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my mother.

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You’d be surprised, the joke here is that it took me 391 days to find my glasses.

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Sherlock Holmes - various graphite in my paperblanks sketchbook. From that one setlock picture. Used @larygo‘s lovely edit as reference. 2 ½ hours, yet another warmup sketch that seemed to demand more.. this happens a lot. Open either pic in new tab for better quality/closer look. Thank you!

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I probably have done more sketches for him compared to the other characters (omg and these sketches are so old!). I originally wanted to give him more of a ‘serpent’ look with lots of curves and Jafar+Al Hirschfeld hand. Soon I noticed it was hard to define his design next to Raoul, who had lots of round lines. So in order to emphasize the ‘sinister’ side of my version of the Phantom, I gave him more straight lines with skinny, clean cut body shape. Everything will fit perfectly on him (which made me change his ascot design too later) since he is a perfectionist, who can’t stand the fact that half of his face is ‘imperfect’.

encore3000  asked:

What are your thoughts on critical regionalism? Any examples I should look at?

Critical regionalism is defined as a design approach where context and culture provide the foundations to counteract the placelessness and lack of identity sometimes associated with the International Style. I am all for critical regionalism in theory, but get really bother with it when ornamentation is added to make the building “fit in” to the city or country where it is being built. It takes a critical mind (pun intended) to take an idea intended to ground the project and raise it to the level of art.

Here are some projects you should look at:

Bagsvaerd Church Jørn Utzon

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Since my first sketch of Serene’s and Josefin’s new designs was kinda… jumbled together - I decided to sketch it out a little better o-o

Serene decided to make one of her bones for attacks into a sword, so she does use it within battle (the rare chances she has either in practice or ‘in the field’). Undyne did mention to her that “You know, swords are supposed to be sharp at the end” but Serene thought that would be too much if she’s just capturing a human. 

Josefin’s outfit was harder for me to think up on, just due to how the jacket and shorts are a big defining part of Sans’ design. But I thought about different outfits that could be considered ‘lazy’ but still had a fun design in them. What I decided was a very baggy long sleeve shirt with some shapes on the front and stirrup yoga pants (yes - there is a type of yoga pants that wraps around the foot like a legging). She also typically wears a cape jacket - which is typically stain covered. The only times you would see her without that jacket is when Serene had enough of her walking around with all of the stains on there and put it in the wash. 

Another thing I kept in mind was that they do live in a snowy area - which yeah, in the actual game, I believe it’s mentioned that Sans and Papyrus don’t mind the cold cause they are just bones… but I think while Josefin and Serene don’t mind the cold, they still rather be a little warmer. So hence the socks on Serene and longer gloves and undershirt, as well as the jacket and pants for Josefin. 

But… yeah I think that’s all I have with their designs for now o-o

There are some canon designs, and that’s mostly what the fanon loves to draw so much [Sans and Papyrus for example], but there are no defined designs for all the characters, so I want to take care of that. Also, those designs are mostly appearances. I want to take care of the character’s personality too! And with that I’ll stick to canon as much as possible, but giving it the turn Underfell should’ve given to the characters in particular!

Yup! Once I find a cool enough Waterfall ambience style, I will header it! :3

No, no, I didn’t forget the snow! the fact is that, being that close to Waterfall cave, there’s no snow at all in there :D It was scavenging anyway~

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Tips For Passing Androgynous/Gender Neutral

Tip 1: Hair

Generally keeping your hair natural but a little bit messy is best for a neutral look. Most people will say short hair is best, but it’s still possible to look neutral with long hair. Keeping things generally unkempt works well, and things like messy ponytails, undercuts and middle partings are great for looking androgynous.

Tip 2: Makeup

Now you can wear whatever makeup you like, it all depends on what kind of look you are going for. A general androgynous look consists of sharp cheekbones, defined brows, and sculpted lips. Everything is often sharp and defined, but designed to accentuate your face with a ‘natural look’. If you want to look neutral and not femme or masc, stick to minimal makeup, just focus on showing off the features you like best. 

Tip 3: Chest

A flat chest can be very helpful in creating a neutral look. Plenty of women naturally have small breasts, and if you want to appear neutral, having a flat chest can help dfab people achieve this. Of course it’s up to you whether you want to do this, and to what level. A tight sports bra could help you achieve this fine, or binding could be a better option for you. Please remember to never use ace bandages or tape, and always be safe when binding.

