11 questions. :D

Rule 1: Post the rules.
Rule 2: Answer the questions the tagger set for you and then make 11 new ones.
Rule 3: Tag 11 people and link them to your post.
Rule 4: Let them know you’ve tagged them.

1. What are your thoughts on apple trees?

They are lovely apple-producing trees. :D But I’m not sure how to have an opinion one way or the other on a tree, so. ???? (Though I don’t really like apples…)

2. Fat cats: unhealthy, adorable, or unhealthily adorable?

Unhealthily adorable. 8|

3. Lamest thing you get excited over?

I get excited when I get texts. 8| ANY texts. And then half the time after I read it I’m like, “…oh” and I ignore it but other times I’m like :D but this is mostly because people never text me and so, uh, you know. I also get really excited for like, rp posts sometimes, or… idk. :| Stuff, yo.

4. Favorite song to karaoke?

*Favourite, silly Americans, but uhhhh. I guess I don’t really have afavourite? THOUGH YO YOU KNOW WHAT IF HIS SONGS WOULD EVER BE IN THE RIGHT KEY I COULD DO A MEAN MICHAEL BUBLE.

5. What would you really like to eat right now?

lol orz I actually JUST ATE so I’m not in the mood for food at all. 8| I am in a perpetual mood of wanting sushi, though, so that’s something…

6. Who is your favorite Avenger?

…Pass. (plz not to be killing me)

7. Tell me your feelings on mpreg.


8. What’s an unpopular opinion you have regarding your fandom?

Yo, I choose Big Bang fandom for this so the only thing isn’t even about the boys, but uh… I think it’s the most annoying thing when VIPs think we/they areda bomblike nobody else can touch that, like as a group we/they are so much ~classier~ than all the other kpop fandoms. (I do think there are some really messed up fandoms that I refuse to go near lololol but for real we got problems too.)

9. What is your biggest pet peeve?

People who chew gum really loudly, people who put their feet all up on the back of your chair and then PROCEED TO SHAKE THEIR LEGS. There’s also a whole exclusive list of things about my family members LOL but that’s a bit different. 8|;;

10. How much do you hate the whole ‘tag 11 people’ process?

Enough to >:| at the person who tagged me trolololo

11. CALL ME MAYBE?  (=゜ω゜)人(゜ω゜=)

WHAT HORRIBLY CUTE FACES LOL and i would, if international calling wasn’t so expensive. ): ~it’s hard to look right at you BAAAAABY but here’s my number~

Your 11 questions, please:

  1. What’s your favourite song from a Disney animated movie?
  2. What was the last movie you went to see in theatres, excluding Hunger Games and/or Avengers?
  3. If you got to meet the oldest person in the group/band/whatever (or the only person, if it’s some soloist…) you’re listening to RIGHT THIS SECOND, how would it go?
  4. What’s one stereotype people stick you with?
  5. How do you feel about your next-door-neighbour?
  6. What Facebook games (if any) do you play?
  7. When did you last change your Tumblr URL?
  8. Is your hair colour right now natural?
  9. What is/was yourleastfavourite subject in school?
  10. What are your four most played songs on iTunes or whatever media player you use? :3
  11. Be real, are you even going to tag 11 people?