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Has anyone else wondered if the reason Allen is directionally challenged is because he should be wearing glasses like Past!Allen? He can’t see for shit and somehow it’s slipped his knowledge that glasses are correctional tools for the eyes and thinks they’re just fashion statements of dignity or something.

And like his arm when it was paralyzed, he just got use to living with everything a giant blur.  Timcanpy is always easy to keep track of, being such a bright gold. Cross’ red hair was always a beacon and Lavi’s too. Link’s blond is bright enough and the man’s usually in arm’s reach anyways.

Over at Code Switch, our pal Tanya Ballard Brown takes a look at a new book of essays by fans of FLOTUS:

Over the past eight years, Michelle Obama — a former attorney with degrees from Princeton and Harvard universities — has dealt with a lot of cheap (and often mean) shots lobbed in her direction. But while she has her detractors, this first black first lady is widely admired — and not just for her famously defined arms (they even have their own Tumblr).

So it’s not surprising that, in these last days of disco for the Obama administration, a few fans of the first lady would share their love for her in the just-released book, The Meaning of Michelle: 16 Writers on the Iconic First Lady and How Her Journey Inspires Our Own, a collection of essays edited by author Veronica Chambers.

Find the full story here.

– Petra

Person A goes on regular runs and often catches Person B working at Starbucks when they do their runs. One day, A walks in, abs exposed and arms well defined and B takes their order, stuttering like hell whenever A offers an understanding smile. When they get their drink, A grabs the drink, turns to leave and walks towards the door. Before they exit, A winks at B, but then runs smack into the door and spills their drink everywhere and B is laughing and helping clean up, and whilst doing so, slips A their nunber. A is flustered as hell and murmer a quick thanks before fucking bolting out of there.

Draco as an acrobat
Draco with that flat toned stomach and defined arms of his
Legs For Days Malfoy
Draco hanging from the ceiling, doing exercises on the ground
Draco stretching on any surface available, driving Harry crazy
“Not on the counter!” is an often used phrase in the Potter-Malfoy household

Vex’s tired steps carried her past burial ship after ship, each one fitted with resplendent carvings and intricate figureheads - the first and the second one depicting imposing men dressed in fine armor and decked with regalia, carrying scrolls that represented the Charter. The third ship she passed was unfinished, and its figurehead was different too. It was a perfectly lifelike carving of a young man - a naked young man, and Vex found herself blushing as her eyes flitted up and down his body, before settling on his face. He was tall and lean, with broad shoulders and well-defined arms, indicating that he used to work with his hands. Short hair curled around a handsome, angular face formed in a complex expression of surprise, anger, and fear. 

Much too lifelike, Vex thought and carefully stepped closer, drawing her sword. Now, she could even make out callouses on his fingers and small scars, single eyelashes and the faint impression of the baptismal Charter mark. This was with absolute certainty not the work of a woodcarver but a result of Free Magic.

Vex closed her eyes and focused on her other senses, detecting the faint residue of a spell and a soul, trapped between life and death. She wouldn’t have to go far to bring it back, not farther than the first Gate. But who was he, and why had he been trapped? Could she risk finding out in her injured state?

With a soft sigh, Vex turned around and went to look for Keyleth who she had seen skipping off towards the small stream running through the damn sinkhole. She found the cat, dozing with dream-twitching paws in a small patch of yellow flowers. Catbalm. No answer would come from her for a while. 

#5 Sunflowers

You nervously ruffle the hem of your dress as you comb your eyes through the crowd. You weren’t completely sure why you had agreed to this, especially when you knew too well how bad your social anxiety could get.

You crane your neck to scan the perimeter before your eyes fall upon a young man sporting a black snapback. His hair is pushed back into the cap, revealing his smooth expanse of skin and you can’t help but stare. He takes a seat on the bench opposite of you and shakes his coat off to reveal sculptured arms, his defined muscles barely visible through his plain white t-shirt. The bouquet of sunflowers he was holding is carefully placed on his lap as he pulls his phone out and buries himself in his screen. You stare a little too long than you care to admit. Sunflowers are your favorite.

Sighing in envy at the lucky girl who gets to spend the day with him, you take your own phone out to text your best friend. Where was your date?

She responds seconds after, telling you that he had already arrived and was waiting for you. You skim the park one more time but huff in confusion at her failed attempt to provide you more information. There were a lot of people at the park, after all.  