Tip 4: Clothing

Experiment with your look to find something thats neutral and suits your shape and taste. Darker shades are more popular for this, but it’s completely up to you. Good fashion staples are cardigans, straight leg trousers, blazers, and shirts can work great. If you’re not into binding, fashion can be a great way to help this. Wear chunky scarves and cool open coats to create a great look that doesn’t draw attention to the chest area. While tailored shorts can be great, be careful with them. The shape of your legs could potentially give away your dg. But if you want to rock it, definitely go ahead!

Tip 5: Femme/Masc???

Some people want to look completely gender neutral and thats completely fine. But if you want to make yourself lean more femme or more masc, don’t be afraid of it at all! Your gender represents you, and being non binary doesn’t mean you have to stay completely in the middle all the time if you don’t want to! Have fun with your look and experiment to find what makes you feel great about yourself.

Tip 5: Confidence and Self Love

The tip to anything is feeling great and being happy with yourself. Don’t push yourself out of your comfort zone if you don’t want to, and don’t let anyone police you and tell you how you should look, or that you look wrong. You’re a beautiful person and no matter what you wear or how you present, you will always look gorgeous. These are just guidlines, you dont have to follow them, and you don’t have to have the same opinion on how to look androgynous or gender neutral. Just do and wear whatever makes you happy!

Love me like you do (Part 6)-Balem series

A/N: I’m struggling to make this a slow burn. Fuuuuuuck me. Balem tap that ass already.

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“Wait, I-”

But, your words fell upon deaf ears as the young serving boy shut the doors to Balem’s chambers and walked off. He left you there, silent, confused, and above all a bit disappointed. Not so much at anyone in particular, that is, other than yourself. To think you’d sit idly by and allow that man to show off in front of his associates. As if you were some prized cow at an auction, it was a bit pathetic in your mind. Yet…

You touched the dip of your neck, biting your lip in thought as you trailed your fingertips down to your sternum. Right where he kissed you, it was an odd feeling. The way his lips felt pressed into your skin, soft, yet there was a pressure behind it that spoke volumes. Like the kiss itself was a mark of ownership. You could still feel the warmth of his mouth against your chest, and as much as you hated to admit it the sensations were exhilarating. Truth be told, you hadn’t been with anyone like that in a long time, work kept you busy and so did your classes. Maybe it was just your body reacting to the unfamiliar touch. Either way, the blush on your cheeks was enough to make you groan in frustration. You patted at them, trying to rid the flush of red before he came back and saw you in such a state. You already made up your mind, that as soon as he got back you’d beg, yes you planned to resort to that, to go home. All of this was too much, and you hoped that somehow they had technology that wiped memories because you weren’t sure you could cope well back on earth if you knew that above you was an entire world, no universe, of other beings far more advanced than you.


You strode over to the windows, pulling back the large black curtains and gazing out at the galaxy. You felt so insignificant then, as if your existence meant nothing anymore because how could earth or any other planet be so important when you had palaces like this, settled on planets that you once thought were just dust and rock. With a sigh, you banged your forehead against the glass watching the stars flicker passed and burn into a haze of different colors. Regardless of your current existential crisis, you had to admire the beauty of it all. This kingdom alone was something gorgeous, with black and gold decorating almost every wall, and lights that floated above. Like colorful flames that couldn’t harm you.

“He doesn’t skimp on decorations…”

The lights above on his ceiling floated along the edges, some gathering in the middle like a glorious chandelier. They sparked blue, green, even colors you didn’t think existed on the spectrum. It was amazing really, and as you watched them dance across the expanse of marble you weren’t even aware that someone was close behind you, watching your every movement carefully.

“There you are, my little bird.”

His husky voice echoed through the room, and you stiffened at the way it vibrated along the chamber walls. The demanding tone never once left his words, and even though you didn’t dare turn around you knew he was inching closer to you. You felt like a trapped animal, awaiting its demise and as you closed your eyes accepting your fate, the only thing that came was the hot air of his breath as he dipped down, lips next to your ear.

“Turn around.”

Your fingers pressed hard into the glass, and you swallowed nervously as he the heat of his body wafted over you. This was not the situation you expected to be in today, however, you were now all too aware of what this man wanted from you. You knew the minute he decided to eye you hungrily when he first saw you in that dress, to the way he kissed your skin, the way he held you in his lap. The serving girl from before was right, he likes new play things, and yet the worse part was…it was working.

