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every big brother cast

in honor of the new season of big brother i decided to make this post detailing who is in the cast each season

Loud  ™

Average white guy. Louder than everyone else. Makes an all guys alliance on the first day but no one sees him as a threat. Everyone listens to him for some reason. He’ll be booted off in a few weeks but isn’t seen as a failure. Had a showmance with a girl he doesn’t respect

Old  ™

Old man or woman. Only on the show so it doesn’t look like a dating show. Booted off in the first few weeks and everyone who voted for him to go cries anyway because they were “best friends”. They’ll be missed. Not really.

Gay  ™

All he talks about is being gay. The straight guys are friends with him to look accepting but talk shit about him behind his back. He’s also friends with all the girls which is why he stays in the game for so long. Acts dumb but actually has a strategy, to the surprise of all the straight people. Kind of racist.

The Single Mom  ™

Hot. Won’t have a showmance but she’ll come close. Playing for her kids. Talks about them a lot but it never makes it into the show. Everyone will call her kids ugly behind her back. Makes it to jury even though she didn’t have a very good strategy. 

The Lesbian  ™

Has no strategy. Makes you wonder why she’s here. All the girls think she’s flirting with them even though she’s not. Tries to be one of the guys but they’re all uncomfortable around her. Doesn’t make it to jury and has no friends. She gained some twitter followers though and exposes all the houseguests after she leaves.

Country Bumpkins  ™

Really annoying but no one thinks so. Makes it into like 1000 alliances. Everyone finds out halfway through the season that they’re racist and is somehow surprised. The girl is always in a showmance and wins a lot of competitions. The guy is really close with all the other guys and he saves the girl he likes from eviction like once. That’s it. Also what is loyalty? They’ve never heard of it.

The Minorities  ™

Only on the show so Big Brother doesn’t seem racist. Really religious. Has a touching backstory. The girl is always Sassy and is seen as a threat though no one will admit why. Can’t catch a break. Have to fight their way to jury because they’re always on the block. 

Unemployed  ™

Kinda ugly. Easygoing. Just lost his job. Lives with his mom. In a lot of alliances. Everyone sees him as a threat for some reason (he’s really dumb but no one thinks so). Somehow lands a showmance with a cute girl. Doesn’t make it to the end but comes close.

The Superfan  ™

Youngest one in the cast. Seen as a threat the first week but then everyone forgets about him. One of the only people who knows what’s going on. Good at mental competitions/challenges. If he doesn’t win he comes really close. 

Girl With Makeup  ™

Everyone hates her because she’s pretty. None of her houseguests respect her. She’d have a good game if literally anyone would make an alliance with her. Gets pretty far because of a showmance. 

Mr. Exercise   ™

Works out. Really dumb. Flirts with everyone. Has zero strategy, his Boys carry him through the game. Has a showmance that no one cares about but the girl will make it further because of him. Talks to the cameras on the live feed. Loves his mom.

The Pawn  ™

Average guy. Does everything his boys asks him to. On the block every week but never goes home, at least until the end of the season. The other side of the house will tell him he’s being used to get his vote but he won’t believe them. Wins one HOH and his Boys make all the decisions anyway. Probably in a showmance but backstabs her without a second thought. Definitely not a fan favorite. 

Quirky  ™ (aka She Wears Glasses  ™)

Won’t stop following the guys around but constantly talks about Girl Power. Has two friends. She makes everyone uncomfortable but stays around because she wins a few competitions. Makes it to jury and the fans kind of like her even though she won’t win fan favorite. Her game is really messy which is why she doesn’t win. Can’t keep a secret. 


one of them is Very Italian and won’t stop talking about it. One of them is related to a past houseguest. One of the girls won’t stop crying. One of the guys call all the girls “too emotional” but has a literal mental breakdown.

Queens that should be on All Stars 3 (updated)

Willam: Season 4: Was disqualified from the race for breaking rules, has built a huge internet following. Possibly has more views and subscribers than any other queen that has been on Drag Race. Has possibly the largest music career out of all the queens as well.

Pearl: Season 7: The “most improved” queen of the season. At the start of the race, the judges critiqued her possibly more than any other queen, however she ended up making it to the top 3 and had quite a good chance of winning. Since leaving Drag Race, Pearl has been doing many things with her career including releasing music and being in a video for Vanity Fair.