After a few messages back and forth, she instructs you to stand on a bench so that he would be able to find you. Reluctantly, you pull the length of your dress down in self-consciousness and climb onto the bench you have been occupying for the past twenty minutes.

You’re too busy scanning the park to notice the timid approach of someone behind you.


A soft, warm voice interrupts your scout and you turn around to find the same boy who had been sitting across from you staring up at you. Embarrassed, you clumsily jump down from your perch and straighten yourself out in disbelief.

“Uh, hi…” you hesitantly hold your hand out to which he happily takes it.

He extends the bouquet of sunflowers to you and offers you a warm smile that sends goosebumps down your arms. “Nice to meet you, I’m Jimin.”

You couldn’t believe it. You were the lucky girl.

I Told You I’d Always Be Here - Daryl Dixon

Here is part two of my second Daryl Dixon love story. Read part one HERE! Reader and Daryl’s friendship has blossomed even more as the years have gone by. Reader comes face to face with William Dixon, Daryl’s father. warnings: parental abuse mentioned

“Come over my house tonight.” Daryl met you in the hallway of your middle school, the two of you had been going on year 3 of your friendship and it was in full blossom. “Are you sure? Your dad is scary.” You had met Daryl’s father one time and it was when you knocked on the door of his home asking if Daryl could come out and play, his father was a tall man with defined muscles in his arms with a beer gut for a stomach. He looked a lot like Merle, their face was shaped the same way and he had a shorter haircut. With a cigarette in his mouth and a beer in his hand Will Dixon glared down to you as if he was looking on an ant that he was about to step down and slurred out drunkenly. “Daryl ain’t playin’ today!” he spat slightly, hitting you in the face and slammed the door shut. You could’ve sworn you saw Daryl standing behind his father in the living room, staring at you with a sad look in his eyes.

 "He won’t be home tonigh’. He’s workin’ third shift at his job.“ you were hesitant at first because of the first bad encounter with his dad and always all the terrible things that he did to Daryl. But you thought for a moment because Daryl wanted to spend some alone time with you but the two of you had more of a sibling friendship but you felt a slight attraction to Daryl, he was cute; his bright blonde hair had turned to more of a sandy brown color and his face was chiseling out nicely. Maybe because you both were getting older and paying more attention to the opposite sex, it made you wonder often what Daryl thought about you; did he think that you were cute too? "Yeah. I can but I’m still worried…” Daryl cut you off “He won’t get home ‘till 7:30 in the mornin’ I’ll jus’ wake you up at 6:30 and you can leave before he get back.” you simply nodded because you knew that Daryl wasn’t going to let you say no. 

 You waited until 10:30 and lied to your mother slightly, you told her that you were going to stay the night over at your friend Jessica’s house. Your mom loved Daryl just as if he were her own son but she did not allow the two of you to stay together alone without supervision, as much as she trusted and adored him. With a happy goodbye you raced down the several blocks and knocked happily on Daryl’s front door. His house wasn’t much to look at but it was a small, cute little blue house that was nestled between some woods at the end of a dead ended road that was only a few blocks away from your own house. Daryl opened the door slightly, peeking out afraid that it was his dad and he had forgotten his keys but his face lit up when he realized that it was just you; his best friend. “Look what I got!” Daryl pulled out 4 VHS tapes from a box that was sitting on the broken couch that sat in the middle of the small, barren living room. “I got Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, Texas Chainsaw, and Night of the Living Dead!” you giggled because the two of you enjoyed watching scary movies together also Daryl was never afraid of the movies and he was always there to chill you out when you got scared.
“Hmmm, let’s watch Night of the Living Dead. Zombies are scary, I hope that’ll never happen.” Daryl shook his head and reassured you, “Yeah right! That’s impossible.” Daryl ran to his father’s room and grabbed out the heated blanket off the bed so that the two of you could stay warm in his home as it was chilly because his father hadn’t got around to installing the new heater. Plugging it into the wall, he draped the large fuzzy blanket over both his and your shoulders, nuzzling closely as the two of you started watching the movie on the small television that sat in the middle of the room. 

