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Harry Potter x One Piece!

It’s Harry Potter 20th anniversary!

I’ve been wanting to draw Hogwarts AU ever since I saw artworks from @jijibaobao. You guys should check out her works! She’s a good artist and her works are all really cute!

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*slowly raises hand* Headmistress... not to be rude or anything... but hate can also stem from love by the medium of betrayal or, you know, rejection (of one's affections, presence, talent, etc...) or even a determined action that affected your life directly or indirectly... I'm shutting up now! *goes back to the library and swears to never leave* - a 7th Year Ravenclaw

Rowena: Love and betrayal do not create hatred… The fear that stems from betrayal is what causes it. I believe that fear is the base emotion… fear of misplaced trust, fear of future betrayal, fear of how others perceive ones’ own worth…  

You learn to either trust your environment, or fear it… and all other positive or negative emotions follow. 

It definitely works now.
—  Ravenclaw, after “fixing” something that wasn’t broken.
  • Hufflepuff: ahh... breathe in that fresh mountain air.
  • Ravenclaw: What causes that fresh mountain air smell...
  • Slytherin: So. Many. Bugs. I hate them.
  • Ravenclaw: *Starts staring off into space murmuring about the non-colloquial definition of geek*
  • Ravenclaw: *walks into spiderweb* *screams bloody murder*
  • Slytherin: glad it wasn't me.
  • Slytherin: *walks into spiderweb* *shrieks like little girl*
  • Gryffindor: KARMA
  • <p> <b>Logan:</b> That's not safe.<p/><b>Roman:</b> Please, it's as safe as it could ever be!<p/><b>Logan:</b> I did the calculations and performing 'parkour' on the staircases comes with a 99.36% chance of fatal injury.<p/><b>Roman:</b> I guess I just have to be that .64%!<p/><b>Logan:</b> *sarcastic adjusting of the glasses* That is so statistically incorrect.<p/></p>

House hang ups in disagreements

Knowing exactly what to say to someone that would utterly destroy them, but knowing the cost words you can’t take back and not firing

Having a hard time articulating thoughts during, but being able to write insults on a poetic level shortly after

Honestly having enough empathy and compassion that they begin to doubt their stance

Hitting their threshold for diplomatic conduct and saying things they definitely regret later

‘ what are nargles? ’

‘ no idea. ’

based on this scene from harry potter and the order of the phoenix!

The Signs as Stupid Things Harry has done

Aries: Taking out the Weasley car for a spin or several

Taurus: Buying literally everything from the trolley in first year

Gemini: “Who am I, Hedwig?”

Cancer: Asking Sirius dating advice on girls (honey, he’s very gay for remus don’t you understand)

Leo: Asking the MoM to sign his Hogsmeade permission form

Virgo: Performing random spells off a dark-ass mysterious book, with no idea about what they did.

Libra: Opening the two-way mirror, which would have literally kept Sirius alive, like, a year later. (actually five months but still)

Scorpio: Trusting Kreacher as to where Sirius was, or, following Draco around in the Half-Blood Prince

Sagittarius: Trying to convince Snape that his nickname was “Roonil Wazlib”

Capricorn: Sticking his wand up the troll’s nose

Aquarius: Taking his friends off to ride thestrals to the MoM, seriously

Pisces: Not figuring Remus “werewolf mcwerewolf” Lupin is a werewolf and being actually surprised

Things Ravenclaws Say #26
  • Ravenclaw boy: Can't believe you guys are making me, Chris, kiss John
  • Slytherin: We are not
  • Ravenclaw: I wonder what it'll be like
  • Gryffindor: Dude, we are not making you
  • Ravenclaw: Definitely haven't daydreamed about this
  • Hufflepuff: Look, this is fine, but this isn't a dare-
  • John: Shh, let the man do his thing
  • Ravenclaw, whispering: I'm gonna kiss John, hell yeah

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Look-A-Like (Cisco Ramon X Reader)

Fandom: The Flash
Pairing: Cisco Ramon X Reader 
Word Count: 937
Author’s Note: Just a short little thing I had to write because it’s too funny that Draco frickin Malfoy is on The Flash!!

You noticed it the first time you met Julian. What shocked you, though, was that nobody else seemed to notice it.

“Cis, come on, doesn’t he look like somebody?” You urged.

“Not really, __y/n__.” Cisco said shortly, turning away from you to face his computer. He had hardly listened to what you said, tuning out after you mentioned Julian.

You blinked. Had you done something to upset him? Frowning, you mumbled something about getting a coffee and left the room.

Caitlin raised an eyebrow at him. “Since when have you snapped at __y/n__ for asking a question?”

“Since they’ve all become about Julian. ‘Doesn’t he seem so familiar?’ ‘There’s something almost magical about him…’ She obviously has a crush on him.”

Caitlin chuckled. “Cisco, she doesn’t have a crush on Julian.”

“How would you know?” He shot back.

“I’m her best friend,” Cisco coughed. “I’m her best girl friend. She tells me everything. I would know if she liked Julian.”

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Houses as PSAT 2016
  • Gryffindor: Pliny the Elder
  • Hufflepuff: Fluorescent mouse brains
  • Ravenclaw: The Robert Galbraith/JKR complex
Slytherin: "It was awesome anyhow"

i think ppl really overestimate victor’s level of pining for yuuri and underestimate how genuinely he thought he could help yuuri as a coach and how desperate he was to free himself from his no-longer-inspired life as a competitive skater