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man I can't believe Glenn and Abraham came back from that run just in time to help healthy non-walker Sasha kill negan. Like wow what a close call, could you imagine what would of happened if they didn't?

It was such a great finale right? These scenes that definitely 100% happened, were my all time faves.


Iris, shouldn’t you know better than that as a future Dragon master? (Maybe she already knew something about Mega Charizard X the others didn’t, though ;))

Also, I adored this episode. The Kanto festival with Oak, Tracey, the Magikarp guy and many other familiar things made me already feel warm and fuzzy, but I loved how accurately the episode showed Ash and Charizard’s journey (with redrawn scenes that looked really nice! And this episode didn’t deny the existence of Misty and Brock either *movie 20 I’m looking at u*) and also how Charizard and Dragonite immediately became rivals after meeting. And of course this scene. Definitely one of my fave BW episodes (so far)!

I keep rewatching my favourite DR scenes and definitely one of my faves is this scene in episode 10 where Kiri shows Naegi the key she stole from monobear, so that he can distract him while she investigates and he is so worried for her safety and reluctant, to the point where he makes her pinky swear that she’ll return safely. he still goes through with it though and tries his hardest for her and i think the scene just perfectly shows how much their relationship has developed?? they become so communicative and devoted to each other and ugH I’M CRYING 

one of my fave pricefield scenes from the entire game definitely has to be when max wakes up and her and chloe are at the beach infront of the tornado and they’re talking about how destiny and fate can’t keep them apart and how the universe brought them together, also when max says “I always wanted my life to be special, an adventure, but not without you” and you can just tell from her tone of voice how in love she is with chloe and how grateful she is that she pulled time and space apart and jumped through several realities to save chloe, because chloe is all that max ever wanted


Part 1

Part 2

And here we get to our point- if you fight Mamoru, if you KILL him, he will indeed give you a speech about how great his girlfriend and her ladygang is before he dies.


Galaxia is like “YEAH I KILLED THE EARTH GUY EARTH IS MINE!!!” and Mamoru’s like “haha what no. Are you kidding me, lady, I was always the least of your obstacles there. My girlfriend and her friends are AMAZING AGENTS OF LOVE AND JUSTICE and they are going to stop you for sure.”

On one hand it’s works zinger to a woman who killed him, like “yeah whatevs you took ME out but  you’re STILL going to fail,my gf’s gonna kick your ass with the power of love BYE”.

But it’s more than that. He’s does not actually sound that angry at all. Like, he’s dying, and he dies with a smile on his face because he knows it will be okay. He couldn’t do it, but she can. Usagi will be fine and she and her frineds will protect the earth. His belief in her is so profound and sincere that it brings him peace. He can leave it to Usagi. He doesn;t have anything to worry about. He just holds onto the thought of her, how she’ll be okay, how great she is, and that allows him to die with a smile on his face.

This sincere unwavering belief in Usagi, in the bonds that hold the Senshi together, to the point where he doesn’t mind dying because he knows Usagi can protect everything even if he couldn’t and he truly know in his heart she can do ANYTHING, is sincerely my favorite thing about Mamoru and Usagi’s relationship, and this is where the anime most blatantly showed that aspect of it. So it’s definitely one of my fave scenes for that reason.

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Something similar to one of my fave Bones moments - Oliver is saving Felicity from a life or death situation and calls her "baby" without thinking about it and the repurcussions of that later?

(Fellow Bones fan here! And that is such an amazing scene, definitely one of my faves too. Thanks for the prompt!)


He’s seen her hurt before, of course he has, with what they do it’s inevitable. But he’s never quite been faced with the very real possibility that she could actually, really die, as much he as he is right now. 

He sees her crumpled form as soon as he enters the room, and everything else fades into the background. She’s lying in a steadily growing pool of red, the pretty blue dress she’d liked so much, stained beyond recognition.

His legs feel numb as he runs towards her and his heart’s beating faster than it does after a round on the salmon ladder.

He’s prepared himself for so many outcomes in his life, he’s thought through so many different scenarios, but he’s never been able to contemplate the idea of her death. It’s so incongruous with everything that she is. Light and happy, warm, kind and innocent, the thought of her vitality being extinguished is unbearable.

He drops to his knees beside her, not caring that her blood is staining his leathers. His fingers fumble clumsily, shakily to find her pulse point, slipping against the blood that’s coating her pale skin.

He doesn’t even realize that he’s been holding his breath until he feels the weak throb beneath his fingers. Unsteady and slow, her heart’s still beating. The wave of relief that rushes through him is dizzying.

He gathers her into his arms, her hair brushing his chin. There’s still a battle raging on nearby, there are still enemies to be taken down, but he doesn’t care. The only thing that matters is her; the soft breaths that tickle his neck, letting him know that she’s still there, the warmth of her pliant body in his arms, the comforting scent of her shampoo.