 Just as the height of the movie was upcoming, the front door swung open with a great deal of force and an even more cold chill wafted into the room. There stood Mr.Dixon in the doorway, he was drenched in sweat and dirt from working in his factory job. “Daryl! What the hell is goin’ on?!” Daryl’s father turned his gaze to you as you had his blanket draped around your shoulders and was curling up closely to his son. “Get yo’ ass off my couch!” Mr. Dixon boomed as he stomped his way towards you, grabbing a hold of your arm tightly and pulling you up off the couch. “Ow!” you yelled out in pain, this caused Daryl to stand up and demand his father to stop. “Boy, don’t make me beat yo’ ass!” his father’s Southern drawl made his anger even more terrifying. You yanked yourself free as Mr.Dixon turned his attention to his son, belittling him with cruel words and raising his hand up. “Stop!” you yelled out finally, standing up for your dear friend. “Stop bullying him. You’re an evil man!” you stood your ground, you could not stand by any longer and let Daryl get a beating both physically and mentally from the man who considered himself as being the young Dixon boy’s father. He was the furthest thing from being a dad because he was nothing but a monster that abused his children and you couldn’t let that slip by any more without saying something.

 Just as you defended Daryl the first day, you did it again today but only against someone who was much more of a larger foe. Will Dixon began walking towards you with smoke puffing out from his ears as his anger was growing larger and larger by the mere seconds. Daryl ran and stood in between the two of you and acted as your human shield, keeping you from harms way. Daryl’s father raised his hand and came down onto Daryl who took the beating for you, his cheek turning a bright shade of red from the sheer force of the slap. “Stop!” you yelled out with tears, cradling Daryl in your arms. You grabbed a hold of his hands and dragged him outside, away from his dad. Thinking quickly on your feet you started running towards the woods behind his home, Daryl started running too as you traced around the trees trying to put distance between the monster of a man that was running behind you. Mr.Dixon’s feet crushed anything that was in his path, the sound of crunching fall leaves and twigs echoing through the woods, shaking your core. Finally there was nowhere left to run and it was the two of you cornered just waiting from his dad to catch up finally. “Go!” Daryl yelled, pushing you away from him but you just replaced yourself right next to him again. “No I can’t!” you shook your head furiously, tears streaming down your cheeks. “Now!” Daryl pushed you again. “Just go!” he pushed you harder, tears were welling in his eyes. Daryl grabbed your hand and gave it a tear stained kiss, it was the second time that he had ever kissed you, even though it wasn’t your mouth. You finally took off running back towards your home with tears flowing down your face like a faucet. 

When you finally burst into your living room, your mother shot up from her spot on the couch and ran to you. “What’s wrong honey?!” she pulled you into her arms, trying to soothe you the best she could. “I-It’s Daryl. H-His dad hurts him.” you finally let the truth out, you never did before because you knew that if you did Daryl would just get an even harder time. Your mother’s face grew pale, it explained why the Dixon boy always had gashes or bruises on his cheeks or lips. She sat you down on the couch and went for your home telephone to dial the police. “Mom no please, he’ll just get it worse.” you were sobbing now. Daryl needed your help but the help could just make his dad even more angry. You didn’t even realize that you had fallen asleep and your father must have brought you up the stairs, into your room and on your bed. You woke up in a jolt and your eyes were swollen from all the tears that poured from your eyes earlier today. 

You instantly began to worry greatly for Daryl as you weren’t even sure what your mother had done after you finally told her the truth. Just as you were about to cry again a small tap came to your bedroom window, opening the curtains you burst out into happy tears as Daryl was on the other side of the window. His cheek was still a purplish red and his lip had a large scab but he was smiling at the sight of you, “You’re okay.” you pulled him into your room and hugged him tightly, “I’ll always be here for you Daryl. You can always be here.” Daryl hugged you back tighter, breathing you in deeply and smiled. “Thank Y/N. I’ll always be here and I couldn’t ask for a better girlfrien…” he stopped himself and stammered slightly. “I-I-I mean best friend than – you.”

3-Weeks-to-Sculpted-Arms Challenge

Everyone has their own reasons for wanting strong, defined arms; we’re here to help. After following this 21-day arm plan, not only will your arms look toned — you’ll also be stronger. First things first: don’t worry if you’ve never lifted a dumbbell in your life. This arm challenge was designed with everyone in mind — whether it’s your first time working out or you’re at the gym on a daily basis.

