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Have a super vibrant picture of Rabbit that I made with watercolor markers that I don’t remotely know how to use

[Image description: There are two drawings. The first is an unfinished drawing of Rabbit (an intricate copper automaton with long hair, defined face plates, a swirl on her chin, wires instead of a neck, and ribbed vents in the sides of her face). She is shown in profile, smiling. She wears a bandana on her head, along with a hat with a pair of brass goggles on it. She is drawn in a loose brush style. The second image is the finished version of the first one, now with vivid, sketchy colors (such as oxidized copper for Rabbit’s face plates, a bright red bandana, and a navy blue hat.]
“Some people are meant to be loved and others just naked” (III)

A/N: Part III of CEO Harry! I sincerely hope this was worth the wait and that you guys enjoy it. Thank you for your lovely comments and support. As always, this includes smut, daddy kink and a shitload of angst. I hope you like it. ♥

Harry and Y/N are enemies in the business world but the perfect partners under the sheets.

Based on the song Wrong by Zayn ft. Kehlani

Part I. Part II. Part III.

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The sense of overachievement deeply ingrained in Y/N’s mindset is an innate weapon that can be both a blessing and a curse: when success is the rule rather than the exception, each failure, no matter how minor, feels like the end of the world.

Oliver Zhang represented all four horsemen during Y/N’s friday night apocalypse. She was certain she hadn’t experienced humiliation to its greatest extent until he stood her up at a VIP rooftop bar that overlooked the whole city and highlighted the blossoming nightlife she was letting go to waste -along with three hours of her precious time and a new outfit.

Unable to convert stress into drive whenever the gap between her expectations and the reality of her circumstances starts to diverge, she reverted back to a well-practised posture: that of spoiled brat utterly resolute in her decision to fuck shit up and get away with it.

The taste of defeat and the remnants of shame hovering on the tip of her tongue assumed control of her body and, naturally, what ensued was nothing short of wrongdoings she would gladly exclude from her future autobiography.  A videotape in fast forward, memories that her mind would disguise as dreams -and therefore wouldn’t regret- until the following morning.

What her brain did register was that at some point, her low cut silk burgundy dress came off. 

And somewhere along the way, she ended up in Harry Styles’ bed.

Her resolve might parallel that of an all-powerful creature but she’s only limited to her human strength, and no human in recorded history has been proved strong enough to fight off the inevitable.

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Falling in Love with Remus Lupin would include:

Sneaky glances at him from the Great Hall

Accidently daydreaming and end up staring at him for 5 minutes straight

When you snap back from your vison of snogging him, all the marauders and him are staring back at you intently

You blushing like a tomato

Remus blushing like a tomato        

Everyone else blushing bc hell, how awkward was that?                

Furious apologies from you

The Marauders all bantering about it

Trying hard in classes for him to perhaps acknowledge you

You noting down a book title that you see him reading often

Turns out it’s a muggle book that you haven’t heard of before

You buy it because the book looks quite interesting

You accidently becoming very entranced by this book and you read it everywhere you go

You forget that you found it from Remus

Remus approaching you because he saw you with the same book he’s reading

He looks so exited to talk to you about the book

Remus asks how you found out about the novel

You guiltily admitting that you’ve seen him read it often and the book looked interesting

Remus chuckles it off and just says “Next time, you can just come to me, I don’t mind lending you a couple of books.”

Many book lendings later

Remus and you sitting in the Gryffindor Common room, both on the sofa, snuggled up reading each other’s recommendations

You taking note of how his lips would silently mumble the words his eyes were reading, how his eyes were always so entranced in the story as his hair hung over his forehead but never really in his way

You noticing how every scar on his face just defines him, especially that one over the bridge of his nose, although the one over his eyebrow was interesting, almost as interesting as the eyes looking at you-

oh shit you were staring again.

Both of you apologising all over again

Remus being such a gentlemen with you

Remus sharing a surprisingly large collection of chocolate with you

Remus taking you out to Hogsmeade on “friendly” dates

Somehow you guys ended up holding hands

Somehow, behind an aisle in Honeydukes you share your first kiss

The most pure and gentle kiss

The most pure and genuine affection

The most pure and passionate love

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so recently i made a hella long thread on why otabek and yuri are so important for each other + how beka is also yura’s agape, and now i’m migrating it here bc i love character studies // @otayuriwriterscollective

my friend linked me to this otayuri on ice vid on facebook and i got to thinking about how important they are for each other as people and as skaters because they are, and especially in yura’s case because beka is actually another form of agape in his life

think about otabek altin, thirteen years old, in a country that is not home, struggling so hard to keep up; otabek who was forced to come to terms w a bitter truth that he has no flexibility, no inherent grace and elegance; whose execution and technique are far from perfect. how alone and out of place does he feel in a ballet training camp, knowing he can’t do these things? how frustrated at himself and at the people around him, how angry – if he wants to skate (and he does, he really does) these are things he has to do… and he cannot. 

