for the pure joy of invention (+ making money) to a Howard in modern MCU canon who had incrementally gotten to the point where he was known as the Merchant of Death. The road to Hell is paved with good intentions (and taken in a million tiny steps).

And the fact that he was as upset as he was in AC when his inventions were used to kill people also would explain how he went from being a hedonistic, happy person in the 1940s to the bitter, unhappy alcoholic that he seems to be in the glimpses we have of him in his old age. This is a Howard who knew that he wasn’t living up to his own expectations and couldn’t quite understand how he got where he was, but he was too unhappy and too self-centered (one of his flaws even in the 1940s) to actually do anything about it.

It is possible that if Howard hadn’t died when Tony was in his teens, they actually might’ve gotten to like each other, or at least come to an understanding and a truce, later on in their lives. The fact that Howard died when Tony was at the height of the age when kids resent and pull away from their parents also contributes to the impression we get of Howard through Tony’s eyes – Tony’s view of Howard as a Life Ruiner is very angry-teenager, but Tony never really had a chance to grow past that age in his relationship with his parents. It’s frozen forever in 1991.

As for Peggy and Howard … I think she was mainly just busy with her own life. We see more of their relationship in AC than in CA1, and while they are good friends, she’s also not usually inclined to act as Howard’s conscience or interfere with his life in any major way. (Mainly she doesn’t get on Howard’s case unless his various screw-ups directly affect her.) This may well be a moral failing on Peggy’s part – I could see her feeling guilty and responsible much later on for not interfering with Howard’s poor decision-making back when there was still time to do something about it … or maybe not, because Howard is her friend, but his mistakes are his own, and in AC she mostly just seems to leave him alone to screw up if he’s going to. Presumably this continued through the rest of their lives.

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do you think you could tell people to stop spreading rumours about taehyung's grandma? there is no source for the information, it's a rumour that came from people's speculations on facebook but people on twitter took it as a fact and now they're flooding bangtan's mentions on twitter with stuff about his grandma, when in reality it's not true and noone knows anything, the fan didn't come forward about what happened,i feel bad for tae if he sees this and has to wonder huh what happened to grandma

Everyone please don’t spread rumors about what happened at the fansign yesterday with taehyung. There were photos of him crying and he had to step out a bit. But no one really knows what happened.

Please, let’s respect their private lives. If there’s really something and taehyung wants to share it with us he will. Let’s not spread information that doesn’t have a definite source. Especially when it’s about their family.

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You've probably been asked about this before so of course if you have, link me to the post but basically, my friends and I were discussing Cherik and we couldn't agree on whether or not Charles and Erik were bisexual, because you know, they both kiss a woman in First Class. What do you think? ^__^

Hmmm, hmmmm, well I can say I don’t think they’re straight.

For Charles, I think he’s bisexual/pansexual because more than the physical, Charles is going to be attracted to the mind. He felt Erik’s mind in that water and that was it – completely smitten, head-over-heels in love before he even saw Erik’s face (I mean, he saw memories, but we don’t often have our own face in our memories). Erik coming in an attractive package was no doubt a big plus (let’s not pretend Charles isn’t shallow sometimes), but he definitely fell for Erik’s mind.

Erik is a bit harder for me. I go back and forth between demi and bi when it comes to Erik. There’s Magda and there’s Charles and for most of the rest of his life, he’s only got a boner for revenge, which points to him needing that emotional connection. But I can also see him having a sex drive/attraction to random people, but simply suppressing it, which would make him very much not demi but bi. So, one of those, depending on how you’d like to characterize him :D