Texting the Marauders in an Emergency:

James: Rushes to your side but doesn’t really know how to deal with the emergency. Will definitely call for backup.

Sirius: His response depends on how much he values your relationship. Spends some time considering how much he likes you before either replying or ignoring the text.

Remus: Texts back promptly. Tries to give decent advice but ends it with “idk tho it’s up to you”

Peter: Texts back 4 hours later like “You good?”

So I had a follow up doctor appointment for my anxiety and we got to talking about all of the symptoms I’ve been experiencing… it turns out that I’m also suffering from severe depression, which I have already suspected. So I was prescribed a small dosage of medication and I’m praying that it will help, but to help lift my spirits today I’m participating in my favorite past time. Screencapping Emergency!

Here we’re starting off with Roy and John showing up at “The Bash,” Roy looking like he would obviously prefer to be somewhere else. He’s going to see soon that his feeling isn’t so far fetched.

Johnny walks in before him, totally enamored by the huge house and Roy saunters off after him… eventually. 

Upon walking in they immediately realize that they’re both hopelessly overdressed and stick out like two fruit loops in a bowl of cheerios. 

Roy’s plan of action is to hit the bar and the snack table, which isn’t a terrible plan at all there, Roy. 

And as if alcohol and food wasn’t enough to comfort his anxiety, he brings up the trichinosis outbreak at Rampart hospital thinking it would possibly earn them some brownie points. Because they’re definitely needing them.

But fear not, they swiftly saved the life of a man who was electrocuted and all was well.  


Imagine for @evs14u’s Barba for All Challenge


Imagine you and Barba getting in a fight and him yelling he loves you then it gets quiet.



“You know, Mr. ADA-I-Can-Just-Burst-In-And-Almost-Break-Down-Your-Door-Barba, I gave you that key in case of emergencies.”

“This is an emergency, y/n.” You hear him kick his shoes off. By now, you know he’s loosening his patterned tie. “Why are you going away with that man?”

“Our definitions of emergency are polar opposites. They’re not even in the same vicinity,” you say with a smirk.

“Kevin Nabokov is a crook and a crack addict!” Rafi is standing in front of you now. His face is crimson in fury, but of course you continue to play ignorant.

“Nabokov? I don’t know about crook or him being a crack addict but I do love his work; Lolita’s my favorite. I was awestruck at his ability to-”

“And you didn’t even tell me about this plan of yours! I had to find out from the scum himself. ” You have to roll your eyes at the petty insult. For someone who graduated law school with a scholarship, you think he would have an insult better than ‘scum’.

You stand up, facing Rafi.

“My lovely Cuban, papi, ADA,” you say, playing with his tie. Although when he shoots you a deterring glare, you pause. “Rafi, Kevin has gone to rehab, alright? I want to give him a second chance. Don’t you think everybody deserves a second chance?”

Rafael furrows his brows and analyze your silent plea.

“I believe deserving people deserve a second chance, y/n. He stole your money to feed his addiction. That crosses him off that list.”

“No; murderers, rapists, and people you fight to put in jail are the ones that are crossed off that list! Kevin does not fall in that category!”

“He does, y/n. He does!” You were appalled at the words Rafael threw at you. He cannot possible despise Kevin at this extent for him to say these things!

“Why won’t you let me give him a second chance?” You’re screaming at Rafael now; the audacity!

“Other than the fact he stole your savings to buy cocaine?” You unconsciously roll your eyes.

“Oh come on, Rafael! That was two years ago! I got my money back and he’s gone to rehab! Kevin is a better person now! There’s gotta be another reason! Why do you hate Kevin so much, Rafael? What’s he ever done to you?”

“He continues to take the woman that I love!”

pinkqxartz  asked:

"Garnet! How am I back?"

Garnet hadn’t known what was going to happen, but she didn’t think she was fully prepared for either. Steven had poofed, and everyone was now wondering what would happen. There was an agreement that Garnet was to watch over the gem until Steven reformed, and Garnet kept it with her all the time.

