Texting the Marauders in an Emergency:

James: Rushes to your side but doesn’t really know how to deal with the emergency. Will definitely call for backup.

Sirius: His response depends on how much he values your relationship. Spends some time considering how much he likes you before either replying or ignoring the text.

Remus: Texts back promptly. Tries to give decent advice but ends it with “idk tho it’s up to you”

Peter: Texts back 4 hours later like “You good?”


D'espresso Nema Workshop

“The concept for the design is straightforward, bold and receptive to future locations: take the ordinary and turn it on its side. Drawing from the nearby New York Public Library in Bryant Park, the space is lined in a sepia-toned full size photograph of books printed on tiles. The custom tiles run along the floor, up the 15’ foot wall and across the ceiling. The frosted glass wall behind the service counter illuminates the space and the wall directly opposite is clad in rich brown herringbone. The thrust of this concept finds expression in the lighting and materiality, and ultimately the space gives definition to the emerging brand.”


**Graphics by the wonderful Halie

So, as I mentioned a few weeks ago, I had a roughly one week stay at a mental health facility. Since then, I’ve been back in Texas with my family to try and recuperate. This means, since I’m only here for about another month or so, I can’t get a job or anything other than drawing to get any kind of money.

On top of this, I received my bill for the hospital stay and whoooooo boy, it’s a doozy. Roughly $35k. I’m completely floored. My stress is through the roof and my anxiety is terrible. I don’t know what I’m going to do.

Please, please, any help is appreciated. I’m pretty fast at what I do and will generally get back to you as soon as I can. If you can’t order, please spread the word.

My email is

Thank you so, SO much, guys.

Literature on trolling has only begun, as I have found while I try to narrow down the scope of the project. A 2002 academic study of trolling in a feminist discussion group formed in the early days of the internet articulated a vision of trolling that we’ve all come to know too well: people exploit free speech and feminists’ desire to be inclusive by disrupting discussion and creating intragroup conflict. Definitions have since emerged that name trolling as disruptive behavior that seeks to shut down a space or conversation. After viewing all of the messages I’ve collected, I would take it a step further and label trolling it as more serious than just being rude: trolling actions seeks reinforce the power of dominant groups and maintain negative narratives about marginalized communities. While trolls attack anyone they disagree with, people from marginalized communities have long pointed out that they are more likely to be targets of trolling that people with more privileged backgrounds and positions.

Essentially, trolls are trying to shut people up—and they seem to think that people who are historically at a disadvantage in the real world will have less power to fight back online. In my case, this goes for fat women, but women of color have often spoken up about experiencing daily trolling that’s similar to what I’ve experienced while collecting data for my project. Mikki Kendall, co-founder of website Hood Feminism, has spoken about the trolling she experienced after creating the hashtag #solidarityisforwhitewomen. She has become a target for both trolls and some feminists after challenging the exclusionary tactics that many feminists participate in by ignoring how the intersection of multiple identities changes the experiences women have due to race, body size, class status, gender identity, etcetera. Many people may not frame the backlash as trolling, but I would argue that since they are reinforcing the very system Kendall is challenging, their actions are trollish. What we begin to see is a pattern of abuse—trolling replicates social structures that oppress some while privileging others.
Help support my dad's spinal surgery

He has a degenerative disc disease that erodes the cartilage discs in his spine and joints. Right now he’s been living in pain since he was 17 and now the nerves in his spine are closer to being severed then they’ve ever been. He still has to work full time due to rent and food stamps don’t pay for much. He’s starving and in pain and I can’t help him until I move to the west coast to be closer. I haven’t seen him in 7 years now.
Please help

The youcaring fundraiser is here

I hope this works, I have no other way to pay for his surgery and I’m desperate now

I’ll freely admit that I find the furry fandom kind of weird, but I’ve never been comfortable with furry jokes - even the ostensibly good-natured ones - and I’ve only recently figured out why.

Furries are far from the only fandom that’s been held up as okay to hate on, of course, but it you break it down, a definite pattern emerges: namely, that the fandoms it’s socially acceptable to hate on are almost invariably those that are perceived as having unusually high visibly female and/or LGBT presence.

