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Summer Games 2017 (Côte d'Azur) Widowmaker Stimboard!

Made as a trade for the lovely @sensorykitty. The Mercy one looks so good! You guys should definitely check them out!!!

Requests still open!

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thank you.

so today i reached 1k followers. that’s absolutely insane. when i started this account like, half a year ago, i seriously never thought i’d get so many followers. but apparently i did, and here i am, trying to come up with a cheesy thank you post.

no but really guys, thank you so much. thank you for one day deciding to follow me and thank you for liking my content enough to stick around. i am so fucking grateful for all of you!

i’m now gonna mention some very special people and it’s probably gonna get cheesy so be warned

@wilford-jpg: where do i fucking start oh my god. things have gone so fucking fast for us and soon we’ll be seeing mark together and that’s insane. i’m like still processing it, lmao. i’m so glad we started talking and, let me tell you this, you’re one of the three people i’m comfortable enough around to send my ugly snapchat selfies to. i hope that says enough lol 😂♥

@mint-bees: i followed you for your amazing art and i got so much more. we might not speak much but i enjoy seeing you around on my dash!! and i still haven’t watched a new kids movie, by the way. i should probably do that soon, lol 😂

@fluffy-jack: and again, i wouldn’t know where to start. rey, you’re such an amazing person and please know and always remember that i love you and i’m so happy we’re mutuals and friends ♥♥

also a huge thank you to the people i’m about to mention. i see you guys in my notifications the most out of all my followers and i love you guys to bits!! @ghostlyemmy @mustachiomadness @belgianeyes @thehelpfulvillager @snarkyowl @bleeding-salamander @glitch-bitch-mcgee @thatonereallycrazyfangirl @izninidzen @wholesome-pasta @alex-second-best @cosmogyralcollective

and here’s some other really cool people that i love with all my heart and you guys should definitely go check them out!!!

@markired @egogrumps @lum1natrix @cinnamon-grump @artist-in-space @martziplier98 @intplier @quinn-and-kin @wilfiplier @wiishuswarriors

i’m gonna say it one more time: thank you guys so much. i love you ♥


A/N: I found these prompts this morning and they are all seriously amazing! Definitely check them out guys!! They were created by @deanwinchesterxreader
​60 + Dean x Pregnant Reader Prompts which can be found HERE
Gifs not mine

Pairings: Dean Winchester x Pregnant! Reader

Tagging: @brooklyn-writes-flangst
@deanwinchesterxreader (Thanks for these!)

Warnings: pregnancy? (I don’t know if that’s a warning?), not much else, whole lot of Fluffy Dean…maybe some swearing.

Word Count: 1408

Prompts: #13 Dean Talking To The Reader’s Belly
#14 Dean Kissing Or Touching The Reader’s Belly
#17 Dean Dealing With The Reader’s Mood Swings And Cravings
#36 The Position In Which Dean And The Reader Sleep At Night When She’s Heavily Pregnant

Dean stifled a yawn as he slumped down the stairs of the bunker, his eyes puffy and laced with sleep. He ran his hand back through his hair, shaking his head slightly as he tried to wake himself up a bit more; it was close to one in the morning, the exact time he had been woken up each night for the last week or so and he was exhausted. As tired as he was though he wasn’t about to complain, y/n hadn’t been sleeping either and she was a whole lot more uncomfortable than he was. The last month or so of her pregnancy wasn’t agreeing with either of them it seemed, she couldn’t get comfortable in the bed, on the couch or pretty much wherever she was lately, after her belly had popped fully comfort had flown right out the window, which ultimately meant that Dean had no rest either.

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anonymous asked:

if you like creepy story podcasts, you might like Black Tapes or Tanis! Black Tapes is about a paranormal investigator and Tanis is about a haunted forest. there's also Lore if you'd rather listen to a podcast about real-life creepy things! (I really love all three of these and I can't pass up an opportunity to tell someone about them sorry ;;)

Ohh I’ll definitely check them out! There’s this one guy that I love watching on Youtube named Lazy Masquerade and his voice is super soothing to me. My favorite videos from him are usually the ones about skinwalkers, close encounters, glitches in the matrix, and rl yanderes haha. There are others that make similar content but he is my fav! I like to listen to videos giving facts as well~ Thank you for the recommendations ^^!