Kim Chi: Season 8: Fan-favorite. Kim Chi was the most unique queen on her season. Her aesthetic combines Anime, Glamour, Doll, and Cartoon all into one. Could definitely go far in the competition.

Trixie Mattel: Season 7: Another fan-favorite. Although Trixie’s style in clothing is somewhat basic, Her makeup is shocking, humorous, and glamorous all at the same time. She has reached several milestones after leaving the race which includes releasing merch, making an album, co-starring in a web series put on by WOWPresents.

Valentina: Season 9: Was the fan-favorite, gained more followers on instagram per episode than any other queen in Drag Race history. Seemed very kind and caring until many other queens on her season spoke of shady things shes done both on and off the show. Her elimination shocked many viewers as a lot of people, including RuPaul herself, expected to see her at the top.

Adore Delano: Season 6: Adore is known as the fan-favorite of all time. She is the most followed Drag Queen on instagram. She even has more followers than RuPaul herself. Was in the top 3 of her season and some consider her to be the “true winner” of her season as she has had a lot of success after the race with both her drag career and her music career, the two of which overlap as well. She will most likely be on All Stars 3, as RuPaul has offered her a position to which her response was “I’m probably down.”

Shea Couleé: Season 9: Shea’s season had many fan-favorites, Shea being one of them. After Valentina’s elimination, Shea or Sasha were expected to win the competition. Shea’s runway looks are always very strong. Shea has already begun expanding her drag career by releasing an EP. Viewers should have a very high expectation for her to win All Stars if she races.

Aja: Season 9: Great concepts for fashion. Serves a very fierce lip sync. Although she didn’t do great in her season, I’d expect her to have grown and be able to do very well in All Stars if she were join.

Naomi Smalls: Season 8: With outstanding runway looks and makeup skills, Naomi was also able to prove that she can do more than just be pretty. She was in the top 3 of her season and was expected to win by many.

Ornacia: Season 6: Icon. Hasn’t returned because it wouldn’t be fair for the other queens to have to compete against a legend like her. Yes queen. Slay.

Let me know who you want to see on All Stars 3!
Voltage Inc. Developer Interview!

Want to get an exclusive, behind-the-scenes peek at what goes into creating your favorite characters and stories? Well now’s your chance!

Part one of our new Developer Interview series is here, featuring the creator of Kissed by the Baddest Bidder, Scandal in the Spotlight, My Last First Kiss, and many others!! 

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Imagine attentively listening to Wonwoo excitedly talking about the book he’s currently reading.

Las Vegas Mood Board as H+L Fics

In honor of the @larriedinvegasficfest!

(To see more mood boards as H+L fics, click here)

Top Left:Oops We Got Married” AU
It all started with a few too many shots and ended with Louis drunkenly betting Harry to marry him – apparently “You won’t” is enough incentive for both of them, because now they’re at a rundown motel with a 24 hour chapel, and they’re giggling and kissing in the pews as they wait their turn. Except Louis sort of lost his buzz an hour or so ago, but he’s too afraid to say anything. Where does ‘marrying your best friend under false pretenses’ fall in terms of moral ambiguity? (Louis almost calls it off right then and there, until Harry admits he’s also dead sober, but… why not go home with one hell of a story anyway?)

Top Middle: Bachelor Party AU
Harry and Louis decided the best plan for their joint bachelor party was a boys’ night out in Vegas. Except now Niall is missing, Liam is drunkenly belting out show tunes everywhere they go, and Harry won’t stop crying over how excited he is to be Mr. Tomlinson. Apparently Louis is the only one who can hold his liquor, and he’s going to need to be the one to come up with a plan to get the Irish one back. If only he could remember where they left him…

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Chocobro Video Game Favorites (With and Without S/O)

Another thing checked off the checklist <3 So so sorry I didn’t work on requests today. The muse is being mean. I hope to work on them ASAP. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy reading about the Bro’s fav video games. This was fun to write! I got to include a lot of games I personally enjoy. <3

Noctis is the most intense gamer out of all the bros. He can go days without sleep just by playing video games. It’s the only way he can stay awake longer than five hours.  He’s really a lover of all genre’s of games, but he tends to favor horror games over others. He used to watch “Let’s Plays” on the internet when he was a pre-teen… the games he watched scared the crap out of him… but interested him to no end. The mysterious stories behind horror games kept Noctis coming back for more. By the time he hit his teenaged years, he is unfazed by jump scares and other tactics that game developers will throw into their games.

