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25 Ways Life Got Better After High School

A lot of you are probably in your last month of high school right now, and that’s a really scary place to be. Your whole life, you’ve always known what’s coming next and what to expect; you progressed from grade to grade, with the same rules, routines, and probably the same classmates every year. Now you’re about to be spit out into a big, open world with no structure, no oversight, and a dizzying number of options and possibilities. And up until this point, all the adults in your life have probably talked about “the real world” like it’s some fanged creature that’s going to chew you up and spit you out. 

It’s not. 

I graduated from high school seven years ago this June, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned in that time, it’s that life really does get better. It got better for me in a lot of ways, in fact. Here’s 25 of them. Your mileage may vary.

1. You get to choose what to study, instead of taking the same program as everyone else

2. You never have to eat a meal you don’t like ever again 

3.  You can adopt, name and raise your own pet if you want one

4. No more curfew

5. Your friendships are more meaningful and based on more than “sat next to each other in fifth grade”

6. You can escape your hometown

7. Other people are way too focused on their own lives to worry about what you wore last week or what your hair looks like

8. It’s easier to cut toxic people out of your life

9. Your relationships are treated more like “serious relationship that might be forever” instead of “high school puppy love that will definitely end in 3 months”

10. You can get birth control without giving a shit what your parents think

11. Taking trips with your friends instead of your parents

12. You naturally give less and less of a shit about what other people think as you get older

13. You get to vote and have a say in how your country is run

14. Getting your own credit card and buying things online is awesome

15. Your actions have logical consequences (didn’t clean the house, so the house is messy) instead of arbitrary ones (getting grounded)

16. You can pierce or tattoo whatever you want

17. Buy whatever snacks, cereals and groceries you like

18. If you need help for a mental illness, you don’t have to worry about your parents finding out

19. You are much more free to express your sexuality, whatever it may be, and have it taken seriously

20. You can escape your parents’ religion

21. You can complete re-invent yourself as many times as you need to, in a way that you can’t in high school

22. Your artistic pursuits are taken much more seriously than the art you made in high school

23. The older you get, the less devastating small setbacks and failures feel

24. Do whatever you want to your hair, makeup or wardrobe

25. You get to decide what’s important to you and what kind of life you want to live, instead of having your goals and successes defined for you. And that’s worth everything.

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Hello! I actually live in Abilene, TX. I am still in high school, but I really want to become an entomologist. I was wondering if you knew about anything in Texas that can help me on my way to becoming an entomologist, or if you have any tips? Thanks! :) I hope you have a wonderful day!

Hi there! Yes, I absolutely know some things you can do.

Entomology for Beginners: Solitary Activities

Go out and look for bugs! 
Even if you don’t have time to go on hikes or walks specifically to look for bugs, you’d be surprised what you can find in your daily life if you look closely enough. A few years ago, I would walk through a park to campus every day. The walk was only 10-15 minutes long, but I saw so many fun things just from looking around me.

Pay attention to the common things
Look closely at them. Ants, flies, bees, spiders, cockroaches, crickets, etc. See how close you can get to them. Pay attention to their anatomy–how does one ant differ from another you’ve seen? What do you notice about the shape of the fly’s eyes? Does the cricket have wings or not? How long are the antennae? You could do this very casually, or you could keep a little notepad to take notes. Look up some anatomy diagrams for different orders of insects and find them on living individuals.

Hatch eggs/raise young
A few months ago, I started finding insect eggs in my yard. I took them to watch them hatch and document each life stage. Some eggs were moth/butterfly eggs, some were stinkbug eggs. I wasn’t able to identify the stinkbug eggs, and when stinkbugs are growing, they change dramatically in appearance between each molt. Each species of stinkbug can have 6 or more totally different coloration patterns, all of which look nothing like the adult. I wanted to raise them to document each life stage and create a record linking them to the adults. I learned so much doing this, and if you have the time and resources, see if you can find a caterpillar or a nymph and raise it to adulthood. You’ll learn the importance of host plants, you’ll see what happens when they grow and molt, you’ll see very interesting behaviors you wouldn’t normally see in the wild. If you don’t have a container to raise bugs in, use a mason jar with a canning ring holding fabric or paper towel over the opening (don’t poke holes in a lid, the insects can get injured on the sharp edges). I’m planning to write up a guide to raising insects at some point, but for now, feel free to ask more questions and I’ll help you out.