and then he sees yura: strong, proud and ambitious yura, who has the technique he envies, the grace and style he covets, who isolates himself with his attitude & talent; he sees yura, and maybe beka falls a little bit in love. maybe he decides that he wants to stay on the ice, so he can cross paths with this boy again someday. 

and beka takes himself to canada, to america, across a whole ocean just to keep skating – to find a way he can skate that suits him, that will take him where he wants to go; to prove there’s more than one way to skate, to win.  and always in the back of his mind is that boy with sunshine hair and fierce eyes; he keeps up with yura, watches him win, lets that fuel him to keep going, keep skating: one day they will meet on the ice, and he’s going to be ready with a challenge (and maybe a confession). because beka has never doubted that yura will go far, that yura will be something great, and otabek wants to be able to stand on equal ground when they do meet; he wants yura to see him, not just walk by at another competition, yura’s eyes on someone else, yura not knowing he exists.

and yura? brash and uncertain yura, so insecure, so desperate for validation (refer to this thread for a discussion of yura’s character) –  just like his grandfather, yura finds his agape in beka, because beka’s love and admiration are just that: unconditional. they aren’t predicated on anything other than yura, aren’t reliant on the perfection of his skating, on the image the other person has of him. beka sees yura as just yura: talented, insecure, uncertain, determined, and ambitious. and beka loves all of it. he doesn’t want to mold yura into something else – not a prima ballerina, not an angel, not a fairy, not another viktor nikiforov. when yura comes to him on the night before the exhibition skate, with his ideas, asking for his help, beka just smiles and says: that’s the yuri plisetsky i want to see – the image of yuri that yuri himself determines; young, tempestuous, unbridled, and strong. the way yuri wants to define himself. beka faces yura and gives him the acknowledgment and validation he’s been asking for all his life, something that no one – not viktor, yuuri, yakov, lilia – has never quite given him.

beka takes him seriously. and more than that, beka sees everything of him and loves him anyway. even goes along with his outrageous skate idea.

and even the way beka confesses: yuri plisetsky had the unforgettable eyes of a soldier; acknowledging that strength, that struggle,   and echoing it in his own journey, the way he has fought tooth & nail for every scrap of talent, pushed himself past everything to stand where the world will acknowledge his skating, where he can prove there are more ways to fight on the ice.

for the first time yuri has someone who sees him as an equal and not as someone to be used (ahem viktor), as someone to be molded into something else, as someone not quite enough; and yura is beka’s inspiration, because beka wants to meet yura on equal terms on and off the ice.

and i love how they show each other off, look for each other on the ice, search each other out, trust each other; i love how beka doesn’t mind that yura’s preoccupied with himself and doesn’t quite return his obvious admiration in equal measure; i love how beka lets yura explore and just be his age, be himself, without asking for anything in return; and i love how yura lets himself be uncertain and vulnerable with beka, be a little weak, be honest of his own initiative.

and beka gets that right now yura’s still frustrated from the gpf, still figuring out himself and his own emotions, and so he’s fine with yura not reciprocating or even realizing beka’s feelings, bc he’s admired yura for 5 years and now he gets the chance to stand beside this boy and yura sees him – that is more than enough, for now, for him, and he will simply be there for yura and let yura be honest, be insecure, be himself. and yura loves him for that (and perhaps for something more)

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how to take bomb ass selfies

My sister, the queen of selfies, helped me compile this, so shout out to her!

First, natural lighting is the absolute best lighting so try to make sure that you’re facing a window or are outside when taking a photo.

Now lets talk about posture.
Make sure your back is straight and your head is tilted upward slightly, this will make you appear more confident, which radiates beauty.
Never face the camera straight on, always have your body facing a bit to the side. Think of it like an angle. The camera is at 90°, so face either 75° or 105°, this will make your figure appear less boxy and lifeless.
If it’s a full body shot, stand slightly on your toes, this will make your legs appear more toned and elongate your body.

When taking the photo, I like to place the camera slightly above eye level to define my face a bit, but if you have a narrow face, slightly below eye level will fill it out a little.

I hope this helps!!!!