His advances were actually creating a turmoil in you that you hadn’t felt for a long time. There was a pull there, like a dangerous game, tempting to play but you didn’t want to risk it. What’s wrong with me, you thought, biting down on your lip so hard it almost bled. You tried to convince yourself it was this entire crazy whirlwind of an adventure, or that you were just excessively needy, anything but the actual fact. Which was that you were hopelessly attracted to this stranger.

“I said, turn around.”

His tone was rising in its demand, the slight annoyance behind it obvious as he gripped your shoulder and flipped you around to face him. His green eyes were dark with emotion, but the rest of his features were stern, like he was already angry with you.

In reflex, you reached up to grip his wrist, trying to tug his hand from your body and push him away. But, his grasp was tight, and even if you managed to pull away and free yourself there wasn’t anywhere to run.


“Shh.” He pressed a finger to your lips, tracing the outline of them as he hotly purred out his intentions.

“Take off your dress.”

That was about as much as you could take. Attraction or not, you couldn’t give in to the natural reaction of your body. This wasn’t earth, this wasn’t home.

With as swift a movement as you could muster, you reached up and smacked him right across his cheek, and instinctively scrambled back into the window as if that would protect you from him wrath.

You watched him warily, your own breathing labored in fear as he stood silent. His face was turned, but you felt your entire body run pale as his eyes drifted over to you. They held you firmly in place, and you could already see the swirls of rage building in them.

Before you could utter an apology he was on you, hand roughly gripping your cheeks as he lifted you towards him, his face was mere inches from your own, but you could tell he was beyond angry with you.

“How dare you?!”

With his fingers holding your chin tightly, you hardly had room to speak, but you muffled between his hand, trying to get your apology out.

He seemed pleased enough with that, though his grip didn’t loosen. He knew exactly what you wanted to say, and all he did was chuckle darkly, smirking down at you.

“I admire your spirit…it’s been ages since anyone dared to lay a finger on me.”

His eyes trailed down to your lips, then across your neck and down to your heaving chest where they stayed put.

“Do you know what happened to them?”

Despite your current situation, you immediately spoke up, mumbling out the words he expected to hear.

“You killed them.”

His smirk grew into a devilish smile, and he walked you back into the window, leaving no distance between your bodies. Even after your rejection, he was still in a predicament of need, and that much was very clear.

“Little bird…so small and naive you are…”

He released his hold on you, striding over to the large dressed near the end of the room. You watched as he unclipped his cape from the high gold collar he wore, and with a grace that betrayed his anger, he tossed it along the lounge chair. He didn’t even seem to care that you were still in the room, and as soon as you saw him remove his black top you turned away, a blush forming on your cheeks.

All you could hear was the ruffling of clothing, and drawers being opened, but you wouldn’t dare to look back. You were still trying to regain your composure from his outburst.

To cut the awkward silence that you felt developing you spoke up, keeping your gaze steady on the wall. “Did you kill him…?”

Balem didn’t see a reason to answer you, he continued dressing in the corner, throwing his rings in a fine glass bowl. The sound of metal clanging around unsettled you, but you raised your tone even higher.

“Did you kill that man?”

“My business is of no concern to you.”

His haughty attitude was starting to wear your patience thin, and though that fear of consequence was still there you pressed forward.

“Did you kill him?!”

Balem looked over his shoulder at you, and said with as little care as possible, “Yes.”

Though that man was hardly worth anyone’s time, you weren’t exactly keen on having him die. You weren’t important enough to kill for, but you couldn’t help but feel like somehow his actions towards you cost him his life.

“Why did-”

You heard him scoff, clearly unamused by your sentiment and as you finally worked up the courage to look at him, you only felt your resolve break all over again. He stood before his wardrobe, shirtless, clad in only lounge pants that were a fine gold. His back was to you, but you could already make out the fine muscles of it. His body was sculpted like a gods, and as much as you wanted to look away you couldn’t.

“What I did for him was a mercy.”

Balem turned on his heel, meeting your gaze and making you shrink back in shame. Even if he had noticed your eyes on him, he didn’t seem to care. He just moved towards his bed, clearly not interested in keeping this current conversation going.

“Killing people isn’t a mercy.”

“I create life!”

You flinched at his yelling, noting that his business dealings was probably another of his restricted topics.

“And I destroy it…”

“Is that what you’re doing to earth?”