His favorite all time game is Resident Evil (1996).  He can play it a hundred times and still not have enough of it. He really enjoys the HD remake (2002). Lisa Trevor is the bane of his existence, yet finds her to be the most interesting character in the game. His other favorites are Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Outlast, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, and Dead Space.

He has no preference with console versus PC.

His s/o often watches him play horror games. Noctis loves it. Every time something scary happens, his s/o curls up to him, hiding their head in the crook of his neck. Meanwhile, he doesn’t even flinch. He rests his head on top of theirs and continues playing, silently (and low-key awkwardly) promises to protect them.

When his s/o wants to play a game with him, his go to is Left for Dead 2. If it’s too much for his s/o, he turns on the safest, most competitive video game there is; Mario Kart. Mario Kart 64 is where it’s at.

Of course, Prompto enjoys FPS (first person shooters). Call of Duty, Borderlands, Overwatch (more recently), Dead Island, and the Halo series. He feels like it’s his way of practicing for the battlefield. Prompto’s heart, however, belongs to RPG and strategy games.  His favorite game of all time? It’s a tie between Pokémon Red and Fire Emblem: Awakening. Please note, he’s a Nintendo fanboy. Totally.

He has a huge crush on Lucina.

His favorite Pokémon is Treeko. Charizard runs a close second. I’m pretty sure he has a pikachu ball cap. It had Pikachu’s ears and everything. Someone please draw this.

He’s a sucker for any Mario game… especially the 3D games such as Super Mario Galaxy. His favorite Mario games are; Super Mario RPG, along with the Paper Mario series. 

Mario + RPG = Happy Prompto.

He prefers console over PC.

He loves playing with his s/o. Playing single player gets lonely after a while, He loves playing Super MArio Brothers with his s/o. He calls dibs on Luigi. Once all their lives have been wasted and they are given the  GAME OVER sign, it’s time for Mario Party. Prompto’s favorite is Mario Party 3. He still calls dibs on Luigi. THE COMPETITIVENESS BEGINS. Prompto and his s/o throw playful banter at each other until the game ends. The CPU players usually win. Prompto and his s/o are often too distracted with tickle fights and giggling.

Gladiolus only plays games in his free time; which is rare, but overall, he loves video games. He loves games with a full, immersive storyline. He’s a closet TellTale fan. The Wolf Among Us (PSA a sequel was announced officially) and the Walking Dead are his favorites. Clementine reminds him of Iris. SHE MUST BE PROTECTED AT ALL COSTS.

He really enjoys action adventure games and stealth games. His favorite game of all time is Assassins Creed: Revelations.The story is so rich and the missions and characters are so enticing… plus the violence is always thrilling… Not to mention the high stakes. He really is a fan of the entire Assassin’s Creed series… and ignores it’s often glitchy gameplay. He’s in it for the story, yo.

Ezio is his fiction hero.

Sofia is his fictional bae.

Other games he enjoys are Dark Souls, Bloodborn, Uncharted, Tomb Raider, and Skyrim. He definitely is a fan of The Legend of Zelda. His favorite game in the series is Twilight Princess (the Wii Controls make him happy). He definitely rage quits during gaming sessions, however. He gets pretty pissed off when playing Dark Souls (as anyone would).

He does prefer PC over console, however.

He and his s/o aren’t really into multiplayer games. They trade off the controller after one of them dies. There aren’t a lot of multiplayer games that fit Gladio’s tastes. Besides, his s/o loves the system they have. They often come over just to help Gladio get through a tough level of whatever game he is playing. 

Video game time means cuddle time. His s/o sit’s on his lap as they stare intently at the TV/computer screen.

Ignis What-The-Heck-Is-A-Video-Game Scientia. Not a gamer… As you can tell by the new nickname I gave him. He really has no time to play video games. Hell, the man hardly has free time. If he does somehow gain some free time, he will read a book or catch up on housework. He thinks video games are a waste of precious time, to be honest with you.

