Cap: -snores-

Chet: Uh… Cap? Cap! 

Sike, he wasn’t actually sleeping. However, he DOES look like he has been sleeping. Look at that hair!!! 

Cap here looks like he’s about ready to slap the man. 

And the man is testing Cap’s patience once again. But here’s some more amazing pictures of our awesome and handsome Cap!

I needed a little Cap TLC today. 

Frankenstein in particular is a fictionalized rendition of the meaning of Paradise Lost to women. As a woman’s reading it is most especially the story of hell: hell as a dark parody of heaven, hell’s creations as monstrous imitations of heaven’s creations, and hellish femaleness as a grotesque parody of heavenly maleness. It is still undeniably true that Mary Shelley’s ‘ghost story’, growing from a Keatsian (or Coleridgean) waking dream, is a Romantic novel about — among other things — Romanticism, as, well as a book about books and perhaps, too, about the writers of books. Her developing sense of herself as a literary creature and/or creator seems to have been inseparable from her emerging self-definition as daughter, mistress, wife, and mother. Thus she cast her birth myth — her myth of origins — in precisely those cosmogenic terms to which her parents, her husband, and indeed her whole literary culture continually alluded: the terms of Paradise Lost.
—  from The Madwoman in the Attic by Sandra Gilbert and Susan Gubar

anonymous asked:

I noticed at the panel that when Gillian took off her blazer, she seemed a bit nervous like she was afraid of our reaction. The same happened when she said she'll auction her t-shirt. Idk, but I have a feeling that they want to come out but still are a little bit scared what will happen if they do that. This whole twitter fuckery, we say she is trolling us but I think this is their plan. Like they tested the waters this weekend. Social media nearly exploded but I think fandom passed the test...

Anon, you get the gold star today. If we had gold stars, that is.

They are absolutely scared! No doubt. How could they not be? They surely know what goes on in this fandom. They know how the media works and how nasty some outlets can be. It has to be scary, to know that they will get question after question about everything. Not to mention rumors that could start about their past and their history.  It’s a lot, so we can’t blame them at all for being scared. 

We really don’t think that she is trolling. We think that they’ve been testing the waters for a bit now. Like the Cutting Room. They stepped their toes into the water and were automatically overwhelmed with a fandom explosion and media questions. They panicked. And denied it. And then tried again. Now, we’re basically desensitized to it all. David BIT HER FUCKING SHIRT ON STAGE. HER FUCKING SHIRT! ¾ years ago that would be life ending. The fandom would have just combusted. Now, it’s like…’Oh, just another day at comic con.’ So, their plan is working. Slowly but surely more people are starting to realize that it’s not all trolling…and not all attention seeking antics. So by the time they officially come out, it won’t be this massive thing. It’ll be like, ‘Yeah? No shit.’ lol. 

akai-vampire  asked:

I can't help but wonder, in your fic were Obi and Shirayuki were locked in the storage room. Did Obi only tease Shirayuki to keep her warm or did he need to keep himself warm as well?

I answer this a little in the coda, but Obi teases Shirayuki in the storeroom 100% because he wants to. Obi could have had them out of there in like ten seconds.

It doesn’t get addressed in the story because I LITERALLY FORGOT (like I write these shorts in a day, I’m not perfect) but they have been abandoned at increasingly romantic venues like, 6+ times. And the last time, which is the dinner where they get tipsy and she says I like that we could be close and then like stares at his mouth is when Obi starts realizing that she could be interested. So when Yuzuri gives him like the perfect opening to test the waters – Obi isn’t dumb, he’s going to take it.

Also I feel like I should clear up like, his shivering comments – like he is totally teasing Shirayuki, because they have been making out (and let’s be real, they’re in their mid twenties at this point, probably heavy petting) for two hours under a heap of blankets. She was shivering, but not because she was cold.

Holy hell nothing like accidentally dialing 911 at 1 in the morning @ myself how the actual hell did you even do that

August, 19   Puget Sound

We’ve had a few days on the Sound this past week, and have managed to find some cutthroat roaming around.  There’s also a few salmon on the prowl, but the salmon closures are greatly reducing the areas where you can fish for them.  Be sure to do your due diligence in checking what zones are open and which are closed.  Here are a few links for you to check the zone you are thinking about heading to, but definitely look for any emergency closures and updates.  This closure does only affect salmon fishing however–fishing for sea run cutthroat remains open throughout the Sound and should only be getting better and better as we move towards September.

Photo:  Alex Collier

Ooo, a ship that I think is most misunderstood…this one is hard!  Damn!

I think maybe the ‘ship that I feel is most misunderstood is Nick and Juliette from Grimm.

As far back as I can remember, they got a lot of flak for being “boring”.  (Because god forbid we get to see a healthy, mostly honest…with one significant secret, NICK…relationship), then there was the issue with the spell in season 2.

But then, Juliette was in on the secret, FINALLY, and it was so great to see them working together.

The Hexenbiest/Eve storyline was a big problem, but it kills me when people turn it around on either Juliette OR Nick.  Juliette was not in her right mind.  She was magically influenced and corrupted trying to fix something ADALIND did.  (And somehow Adalind is the saintly victim in all this?!).

And Nick, yes, he did respond very badly to Juliette’s initial Hexenbiest emergence.  Which definitely didn’t help matters.  But he was also a rape victim who’d showed quiet but distinct trauma signs throughout season 4.  His rapist was a hexenbiest, and in the same episode, ANOTHER hexenbiest invaded his personal space and forced a kiss on him.  So no, he didn’t react well.  And honestly, in retrospect, that was a big clue that Juliette wasn’t in her right mind.  Because the real Juliette would have tried to understand Nick’s fear.

And yes, Juliette burning the camper and being involved with the killing of Kelly was horrifying.  And what she’s done to Nick since has been awful.  But again, she wasn’t in her right mind.  This was a transformation forced onto her.  Juliette and Nick are BOTH victims here.

And it steams me that there are fans who act like Juliette’s actions are unforgiveable, but Adalind, a SERIAL rapist - who absolutely was in her right mind at the time, can be a hero now.  And she can even be in a romantic relationship with her last victim.

I admit it, I want Nick and Juliette back together at the end of the series.  Even after everything he’s done and she’s done, and all the pain they’ve caused each other, well-meaning or otherwise.  They’re the fairytale true love story for me, and I want them back in the end.