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Flirty Winks

Flirty Winks

Quicksilver x reader

Warnings: none

 prompt: Hi can you do a quicksilver image where he is really cocky and always making slightly sexual jokes and when you act on those jokes for a bit of fun he gets all nervous and shy because he has never done it before and he runs away and when you find him his mind runs away and he thinks  some naughty things and gets a hard on and you both  kinda laugh it off.

Requested by: @quicksilverstilinski01

 hope you enjoy


The fastest man alive could run and run and always find himself next to (y/n). No matter what the occasion he was always near her flirting. So this was no different than every other time, except the fact that one sentence could mess with his mind.

“Hey beautiful are you the sun because damn…You get hotter every time I look at you.” Peter winks to his friend.

“Hmmm…are you trying to say you can’t ever look at me because the sun is so bright it burns your eyes?” (y/n) says to peter without even looking up from the homework she was doing.”

Peter blushes wrong choice in a pickup line. So he speeds off in search for someone who could figure out a better pickup line than the one he just used. So he runs off to find Scott.

“Hey scott got any really good pickup lines I could use, on (y/n) she kinda just busted the one I just used.” Peter says from behind the couch where Scott and Jean were sitting at, causing Scott to jump almost spilling his drink on his beloved girlfriend.

“Uh..Yeah sure.. How about…” Scott whispers the line in peter’s ear so jean can’t hear it.

Peter rushes back to the mutant whom he had become besties with. “Hey I’ve got a quarter wanna give me a kiss?” Peter leans in to give a kiss on her cheek only to have a hand on his face shoving him back.

Without skipping a beat (y/n) says, “Give me seventy-five more cents and I will give you a kiss.” A giant smirk plays on her lips.

Again peter’s face turns the shade of a tomato, ‘not only did she say something back she was flirting as well.’

In the eyes of everyone else it seems amusing that she was finally starting to flirt back, and it was driving him insane.

For (y/n) she just couldn’t get enough of it, it took her months to learn peters flirting pattern and some more to make up comebacks to go along with whatever he thought up. Now she was his equal.

When peter did eventually come by he was walking and held up a dollar in his hand. “So do I get that kiss now?”

“Give me the dollar and you will see.” she winks at him.

‘This is definitely worth the risk.’ “same time exchange.”

(y/n) leans in and kisses him passionately while also stealing the dollar from his hand. She turns and walks away, after she pulls back, leaving a speechless and slightly hard, speedster.

Busted (part ten--END)

Requested by @steventaylorlogan

Could you do a bucky x reader fluff or smut thing? Where the reader is Tony’s daughter, and she and bucky get caught doin the frik frak?

Bucky x reader, ANGST/FLUFF, Word count: 1484 (I was going to split this into two chapters but was too excited to wait another day to publish the end)

***MAJOR CIVIL WAR SPOILERS*** (although if you’ve made it this far into the series, I’m guessing you’ve already seen the movie)

TW: language

A/N: This is the tenth and final chapter of “Busted,” a multi-part series. Thank you to everyone who stuck with me through this series, and thanks to @steventaylorlogan for sending me this request that I obviously ran quite far with! I really did enjoy writing it, and I hope you all enjoyed reading it. All 10 chapters can be found on my masterlist here.

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“What?” asked both men simultaneously.

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Just Friends (With Benefits) PART FOUR

Part One / Part Two / Part Three

After their rude awakening of Mor storming in to ask Feyre why she was still in bed when it was almost midday, Feyre and Rhys were quick to get out of bed. 

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After hooking up with Tig in the clubhouse you try to sneak out but your mom Gemma catches you.

Another Friday night another SAMCRO party and being the presidents little sister you were always guaranteed 2 things 1. an invitation and 2. no one would fuck with you or mistake you for a croweater. The party was quickly winding down, Sons and girls passed out everywhere, you were sitting at the bar having one last beer and your plan was to go over the the garage office and sleep on the couch, until Tig took the seat beside you. “Evening doll.” he said with a look, you knew he was looking to get into trouble and you were already interested. “Hey Tiggy” you said leaning closer to him “I’m surprised you didn’t claim your girl and go to your room a few hours ago.” you said with a smirk “Couldn’t exactly scoop up Jaxs sister right in front of him.” “Oh, and what makes you think you’re getting with her tonight?” “Just a feeling.” he said grabbing your stool and pulling you as close to him as he could. One hand found your upper thigh, the other tangled in your hair as his teeth met your neck. You leaned your head over to give him better access. 