He sees Noctis playing them while he cleans up messes around the Prince’s apartment. Sometimes he mutters an astonished comment like, “Those graphics are truly impeccable.” Yay, he’s impressed! Noctis definitely feels a strange sense of accomplishment when he hears such a comment from Iggy. Noct gives him the game controller from time to time, and Ignis has no idea what the buttons do.


Noctis’s character dies almost instantly when the controller is in Ignis’s hands.

Ignis has discovered phone apps, however. He loves to play solitaire and games like Candy Crush. His favorite game to play is Words with Friends. HE WILL DESTROY ANY CHALLENGER.

Obviously, Ignis doesn’t prefer console or PC. It’s all on the Smart Phone, yo.

His s/o gives him a challenge in Words with Friends. They both keep track of how many games they’ve won against one another. They also love playing trivia games with one another. Anything that stimulates the brain is perfect for Ignis and his s/o.

anonymous asked:

YES! IM SO HAPPY TO FIND ANOTHER BSD FAN AND EVEN HAPPIER THAT ONE OF MY ALL TIME FAVORITE ARTISTS IS THAT FAN (definitely looking forward to seeing the bsd characters in your amazing style, if you ever decide to draw them, which I honestly adore so much btw)

BSD is my lifee, I completely fell in love with the art style and animation 😭 it deserves a lil more love tbh, and thank you!

i’m actually positive we will get a solo nesta/nessian centric book

anonymous asked:

hey !! (i m a friend of j haha this bby) Can I request some hcs ?? Like s/o's paladins being the lead singer in a band and stuff ? ♡ thank u in advance ur writing is so sweeeeeeet

yEs!1!1! i’m sucker for aus man istg also i did kinda like when s/o met them for the first time

- definitely the lead singer of a rock band
- he and s/o would meet at one of his first gigs
- it would be at a small bar and he’d be performing at a small stage
- s/o was so awed at him
- also shiro is like hella good looking with a plain white t-shirt, black jeans and a leather jacket thrown over
- s/o approached him at the bar after he’s finished a show
- and they were so surprised at his politeness
- and for the fact that he was drinking orange juice
- and god he was blushing madly every time s/o compliments him
- and they both started to talk about rock and shit
- they ended up talking all night
- shiro shyly asks them for their number
- and that was how it started
- once his band got bigger he will want s/o to tag along with him everywhere
- probably makes them a manager or something else
- he’d blush wildly every time interviewers ask about his s/o
- cuddles and tv after shows!
- probably marries s/o in the end man

- is probably in a pop band
- and he’s like the really flirty and precious member in the band that everyone is annoyed with but adores him as well
- writes the best cheesy love songs
- surprisingly he has never really dated anyone
- even though he had people throwing theirselves to him
- he just really wants a serious relationship not the ones that are just playing around
- he met s/o backstage after a concert
- and they were a photographer or a journalist
- and he surprised when they reached a hand out for him to shake
- because he was used to people flirting straightaway  
- he’s think s/o is so pretty
- as he was shaking their hand and introducing themselves he’ll study them
- and for some reason he couldn’t find the courage to flirt with them
- they both end up talking in the tour bus for so long
- he’ll awkwardly ask for their number
- and when they give it to him he’ll be so happy and hug them tightly

- the lead singer of an alternative or punk rock band!
- he’s known for how cold he is
- and his iconic back tattoo
- with his hair tied up and ripped band muscle tee, tight fitting black jeans and worned out high top vans
- he doesn’t really go to fancy events
- and chooses the interviews his bands are invited to
- he’s also really good at songwriting and guitar
- he’s really into coffee
- he went for a really early jog one day
- then went for coffee
- and the coffee shop was empty
- except for s/o sitting on the table across from him
- and they’d be softly singing his band’s song
- and he’d quietly listening
- he’d be smiling to himself as he studied them
- he couldn’t help being awed by them
- and then he’s sit in front of them joining them singing
- he’ll laugh slightly at s/o’s shocked expression
- both ends up making conversation
- and they’ll plan to meet at the same place and time tomorrow
- and that was the start