Balem eyed you, standing a few feet away, and he seemed displeased with this current chain of events. It was not lost on you that his original intention was to have you share his bed that night, and seeing how he was a man used to getting what he wanted, he wasn’t exactly content right now.

“Your planet is merely a resource waiting to be converted into capitol. And this entire enterprise is just a small part in a vast and beautiful machine defined by evolution, designed to a single purpose: to create profit.”

You couldn’t comprehend his words, not fully. In your eyes what he did was simply murder, and even if the rules on his planet, or universe, were different than earth’s you couldn’t excuse him for that.

“Those people have families.”

You could see his lip curl at the corner in disgust, but he didn’t say much else. He just messed around with a tablet that was by his bed, deep in thought. Every now and then his eyes would scan over to you, watching you with interest. It’s like he wanted you to move, to do something but when you only stood there, fidgeting with your hands he rolled his eyes.

“You earthlings are all the same. So tied up in your sentimentality.”

You looked up at him, nervously chewing your lip as he placed the tablet back down and reached for you. His fingers danced along your arm, until he curled them around your wrist and pulled you to him.

A gasp escaped your mouth, and you placed your hand up, trying to add a barrier against both your chests. But, your fingertips met his smooth skin, and you automatically looked at them, blushing softly when you saw just how defined his muscles were. His lean waist dipped into a hard V, the hem of his pants dangling just a bit off his hipbones. You became flustered quite easily, all your arguments now a muddled mess inside your head. His hold on you was something to be desired, but right now you just needed to get away.

“I can smell your arousal. Why deny yourself the pleasure?”

His low voice hung heavy in the air, and you took a chance, gazing up at him as he smirked. Even after all the arguments, he was clearly hell bent on bedding you. You had to wonder if this was a nightly ritual for him. In fact, you were nearly positive a woman shared his bed every night. Men of power often had a harem of women awaiting them, and you imagined he was no different. Though, thinking back on that serving girl’s words you guessed he picked women of the week and had his way with them until he grew bored and wanted something new.

“Let me go home.”

He seemed amused by your pleas, and just shook his head, bringing his hand up to cup your chin.


“Why not…?”

You were afraid to ask, but the desire to be away from all this only grew as your attraction to him did.

Balem looked you dead in the eye, the green of his irises shining against the many colored lights on his ceiling. He studied you, carefully, taking in the way you breathed, to the way you gnawed nervously at your lip. And with as delicate a touch he could manage, he trailed his fingertip down your jaw, admiring the curve of your neck and shoulder. You felt his nails dig softly into your skin, making your heart race wildly in your chest. Your lips parted, a quivery breath escaping you as he dragged the dress down along your side. The cool air hit your flushed skin, goosebumps running along your arms and making you visibly shiver before him.

You closed your eyes tightly, trying to will away the heat pooling in your stomach. But, his touch was maddening, addicting, and no matter what you did to convince yourself otherwise it only made it worse. He was seducing you, and he was doing a damn fine job of it.

The dress fell at your waist, the bottom half still clinging to you and covering your most intimate of areas, but there you stood, before this lord, chest on complete display for his hungry eyes.

You were far too entranced by him, that letting him continue was just something your body allowed. And as he gazed down at you, fingers brushing along your arm you opened your eyes.

The lust was evident in his features, lips parted just a bit, eyes dark, and breathing growing shallow. You wondered if this was the sight all the other women saw before he took them. But, you tried not to dwell on that, the idea of him doing things like that to you only made a blush creep along your cheeks.


His compliment made you fidget uncomfortably, and without warning he snaked an arm around your waist, pulling you tightly to his chest and tossing you in the bed. You bounced softly on the mattress, gasping when he climbed atop you and immediately went for your neck. Your nerves set fire, leaving you speechless as his lips connected with the pulse of your neck. He kissed a hot trail down your throat, tongue dipping out to the soothe the reddening skin.

Your mind screamed at you to stop him, to push him off and run to the nearest corner. But, his lips, his heavy lidded gaze, and that touch of his fingers, it made everything useless to react.

A sigh ran passed your lips, and the Primary took that as a sign to continue, which he eagerly did. He licked over your throat, and before you can even say anything he bites down. The pain radiated down your spine, yet at the same time the pleasure of it pooled between your legs. You moaned out, instinctively bucking your hips up. In that moment you noticed just how turned on he was, and every part of you itched to rub into him, to feel that bulge rough against your inner thighs. But, as he sucked down on the bite mark your mind awoke, and without a second thought you shoved at his chest, his lips releasing your skin.

