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“Did he have enemies?”
“Pick a number.”

🍒 Sun in the 1st: Glowing face. Leonine eyes. Regal command. Masculine features.  

🍒 Moon in the 1st: Moon Face. Full Cheeks. Dimples like craters. Feminine features. Smiles with half crescent moon eyes 

🍒 Mercury in the 1st: Elfin or Fairy Face. Almond eyes. Dainty features. Big forehead. Youthful  

🍒 Venus in the 1st: Goddess face. Feminine features. Softness. Mystique. Symmetrical features  

🍒 Mars in the 1st: Springtime Face. Scars. Defined features. Can have resting frustrated face. Pronounced jawline.  

🍒 Jupiter in the 1st: Bohemian Face. Large head and features. Big smile. Large bone structure 

🍒 Saturn in the 1st: Doll Face. Still expression. Refined features with prominent bone structure 

🍒 Uranus in the 1st: Alien Face. Large forehead. Bright and luminescent eyes. Maybe unusual looking 

🍒 Neptune in the 1st: Spellbound face. Large watery eyes. Seems untouchable. Alluring features. Make up. Everything is not what it seems. Sleepy eyes.

🍒 Pluto in the 1st: Hidden Face. Still, calculating, and mesmerising eyes. Darkness below eyes. Thicker hair 



Hello Friends !!
I’m so happy to share my latest CC 
I tried my best to make this “ Realistic Genetics” which includes, Skin, 3d Teeth and Eyes(Face Paint, I am working on default and non-default ones ).
The skin is really complex, it has 4 types of face styles, including Asian, defined face, small eyelids and a normal one, it comes in overlay and colored.
The 3D teeth it’s a big fat new and I’m still working on them, still has some bugs, that’s why I included 5 different positions, but if you really like them and none of them match your sim’s head, you are free to edit it on blender , I really hope you guys like it ^-^

Download in the description /Promotional video- 

Olá amigos !! Estou tão feliz em compartilhar meu último CC Eu tentei o meu melhor para tornar esta “Realistic Genetics”, que inclui Skin, 3d Teeth e Eyes (Face Paint, estou trabalhando em padrões e não padrão). A pele é realmente complexa, possui 4 tipos de estilos de rosto, incluindo a face asiática, definida, as pálpebras pequenas e uma normal, vem em sobreposição e colorida. Os dentes 3D é um grande novidade e ainda estou trabalhando neles, ainda tenho alguns bugs, por isso incluí 5 posições diferentes, mas se você realmente gosta deles e nenhum deles coincide com a cabeça do seu sim, você pode editar no Blender, eu realmente espero que vocês gostem  ^ - ^ 

i didn’t feel like doing real finished art so have some??? boys i guess??? 

anonymous asked:

what do you think are bts' rising/ascendant signs?

NOTE: since there’s no confirmed record of their birth times, this is purely my personal guesses based on their personalities :)

for those who don’t know: your rising, or ascendant sign, is how you appear and behave in public. it’s how you are persevered by others; your first impression. it’s also said to influence one’s physical appearance.

Jin - Leo Rising

  • strong character
  • always the center of attention
  • flamboyant
  • very confidant
  • large egos
  • a vibrate aura
  • creative
  • have talents in the arts 
  • excel at drama/acting
  • can be quite stubborn at times
  • ambitious
  • sunny disposition
  • always enthusiastic 
  • common physical characteristics: large upper body, broad shoulders, playful features, good skin, lively animated movements

Yoongi - Scorpio Rising

  • possess a strong, mysterious aura
  • intimidating
  • slow moving
  • calm and patient
  • observant 
  • private people
  • don’t reveal much about themselves
  • very passionate about their interests
  • a strong will to succeed
  • poker face
  • don’t trust others easily
  • soft spoken and quiet around strangers
  • but loud and animated with friends
  • often their stoic mask hides their inner soft and friendly nature
  • common physical characteristics: an intense and piercing look, small eyes, a deep, raspy, sultry voice, pale complexion, below average height