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Mockingjay Review



So I saw Mockingjay last night and just wanted to write down my thoughts in regards to what I liked and what I didn’t so much like about the movie…

What I liked:

  • Jen was absolutely sensational as Katniss as per usual.
  • Julianne Moore was brilliant as Coin. She was portrayed pretty sympathetically, so I suppose that will change in part 2.
  • We actually got some Effie! Which we don’t get in the book till the very end. I’m glad though that they made her pretty reluctant to get involved, it fits with her characterisation and what she was like at the very end, so I’m glad they kept that.
  • OMG The Hanging Tree! What an absolutely breathtaking moment, to have Katniss singing it and then cut to some of the rebels who are doing whatever it takes to take down the Capitol and join in the rebellion.
  • I adored most of these added scenes, especially the ones with the rebels…I loved the addition of the scene from district 11, given that they were the ones the kind of started rebelling in the beginning-it was a great reference to their response to Rue being killed in The Hunger Games…
  • Natalie Dormer as Cressida was perfect and I love her so much! Hopefully we should be getting a lot more of her in part 2.
  • I loved that they mentioned Avoxes!
  • It was great that we got to see a scene between Snow and Katniss and it was really effective as a means of demonstrating that Peeta was hijacked so that he would cause problems for them and that they allowed him to be taken…
  • Katniss going to see district 12 was so haunting!
  • Daisy from Madam Secretary as Paylor!!!!
  • Philip Seymour Hoffman was incredible as Plutarch!
  • Pretty much all the actors were amazing, Josh, Sam, Woody, Elizabeth etc etc
  • I’m glad they kept the Buttercup stuff in, and also we got to see how everyone reacted to the Victors being granted immunity.
  • All the Finnick scenes!!!! He was absolutely amazing and I just wish that he had been in more tbh. His scenes with Katniss were also definitely a highlight. But my fave would have to be the propo scene.
  • The propos were amazing! I loved them so much and it was great seeing them come to life!
  • The Odesta reunion scene! And Johanna!

What I didn’t like:

  • I felt there was a bit of a lack of Finnick tbh…yes we got some of his scenes, but I felt like we didn’t get even half of what his scenes in the book were. The propo scene was a bit short because of the additional rescue scene and there also wasn’t enough emphasis placed on how much of a big deal it was. I mean, Finnick was forced into prostitution! I also wasn’t happy that they left out the ‘do you find this distracting’ scene because it was comedy gold and Bogg’s reaction was hilarious. It also showed how well Katniss understood Finnick.
  • On that note, I’m also pissed that there weren’t enough Finniss bonding scenes. I felt like that was one of the most important aspects of the book, that they’d both been in similar situations and understood each other like no-one else could and this was not highlighted the way it should’ve been.
  • I didn’t feel like there was enough PTSD Finnick and PTSD Katniss. I mean Finnick was in the hospital for ages in the book because he was so wrecked whereas in the movie he seems fine if a little dazed at times for most of it except when he talks to Katniss. This isn’t on Sam who was amazing, it’s on whoever chose not to make this more like the book. Also in the book it was much more obvious how much PTSD Katniss has and this wasn’t properly shown in the movie. And that’s sad because it really is like a major part of the book, perhaps even the whole point of it tbh…
  • I didn’t feel like there was enough of an emphasis on the fact that Snow’s roses are a trigger for Katniss and her trauma. It’s incredibly obvious in the book, but the movie kind of just makes it seem like he’s taunting her, without really demonstrating what it means to Katniss.
  • I am a little concerned that Coin was portrayed rather sympathetically in this part, so hopefully we get to see this change in part 2.
  • Not enough Haymitch.
  • I didn’t like the inclusion of that additional scene where Gale and Boggs and the others rescue the Victors…it would’ve been fine if it was shorter, but it went for too long and so it got boring and it also cut into Finnick’s scene, which really pissed me off. Honestly, I don’t care to see you portraying Gale as a hero, coz it doesn’t really come off as similar to the book at all.

Look, I absolutely adored the movie, although there are a few things I wasn’t happy about and so I just had to rant about that a bit! But regardless, it was an incredibly movie and it stayed pretty close to the book but without seeming like it was dragging on because they only showed a very small part from the book and there’s still heaps to go (except that rescue scene went forever, which sucked)!

On the whole though, I enjoyed it and felt that it lived up to expectations except for the lack of Finnick, which is probably why I seem pretty disappointed because I was counting on them making him a huge part.

He’s a bigger part in the first part of the book because he’s around Katniss all the time, until he’s reunited with Annie, so I’m worried that we’re going to see even less of him in part 2.

But otherwise, this movie was amazing and I thought it was a job well done!

All the actors were fantastic!

There it was, ugly and naked. It was not permitted, in Gansey’s code, to call out one boy or the other as his closest friend. In truth, he swung between them, one boy shoving him away, the other clinging, and back again. They were both his best friends, just never at the same time.
—  Maggie Stiefvater, The Dream Thieves Outtakes (x)

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Top 5 Malec scenes

omg it was so hard to choose only 5 but ok lets start, i hope you are ready because im not, at all. actually looking for these scenes and rewatching them made me want to cry

5. magnus first words when he saw alec for the first time. it was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT literally. “who are you?”

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4. when magnus saw alec shirtless. let me just say here that tHIS SCENE WAS GOLD AF but then again all malec scenes are gold af

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4. when alec was ashamed of having a crush on jace and everyone finding out about it and magnus came and talk to him aND btw as it turns out he did indeed find out what magnus was talking about if you know what i mean im so proud of my baby

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3. my babies holding hands to save lukes life and lets not forget that magnus needed alexander alec bc of his, to quote magnus, “virgin shadowhunter energy” im crying

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2. their first official meeting and alec getting all flustered and not being able to complete any word or sentence

Originally posted by greysfan

1. the weeding scene. tHIS FRICKING WEEDING SCENE was definitely my fave one for obvious reasons. i livE FOR THIS KISS OK THIS IS WHAT I LIVE FOR 

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BONUS. when magnus asked alec out on a date but alec was busy so magnus thought alec was playing hard to get “i love a challenge” . tHIS SCENE WAS PRICELESS

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omg im so sorry this turned out to be longer than i expected but i blame malec for being so perfect tbh im not even sorry

i just realised there are two numbers 4 but im not gonna change it bc i love all this scenes yolo

put “top 5” anything in my ask and i will answer ok go