When the gem started to glow, Garnet had been walking along the beach. Her eyes widened, and she gently set it in the sand. Before Rose had even finished reforming, Garnet knew the figure emerging was definitely too big to be Steven.

There were tears in her eyes, and for a few seconds, she just stood there in awe. Then, she rushed forward, wrapping her arms around Rose. “I’m so sorry..” She whispered.
Don't mind me (i was just thinking of you) - Chapter 1 - Thirteen94 - Call the Midwife [Archive of Our Own]
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“I came as soon as i heard.” Tony said, setting the bags down. “I also brought fish and chips.”

“I gave you that key for emergencies.” Patsy frowned. “Heard what?”

“Patience Mount dramatically meeting a potential romantic interest in the rain? It’s the definition of an emergency.” Tony grinned. “I demand details.”

(Or: The flower shop au nobody asked for)

((OOC: Did a quick blitz trade, though “quick” is used loosely, with @b-sides-besides of their lovely BTWP renditions of Iggy and Larry.

Who I am in love with. They’re so… *clenches fists* So good.

Larry’s very excited to tell Iggy something. It’s definitely an emergency and he has to share it! However Iggy’s not so certain of the urgency of Larry’s news…))

I’ll freely admit that I find the furry fandom kind of weird, but I’ve never been comfortable with furry jokes - even the ostensibly good-natured ones - and I’ve only recently figured out why.

Furries are far from the only fandom that’s been held up as okay to hate on, of course, but it you break it down, a definite pattern emerges: namely, that the fandoms it’s socially acceptable to hate on are almost invariably those that are perceived as having unusually high visibly female and/or LGBT presence.

Indeed, the furry fandom is a great case in point here; I’m old enough to remember when furries were basically public enemy number one on the Internet, before they were partially supplanted by other, trendier targets, and practically all of most virulent anti-furry hate-blogging I recall from back in the day was deeply wrapped up in the perception that most furries were gay men.

Now, I’m not saying that everybody who makes anti-furry comments - even in jest - is a secret homophobe; people can get caught up in trends for a variety of reasons, and very often they’re not aware of the background.

But it’s enough to make a guy wonder, you know? The mechanisms by which we as a culture determine which fandoms are acceptable to demonise and ridicule in the first place are not innocent.

I’ve just re-watched 5x12...

It really is weird how you view the whole thing differently now we kind of know that Quinn is alive.

It seems to underline a few things for me.

1) Carrie and Jonas - Can we say doomed from the start? Though when I initially watched 5x12, I was pissed off that Carrie would even think about returning to Jonas, this scene really doesn’t bother me anymore. It is, actually, classic Carrie. I feel like she is trying desperately to cling to the simple life. The life that made sense before her crazy CIA life came crashing back. And to cling to a relationship that is nowhere near as overwhelming or as complicated as her relationship with Quinn.

You see, Carrie’s feelings for Quinn had definitely been emerging in 5x10 and 5x11. I think she was really starting to realise what he meant to her. She really might love him. Out of all the things that Carrie says to him when he is unconscious, there’s one line that really stands out.

You know the line.

“I’m here, waiting for you.”

If you go back to watching these scenes, everything else is so clear, so ‘rehearsed’, so ‘this is what I need to say and this is how I need to say it.’ Not this line. This is emotional, it’s raw and for me, speaks to Carrie’s feelings for Quinn right at that moment. Seeing him lying there, she would have waited forever.

And that was super confusing and super complicated for the Carrie that has only had her crazy life back for a week or so. 

So when it’s all over, unwilling to confront her crazy life and her feelings for Quinn, she retreats back to what she knew. Jonas. A simple relationship. Without the complications of what she feels for Quinn. And especially in his current condition. For me, Carrie’s decision to sleep with Jonas has as much to do with Quinn and her life in the CIA as it does to do with Jonas. They’re kind of the same thing.

Again, this goes back to Carrie’s hesitancy that I’ve always highlighted with regards to her relationship with Quinn. Here it’s not even about the idea of immediately pursuing a relationship with Quinn, because he’s obviously in no fit state, but it’s the idea of being close to him and letting herself feel what she feels when she’s with him. That is a massive thing for Carrie.