- she’ll be in this really cool electro pop band
-   she’ll be a pro at composing music
- her and s/o would meet at a festival
- she’ll be finished with her gig and decides to see the rest of it
- and she’ll bump into s/o
- literally
- and she would be so pissed at first
- but seeing hoe precious they looked she didn’t get mad
- s/o would compliment her about the show
- and it makes her feel so giddy inside
- they end up walking around and watching gigs together
- and pidge will ask them to hangout at the after party
- and when s/o was about to leave, she’ll ask their number on an impulse
- at first they hangout at festivals
- then pidge asks them out on a date
- and thats where it all began

- he’ll be in an indie band!
- he’s so chill and friendly
- definitely the fan favorite type
- oh come one evrybody loves hunk
- he’d be that type of artist that isn’t flashy
- so he’ll meet s/o at a bar
- and they wouldn’t know it’s him
- with the dim lights at the bar it was way harder to recognize him
- when he asks about s/o’s favorite band
- they would fangirl
- and he’ll just giggle
- then he’ll finally introduce himself properly
- and s/o is so shook
- poor s/o

Gorillaz as candy
  • 2D: Probably Redvines- some people like them, some people don't- they're still super sweet, though.
  • Murdoc: Probably some black licorice/cheap dollar store candy- some people live for it, others... Not so much. The natural chalkiness of dollar store candy suits him.
  • Noodle: Most likely spicy jelly beans. They look appetizing, and yea, for the most part, they are... But for people who can't handle heat, I would make sure there was distance.
  • Russel: He would definitely be a Hershey kiss. Simplistic, yet sweet. Maybe he's not a fan favorite, but he's always in out hearts.
Toddler Trouble

Word Count: 785
Pronouns: She/Her
Pairing: Gabriel/Reader
Warnings: Cursing
Note: This is my favorite imagine that I’ve ever written. Like, ever.

“Hey (Y/n)?” Sammy called from the door way. (Y/n) looked at him, Dean, and Castiel oddly. Dean was obviously hiding something behind his back, Sam looked like she would kill him, and Castiel avoided her gaze all together.

“What’s up, guys? How’d the hunt go? And where’d Gabe disappear to? I thought he said he was coming back with you guys…” Sam laughed nervously and wrung his hands. The girl could see Dean whispering to the thing he was hiding.

“About that…”

“Son of a bitch! That hurt you asshat!” Dean suddenly exclaimed, and a small boy, no older than four from what she could tell, ran behind her.

“Um, guys? Who’s this?” (Y/n) asked curiously, crouching to the child’s height. He had blond hair, pale skin, and whiskey colored eyes just like Gabriel’s. “Gabe?”

“Guilty.” The child responded with an adorable voice. The boys waited for her to yell at them, faint, get mad, but all she did was squeal.

“Oh my god, you are so cute! Look at your tiny child hands and- oh my god your wings must be baby sized! Aha!” The girl flailed. Meanwhile, her tiny boyfriend pouted and crossed his arms.

“It’s not funny.”

“Yes it is! Look at you!” (Y/n) bopped his tiny nose and faced the boys at full height. “What happened?”

“Witch.” Dean grumbled, still mad that Gabriel bit him. “He’s not very well tamed.”

Gabe clutched the girls calf (for that’s all he could reach) in fear. He didn’t have his angel mojo at the moment, so he was completely vulnerable.

“H-he’s not gonna hurt me right?” Dean smiled wickedly.

“That’s right! You don’t have any magic, do you? We could always just-” Dean made a grab for the tiny being, but (Y/n) beat him to it. She propped the boy against her hip with his tiny arms snaked around her neck. Gabe puffed out his lower lip, faking a sniff.

“P-please don’t let h-h-him hurt me!” He ‘cried.’

“Be nice Dean! You got him in this mess, you boys will get him out. Understood?” Gabe smiled and stuck his tongue out, quickly returning to his fake sniffing. “I said, understood?” The trio nodded and headed for the library.

“So what now?” Gabe asked.

“Well, let’s see. You can’t drink, your powers are gone, I could use you to attract guys but that’s mean, hm… I- I actually don’t know. I’m not used to babysitting kids.”

“Can we watch a movie?”

“That sounds good.”