You glanced up at him, blushing madly at the current situation. His hair fell over his eyes, but even so you can tell he’s completely annoyed and in a very high state of need.

“Little bird…” It comes out like a growl, his green eyes glazed with lust, but he grits his teeth and runs a hand through his hair, slicking it back once more into its usual style. He moved off of you, breathing heavily as he tried to calm his aching arousal. He glanced at you, eyes settling upon your bare chest, and he licked at his lips. You could tell he wanted to reach out and devour you, to take you hard and make you his, but with whatever control he still had he rose from the bed.

He composed himself, and angrily barked back at you. “Draw me a bath.”

He walked away for a moment and you try to collect yourself as you cover your body with your arms. Out of embarrassment, you shakily rise from the bed, and quickly move towards the bathing area. You just wanted him to leave you alone right now, and if giving him what he wanted helped then so be it.

As you kneeled before the large golden faucets, you studied your reflection in the water, gasping when you saw the large purple bruise on your neck. In shame you clasped your hand over it, trying in vain to use your hair as a mask for it.

You heard footsteps behind you, and assuming it was him you rose, keeping your back to him as he neared you.

“Dress yourself.”

You looked over your shoulder, squeaking when he harshly shoved a silk robe into your arms, and you frantically covered yourself with it.

“T-Thank you…”

Balem scoffed, and moved forward towards the bath, and it was then you realized he was completely nude. You should’ve turned away, but being completely flustered will cause strange reactions. Your eyes roamed his chiseled body, widening slightly when you noticed his…more than well endowed…area.

“Do you wish to join me, little dove.”

You watched as the water sloshed around his hips, and he ran his hand along the surface, collecting some of it in his palm. His eyes met yours, and you found yourself at a loss of words.


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So I’m making my own Tabletop RPG

I need some opinions.

This system is heavily influenced by Dungeons and Dragons, specifically versions 3.5 and 5. But I’m re-visiting everything, clearing up how everything is defined in order to inform design decisions. At the moment, I’m starting to look at classes, and how each class is defined.

Clerics get their divine power from their deity. They ask their deity for power, and it is granted to them. More powerful clerics are able to implore for more power from their deity because they have a stronger connection with them, and their deity finds them more favorable. So, what if instead of wisdom, clerics cast out of their charisma - the asking for things and getting people to favor you stat?


Sorcerers cast spells based on natural talent. They have no need to study spellbooks or implore any outside force for aid, they are able to conjure arcane power through pure force of will. So, what if instead of charisma, sorcerers cast out of their wisdom - the stat that determines your force of will?

Does that make sense? Is there a better reason to keep it the way it originally was? What do you think?

Some Helpful Art Tips on Submitting Your Demo/Portfolio to an Animation Studio

So last semester I attended a lecture by one of the recruiters from DreamWorks Animation. I recently uncovered my notes on the presentation and figured it might be of use to post them here so others can benefit from this information too.


+There must be a beginning, middle, and end

+Never end your storyboards/shorts with “to be continued” it gives them the impression that you have not finished your idea.

+Including grid planes (sky and ground) are a plus to help the viewer understand the space they are in

+Use a variety of tones to establish space, depth, and mood. Using color to emphasize an important object is also a good strategy.

+Focus on the beats. This is not an animatic, you do not need to pinpoint every minute action. Include the important frames to create a clear visual interpretation of the narrative.

+Demonstrate that you have a good understanding of cinematography and camera movement (i.e. don’t brake the 180 degree rule, make the visual experience interesting)


+Understand Lighting and color
+Good quality digital paintings with impact
+The work should have an element of “charm and appeal”
+Include process work.

“Shape language” is also important. This refers the stylization which reaches across all elements in a particular story/film/ collection. Shape language applies not just to characters, but to objects and scenery. What are the nuances of color and form that define the style?

Character design is generally the most desired position for any artist, but very few artists will actually be selected to work with character design. No one is hired on at entry level for character design, this is something you can only work up to by proving your skills and building a good reputation within the studio. Most visual developers will work on props, vehicles, scenery, etc. So learn to treat your props as characters! Never underestimate the minutiae. Anything from mushrooms, and flowers,  to posters in a character’s bedroom. Also include variations on these props. Don’t do just one mushroom. Make ten mushrooms. Or twenty! You’ll want to get across that you have a good eye for detail. DreamWorks loves detail!