So when she goes to Jonas and is like ‘Let’s go back to the way things were,’ I see this as massively about her being scared to be anywhere near her old life, and Quinn is a massive part of that. But I don’t think for one second that if Jonas had said yes, that that would have been that, cue happily ever after and Carrie Hollander. 

She can’t run forever. Eventually, she would have left Jonas and her life in Berlin. She was concealing a massive part of herself from him. And he doesn’t like that part of her.

2) Carrie chooses Quinn. Again, I didn’t think this when we watched it first, but I really do now, watching with hindsight. When Jonas refuses her, the rug is swept from under her feet. Her safety net has gone. There’s nowhere to run. I think this explains her frantic and frightened demeanour when she is at the hospital looking for Quinn. She’s terrified. And even more so, when she arrives in his room and he’s not there….. She’s finally here, just her, up there without a net, and he’s not there. 

And I will stress, I don’t see this as a romantic choice. Obviously, Quinn is in no fit state to have a relationship. But it’s not about that. It’s about Carrie deciding who she wants to be. What sort of person she wants to be. Here, I see it as her deciding to be with Quinn, to be there for him like she should have been before. To be there for the one person who truly knows her. The one person in her life who she is 100% herself with. The one person who is not her safety net. He is her everything. We see this in the way that she takes care of him, the way she looks at him. The way it’s painful for her when Dar is discussing how amazing he is. The familiar ‘That’s the man I love’ nod.

She goes to the chapel to calm down, to try and find her faith that he will pull through. If she prays hard enough, her resolution will ring true and he will come back. 

3) The light. Definitely not death, but life. And a sign that Carrie’s faith has returned and will be rewarded by Quinn’s recovery. I feel this in the chapel scene and in the final scene of the episode. Aside from all the confirmations that we have had that Quinn is alive, when the light comes through the window, I feel it’s a sign that the light and faith is coming back into Carrie’s life, giving her back the man she thought she had lost. After everything else has been taken away from her, she doesn’t pray for her life back with Jonas. She doesn’t pray for her a return to simplicity. She prays for Quinn’s life. One of the only selfless things she has ever done. She’s exposing the deepest depths of her soul here. And it’s for him.

4) The letter. I feel like, watching again, that there are a few reasons why the letter was introduced again. Firstly, to resolve a plot point. Everyone has always wondered what Quinn wrote in that letter to Carrie. He’s not gonna be on death’s door again (especially since he is alive) so now is really the only time when the letter could make an appearance. 

Secondly, so the audience could be reminded again of what happened at the end of Season Four and Carrie and Quinn’s near-miss. This highlights the importance of their relationship to the heart of the show. It also shortens the distance between Seasons Four and Five in terms of character development. Let’s remind these characters where they were before the time hop. 

Thirdly, to let Carrie know, in Quinn’s words, that he loves her. It wasn’t just loyalty, it wasn’t just friendship. It was love. That all consuming, ‘I belong to you forever’ kind of love. The kind of love that Carrie has never known before. 

Fourthly, it shows us a very different side of Quinn. A Quinn that we haven’t seen before. We know how he feels about his life, and how he sees his place in the world. It reminds us, in case we had forgotten, that he has struggled with PTSD and ‘the darkness’ for a long time.

I’m feeling like those final moments of Season Five show that Quinn is coming back and most importantly, away from the darkness of the life he knew. This final scene transforms that false glimmer into a beautiful constant light.

Things I’ve Learned From my Emergency Medicine Externship

-> One person’s definition of an emergency can be wayyy different than yours. 

-> ICU nurses/techs are the best. Bless them. 

-> Don’t ever judge someone’s ability to pay based on their appearances. You will be proved wrong most of the time. 

-> Having an evil cat try to bite the snot out of your can be a surprisingly happy ordeal, because it means they are finally feeling better.

-> It is a known curse to say the words “slow” or “quiet.” Do you want 20 emergencies showing up at once? Because this is how you get 20 emergencies showing up at once. 

-> It is an art form to be able to save 5 different animals trying to die on you at once.  