“Let’s watch Hitman!”

“Okay, The Lion King it is!”

“What? But why?” He dragged out the 'y’ part.

“Cause you’re five, and Hitman is rated R.” He groaned, but didn’t argue anymore. She was much bigger than him at the moment, so there was no use. The two sat down on the couch, Gabe in her lap and her spread over the entire thing. The only advantage he could see to being this small is he could use her boobs as pillows and not get hit for it, but he did that a lot anyways. When the movie ended, they laughed, throwing bits of popcorn they had made at each other. The boys had come home at about 7 pm, give or take a half an hour. So by now it was almost 10 o'clock. (Y/n) picked Gabe up, setting him back on her hip.

“Cmon, it’s way past time for you to be in bed. You can stay with me tonight, alright?” Gabe nodded. They bid the boys goodnight before heading to (Y/n)’s room.

“Uh- not that I’m complaining or a-anything, but I’m still here.” He called from her bed when she tugged her tshirt over her head.

“Well if it makes you uncomfortable, you can wait outside.” She laughed, pulling off her jeans. Gabe shook his head and watched her form search for pajamas. She’d always slapped him when he tried to follow her in here when she changed.

“No, it’s fine.” Finally dressed in shorts and a tank top, she climbed next to him on the bed. She pulled back the (f/c) covers and snuggled under the sheets, careful not to squish the tiny being next to her.

“Hey Gabriel?”

“Yeah, sugar?”

“Love you.”

“Love you too.” He allowed her arms to pull him onto her chest. That night, the two fell asleep happy, despite that day’s circumstances. (Y/n), however, did not wake up quite as comfortable or happy, considering Gabe was now full sized and squishing her. It was an interesting experience for the boys to hear the first words of the morning be “Gabe get your fat ass off me now!”

The Cute One, With The Limp

Request: This isn’t word for word but essentially I got a request about the reader being married to Newt and they all make it to Paradise and the girls are all hanging out with the reader. While doing this they begin to spy on Newt discussing how cute he is and calling dibs and one is about to go talk to him and he comes up and kisses the reader. Lots of fluff was specified so get ready for the fluff ride of your lives!!!

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Black Butler MBTI

Get somewhere comfy and get a snack, because this one is going to be a long and bumpy ride! I hope you enjoy! :)

Ciel: INTJ

Originally posted by animes-all-the-time

Sebastian: ESTJ

Originally posted by goanimeloverblog

Finny: ENFP

Mey-Rin: ISFP

Baldroy: ISTP

Originally posted by hitokayamaguchi

Tanaka: INFJ

Originally posted by ladymichaelis

Elizabeth: ESFJ

Originally posted by kuroshitsuji

Aleistor: ESFP

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Undertaker: INTP

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Ran-Mao: ISFP

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Abberline: INFJ

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Grell: ESFP

Originally posted by joanna1986

Madam Red: ESFJ

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William T. Spears: ISTJ (I couldn’t find any gifs of him smiling :()

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Prince Soma: ENFP

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Agni: ENFJ

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Alois: ENFP

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Hannah: INFP

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Claude: ISTJ

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Luka: ENFJ

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Joker: ENTP

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Doll: INFP

Originally posted by larkasheanou

Beast: ISFJ (Couldn’t find one of her smiling, either :()

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Dagger: ENFP

Originally posted by tatsupyon

Snake: INTP (He’s smiling, right!?!?! I JUST WANT MY BABIES TO BE HAPPYYYYYYYY :’()

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Before I finish, there were 3 I was not able to find gifs for, so here are the honorable mentions.

Peter: ENTP

Wendy: INTP

And last, but definitely not least, every true fans’ absolute favorite…


Oh yeah, shake dat *ss.

Personality Type: Who gives a f*ck? I saw INFJ once. Does that seem accurate?

Bet you weren’t expecting humor. Well, you got my attempts. Sorry, m8s.