Browse BugGuide [link]!
Find a bug you see all the time, and take its photo (or keep it in a jar) so you can look at it while trying to identify it as far as you can go. I may not know a lot of insect families from memory, but I’ve had a lot of practice going through the guides and looking for distinguishing features. It took me a long time to figure out how the site is organized. Start with the guide page [link], and click on the taxa that fits your bug. Use the tabs at the top to go between Browse (compares all taxa within the selected group), Info (in-depth information about the selected taxa), and Photos (all user submitted photos with verified IDs). 

If you see something and you are totally stuck, you can submit a photo to their ID Request page, and somebody will usually tell you what it is and provide a link to a guide page within a few days. If your photo quality is good enough, they’ll even add it to the guide.

Document your observations on iNaturalist [link]! I LOVE iNaturalist, and I credit it for helping me learn most of what I know. You take photos and upload them to your profile. If you take photos with your cellphone, iNaturalist will use the GPS data and time/data data to document where and when you took the photo, and this information is used to document what species are present in an area at any given time. A lot of university and state projects use iNaturalist data for their research and for obtaining grant money. 

Another thing I love about iNaturalist: it has tools that help you identify what you’ve seen. If you know something is a stinkbug, but you have no idea what kind, iNaturalist’s “compare” tool will show you the most common stinkbugs in your area. Just last year, I didn’t know the difference between a rice stink bug and a brown stink bug, but thanks to iNaturalist and the community of people who use it, now I can instantly identify most stink bugs to species level without looking them up. A screenshot of iNaturalist’s compare tool page is below.

Even better: iNaturalist is a community of people who love nature. It’s a mix of amateurs (like me!), state wildlife employees, and professional naturalists (professors of entomology, ornithology, etc). These people will go through observations and provide IDs, and they will comment on things telling you how you know it’s one species vs another, why it can’t be what you thought it was, etc. Even though it’s online and seems impersonal, I have “met” a ton of people on iNaturalist–everybody is friendly and very willing to help you learn. I have interacted with some people enough that when we end up unexpectedly meeting in person (which has happened a few times!), we both get very excited to finally meet! If you join iNaturalist, send me a message there and I will follow you and help you learn. My profile is here (username: nanofishology) [link]

Entomology for Beginners: Social Activities/Formal Education

Contact the Big Country Master Naturalists
This is the Master Naturalist chapter for Abilene [link] and the surrounding area. Master Naturalists are a group of trained volunteers in Texas who aim to increase the public’s appreciation of natural resources in Texas. I don’t know how active their chapter is, but according to their facebook page [link], they have regular guided hikes in Abilene State Park. If you let them know you are interested in entomology, they might be able to connect you with somebody who can mentor you.

Summer Research Programs
There are a few universities that run formal summer research programs for high school students. It’s too late to apply for this summer, but keep these in mind for next year. Not all are entomology, but even a general biology program will expose you to useful information. A couple sites that list multiple opportunities:
Biology & Biotechnology Paid Co-op/Internship Opportunities
Pathways to Science - High School Programs

Outside of formal programs, there are many professors who will take in high school students to work on research projects during the summer. I looked at colleges around Abilene and didn’t see any specific entomology departments, but you could contact professors at other universities and see if they offered paid summer internships. To find professors: go to a university’s website and navigate to the biology department. There will be a “faculty” page, typically with the professors’ areas of research listed, and you can scroll through until you find one who studies something that interests you. Look at their lab’s website, and when you find somebody who does research that sounds interesting to you, email them! Introduce yourself, ask if they offer summer internships for high school students or if they have a colleague who does. You may not find anything, but it never hurts to ask!