-> The most life-changing thing I learned: I think I am falling deeply in love with Emergency Medicine. <3 


Cat Stevens, “Don’t Be Shy” (Harold and Maude, 1971)

Nekhebet89 (YouTube channel)


Psychiatrist: That’s very interesting, Harold, and I think, very illuminating. There seems to be a definite pattern emerging. And, of course, this pattern, once isolated, can be coped with. Recognize the problem, and you are halfway on the road to its, uh, its solution. Uh, tell me, Harold, what do you do for fun? What activity gives you a different sense of enjoyment from the others? Uh, what do you find fulfilling? What gives you that… special satisfaction?

Harold: …I go to funerals.


But med student and later doctor!Nico:

  • Nico, who wants to help people make the most of their lives and live as long as possible
  • Will helping him study and just reciting the Hippocratic Oath under his breath whenever Nico persistently gets things wrong
  • Late night + studying -> messy hair Nico who’s grumpy as hell in the morning
  • Coffee addict!Nico
  • Stumbling into lectures severely injured after a fight with a monster
  • He’d definitely work in the emergency department
  • Or maybe as a neurologist
  • He’s the best at prioritising patients, even if it annoys some others
  • He’s also surprisingly good at making accurate diagnosis’ very quickly
  • Able to empathise with patients and their families
  • But if you’re doing something stupid that’s putting you at risk of something, he’s not going to put up with it and will tell you off for it
  • But he’s not really the best co-worker
  • Though all the older nurses like to baby him and tease him
  • And, praise the gods, he actually has legible handwriting, like, all the nurses are practically sold at that moment, he’s just precious to them
  • He’s also surprisingly awkward and grumpy for someone who’s great with patients
  • Nico, who can tell when someone is dying and is always there to help them in anyway, whether to try and cure them or make it easier
  • He really doesn’t like working with kids though; he gets really removed, and seems really uncomfortable
  • Though he always does the job. Always.
  • He has a certain skill of picking out victims of abuse and having a little chat with the abusers.
  • Also, he might not like kids, but he always has chocolate on him for them
  • And if patients he has die, he makes sure that they have proper rituals so have they have safe passage into the Underworld and aren’t stuck with Charon for eternity
  • Just Nico as a doctor, okay, sh.

**Graphics by the wonderful Halie

So, as I mentioned a few weeks ago, I had a roughly one week stay at a mental health facility. Since then, I’ve been back in Texas with my family to try and recuperate. This means, since I’m only here for about another month or so, I can’t get a job or anything other than drawing to get any kind of money.

On top of this, I received my bill for the hospital stay and whoooooo boy, it’s a doozy. Roughly $35k. I’m completely floored. My stress is through the roof and my anxiety is terrible. I don’t know what I’m going to do.

Please, please, any help is appreciated. I’m pretty fast at what I do and will generally get back to you as soon as I can. If you can’t order, please spread the word.

My email is

Thank you so, SO much, guys.

My cat was doing much better just from the meds he was on, but he got blocked up suddenly this morning and is back at our regular vet and has to stay overnight, possibly for three days, so he can be catheterized and monitored more closely. We need to come up with 600 dollars in this amount of time and I’m freaking out. We have gone to family, we have maxed out my credit card, now I am turning to the internet, which I swore I wouldn’t do but whatever.

This is my cat:

As you can see he is a precious little oaf who never hurt anyone except the occasional backpack that contained a sandwich. He needs your help, I need your help. My paypal is disgruntledlemur at gmail dot com, any amount is super appreciated. For amounts over 30 bucks I can draw you things! Here are some samples of recent artwork of mine:

as you can see I do a lot of comics and simple ink illustrations, if you’re interested in that we can definitely talk emergency commissions! My rates vary - spot illustrations tend to go for 50, with comic pages going for up to 150 per page, but I’m willing to negotiate given the urgency of my situation. 

Once again, my paypal is disgruntledlemur at gmail dot com, please message me if/when you donate so I can thank you as well.

Thanks in advance for reading this/donating/boosting/whatever.