Kitten's Playpen Collar Review


*Note, this post is very long & very picture heavy.*

Hello lovely people who may read this, today I received my package from kittensplaypenshop and it’s just so wonderful I have to write a review on it. 

          - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Processing Time: Not gonna lie, it took a while. I completely understand though. I ordered during the Christmas rush, so they had a crazy amount of work to do. If you are going to order from these great people you have to remember they are people. Things happen, supplies comes late, they have friends and family just like everyone else so don’t expect processing time to take two days. They are not robots or slaves so they are going to need a while to make all the orders they receive. If you’re really really picky and impatient but still really want to order from them, just make sure to place an order when there is no crazy rush.

Shipping: I don’t even know how long it took exactly because it was so fast. Maybe four days? If you live in Canada you are pretty much guaranteed fantastic shipping. The products came safe and sound, and even if the package received some rough handling during shipment the collars come individually boxed so they won’t get hurt :-).


Collar One: This was originally an all white christmas collar with a seal charm, but as you guys can see I asked for a few changes..

There are zero flaws with this guy. They did everything I asked and and made it beautiful. The studs and flowers are extremely secure, the bow is perfectly shaped, and everything is sewed super strong and sturdy. I was a little worried I asked for too many things to be changed, but clearly I had nothing to be concerned about. It turned out exactly how I wanted even though I did ask for quite a lot. (I know I know, it’s their job to make customers happy but I’m still so impressed!)

Collar Two: This collar is actually my boyfriends, and we didn’t make a lot of changes. The only thing I asked was that the tie up ribbon be made blue, and as you can see in the pictures it is.

Just like the first collar the craftsmanship is superb, the collar is super sturdy and it looks exactly like the pictures. You definitely won’t have to worry about buying something from them and having it look completely different than the item pictured.

Customer Service: Once again, amazing. Amy is really sweet and she gets back to emails extremely fast. I’ve emailed her three times (once asking about customs, the second time asking how much it would cost to make changes to the collars, and the third just checking in on my order.) and for all three the replies only took a day or two, or even only a couple hours. She is extremely helpful, and will try her hardest to accommodate you if possible.

Final Thoughts: All of these ladies are absolutely amazing. The products they make are high quality, and you can tell they put a lot of effort to make them perfect. Their pricing is also very very fair (almost too fair) for the quality and effort they put into their items. I have absolutely no complaints. My collars were made exactly how I asked, the customer service was amazing, the shipping was very fast, the items they make are perfect.. I would definitely buy from them again and I would highly recommend anyone who has an interest in collars (or tails, or cuffs, or necklaces.. They make a lot of things you guys.) should definitely check them out. They’re really amazing for more kinky folks or even someone like me who just wants to wear collars as an everyday accessory.

 xo, Courtney.

“sigh one more ordinary network?”, you say. “nope”, we say, “we impoved it in order to make it easier for you to find blogs with your fave fandoms in seconds” don’t believe? take a look <3

ok so 

  • must be following protectmccall and precioussammy
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  • post two or more fandoms obv (it can be any fandom, we love all of them equally) <33
  • we’ll choose the first members in 1-2 weeks c:
  • will be placed on the network page 
  • get a follow from both of us if not already
  • we’ll message you asking for basic stuff and an icon so yea beware
  • track the tag #multifandomsociety for updates ‘n’ nice stuff
  • you don’t have to follow other members but i bet they will be hella babes so you should definitely check them all out ♥


I got an anon asking me what my favourite TS4 saves were, so I decided to make a fancy lil post about them to show some love! All of these saves inspire me in one way or another, and you guys should definitely check them out if you get a chance. ♥

01. ALIEN SIMS // @boocreek
02. DOTTY LEGACY // @jellyplumbean
03. WOOLERIDGE LEGACY // @hansolosims
04. PASTILLE RIDGE // @sim-ray
05. ROCKET LEGACY // @simsemaia 
06. HURLEY LEGACY // @pyanka
07. PAISLEY FAMILY // @zauglom
08. MCALLISTER LEGACY // @lifefroot
09. SAFFO ISBI // @ellzia

A New Light To Remember The Old

So my computer was stupid and while I was writing this it decided to configure my Windows for the twentieth time today. Naturally I am pissed because I can never replicate the writing exactly even if it was the first two paragraphs.
What’s done is done though.