Zoos and Museums
Zoos and museums are a great place to learn about insects. If you have a chance to volunteer at one, that would definitely give you some good experience. I didn’t see a natural history museum in Abilene, but there is the Abilene Zoo. They have a summer teen internship program, and while it doesn’t seem to have any entomology component, you’d still get experience with animals and husbandry. When you are first starting out, it’s a good idea to have a solid foundation in the basics of biology, so that when you learn about arthropods, the concepts are more intuitive and you can see connections between all different forms of life.

More informally, if you have a chance to travel to a science museum, definitely do it. If you go on a trip, say to Dallas or Houston, and you have plans to visit a natural history museum, try emailing them in advance and request a behind-the-scenes tour with the entomology department. You’d be amazed the opportunities you can get if you know to ask for them. Most people who work in biology at museums or universities LOVE sharing their passion with people, and making connections earlier will help you build a strong network of mentors and colleagues as you progress in your education and career. 

ALIVE Official Twitter: 25 January 2015

translated by: kodawarii @ tsukipro-en

Various Inside Stories of ALIVE’s Music ☆

If you’ve already gotten then CD, you’re probably aware of this already, but… Actually, ALIVE’s SOARA and Growth are being handled by the same composer. While closely matching the scenario with their worldviews, we plan to show as well their individual goals and their music will grow.

ALIVE: An Inside Story ☆

By the way, since Growth’s songs are of rather complicated compositions, there was one time where we were all waiting expectantly up until the first middle part! We do remember that according to Terashima-san, who plays Mamoru, and is the kind of person who’s usually THE☆Mamoru-reminiscent friendly and bright kind, he was “Aaaaalways ‘waiting’*, wasn’t I!”. ( ・∀・)<Wait there!*

note:*They’re actually using the term ‘待て’ which means ‘wait’, but is actually referring to the ‘stay’ command for dogs.

ALIVE: An Inside Story ② ☆

SOARA’s simple and straightforward music is similar to that of a band formed by high-school students, so there are parts here and there that are still being developed. Growth reflects Mamoru’s unique worldview, which the Koki and the others find fascinating. As the story progresses, once these two units meet, they might influence each other’s music as well.

ALIVE: An Inside Story ☆

Tohiro-san, who is in-charge for the illustrations, has given us little bonus rough drafts are just too cute…they’re so soothing! So here we’ll introduce some of them! Growth’s Valentines!

・Everyone’s Prince

“Since everyone’s giving their honmei chocolate as well, let’s give him ours while everyone is giving theirs too!” or something like that. He’s the kind who’ll accept anything with a smile. A line tends to naturally form so it looks like there’s some sort of event going on.

Growth’s Valentines ②

It’s definitely easier to give things to Kensuke…

The Idol You Can Meet

The type who receives sweets from everyone with a laugh.
While being told things like “Geez, you’re hopeless. Here’s your giri chocolate”, he is actually being given honmei chocolate inconspicuously, but he himself does not realize. A dense person.

Growth’s Valentines ③

Koki is definitely seem like he’s hard to give sweets to… The hurdle is too high! (But actually, he’s the type who’ll accept anything. He’s kind.)

An Aloof Existence

“He probably isn’t interested in things like Valentines, so even if I gave him anything…” is what the huge number of girls are saying as they observe him from the shadows. Those who personally give their chocolates to him have cold hands, are too high-level, and are silent, strong competition.

Growth’s Valentines ④

Mamoru, you can do it… ←This is definitely Tohiro-san’s love



SOARA’s Valentines will come too, right!? And so nonchalantly showing off…! From now on, please do look over @aliveinfo1! We’re planning to upload all the song crossfades at the beginning of the week!