Hoseok - Gemini Rising

  • very talkative and conversational
  • have a “go with the flow” attitude
  • restless and struggle with staying still
  • constantly moving
  • fast learners
  • have a wide variety of interests
  • often excel in many different areas
  • a “jack of all trades”
  • have an inner nervous energy
  • a bit worrisome
  • charming and sociable
  • common physical characteristics: an expressive face, high pitched voice that can become shrill when excited, youthful looks, straight long nose, high forehead

Namjoon Aquarius Rising

  • quirky, distinct personality 
  • like to express their individuality
  • eccentric
  • stands out from the crowd
  • very unique fashion sense and overall aesthetic
  • free spirited
  • good at working in groups
  • tolerant and progressive beliefs
  • have a thirst for learning 
  • philosophical
  • often show interests in science or psychology
  • common physical characteristics: tall height, thin frame, nice legs, clear voice, long fingers, disjointed or awkward movement/gait

Jimin - Pisces Rising

  • a dreamy romantic aura
  • gentle and passive
  • peace loving
  • dislike confrontation
  • friendly and accepting of everyone they meet
  • good at sensing other’s moods
  • sentimental
  • very attached to friends and family 
  • humble, even a bit shy
  • usually don’t like to attract attention or be boisterous
  • one day they can be quiet and reserved  and another day passionate and outgoing
  • personality adapts to their surroundings
  • artistically gifted
  • excel at fine arts such as art, dancing, music, etc
  • natural sense of rhythm and tempo
  • common physical characteristics: below average height, small hands and feet, especially soulful and beautiful eyes, general roundness/fullness to the face, dainty features

Taehyung - Sagittarius Rising

  • enthusiastic explorers
  • always optimistic 
  • often have a really large circle of friends
  • very opinionated
  • outspoken
  • strong willed
  • good sense of humor
  • a child like, playful personality
  • love to travel 
  • sees life as journey
  • a need for freedom and independence
  • hates routine 
  • prefers casual relationships over deep ones
  • interests in spirituality and philosophy
  • charismatic and outgoing
  • common physical characteristics: usually very tall, long limbs, broad forehead, cheerful expression, thick bushy eyebrows, a confident almost arrogant look, large bony hands, slow and deliberate manner of speech

Jungkook - Libra Rising

  • a naturally pleasant and gentle aura
  • charming, calm attitude that attracts many admirers
  • have refined tastes
  • like to dress neatly and look presentable at all times
  • polite and well mannered
  • know how to engage a crowd
  • can come of as a bit emotionally detached or aloof
  • prefers to stay distant
  • sometimes struggle with insecurities
  • put a lot of importance on their physical appearance
  • avid fans of the arts
  • music, literature, photography, etc.
  • being under the sign of beauty, they often have very attractive features
  • common physical characteristics: effortlessly graceful movement, above average height, well proportioned body, symmetrical face, defined nose, dimples, a cleft chin, soft melodious speaking voice, many are gifted at singing

gif credit! 

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Danny Phantom headcanon that one reason people don’t recognize Fenton as Phantom is because, aside from the fact that it’s not a conclusion most people would easily come to, Phantom doesn’t look very human much less like Fenton.

Phantom is much more solid than most ghosts, easier to see than others but he’s always stuck in a state of semi-invisibility in which humans can see right through him. His whole body looks mostly whole but also kind of fuzzed out on the edges like he’s blending slightly in the environment. He’s most solid closest to his core but as you extend outwards, he kinds of fades a bit. He doesn’t come out well in photos because of this, many ghosts can’t be captured at all.