First off, I was on vacation last week so there were no updates, But I am back now and with a new chapter. (Can I hear a YAY ?)

Second of all, special shoutout to @princess-sakura-serenity who is an absolute angel and has hit a rough patch right now. Her dubs are amazing and you guys should definitely check them out. I rewatched the latest Cinderella AU dub multiple times because I loved it so much. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m no professional but I’m certain it’s the best one yet.

An internet troll is intent on taking down Sakura’s YouTube Channel and filing copyrights with no valid proof. If anyone has a solution for her I’m sure she’d appreciate the help. She’s a lovely person and doesn’t deserve this. She had a video uploaded about the situation but recently took it down. I’m not sure whether than means the troll has stopped bothering her or not but please do all you can to support her.

Princess Sakura Serenity’s YouTube Channel

Thirdly, A shameless self promo : I recently wrote A Sleeping Beauty AU and A Baby Adrienette Fic to accompany it. I will be writing two more installments in the same verse so look out for that.

Ao3 Link

Now that’s enough of my babbling. Without further ado, enjoy :

The ride back to the Palace was a new experience in itself. Marinette knew that there would be a lot of excitement once the public found out that the maiden who had infatuated their Prince was found.

She did not expect it to be so soon.

Adrien had sent one of the guards back to the Palace to inform Nathalie of their impending arrival. The young man had diligently nodded and rode back swiftly to deliver the message. Somehow along the way the news of the Maiden Ladybug being found spread. They didn’t know if it was because the villagers had seen the guard and put the pieces together, or if the man had let it slip himself. That, however, was unlikely and there was always a chance one of the servants of the Bourgeois had rushed down to town while they were occupied. Regardless of the circumstances, everyone knew. Or…as Prince Adrien had put it : ‘The cat was out of the bag’.

Marinette had felt her cheeks heat up and blossom with a lovely pink blush as her Prince grandly bowed to her and kissed her hand. He led her down the steps of the Bourgeois residence and lifted her gently to his horse, Marinette wrapping her arms securely around his torso once he had mounted. Both had cheek splitting smiles on their radiant faces. Nino, who had been observing them since Marinette had come down, wondered how their faces weren’t aching yet but if the two teens wanted to make up for years of missed out smiles in this one instant, the minstrel was happy for them. This moment was worth the hundreds of missed ones. His best friends deserved this happiness.

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Titmouse Vancouver had its 5 Second Day screening yesterday!  What a great turnout (and what AMAZING shorts, you guys should should definitely check them out when people get around to posting theirs).

Here’s my contribution!


I got a sketchbook last week and decided to start drawing tumblr pets for practice. I thought about posting the cleaner sketches, but I feel like that took away from the detail and ”realness” (and as you can see some of them go to the binding area so it would be kind of difficult to edit that). All of them were referenced, but uh… yeah, I like doing full body/action shots the best, but I also need more practice with front view faces… urg. Anyway, these are the ones I’ve done so far.

@benevolentbandit based on this post

@littlebluesmoothie based on this post

@theshiredog based on this post

@streetdogmillionaires based on this post (MY FAVORITE POST OF CHALO)

@bigpointyears based on this post

@mutt-butts based on this post (LIL CORN KERNEL)

@heart-dogs based on this post

@pixpup based on this post (FLUFF MONSTER)

@foxicaopica based on this post

I’ve talked to a few of these guys, been following most of them for awhile, and they’re amazing people with wonderful dogs. Great photography and personalities. If you guys aren’t following them, you should definitely check them out because it’s always a joy to see their dogs on my dash.

Had so much fun with @gabeerwin making making vine and YouTube videos!! Can’t wait to work with ya again, man! If you guys haven’t checked them out yet, definitely be sure to check ‘em out at

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Guys, this is insane. I reached 1k followers. This is crazy. I am so thankful to you guys that follow me and keep up with all my stuff that doesn’t always make sense.
When I joined the TWD fandom I was definitely not ready for all the feels and all the drama, but I can say I regret nothing, because I met so many amazing people here.
Anyway, this is my thank you note to you all, because I still wanna say thanks. ♡♡♡


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Here are my favorite blogs and people that the fandom allowed me to meet, you should definitely check them out!
Also, thank you guys that follow me and always like my stuff, even if we don’t talk, know that it makes me so happy!
Lots of love