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I would love some fluff Headcanons of Allura with a female SO who has prosthetic legs and is super self conscious about them


  • she doesn’t want to be like ‘i think battle scars on women are very attractive’ but she’s definitely thinking it
  • this is probably an emotional battle for you, but she assures you she doesn’t mind at all. your prosthetics are so much more practical anyway! honestly, bi-pedal creatures are hindered by their flesh appendages
  • she likens you to a super hero sometimes. not just because you totally fit the image, but because you’re battling something so much greater than anyone can comprehend
  • “but don’t they get in the way?” not really! she has a naturally high body temperature and she loves to press her feet against the cool metal
  • plus your knees won’t give out when she tackle hugs you!!
  • brings up the idea of switching prosthetics just to change things up every once in a while. all kinds of different looks and different styles with multiple functions
  • tries to teach you how to love yourself as much as she loves you
  • because when she looks at your legs she doesn’t see anyone but you, you know? just her perfect, beautiful gf

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Could you/would you be comfortable with giving out any old locations from when you lived in illinois? I'm from the area and you seemed to have found some of the coolest places. If so, I can email you!

It depends on what locations, but I can definitely try to help with something!  I don’t give out abandoned house locations unfortunately, but Gary Indiana is right by Chicago and has a bunch of really cool abandoned buildings.  Horace Mann High School is my favorite abandoned building there, but if you wanted a place that is risk free and popular, you could go to the Cathedral there.

For nature, I just went to local forests.  I lived in a town called Lisle, and I had a year pass to the Morton Arboretum and shot probably half of my portfolio there.  I also went to some park called Hidden Lake a bunch because it was close and nobody went there.  Otherwise most of the locations I went to were like weird tunnels and stuff I found, which is sort of boring haha.  If you wanted to find abandoned houses in Illinois, Id say just drive pretty far east of Chicago and look around, because there are tons

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First, you are by far the greatest artist I've ever seen. I love your art, especially your Kylo Ren art (It's just so perfect) and I'm really envious! I always wonder how you do digital art and how you started? Which program do you use and how do you draw so realistic? How is it possible to draw hair so realistic? I'm kind of new and wanted to start drawing. Do you do tutorials? Because I (and I bet others too) have so many questions about drawing and how to live up to your talent! - xoxo V.

Hello there,

Well, let me firstly say Thank you very much for your kind words.
I don’t have any formal tutorials on line at all but here’s a little step by step for painting hair since you asked. I knocked it up this morning so please forgive the sloppy haste.

1 - Form. Thinking of hair in terms of large block shapes instead of strand by strand is the most important thing to remember when you’re approaching painting it. Block out what you want the overall shape to be before you lay down an ounce of detail.

2 - Depth. Once the initial shape is down, start sectioning off smaller chunky forms with some darker values. Typically under the ears/neck and parting but this will of course all be depending on the light source.

3 - Highlights. Next add some highlights. Again, keep the mark making large, bold and chunky. Try to keep the value restrained at this stage. Hair is silky but it’s not typically got a high gloss, white shine under natural light.

4 - Definition. Now you can add your strands … but don’t go too mad! It can be tempting to try and paint every single last one but if you look at the old masters, they achieved a beautiful, realistic finish with one simple master stroke. Less is more!
Try and use opposing directions with the strokes here as well as following the flow you’ve made, it gives the hair a more natural feeling (split ends etc) and enhances any movement you want to add. I also soften the harder edges of the silhouette with an airbrush for a more natural feel. You can add smaller strands around here too. 

Hope that helps in some way. Like I say I know it’s a bit slap dash but it should give some indication to my process. I should also mention that this is just the way I work and not THE way to work. Many people have their own methods of reaching the same end goal. 
To answer a few of your questions  I use Adobe Photoshop CC and a Wacom Tablet. I have improved my realism by drawing from life as much as possible for practice. I really would recommend that to anyone who wants to bring realism into their work. Also if you can get hold of a copy of Imaginative Realism by James Gurney - buy it, It’s a real no-brainer of a purchase.

I also support any portraiture with direct references too, so for the Kylo pieces, I would have 3 or 4 images open of Adam/Kylo in PS whilst I paint to inform the likeness.

- Phewy, that was a long post!

Etude House Magic Any Cushion~

Hello everybody! :) 

I’m back with a very late review on Etude House’s Magic Any Cushion. Few months ago I ordered the trial kit for Magic Any Cushion as I wanted to test out all the colours and see which one fits me.