Prince Harry A.U.

Harry watched as numerous maidens attempted to flatter him all for his hand in marriage. He was said to be king and wed to a noble lady before his father’s sickness became worse after all her was the heir to the throne and this came with a price. People like Harry could not be wed for love it was mainly for power and if they did find love within their marriage it was very rare indeed.

A loud shriek caught Harry’s attention, there was this girl, she was absolutely breathtaking Harry thought. Her hair was curly and unruly resembling a bird’s nest on her head. Harry lightly chuckled at this thought. Her face was defined and chiseled to perfection he saw not a single flaw. Her lips were as full as the moon and he wondered what her plump lips would feel like pressed against his own, sucking and lightly tugging on them to make them swollen so they appear even more plump. The girl was absolutely stunning without a doubt in Harry’s mind but the thing which stood out the most to him were her eyes, her eyes sparkled like storm clouds of grey and blue threatened to leak floods and she attempted to hold back tears while being scolded to dropping a platter of wine glasses full to the brim.  

Realization suddenly hit Harry, He was admiring a servant, a simple peasant girl. He shouldn’t, he couldn’t be doing that even if he did find her enchanting there was no possible way he could ever be with her. Harry couldn’t help but think about her.

“Your highness?” Harry’s thoughts were interrupted by these words leaving a maidens mouth. Harry studied her face, she was pretty he thought but not as gorgeous as the servant girl. “Yes m’lady?” Harry inquired his thoughts still flustered from thinking about the servant girl. “Would you care to dance Your Grace?” she timidly asked. Harry flashed the maiden a small smile as her gently took her hand in his and lead her to the center of the ball room.

“What might be your name m’lady?” Harry asked the girl in his arms. “I’m Princess Arabella” she responded. “Ahh” Harry started “You’re the beautiful Arabella, daughter of King Ecbert” he continued “Heard many suitors would love to have your hand in marriage” Harry said and they continued to sway around the ballroom. “Well I’m not quite interested in them” she replied. Harry gave her a confused look as to why she isn’t interested in the numerous amount of suitors who are surely extremely wealthy with riches and acres of land, and maybe some quite handsome as well. “Well” the Princess continued, “I’m interested in you, My lord”

Before Harry could respond to Arabella about her sudden interest in him, his thoughts were interrupted by the servant girl coming into view carry yet another platter of wine trying not to drop the platter this time. Her brows were creased in concentration as she attempted to walk across the room while chewing on her lip. Harry began to think to himself that this was probably one of the most adorable sights he’s ever seen.

“Would you excuse me please Princess?” Before Arabella even had the chance to reply he quickly hurried off in the direction of the servant girl, leaving Arabella standing there appalled. “Ello” Harry rasped from behind the girl, startling her causing her to almost lose her balance and tip the entire platter over. “Easy there love” he calmly spoke.

As the girl turned around she came face to face with a no other than Prince Harry, she was speechless. He was even more beautiful up close she thought while staring into his jade orbs. A soft chuckle from the Prince brought her out of her thoughts. A light blushed crept onto her cheeks as he realized she was staring. A smirk plastered across his face. “And what might your name be?” he inquired. “(Y/N), Y-your Grace” she nervously stuttered out.

‘(Y/N)’ he thought


(Y/N)…. Such a lovely name. It was perfect for her. She was perfect. “(Y/N)” he said, “I like it, beautiful name for a beautiful girl” Her face flushed at his comment as another cocky smirk paltered across his face knowing he got the girl to blush yet again. “Thank you, Your highness” she softly replied as she curtseyed him.

“(Y/N), you intrigue me.” Harry stated. “Meet me in the garden outside my chambers at dawn will you?” “Your Grace, with all due respect, I do not think it’s appropriate for you to be seen or even so be interacting with a peasant girl much like myself” she replied. “(Y/N), what I said to you was an order from the Prince” Harry stated. “And if you do not show up, I shall send one of my servants to find you and bring you to me” he stated. (Y/N) nodded while chewing on her lip. It’s a habit she developed whenever she was nervous.

Harry watched as she chewed on her lip, his vile thoughts of her once returning. “Don’t be nervous now beautiful (Y/N).” Harry softly spoke to her. How desperately her wanted to reach up and caress her skin, to feel her smooth, silky, soft skin contrast against his rough hands. “I must be off now, see you in a couple hours from now (Y/N)” Harry said to (Y/N).