I hope you enjoyed this way too long journey with me. Let me know if you have any feedback or recommendations, or just message me if you need someone to talk to. :)

i know i keep saying this but jackson really is the sweetest person ever he just loves everyone so much and he genuinely cares for each person even if he’s just met them but his relationship with the fans is definitely one of my favorites because he’s just so endearing to us like he pays attention to each of us and asks us about our day and looks at each and every one of us with such pure affection and always understands how we’re feeling like you don’t have a significant other he’s automatically yours now, you’re feeling cold he’ll open up his jacket and pull you close so you’ll feel warmer, you don’t have a date this year for valentine’s day be prepared to be showered with chocolate and compliments and kisses like he knows what we’re going through and reminds us that we are strong and that we shouldn’t let the haters get to us and always reminds us how much he loves us and i just hope he finds someone who loves him as much as he loves his fans

Stage Antics

Pairing: Matthew Espinosa-Y/N
Warnings: None

“Y/N Y/L/N!”

You ran out on stage as Mahogany called your name. The screamed for you as you joined the boys. Cameron Dallas, Nash Grier, Hayes Grier, Matthew Espinosa, Aaron Carpenter, Taylor Caniff, Carter Reynolds, Jack Gilinsky, Jack Johnson, Shawn Mendes, Mahogany Lox, a few more guests, and of course you, were touring all over the country with Magcon, and you were at your stop in Atlanta. You grabbed you mic off of the DJ stand and yelled out,


The girls screamed louder, and you didn’t think that was possible. You laughed and continued talking. It was routine. Yo i were last to come out and the first to speak. You always did the city introductions, and went to each of the guys to speak to them.

“I CAN’T HEAR YOU!!” you yelled again as the screamed louder.

“Alright alright i like what i’m hearing!”

You walked over to Mahogany’s DJ table and said,

“Loxy, how excited are you for today?”

“Well, so far, i think that this crowd has been the loudest of the whole tour. So i think this will be a very good show”

“Ya hear that Atlanta? Keep it up!”

You walked over to the boys who were already messing around on stage, and you grabbed Aaron out of the group. You got on your tip-toes and put your arm around his shoulders. You did this with every guy during the introductions.

“So Aaron. How are we today?”

“Excited. Mahogany put it pretty well, the crowd seems very excited, and it turn that makes me excited.”

“Good answer, good answer. Tay Tay!” you spoke in to the microphone, Aaron and Taylor switching spots.



“May i ask you how you’ve enjoyed this beautiful city?”

“You may. And i will answer it. I’ve really enjoyed it so far. We walked around yesterday and i have to say it’s been one of my favorite cities so far.”

“I think these young ladies are happy about that,” you said as the crowd started cheering. You called up each of the boys one by one, until you were down to the last two. Matt and Gilinsky.


“That’s me”

“I’d hope so”

He laughed and you went to put your arm around his shoulders, but you couldn’t reach him. You have the same problem with Shawn, but he bends down so you can reach him.

“Cmon G i’m short you know that. Help a girl out.”

Instead of bending down like he usually does, he picked you up bridal style, much to your shock.

“Well that’s one way to do it.”

You had little “flirtationships” with each one of the guys, Jack being the most flirtatious. You looked behind him at the other guys and most of them were laughing, but you noticed that Matt looked annoyed. You figured one of the guys had problem done something to piss him off, and you turned back to Gilinsky.

“What’s been your favorite part of the tour so far? Besides meeting all of the beautiful fans of course.”

“Well that’s definitely been my favorite part. But other than that, i’d definitely have to say seeing places i’ve never seen before. Like Atlanta. I’ve only been here once before and that’s when i was real little, so it nice to see it now that i can actually remember it.”

“Awe. Little Mid-Westerns never been down south.”

He laughed as he let you down, and you called Matt over. I have a thing for Matt. I’m not gonna lie. Ever since i met him, there was just something about him that made me slowly get feelings for

“Last but most definitely not least, Mattchew Espinosa. How are you today?”

“Yea i’m fine,” he answered, a little sour. You went and whispered in his ear,

“Dude fix your attitude. They paid money to see you, the least you can do is act happy.”

You then asked him his introduction question:

“What part of today’s show are you most excited about?”

“I guess the fan questions. You guys always have the best questions”

“ALRIGHT everybody. It looks like we’re in for a good show tonight. Now. I’m gonna stop speaking like i’m a sports caster, and i’m putting this down now,” you said, as you put the microphone down. As the show went on, you all did skits, the Jacks and Shawn sang, Mahogany did her thing on the DJ table and everyone had one massive dance party, and before you knew it, it was time for the fan questions. Mahogany called out members of the crowd, and everyone had fun answering the questions.