Indeed, the furry fandom is a great case in point here; I’m old enough to remember when furries were basically public enemy number one on the Internet, before they were partially supplanted by other, trendier targets, and practically all of most virulent anti-furry hate-blogging I recall from back in the day was deeply wrapped up in the perception that most furries were gay men.

Now, I’m not saying that everybody who makes anti-furry comments - even in jest - is a secret homophobe; people can get caught up in trends for a variety of reasons, and very often they’re not aware of the background.

But it’s enough to make a guy wonder, you know? The mechanisms by which we as a culture determine which fandoms are acceptable to demonise and ridicule in the first place are not innocent.

My cat was doing much better just from the meds he was on, but he got blocked up suddenly this morning and is back at our regular vet and has to stay overnight, possibly for three days, so he can be catheterized and monitored more closely. We need to come up with 600 dollars in this amount of time and I’m freaking out. We have gone to family, we have maxed out my credit card, now I am turning to the internet, which I swore I wouldn’t do but whatever.

This is my cat:

As you can see he is a precious little oaf who never hurt anyone except the occasional backpack that contained a sandwich. He needs your help, I need your help. My paypal is disgruntledlemur at gmail dot com, any amount is super appreciated. For amounts over 30 bucks I can draw you things! Here are some samples of recent artwork of mine:

as you can see I do a lot of comics and simple ink illustrations, if you’re interested in that we can definitely talk emergency commissions! My rates vary - spot illustrations tend to go for 50, with comic pages going for up to 150 per page, but I’m willing to negotiate given the urgency of my situation. 

Once again, my paypal is disgruntledlemur at gmail dot com, please message me if/when you donate so I can thank you as well.

Thanks in advance for reading this/donating/boosting/whatever.

People, People Everywhere. || comealiveonthedevilsnight

The more people there were around, the easier it was to be distracted from being in heat for many of them; so, of course, Chemical was more than eager to invite over as many people as absolutely fucking possible. 

Josh, Isaiah, Ben, and Raphael were all ecstatic for the distraction. Though they stuck close to their boyfriends and Sebastian the whole time, in case they did have a bit of an ‘emergency’, they definitely seemed a bit more perky and sociable. Even Raphael had insisted on coming, and insisted on bringing Sebastian when Chemical invited him as well.

Even the Zodiacs showed up, like always; the twins just circulated around, keeping close to each other, dressed identical as always. Though, Raphael and Sebastian were new faces to them, so they cheerfully approached.



Imagine for @evs14u’s Barba for All Challenge


Imagine you and Barba getting in a fight and him yelling he loves you then it gets quiet.



“You know, Mr. ADA-I-Can-Just-Burst-In-And-Almost-Break-Down-Your-Door-Barba, I gave you that key in case of emergencies.”

“This is an emergency, y/n.” You hear him kick his shoes off. By now, you know he’s loosening his patterned tie. “Why are you going away with that man?”

“Our definitions of emergency are polar opposites. They’re not even in the same vicinity,” you say with a smirk.

“Kevin Nabokov is a crook and a crack addict!” Rafi is standing in front of you now. His face is crimson in fury, but of course you continue to play ignorant.

“Nabokov? I don’t know about crook or him being a crack addict but I do love his work; Lolita’s my favorite. I was awestruck at his ability to-”

“And you didn’t even tell me about this plan of yours! I had to find out from the scum himself. ” You have to roll your eyes at the petty insult. For someone who graduated law school with a scholarship, you think he would have an insult better than ‘scum’.

You stand up, facing Rafi.

“My lovely Cuban, papi, ADA,” you say, playing with his tie. Although when he shoots you a deterring glare, you pause. “Rafi, Kevin has gone to rehab, alright? I want to give him a second chance. Don’t you think everybody deserves a second chance?”

Rafael furrows his brows and analyze your silent plea.

“I believe deserving people deserve a second chance, y/n. He stole your money to feed his addiction. That crosses him off that list.”

“No; murderers, rapists, and people you fight to put in jail are the ones that are crossed off that list! Kevin does not fall in that category!”

“He does, y/n. He does!” You were appalled at the words Rafael threw at you. He cannot possible despise Kevin at this extent for him to say these things!

“Why won’t you let me give him a second chance?” You’re screaming at Rafael now; the audacity!