His hands began to roam up your shirt, you reached over the front of his jeans and squeezed lightly making his breath catch “You’ve got a room, use it.” you said, the demand in your tone excited him even more. He threw you over his shoulder and stomped back the hall, locking the door behind him he dropped you down on the bed. Letting out a small squeal you reached up pulling off his kutte and shirt, as he pulled your shirt off you kicked off your shoes and reached for his belt. “Eager little girl aren’t ya?” he laughed “Hey, you want it or not?” you replied, your eyebrow raised “Don’t even play that shit, get those pants off.” “Make me.” you whispered jumping up and running across the room. He quickly had you by the waist pushing you against the wall hard he reached around and undid the button and zipper of your jeans, grunting as he pressed against you hard. Turning you around to face him he pulled your jeans off and pushed you back flat against the wall. He snatched off your bra and ripped off your panties throwing them aside. 

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anonymous asked:

amy rose please write the muffled against a wall library!sex! your tags put this pit in my stomach and i need it like air! more beautiful words, all the ust. when you have time, or at all of course :)

The night before classes start, Erica drags Derek to a house party and he finds himself making out with an extremely attractive guy called Stiles. Stiles of all the names in all the world. It could be a damn fugitive’s name, odd and vague and fitting for the man that leans against the kitchen counter as he talks to Derek, feet turned towards him and pink lips turned up in a smile as they wrap around a beer bottle. Stiles has big, earnest eyes and talks with his hands. He teases Derek about his awkward flirting, and his slightly too short haircut. Derek mocks Stiles’ own messy hair, even as he’s itching to run his fingers through it, and he could tell by the way Stiles’ gaze had dropped constantly to his mouth that he was thinking similar things to Derek. 

Dirty things. 

Things Derek shouldn’t be thinking about when he has class in nine hours. 

Derek’s out of his element as they stumble back to Stiles’ shared house, he’s never really had one night stands, taken his studies seriously, put books first, earned his place at college through hard work and a dusty social life. He’s remarkably okay with pretending to be someone who does this regularly if it means he gets one night of it with Stiles. Stiles rims him on the stairs and they fuck on Stiles’ too small bed. It’s wild and intense and Derek forgets his inhibitions, is loud and laughs when Stiles can’t get his shoes off, clutches the headboard as he rides Stiles, relishes the scrape and the burn and the fast, heady pleasure of it all. 

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Road Trip- Jack Johnson

A/n: there’s some smut

“Freeze don’t change that” you shout stopping Sam from turning the radio dial in the SUV. “Chill ma” Sammy says raising his hands defensively.

“Sam don’t ca-” Johnson tries to correct.

“No Jack I got it” you interrupt leaning forward in your seat whispering in Sam’s ear “Keep calling me ma and I just might make calling you Daddy my new habit and wouldn’t that just be a shame” you coo breathing heavily into his ear. Sam shivers at your words. “Damn Jack”

“I know right” he says winking at you. Smirking you sit back in your seat and return to staring out the window. Ever since you and Jack had started openly hooking up Sammy had begun shamelessly flirting with you. Jack intervened at first but when he saw that you always pulled back at the right time he didn’t discourage your fun, after all you weren’t his girlfriend.

“Seriously though if you don’t lock her down I just might” Sam replies looking at Jack through the side mirror. 

None of the boys understood why the two of you weren’t together especially since they’d all jump at the chance to be with you. But what you had with Jack worked and you weren’t interested in complicating it.

Jack pulls you into him throwing his arm around your shoulder placing a kiss on your lips. His tongue prods at the seal of your lips begging for more. 

“Hell nah man I’m not trying to see that… again” Nate commanded smacking Jack on the back of his head halting his movements. You lean back in the seat dissapointed and now thanks to Jack’s little stunt horny. 

“Gilinsky take this next exit” you demand “Yeah why?” “Because I’m not going to piss on the side of the road” You state bluntly. Jack pulls off the highway taking the nearest exit and before he cuts the engine off your doors already open. 

“Babe you should probably check too” you suggest hoping he catches you drift. “Yeah you’re right. Guys I’ll be right back” he says following up that path. 

You pull him nto the family bathroom flipping the lock on the door. “Shit we don’t have a lot of time”

“Damn I love it when you get needy, you’re so fucking creative” he whispers smashing your lips to his. You fumble with his belt trying to avoid breaking the kiss but you can’t get it. “I can’t get it” you mumble into the kiss making him chuckle into your mouth. Jack swiftly undoes his belt as you pull your thong to the side. You turn exposing your ass to him and he sinks into you slowly. “We don’t have all day” you groan bouncing you ass against him eager for him to pick up the pace.

“You want it faster babygirl” he whispers huskily into your ear before slamming into you deeper. His action catches you by surprise and you place your palms on the door struggling to breathe. Jack graps your hips with his rough hands and when he reaches tor ub your clit you collaspe against the door. 

Coming out of your haze you adjust your skirt and flip your hair hoping to hide any signs of your little rendezvous because fucking at a truck stop wasn’t something they’d let you live down. You exit the bathroom before Jack putting some distance between you two. 

You hop in the truck refreshed and ready to go just waiting for Johnson to return. “Where’s Jack?” Nate asks the minute you get in. “Don’t know I’m not his keeper” you shrug. “Excuse me” he sasses. 