His snow white hair is much the same, being more like a semi-solid mist instead of hair. It can behave like a solid but it moves as if he’s underwater. The locks that float around him look to be the same consistency of a cloud and only he can really touch it. His trademark glowing green eyes are just that, glowing green. They’re practically like flashlights and are an incredibly distracting feature that casts his whole face in an eerie glow. Most people find themselves drawn to them rather than his facial features. But should you look past the eyes, his face is still hard to describe. It’s like looking at an old grainy photograph without defined faces. You can see his expressions, see him move but key features are hard to pin down. Most people would never describe the two boys as being similar, aside from the names. Even the people in the know needed time to get used to Phantom’s unfamiliar, inhuman features.

If your photo was placed in a group of others, what would be your most recognizable features?

Sun in 10th: something odd colored about your skin, do you spray tan? Your facial features are either very tight-looking or very worn out looking. A toned body but you gain in the stomach so easily. Your stomach/lower torso is also shaped kinda weird. Sometimes it’s really bony, sometimes it’s really squishy and wrinkled looking. Torso might be shorter compared to legs.

Ex: Drew Barrymore, Benedict Cumberbatch, Kylie Minogue, Heidi Klum, Donald Trump, Kate Hudson, Colin Firth, Christina Aguilera, Chris Brown

Moon in 10th: body is either very proportionate or your upper torso is a bit wider than the rest of the torso. Might have a rectangular body shape. Jaw is very prominent and most likely squared or rectangled off. Eyes are very doe-y or emotional looking; might look stressed, heavy, full of hidden emotion, intense, etc. Eyes might also be downturned and can sometimes make you look uncaring. Might have a boring or bored look; the eyebrows and eyebrow bone really define the face. Lips are either kind of tight or scrunched or pop out on the face compared to other features.

Ex: Celine Dion, Kate Middleton, Bradley Cooper, Sylvester Stallone, Kylie Jenner, Nicolas Cage, Naomi Campbell, Maria Callas, Frida Khalo, Kurt Cobain, Meryl Streep, Gisele Bundchen.

Mercury in 10th: stubby short arms or lean long arms. Very thin but fleshy, big head with tiny body, super soft and squishy skin, probably a mole or freckle on the face, something about your voice is recognizable (you can’t see this in a picture but still lol), straight and broad shoulders, pointy chin, bottom lip is bigger than top, jaw goals, t-zone is very defined, eyes are sharp and beady and seductive. Very cute and childlike smile. Has very approachable look to them, like a child.

Ex: Marilyn Monroe, Christina Aguilera, Ian Somerhalder, Miranda Kerr, Liam Payne, Johnny Depp, Albert Einstein, Lady Gaga, Martin Luther King Jr., Shakira, Bridgette Bardot, Jennifer Lawrence.

Venus in 10th: bright smile and teeth, long and thin neck, weird lips, healthy and clean looking skin, cheekbones looked caved in at times, very sharp and piercing eyes, skin looks tight and clenched on the face at times, perky butt, wrinkles from stress on forehead or eyes or cheeks or all the above, thin body, something about voice is nice, raspy, or soothing (again you can’t see through a picture but still).

Ex: Benedict Cumberbatch, Drew Barrymore, Johnny Depp, Michelle Pfeiffer, Albert Einstein, Tom Cruise, Heidi Klum, Kylie Minogue, Uma Thurman, Kanye West, David Bowie, Ashton Kutcher, Robin Williams.

Mars in 10th: something weird with your lips or eyes, the shape of your body, thick and/or long hair, something about your nose tip, nostrils, or nose profile is very recognizable, your skin is flawless, do you ever get acne? Your face/jaw shape is very noticeable. Really big or really small ears.

Ex: Uma Thurman, Jackie Kennedy, Nolwenn Leroy, Selena Gomez, Beyoncé, Kylie Jenner, Frank Sinatra, Kylie Minogue, Tobey Maguire, Marie Curie, Christy Turlington.

Jupiter in 10th: long face, long arms, thighs and legs are squishy and meaty but thin, hips are wide or proportional to rest of body, long hair, something about the shape of the legs or calves is very noticeable, either very short and petite, or very tall and sturdy build. Has a dopey or coy look to their face at times. Looks a bit lazy or slow-bodied; rather they look very relaxed and unconcerned. Playful eyes and turn of lips.