“Other than the fact he stole your savings to buy cocaine?” You unconsciously roll your eyes.

“Oh come on, Rafael! That was two years ago! I got my money back and he’s gone to rehab! Kevin is a better person now! There’s gotta be another reason! Why do you hate Kevin so much, Rafael? What’s he ever done to you?”

“He continues to take the woman that I love!”

Sophie and her friend Taylor got stuck on the side of the road when her car had suddenly died. She was thankful that it decided to happen after cheer practice, but she wasn’t thrilled that it happened while on the way to a movie across town, and she wasn’t bound to walk fifteen miles back to her sorority house with Taylor in their cheer outfits. So they called a tow truck to drive to the car mechanic. They’d be stuck there for several hours until they can get it fixed. Thankfully, Sophie had her purse with her and her Dad’s credit card. This definitely qualified as an emergency expenditure. 

When they got there, they walked into the garage together. Taylor’s hair was in a messy bun, but Sophie had showered in the locker rooms so her blonde hair was hanging around her shoulders while she was still in her cheer uniform. When they walked in, the smell of grease was overpowering, but they were approached by a mechanic who asked them to describe the problem. Sophie did without a problem. As they were talking and escorted into a waiting area, she looked over and saw another one of the mechanics looking up from under the hood. She gave the handsome man a smile before going into the waiting room where an old lady was waiting in there reading a magazine.

Another one of the mechanics, Brian, followed the girls with his eyes before gently punching Charlie’s arm.

“College cheerleaders, Charlie,” he laughed. “That brunette has got an ass.”

just in case you missed it: Oklahoma had an earthquake and a tornado simultaneously and there were also tigers loose that was playfully called a “tiger watch” and also there was enough flash flooding that they had to invent the new definition of “flash flood emergency” to justify what was happening we are literally writing the SciFi channels next big hit low-budget movie for them. Tigerquakenado.


Yesterday I posted that Zayn & Gigi were both being given parallel Glum!Zigi narratives, but it looks the primary focus through this is Zayn. The  trend continues today in the 1DHQ publications, this time now discussing Zayn’s “dismal” UK album sales, with The Sun saying according to an “insider” it’s due to a lack of promo.

There’s a definite Sad!Zayn narrative emerging here, with roughly 7 articles mentioning glum/sad/weary Zayn in the last few days.  The first couple of articles are virtually templatized, with captions showing Zayn not smiling with key words such as “glum,” “weary,” “wouldn’t crack a smile”, while mentioning that he has plenty to be happy about with his hit album and relationship with Gigi, but there’s also drama with [insert Naughty Boy or Perald here].

The key in all of these articles is that Zayn has been papped every day this week since arriving in New York, and minus small handful of  obligatory Zigi hoe strolls last weekend, Zayn has been papped alone and looking like he’s just sat through 24 hours of “Lord of the Rings: Desolation of Smoag”. To make sure you understand that Zayn has a case of the sads, these articles also contain multiple captions driving the point home.  I think this is entirely intentional to sell you the narrative that despite everything, solo!Zayn is not a happy Zayn:

It’s still early in the narrative, but I’m thinking it’s either moving towards a public Liam/OT5 reunion or Zigi breakup seeding.

[x, x, x, x, x, x]

I made the moon from Majora’s mask in giant head form with light-up eyes but midway through the con the last pieces of worbla on the inside started to pop off as a result of being added post-painting and only the attachment side were heated because I didn’t want to warp what I had already done. 

(pre-con photo) 

One of the wires holding the LED in place popped loose and then the support straps popped off (I had a set of straps holding it upright because the weight of the face made it inclined to fall forward). The eye light I managed to repair thanks to a booth person giving me some duct tape and the rest I just had to hold my head and shoulders in a slightly awkward way to keep the head from staring at the ground. 

Definitely made up an ‘emergency pack’ for the next time I wore it and now I know to reinforce support straps more. DUCT TAPE AND SUPER GLUE ARE MUST HAVES.

Also to anyone planning to make a giant head or helmet, INCLUDE A FAN. Even in Florida I was ok long-term in the head (although I couldn’t hear) and kept passing a group of castle crashers who were carrying their heads and sweating profusely.