Finally, understand how your work fits into the grand scheme of things. Know that when working on a feature film, game, or any big creative project, departments will have to collaborate to get things done efficiently. Make sure your work is readable and easy to understand. Something the other departments can work with without having to ask questions.


Human moments/Acting/Nuances of movement and expression (reactions shots are a good thing to include; show that there is a thought process)

The quality of your demo is more important than the length
One format they suggested was to include clips from your thesis film (if you have one) and attach the full film at the end of the reel

If you submit a thesis film, especially one you worked on with a partner/partners, clarify which sequences you were responsible for/what components of those sequences you were responsible for. They appreciate it when notes like these are included as subtitles/captions within the film itself, so they do not have to refer to a separate article while watching the short.

Make your demo entertaining.

If you decide to show off your lighting/surfacing skills, modeling food is a good way to get their attention. You know you have a well rendered piece of fruit if you can make the audience hungry.
Lighting translucent objects (flower petals, thin fabric, etc) is a good way to go.

It is also good to include your work process

Overview of episode 3 of the Steven Universe Podcast

This episode was divided into 3 segments. The first featured storyboard artists Jeff Liu and Lamar Abrams, the second features storyboard revisionists Amish Kumar and Maya Peterson, and the third and final featured storyboard supervisor Hilary Florido, as well as supervising directors Joe Johnston and Kat Morris.

First segment:

  • Jeff Liu worked at Jib Jab eCards, the company that makes those animated eCards that you place people’s faces in.
  • Lamar started with comics, has his own comic ReMake. He first met Rebecca in 2007 @ SPX, and traded comics with her.
  • Jeff had experience in animation, but was challenged by writing dialogue, characterization, etc. Lamar has experience with that, but wasn’t prepared by the sheer amount of drawing that animation requires + had to learn what fundamentals of comic art did and didn’t work in animation.
  • Lamar, who has had 6-7 boarding partners throughout the show, believes different partners balance each other well. He took solo boarding “Onion Trade” and “Beach Party” as a challenge. Boarders aren’t given extra time to board, regardless of whether they’re boarding alone.
  • Boarding used to be 4 weeks, but now it’s 5 weeks.
  • Jeff likes that board styles are so different, likes the idea of character shining through and letting them be defined by iconic character design elements (Rebecca expands on this in the art book)
  • Boarders usually put different quirks when writing a character. Lamar specifically makes Steven say “y'all” a lot.
  • Jeff usually is asked to give notes when songs are being recorded.
  • Jeff likes boarding Ruby a lot, liked boarding “Hit the Diamond” because of how many personalities he could draw over the same basic design.
  • Lamar likes boarding Lars because Steven’s interactions with him are unique compared to his interactions with the gems, or other humans.

Second segment:

  • The last week of the storyboarding process is the clean up phase, storyboard supervisor makes notes on boards, and Amish and Maya edit boards as noted.
  • Maya says storyboard revisionist is like “Directors Assistant”.
  • Revisionists make rough mockups of backgrounds so background artists have something to work from.
  • Amish Kumar has lots of art education, including several with “the Guild” (?).
  • Maya has little formal art education, calls it a “fish out of water” scenario. She says she came from an artist family, and her mother with a fine arts degree gave her tough love regarding her art.
  • Maya’s hardest section was a spoilery group scene with lots of gems, mentions she could’ve done “copy + paste”. Says the toughest part of revisions in general is having to draw over rough thumbnail boards.
  • Amish also thinks group shots are difficult, and refers to same scene as Maya.
  • Boards go to “breakdown” and are reviewed by the storyboard supervisor.  Notes are given, and the revisionists are given a week to complete their edits.
  • Amish wants to storyboard at some point in the future.
  • They mention that every shot is derivative of a boarder’s style, “no shot is 100% Amish/Maya”.