Harry then walked off returning to interact with the numerous amount of beautiful noble ladies in the room, leaving (Y/N) standing there shocked as she watched him return to Princess Arabella. Arabella was one of the most gorgeous of the ladies in the room (Y/N) thought to herself, something bubbled in the pit of her stomach as she watched Harry place a soft peck on Arabella’s hand as he curtseyed her. It couldn’t be jealousy right? There was no way she could ever have feelings for a monarch or someone who has a station above her own, it would be impossible without a doubt.

The night slowly dragged on as both Harry and (Y/N) were stealing glances at each other throughout the night and anticipating the first sun. As dawn drew closer Harry and (Y/N) grew more and more anxious. (Y/N) laid in her small bed in her cottage which she shared with her father and younger brother, thinking about why the Prince would ever want to meet with her far less even speak to her.

As (Y/N) spotted the first sun she hurried out of her cottage trying desperately not to wake her father and brother. She quickly slipped her feet into her tattered shoes and threw on her worn out coat, sprinting out the door to the castle gardens to meet the Prince.

As Harry spotted (Y/N) a smile plastered across his face causing (Y/N) to get a bubbly feeling in her stomach. “Lo’ love” He softly spoke to (Y/N) a warm smile on his lips. He wasn’t sure if (Y/N) was blushing from the pet name he gave her or the cold bitter air nipping against her skin. “Your grace,” (Y/N) squeaked out causing a soft chuckle to erupt from Harry making her cheeks turn even deeper. Harry watched as her blush grew even deeper, but right now he didn’t care she looked absolutely adorable, he couldn’t help but stare at her.

“Walk with me now, will you Petal?” He asked but it sounded more like a command to her. “Petal?” she questioned. “Yeah, you’re like a petal, precious, beautiful and delicate” he answered. “Thank you, Your Majesty.” She softly said, “Y-you’re quite beautiful too” she stuttered out her face becoming even deeper if possible at her own comment. “Y-your Grace, I apologize, t-that, it was completely out of line and I shouldn’t, I-“ She was suddenly interrupted by a pair of warm lips on hers.

(Y/N) was shocked to say the least but never the less, she began to move her lips in sync with his. Harry’s hand gently tugged at (Y/N)’s waist pulling her closer while she snaked her arms around his neck. Harry had never experienced someone with lips so soft, so perfect, she indeed had the lips of an angel. (Y/N), however didn’t know any better, Harry was her first kissed and she feared he would realize how inexperienced she is and not want anything to do with her, after all she was nothing but a servant girl.

As they pulled apart, Harry rested his forehead against (Y/N) whiles gently caressing her cheek. “That was perfect Petal” Harry rasped and leant in to place a soft peck on her lips. A loud sigh escaped Harry’s lips as he realized people of the castle would soon be up and if anyone ever saw them for sure (Y/N) could be punished and her family would be stripped of everything. Harry also didn’t need any servants gossiping and any nobles getting him in trouble from his father, the king.

“Petal?” Harry whispered looking down at (Y/N), she looked at peace and he couldn’t help but stare at her beauty. (Y/N) hummed in response, “I’ve gotta go now yeah?” (Y/N)  could feel her heart breaking at his words. A lump grew in her throat thinking he would shone her out, pretend like she never existed and whatever they just had never happened. (Y/N)’S thoughts were interrupted by Harry’s raspy voice. “Now Petal, I want you to meet me at my chambers tonight after dinner alright?” (Y/N) gave a nod in response not knowing what else to do

With a lingering kiss to her forehead and Harry whispering to her that it will all be alright, she knew that it will be alright. She trusted his words because even though they just met, the pair felt as though they were connected to each other, literally as though there were two strings tied to each left side of their chests and no matter how far they go, no matter station or class, it would never tear.

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Can’t resist || Junhoe

Group: Ikon

Member: Junhoe

Genre: smut, junhoe being a cocky af, 

Word Count: 1k+

Request: can you write a movie night with junhoe that starts out fluffy but ends in smut? other than that i have nothing specific to request and you’re free to write it however you want:)

A/n: here you go. Thank you for giving me freedom to do new things I wanted to do a bullet point scenario but I already did one like that for Junhoe but I wanted to do a whole scene for him.

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Your fingers threaded themselves in Junhoe blond locks, his face was calm as his eyes watched the movie. You smiled watching his well-defined face his plump lips with his cute nose twitches at your affection.

“You’re so handsome” you gushed pulling your body closer to Junhoe. You loved giving him compliments.  A natural smirk came across his face you probably boosted his ego even more “Can’t resist me” he said. You rolled your eyes smiling at his cheeky response.

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