Ex: Prince William, Robert Downey Jr., Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Chris Evans, Drew Barrymore, Antonio Banderas, Rachel McAdams, Henry Cavill, Denzel Washington.

Saturn in 10th: very skinny or thin, teeth look very well taken care of, hairline is squared off, jaw is defined. Lots of hair, thin legs, ankles, and wrists, well-built and sturdy body even if very skinny, wide smile, stern and stressed look.

Ex: Alicia Keys, Will Smith, Benedict Cumberbatch, Kim Kardashian, Anne Hathaway, Chris Evans, Michael Jackson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Miley Cyrus, JFK.

Uranus in 10th: similar to Sun in 10th, Mars in 10th, and Saturn in 10th. You have a stocky constitution and odd demeanor that is instantly noted.

Ex: Nolwenn Leroy, Donald Trump, Tom Cruise, Eminem, Nicki Minaj, Alyssa Milano, Bruce Willis, Jude Law, Tina Turner, Kendall Jenner

Neptune in 10th: similar to Venus in 10th and Moon in 10th. You have an aura or presence to you that is highly recognizable by many. Your face in general is very memorable and recognizable to many.

Ex: Princess Diana, Orlando Bloom, Bruce Lee, Jesus Christ, Monica Belluci, Christina Aguilera, JFK, Grace Kelly, Napoleon I, Oprah.

Pluto in 10th: similar to Mars in 10th and Jupiter in 10th. Eyebrows are very prominent and often define the faces emotions well. Face can be scrunched up and wrinkled easily.

Ex: Prince, Tom Cruise, Vladimir Putin, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Paris Hilton, Gisele Bündchen, Kim Kardashian, Cristiano Ronaldo

Aries on the house cusps

Aries on the 1st house cusp 💪🏾

  • You’re seen as someone who is very strong, intimidating and fierce
  • You approach everything in a confident bold manner
  • The face is very prominent and you probably have a very intense stare
  • Very defined cheekbones
  • Baby face looks younger than they are
  • Even though they come on strong they are also come off as very cute and innocent

Aries on the 2nd house cusp 💵

  • You fight for your material objects
  • Drive to make money
  • Might be able to make a living doing Aries related activities like sports
  • You define your worth based on how strong and confident you are

Aries on the 3rd house cusp 🗣

  • You communicate loudly and confidently, everyone hears you
  • Most of your acquaintances are very aggressive and confident
  • You like to speak on topics that get you fired up
  • You’re not the kind of person someone wants to have a debate with
  • Your voice sounds deep, throaty, and somewhat masculine

Aries on the 4th house cusp (IC)

  • You were raised in a fast paced environment
  • You come from a family of people who may have served in the military
  • Your home was centered somewhere bold and loud like a city
  • You find comfort in doing things that get your adrenaline going
  • Your mother may have been overly aggressive

Aries on the 5th house cusp 🏃🏽‍♀️

  • Your attitude towards love is that it should be passionate and intense
  • You like going on dates that are fun, like to an amusement park
  • You are a confident and funny partner
  • You enjoy doing activities that get your adrenaline going
  • You might be very interested in sports and your hobbies may consist of doing many different extreme sports
  • You like spending leisure time working out, playing sports etc.