“You over there with the pretty platinum hair!” Mahogany called out, pointing to a girl to the left of the stage.

“Y/N, will you do a kissing circle with the guys??” she called out, shocking most of you.

“Well, it depends on if it’s ok with the guys. If you don’t want to participate, back up,” you said. Carter was the only one that backed up, considering he had a girlfriend.

“Wow. Everyone here wants to kiss me? Well i mean, who wouldn’t,” you joked and everyone laughed. All of the guys got into a circle, and you stood in the middle with your arm out, finger pointing. Mahogany said into the mic,

“3, 2, 1, GO!”

You started spinning around, and the crowd was counting down from 15. You peeked, just enough so that you see the guy’s clothes, and also so that no one could tell you were looking. When the crowd got to 3, you started spinning fast so that you would land on Matt. When they said stop, you opened your eyes and low and behold, he was in front of you. The rest of the boys and the crowd started chanting,

“Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!”

You stepped towards him, and he took a step towards you. He reached out and put his arm around your waist, and crashed his lips into yours. You felt like you were on fire. Warmth spread through my body. It was the best kiss you’ve ever had. His lips were warm and soft, and they tasted like the sour patch kids you had been sharing in between your times on stage. You put one hand on the back of his neck, and the other on his chest. You had been waited for this since the day you met him. And it was finally a reality. But as much as you wanted to believe it was real, you knew that it was for the crowd and the game. But even if it was fake, you enjoyed it while you could. After a few seconds, you pulled away and smiled, biting your lip and backing up. The crowd was screaming, louder than you had heard all night, or on the whole tour for that matter. The boys were hollering things at him and cheering him for kissing you. Mahogany came over and basically jumped and gave you a huge hug.

“Girl you totally did that on purpose!!”

“Shh don’t tell,” you said smirking, putting you finger to your lips and winking, walking back to the boys. You continued with the Q and A, stealing glances at Matt, and you noticed him looking at you as well.

When the show was over, and everyone went back backstage, you started to walk towards the room where everyone gathered, but a hand grabbed your and pulled you away. You looked at the owner of said hand and realized that it was Matt’s. He pulled you into another room that had a few couches and chairs, but was smaller than the other room.

“We need to talk,” he said abruptly, sitting down and dragging you down with him.

“Ok.. about what?”

“You know what. That kiss, the looks, everything Y/N.”

“Well i’m not sure what you want me to say. The kiss was for the game. i just happened to land on you.”

“I understand that. But we needed to talk even before that. Y/N, i’ve had feelings for you since we met. Your personality, your attitude, everything about you. Today? When Gilinsky picked you up? I was so jealous i thought i was going to explode. I’ve seen you two. You flirt constantly. But, with that kiss, you can’t possibly tell me there isn’t something there.

"Listen to me Matt. Jack? That was nothing. I wasn’t expecting it, and it was just a spur of the moment thing. He’s a flirt Matt. You know that. It’s just his personality. And that’s my personality to. I flirt. You put two flirty people together, it’s going to look like something more than it actually is. And the game? I was looking at you the whole time. I made sure i landed on you because i’ve wanted to kiss you since the day we met,"you said leaning back and running your hand through your hair.

"God dammit Matt i don’t know how you haven’t seen it. I’m in love with you.”

Instead of answering, he grabbed your arm and pulled you closer to him, leaning in and kissing you. You immediately kissed back, wrapping you arms around his neck as his went to you waist. He pulled you onto his lap, not breaking the kiss. It was just like the kiss on stage, only this one was more passionate. After a few minutes, you pulled away, leaning you forehead against each other’s.

“Matt! Y/N! Where are you guys?” you heard from outside, and you quickly got off of Matt’s lap and leaned back on the couch.

“In here!” you called, and Nash and Johnson came into the room.

“What are y'all doing everyone is in the other room?” Johnson said, and you told the boys you were just talking, and you both got up and followed the boys into the other room. Matthew grabbed you hand as you walked, and let’s just say, when he pulled you into his lap, there were a lot of questions to be answered.