Third segment:

  • Hilary recently became the new storyboard supervisor.
  • Hilary reviews boards with Amish and Maya.
  • As supervising directors, Joe, Kat, and other writers “blue sky” ideas for episodes, comparing it to looking at clouds and saying “that looks like an episode”. They then meet to create premise/outlines. When episodes come back from Korea, they review for any final additions including boards, dialogue, etc., and work on those. They also make the title cards!
  • Joe said he had to learn to “let go of control” when he became a supervising director, as boarders generally have more creative freedom.
  • Kat joked that she “cheated” because she didn’t have to take storyboard test.
  • During the first season, the different boarding teams were apparently very competitive.
  • Hilary admitted she didn’t take the storyboard test either.
  • Supervising directors juggle work on 5-6 episodes at a time.
  • Supervising directors still do some boards. Kat mentions that she was boarding just before the interview.
  • The 5 weeks of boarding consist of 2 weeks of making thumbnail boards, 2 weeks of drawing actual boards, and then a week of revisions.
  • Hilary misses linear quality of boarding, knowing how long to she had to board something and when she would have to give it in. But she likes being able to give her opinion as a supervisor.
  • Joe misses focus that boarding brings, as he would be able to give his full attention to boarding a scene. Supervising director involves juggling many different things.
  • Advice to aspiring storyboard artists:
  • Kat says it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Don’t burn yourself out!
  • Hilary says something is better than nothing. Putting something down at least means you can change and revise it. “A blank page is paralyzing”.
  • Joe says to always plan. Think about what you’re gonna do before you do it. Think about the structure and organization as you would an essay.
  • About what they’ve learned from the show:
  • Kat feels she’s learned to be more patient, and thinks more before she speaks.
  • Joe says the show has reinforced his worldview, but that he has learned to be more accepting of more avenues and opinions.
  • Hilary agrees with what Joe says about worldview. Says she learned to let stuff go and accept change, and how to be more collaborative
  • Rebecca always looks to more paths, Ian is more focused on one subject.
  • Joe says some boarders try to fit too many actions in one shot. “One thing per thing” - focus on one thing, don’t make a shot too cluttered.
  • Scenes get added or reboarded all the time. Joe boarded endings for “Serious Steven” like 3 times, and mentions a scene with a frog monster that was cut from the beginning.
  • A scene from the beginning of “Jailbreak” was removed that Rebecca really wanted to include.

Next week will feature the voice actors for Pearl (Deedee Magno-Hall), Amethyst (Michaela Dietz), Peridot (Shelby Rebara), and Lapis (Jennifer Paz). Rebecca will also return to discuss the process of coming up with the gems + how the voice auditions for each gem went.

Monkey King Q&A

I’ve been meaning to do a compilation of Tian Xiaopeng’s weibo posts for some time, and here it is. He’s the director of Monkey King: Hero is Back (2015) and this is his weibo. He updates sporadically, but apparently did a Q&A session with fans back in summer of 2015. I put together and translated some of the best responses below (the rest can be found on his blog).

@earl-of-221b @sebastrashkun Tagging you guys because this might bring you a good laugh.

Q: What’s up with the White Dragon, at the end [he] went to battle Hun Dun with the Great Sage? The White Dragon was tamed by the Great Sage?

A: They [Wukong/White Dragon] had a 2-hour discussion, but it was edited out.

Q: Director,  how come Wukong, Tang monk, Zhu Bajie, and even Xiao Bailong, showed up in the movie, but Friar Sand (Wujing) didn’t?

A: [He was] holding the camera.

Q: In the sequel, can you not change Friar Sand into a girl, I can’t accept changes that are too absurd

A: [If] everyone becomes a girl, [only] Friar Sand will not, I promise

Q: The Great Sage is just 1 pilgrim, but he ends up with a son and daughter, and does a good job taking care of the silly girl, where’d he get the experience?

A: In the past, he took care of monkeys in Flower Fruit Mountain

Q: Now that so many girls want to have the Great Sage’s babies, how do you feel? hahaha

A: I hate that my face isn’t longer (Note: Director thinks Wukong’s defining design trait is his long horse-face and didn’t think it’d be considered attractive- now he must face the irony LMAO)

Q: I think about how other people’s boyfriends spend money taking their girlfriends to the movies… but I have to spend my own money at the movies in order to see my boyfriend, have you thought about the hearts of us fangirls?

A: I have to spend my own money to see my own movie in theaters, I’m worse off than you.

(Note: I thought the asker was complaining about her love life to the director, before I realized her “boyfriend” is actually Wukong LOL)

Q: Look at me look at me! Not counting Hun Dun and the pig, how did everyone else know about the Great Sage causing havoc in heaven! They even made a shadow puppet show! Who in the three realms let this event get to the mortal realm?

A: How do you know about Havoc in Heaven?

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