The kit comes in a very cute pink box. In the box you have three of the Magic Any Cushions that are available.

On the back of the box you have information about the products. In the circles with you have the name of the colours of Magic Any Cushions and underneath that you have the information of which one is better for which type of skin colour. Pink one is called Magic Pink, green one is Magic Mint and the orange one is called Magic Peach. 

Unlike the actual size of Magic Any Cushion the trial kit comes in small travel size like pots with a twist off cap. The cap is in the colour of the Magic Any Cushion. If you have read my haul post with this trial kit then you would know that I’m not a big fan of face make-up bases as I don’t like to put many things on my face but I decided to try these anyway as I heard that you don’t really have to put on anything on top of these if you like the natural look but just want a better a natural looking skin. 

The pots are quite small but still has quite a lot of product inside. On the side of the pots you have information such as the colour name and SPF feature. These cushions have SPF 34 in them which is a plus for me as I wear SPF everyday.

On the bottom of the pot you have the production date of the Magic Any Cushion.

When you twist open the cap you get a sponge applicator unlike the air cushion that the Magic Any Cushion full size comes with. However the sponge applicator is actually a very well made one and not very different than the air cushion applicators.

When you pull out the sponge applicator (there is a plastic separator) you get the Magic Any Cushion. It is the same cushion that you get in the compact full size version. By just looking at it, you can tell that it is very moist and also very illuminating. It is the same with 3 of the colours.

The cushion is very soft and it is filled with the liquid. There is so many air bubbles in the cushion so a slight push gives you a lot of of product. With this kind of cushion products I think a little goes a long as I like a very thin layer for natural look to my skin. 

If you have seen the Etude House’s Baby Choux Bases then you would know that these Magic Any Cushion products are the same bases but in cushion formula. However Magic Any Cushion is a lot lighter feeling than the Choux Bases and it applies thinner too. 

The colours of the Magic Any Cushion are directed for all different type of skin colours, problems etc. Magic Pink is targeted towards pale and dull looking skin to make it look brighter. Magic Peach is targeted towards darkened or spotted skin for a more even highlighted look and Magic Mint is targeted towards people with redness on their faces.

For Magic Any Cushion the formula and the application for 3 of the colours are the same. They all apply the same way and feel the same way. However the biggest difference about them as mentioned above is obviously the colour. Out of the 3 my favourite is the pink one. It really does brightens my skin to look very healthy and it really feels light on my skin. I always apply my Laneige BB Cushion on top of it and it looks great! During the winter it kept my skin feeling very soft and moist and during these summer months it helps to keep my make up in place for a longer time! 

I have tried the Magic Mint on my cheeks where I have slight redness on some days and I realized that it really does evens out the redness on the face and makes the BB Cream or the foundation look better. However unlike the other 2 colours I recommend applying Magic Mint (or any other green make up base) only on the red areas rather than the entire face as it can create a very chalky look on the unnecessary ares. I recommend Magic Mint if you have redness on your face. Even though it is a very light coverage product it does help ease the redness.

For Magic Peach my feelings are very complicated… I have tried it several times and I can not see any difference on my face… I’m a very pale person and it makes me look weird so I can say it is definitely not for pale people but I have also tried when I got a tan and I only saw a slight difference. I think Magic Peach would look good on bronze or olive toned skin for highlighting and illuminating the face points such as nose bridge, forehead and cheek bones rather than the entire face. 

When applied and blended evenly it gives a very nice glow to the face. It is very natural and thin. I hate applying a lot of things on my face but this you can barely feel it or see it on your skin. However you can definitely see the difference. As you can see in the photo above Magic Pink and Magic Peach doesn’t make a lot of difference on the skin colour wise but Magic Mint definitely makes a difference in the colour of the skin. It takes away the redness and creates a pale, non under-toned base to work with. 