Aries on the 6th house cusp

  • You are a very hard worker
  • You may be very competitive in the workplace
  • Your daily routine may involve working out
  • You go about your day in a fast paced manner and are always on the go
  • You are passionate about helping people
  • You may have an intense workout routine or a very vigorous diet

Aries on the 7th house cusp 💑

  • You have very aggressive and playful interactions with others
  • You like to be in relationships that are passionate and fun
  • Your marriage partner may be very confident and protective of you
  • You enjoy spending time with people who motivate you

Aries on the 8th house cusp

  • Your attitude towards sex is very intense
  • You may like aggressive and rough sex
  • You want a sex life that is invigorating
  • You think sex should be passionate
  • You may get very easily jealous and quite aggressive over sex partners

Aries of the 9th house cusp ✈️

  • You like traveling and doing fun things
  • You firmly stand by your beliefs and will fight for them
  • In college you might be involved in a fraternity or sorority because you want a fun experience
  • You could get easily injured while traveling

Aries on the 10th house cusp

  • You are seen as someone who is strong and intimidating and not one to mess with
  • You may decide to go into the law enforcement field
  • Your chosen career is based off of your need for fun and excitement

Aries on the 11th house cusp 🎆

  • You’re that friend who’s always getting into trouble and fights
  • You fiercely stand by and protect your friends
  • You love having fun and you out with your friends
  • You are likely a freedom fighter and already always trying to help those who can’t help themselves
  • You are either the bully or the one standing up to the bully

Aries on the 12th house cusp 🌚

  • In private you are a very wild, playful, loud person
  • In private you are fun and confident
  • You secretly yearn for adventure
  • When people get to know the real you, they begin to see how playful you can be
Falling in Love with Remus Lupin would include:

Sneaky glances at him from the Great Hall

Accidently daydreaming and end up staring at him for 5 minutes straight

When you snap back from your vison of snogging him, all the marauders and him are staring back at you intently

You blushing like a tomato

Remus blushing like a tomato        

Everyone else blushing bc hell, how awkward was that?                

Furious apologies from you

The Marauders all bantering about it

Trying hard in classes for him to perhaps acknowledge you

You noting down a book title that you see him reading often

Turns out it’s a muggle book that you haven’t heard of before

You buy it because the book looks quite interesting

You accidently becoming very entranced by this book and you read it everywhere you go

You forget that you found it from Remus

Remus approaching you because he saw you with the same book he’s reading

He looks so exited to talk to you about the book

Remus asks how you found out about the novel

You guiltily admitting that you’ve seen him read it often and the book looked interesting

Remus chuckles it off and just says “Next time, you can just come to me, I don’t mind lending you a couple of books.”

Many book lendings later

Remus and you sitting in the Gryffindor Common room, both on the sofa, snuggled up reading each other’s recommendations

You taking note of how his lips would silently mumble the words his eyes were reading, how his eyes were always so entranced in the story as his hair hung over his forehead but never really in his way

You noticing how every scar on his face just defines him, especially that one over the bridge of his nose, although the one over his eyebrow was interesting, almost as interesting as the eyes looking at you-

oh shit you were staring again.

Both of you apologising all over again

Remus being such a gentlemen with you

Remus sharing a surprisingly large collection of chocolate with you

Remus taking you out to Hogsmeade on “friendly” dates

Somehow you guys ended up holding hands

Somehow, behind an aisle in Honeydukes you share your first kiss

The most pure and gentle kiss

The most pure and genuine affection

The most pure and passionate love

Feel free to request stuff ;)

Our lovely blue boy 💙I tried something different with my style this time. I went back to the old way that I used to draw noses and I tried a sharper jaw/overly more defined face. It was definitely interesting and a challenge. I was really inspired by @thesearchingastronaut @ashterism @sir-scandalous @blk-l . The way they structure the face and the sharp look from their styles are so cool and (dare I say attractive like have you seen the way they draw jaw lines 🙏🏻) I wanted to see if I would like a more defined look to my art. Also the way @thesearchingastronaut draws Lance’s hair is so beautiful and I just fell in love with it, so I tried it out(but she does it so much better, I didn’t do it justice at all lol) This was fun to draw though, and I might try to implement more defined features into my own artwork, but mostly this was something experimental and fun. If you guys haven’t already, please check out the above artists because they are amazing and fabulous and so skilled with their work and all appropriate credit goes to them 💙