“All good to g- You could’ve at least buckled your pants man.” Sam notices the moment Jack gets in. He eyes dart from Jack to you as a smirk creeps across his face. You immediately cover yours preparing for whats about to come next. 

“What was that about not being his keeper hmm?” Nate mocks. “Hope it was worth it Y/n because you’re not getting any more “pee” breaks for a while” Gilinsky states looking at you through the rearview mirror. Jack looks at you sympathetically silently apologizing. “It was definitely worth it” you reply winking. 

Aaron Imagine for Norey

“Ok, I’ll be there by 7 o'clock.” You told Jacob who was on the other end of the phone. You pulled the phone away from your ear and hit the big red button, ending the call. “Terminal 3 now boarding.” you heard over the intercom. You ran a hand through your hair and made your way towards the terminal. You were at the airport because today was your boyfriend of 6 months, Aaron’s, birthday. Jacob, Dillon and Taylor had helped you plan a whole big surprise for him without Aaron knowing anything about it.
You got on the plane and instantly put your head phones in. You turned on your favorite song and did your own little private concert in your head. You had to find something to do for the next few hours. The boys where doing an event that was a 6 hour flight from where you were… But for Aaron you would sit on this plane for 12 hours if necessary.After what felt like a million years later, you had arrived. You texted Jacob letting him know that you were here and on your way. Also to throw Aaron off you sent him a text that read, “Hey baby I miss you so much… I wish I could be with you on your birthday… :( Have a good day and I’ll see you soon! Love you xxx” You put your phone back in your pocket and walked out of the airport bags in hand.
You found Aaron’s mom, Becky standing and waiting for you “Hello darling!” she said excitedly.
“Hi!!” You responded as she helped you get your bags into the car.
“Alright we have a 20 minute drive, and then we gotta sneak you in, which all of the boys are going to help with and from there you know the rest!” She explained with a big smile on her face. The both of you got into the car and began making your way to the venue.
The 20 minute drive went by pretty quickly, as you talked with Aaron’s mom the whole time. She was one of the nicest ladies you’ve ever met. She was pretty much like your second mother. When you got there, Becky made a call and before you knew it Jacob peaked his head out the door. You smiled at Jacob, he was a good friend of yours. “Jacob!!” you said with a big smile and hugged him.
“Helllooooo.” he said excitedly. “Here these are Mahogany’s, Aaron should be busy but just in case one of the boys messes something up, you’ll be semi disguised.” Jacob told you with a laugh as he handed you a jacket, a pair of ears and a pair of sunglasses. Of course everything was adorable because it was all Mahogany’s and that girl had the best fashion sense. You put on the Jacket over top of your crop top and the ears on your head. For the final touch you put on the sunglasses. Jacob and Becky nodded in approval “From a distance you don’t look like you.” Jacob stated with a laugh before turning and walking inside the venue.
You followed close behind Jacob as he lead you to behind the stage. From what you could hear Aaron was already on stage.
“So we have a birthday boyyyyy” You heard Taylor say, or for lack of a better word sing.
“Oh yes we do!” Dillon chimed in with the same sing song voice tone as Taylor.
“So if you guys could help us sing Happy Birthday to a REAL special little boy that would be fantastic.” Jack G said. And all the boys along with the fans started singing happy birthday. You took off the ears and sunglasses, along with the jacket. You looked up to see Taylor who had slipped away from the rest as they finished singing.
“Hey there.” Taylor greeted you before he motioned for you to follow him to the side of the stage. “So guys…” he said into the microphone. He somewhat blocked you with his body. “We have a special fan of Aaron’s that has something real cute to tell him.” he said as the two of you made it onto the stage. You could see Aaron peak his head around the other boys. You watched as his jaw dropped.
“(Y/N)!!!!” Aaron practically shouted and ran towards you. He picked you up into a big hug and spun you around. All of the fans awed, along with the boys. Dillon made kissing noises into the microphone and Jack G shouted “GET SOME”
“Yeah we lied, it’s not a fan… Happy Birthday man! We love ya!” Taylor said with a grin before beginning to sing Aaron and (Y/N) sitting in a tree K.I.S.S.I.N.G…..
You and Aaron seemed to be in your own little world “I didn’t think you were going to be here.” Aaron whispered looking you in the eyes, he hadn’t taken his arms from around your waist.
“That’s why they call it a surprise.” You giggled before Aaron let his lips crash into yours.
“Well this is the best surprise, I’ve ever gotten.” He told you. He kissed you quickly one last time “We’ll continue this later.” he smirked with a cheeky wink.
That 6 hour plane ride was most definitely worth it. You hadn’t seen Aaron that happy in a long time. All of the fans were super nice and some even asked to take pictures with you. And at the end of the night you did end up continuing what you had started earlier (;

Imagine request for cameronsdarling! I hope you enjoy it sweetie!

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