If you are someone that doesn’t need high coverage or doesn’t like a lot of product on the skin but still want to try a make up base for better looking skin and make up application then I really recommend the Magic Any Cushion. The application is very easy and it really lasts for a long time during the day. It keeps your make up in place and your skin looking healthy. You can even put it on just by its self for a very healthy looking, no make up skin look or on the days you just want something on your face but also nothing on your face! 

★★★★★ 5/5

Thank you for reading my blog. Please like this blog and subscribe for support and more upcoming posts! 


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X,V,P,M,K,F Calum from 5sos plss?

X - Xray, 

dont really want to talk about it, since i mean there is a video somewhere…but definitely large


i think he is a moaner like doesnt even hide the fact that he moans. i mean i just get the feeling like its easily to make him moan, like wouldnt take much. oh gawd his moaning would be amazing, like he already has an attractive voice, now imagine that moaning.


unlike michael, i feel that he is rough and fast. like he wouldnt hold back at all, he would want to make sure that you are a mess and feel it the next day. he is definitely rough and hard, like he is definitely rough in the sheets. he can be sweet, but he is rough and hard by nature. 


i know this sounds odd, but i mainly think you watching him turns him on . like i could imagine him playing his bass, while you watch, he would tease you giving you sultry looks as he plays, and you giving your own to him. him working out while you watch, turns him on. you watching him change turns him on, like he likes having your attention and really gets him going. i mean i feel compared to most of the band, he has a high sex drive. 


i think he would want to be a sub/dom kink, like he likes having control over you and idk i feel that this is a kink of his, likes the power struggle, and may even want to be a sub at times.

F-Favorite Position 

i dont think he would have a favorite, like he honestly looks like he would like them all, since i think he has a high sex drive compared to the other four. but i think he would have a thing for having you bending over something and taking you from behind, since its most convenient. like he would feel horny and you would be too so it would be simple for him to bend you over any surface and just take you, no need to find a bed or a room, just then and there. 

For the Record (#12)

In the first of this week’s For the Record I’m pleased to be sharing the thoughts and work of Debbie ( wheresmybubble ).  She has a first degree in Art and Design, but switched to Computer Science and completed her Masters in 2013.  She currently works as a software developer, but is also pursuing her dream for a career in graphic novels and illustration.  Read her thoughts on journaling below:

1. How long have you been journaling?

I have been journaling since I was about 10. When I started I wrote a lot. Like page after page of words about my life and everything that’s happening. I stopped for a while when I was in university as the workload was crazy but on the bright side we were encouraged to fill in loads and loads of sketchbooks with design ideas!

Keep reading

Alright folks! Time to rec some of my all-time favorite Larry Stylinson fics for you!

+ Lonely King - When Louis’ parents pass away in a car accident, he inherits a cottage in the woods of Scotland. He ends up spending the summer there; unraveling secrets, mending bonds and creating memories with his best friends. [chaptered, completed, explicit, side ziam.]

Love. The kind you clean up with a mop and bucket. - Harry is tired of hiding his crush for Louis, who unfortunately is straight and in a relationship with Eleanor. Liam is definitely in love with Zayn, who doesn’t want a boyfriend and prefers his “friends with benefits” agreement with Niall. [chaptered, completed, explicit. lot of sex, really. side ziam, ziall, narry, zarry, lilo, nourry even.]

+  Put you on repeat, play you everywhere I go - Harry is a college radio show host and Louis is a contemporary dancer attending said college. After a drunk hook-up, naturally a whole bunch of pining, dedicated love songs and make-out sessions on dance studio floors ensue. [one shot, explicit hella lot pining.]

+ Can I give you a blowjob? - Louis, the football (soccer) captain of his High School and his team mates have been harassing Harry, the shy, nerdy kid for ages. One day Louis and Harry meet alone in the empty halls. That’s the first time Harry gets the idea to make an offer. If Louis doesn’t beat him up, he will give him a blowjob. Love isn’t as easy as expected and dirty secrets and frat boy parties just make everything harder. A story in which everyone claims to be straight but would never turn down a blowjob. [chaptered, completed, such a cute ending.]