People, People Everywhere. || comealiveonthedevilsnight

The more people there were around, the easier it was to be distracted from being in heat for many of them; so, of course, Chemical was more than eager to invite over as many people as absolutely fucking possible. 

Josh, Isaiah, Ben, and Raphael were all ecstatic for the distraction. Though they stuck close to their boyfriends and Sebastian the whole time, in case they did have a bit of an ‘emergency’, they definitely seemed a bit more perky and sociable. Even Raphael had insisted on coming, and insisted on bringing Sebastian when Chemical invited him as well.

Even the Zodiacs showed up, like always; the twins just circulated around, keeping close to each other, dressed identical as always. Though, Raphael and Sebastian were new faces to them, so they cheerfully approached.


Sophie and her friend Taylor got stuck on the side of the road when her car had suddenly died. She was thankful that it decided to happen after cheer practice, but she wasn’t thrilled that it happened while on the way to a movie across town, and she wasn’t bound to walk fifteen miles back to her sorority house with Taylor in their cheer outfits. So they called a tow truck to drive to the car mechanic. They’d be stuck there for several hours until they can get it fixed. Thankfully, Sophie had her purse with her and her Dad’s credit card. This definitely qualified as an emergency expenditure. 

When they got there, they walked into the garage together. Taylor’s hair was in a messy bun, but Sophie had showered in the locker rooms so her blonde hair was hanging around her shoulders while she was still in her cheer uniform. When they walked in, the smell of grease was overpowering, but they were approached by a mechanic who asked them to describe the problem. Sophie did without a problem. As they were talking and escorted into a waiting area, she looked over and saw another one of the mechanics looking up from under the hood. She gave the handsome man a smile before going into the waiting room where an old lady was waiting in there reading a magazine.

Another one of the mechanics, Brian, followed the girls with his eyes before gently punching Charlie’s arm.

“College cheerleaders, Charlie,” he laughed. “That brunette has got an ass.”

just in case you missed it: Oklahoma had an earthquake and a tornado simultaneously and there were also tigers loose that was playfully called a “tiger watch” and also there was enough flash flooding that they had to invent the new definition of “flash flood emergency” to justify what was happening we are literally writing the SciFi channels next big hit low-budget movie for them. Tigerquakenado.

A woman said yesterday,

“my daughter had 3 c sections, it’s disappointing she didnt get to experience giving birth”


Hi Dr Google, can you please “define birth for me” 
Sure, Sarah, here is our definition for ‘birth’:
“ the emergence of a baby or other young from the body of its mother; the start of life as a physically separate being.”

IT SAYS NOTHING ABOUT THE FACT THAT THE BABY HAS TO COME OUT OF THE VAGINA. The body includes a woman’s abdominal area, correct?

A C-SECTION IS BIRTH.  You are a fucking twat if you think otherwise. STOP shaming mothers who have had c sections. Giving birth to another human life is absolutely amazing no matter how it happens. Drug free, with drugs, vaginally, through surgery and any other multitude of ways it can come about. STOP SHAMING MOTHERS FOR HOW THEY BROUGHT LIFE INTO THIS WORLD.

I made the moon from Majora’s mask in giant head form with light-up eyes but midway through the con the last pieces of worbla on the inside started to pop off as a result of being added post-painting and only the attachment side were heated because I didn’t want to warp what I had already done. 

(pre-con photo) 

One of the wires holding the LED in place popped loose and then the support straps popped off (I had a set of straps holding it upright because the weight of the face made it inclined to fall forward). The eye light I managed to repair thanks to a booth person giving me some duct tape and the rest I just had to hold my head and shoulders in a slightly awkward way to keep the head from staring at the ground. 

Definitely made up an ‘emergency pack’ for the next time I wore it and now I know to reinforce support straps more. DUCT TAPE AND SUPER GLUE ARE MUST HAVES.

Also to anyone planning to make a giant head or helmet, INCLUDE A FAN. Even in Florida I was ok long-term in the head (although I couldn’t hear) and kept passing a group of castle crashers who were carrying their heads and sweating profusely.