+ Thump Thump Thump (Goes my heart again)- louis and harry have been best friends for as long as anyone can remember, whenever somebody mistakes them for a couple, they are both quick to deny. until one day, they stop denying it. [one shot, very fluffy]

+ Thank The Hotel- The hotel messed up the boys’ reservations for after their Red Nose Day performance, causing Louis and Harry to share a single bed hotel room. When Harry wakes up to Louis having a wet dream, he just can’t help himself. He’d have to remember to thank the hotel later. [one shot, explicit, non-con]

+ Take A Hit-  “Hey, alright, so I like to get concussions from the ground, you like them from sweaty men in tight pants.“ “Do you think you have a concussion?” Harry asks, completely ignoring the part where Louis insulted him. That was not meant to be over looked, thank you very much.“No.” Louis answers, definitely not pouting because Harry didn’t so much as crack an offended smile at his joke. Louis lives for offending people. (And making Harry smile.) [chaptered, wip, explicit. ]

+ You Are The Blood- A seventh-year Hogwarts AU in which Niall is seduced by a Veela, Liam makes new friends, Zayn falls in love, Harry gets jealous, and Louis tries to figure out once and for all why he, a Muggleborn, was sorted into Slytherin. [chaptered, wip, some really hot zourry action. side ziam.]

My Cubicle Life - Louis Tomlinson’s life hasn’t exactly turned out the way he wanted it to. Louis thought that his most life-changing event would be coming out as gay in uni.m But as it turned out, his life would become painfully simple. Fresh out of uni, he found himself working a meaningless, low paying, life-sucking 9-5 job and going home alone every night to the flat that he shared with his best friend. But when a curly headed, dimple having, freakishly tall boy got locked out of his flat one night and came in like a wrecking ball into Louis’s life… well, it turned out that would be the most life changing thing to happen. [chaptered, almost completed, explicit, harry thinks he’s straight.] 

Blinded - As the new kid in town, sixteen year old Harry Styles is finding that life is becoming a lot more complicated than expected. After screwing up at home and making the decision to emancipate himself, Harry arrives in Doncaster on a mission: fit in.  [chaptered, wip]

+ Young & Beautiful- Louis, to his horror, attends an elitist university in which the name Zayn Malik means something, Niall Horan doesn’t stop talking, there are pianos everywhere, and Harry Styles, only son of a drug-addled, clinically insane ex-rocker, has a perfect smile and empty eyes. [chaptered, completed, i swear this is the best fic you’ll ever read. really cute side ziam.]

+ You Give Me Fever (What A Lovely Way To Burn) - Louis walks in on Harry jerking off in the shower. What happens after is just… Impulsive and spontaneous. [one shot, explicit.]

 + Red Brick Heart - Uni AU. Harry had turned up at the halls of residence expecting fun, new friends, and maybe a life experience or two. What he doesn’t expect is a surprise roommate who’s loud and dramatic and obsessed with tea and is maybe, actually, all he’s ever wanted. [chaptered, completed, explicit.]

+ From Eight Until Late, I Think About You - After finding out that his University of Brighton roommate has a YouTube channel, Harry starts up his own channel, on which he posts videos of himself doing weekly challenges. He strikes up a friendship with Louis, a popular youtuber in London, that starts in the comments on their videos and progresses to texting, skyping, and talking about each other in their own videos far too often. [one shot, completed, explicit. hella cute!]

+ A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More "Touch Me”  - Louis has always dreamed of owning his own house, and fresh out of university, he finally achieves his dream. Only splurging on tattoos and piercings, Louis is well off, and he’s just in luck, because he practically shares a room with the boy in the flower crown next door. [one shot, explicit, age difference!]

+ The stars above you and the streets below - There’s a boy sitting on the opposite roof. He’s dressed in sweatpants and a hoodie, hunched over a book. Almost as if he can feel that Louis is (somewhat creepily, but, well) looking at him, he lifts his gaze from his book and meets Louis’ eyes. Louis’ very first thought when their eyes meet is that the boy is really pretty. [one shot, explicit.]