Getting started: The challenge consists of five basic exercises that help to target all the areas of your arms. Over the course of the challenge, you will increase the number of reps you’re doing of each exercise, eventually working up to three sets of 15 reps for each exercise.

Below is an explanation of how to do each of the five exercises, followed by the plan itself. Choosing the appropriate size weight is key here — you want one that fatigues your muscles by the end of the three sets. If the challenge ever feels too easy, that’s your cue to increase the weight of the dumbbells (and if you find you are fatiguing too early, decrease the weight amount). Beginners should start the plan with five-pound weights, and for you more-experienced lifters, make this challenge work for you by grabbing a heavier set.

Bicep Curl

-Start by holding a dumbbell in each hand at the sides of the body.
-Keeping your elbows close to your side, slowly raise the dumbbells to the chest.
-Moving with control, lower back to the starting position.
*This counts as one rep.

Upright Row

-Place a dumbbell in each hand with your palms facing your body, shoulders over the pelvis, and a slight bend in the knees.
-Keeping the dumbbells close to your body, raise them to your shoulders, bending your elbows out to the sides. Slowly lower them to the starting position.
*This counts as one rep.

Triceps Kickback

-Holding a dumbbell in each hand, hinge forward from your hips, bending the knees slightly. Bend your elbows behind you.
-Straighten your arms behind you with your palms facing in. Your arms should be parallel to the floor. Squeeze your triceps, and then return to the starting position.
*This counts as one rep.

Overhead Shoulder Press

-Hold a dumbbell in each hand just above the shoulders, palms facing in.
-Straighten the arms above you.
-Bend the elbows coming back to the starting position to complete one rep.

Bent-Over Reverse Fly

-Holding a dumbbell in each hand with your closed palms facing out, stand with the knees slightly bent. Keeping your back flat, bend forward at the hip joint.
-Lift both arms to the sides, maintaining a slight bend in the elbows, and squeeze your shoulder blades together. Then, with control, lower the dumbbells back together.
*This completes one rep.

The 3-Week Plan

Choose an appropriate size dumbbell (three to eight pounds) and follow the plan below. Every other day is a rest day to give your muscles a chance to rebuild and become stronger.


Day 1: 8 reps of each (3x)
Day 2: Rest
Day 3: 8 reps of each (3x)
Day 4: Rest
Day 5: 10 reps of each (3x)
Day 6: Rest
Day 7: 10 reps of each (3x)
Day 8: Rest
Day 9: 12 reps of each (3x)
Day 10: Rest
Day 11: 12 reps of each (3x)
Day 12: Rest
Day 13: 14 reps of each (3x)
Day 14: Rest
Day 15: 14 reps of each (3x)
Day 16: Rest
Day 17: 15 reps of each (3x)
Day 18: Rest
Day 19: 15 reps of each (3x)
Day 20: Rest
Day 21: 15 reps of each (3x)

Monsta X as Walmart Employees

Requested by anonymous
A/N: This was pretty funny because I was told we were going to Walmart as I was typing this up and I was like “come again? Did you actually say Walmart?”

somehow always ends up sleeveless, be it his own attire or having to roll up his sleeves so much (for whatever reason) that there are regulars who visit just to see his defined arms. gets asked out more than he gets asked about Walmart stuff. grabs things from higher shelves for people having difficulty getting it or just want to admire his nice build. that’s his voice you hear announcing throughout the store “cleanup on aisle 7, cleanup on aisle 7” and 11/10 times he’s the one cleaning it up. acts as the supervisor at times. he’ll tell his coworkers to do something, but he ends up doing it instead. he doesn’t mind it, knowing the others have their own respective tasks to attend to. when he takes on closing shift, he’ll dance as he cleans up the aisles and readies the store for the next day. probably the most proud of his coworkers without realizing that they aren’t as hardworking or completely as competent as he is. but it’s okay, he dotes on them as though they’re his brothers.

mans the entertainment center. you’ll most likely walk in on him playing one of the video games and he’ll most likely use the same excuse of testing the game out or doing live advertisement. cringes, turns away from, and blocks his ears when the fifty television screens behind him showcase any thriller or horror ads. gets scared (jumps and yelps) when there’s a surprise from whatever the televisions are playing … even though it’s the same shit getting replayed every thirty minutes. even the kids point and laugh at him. and he’ll quickly compose himself and make himself appear even more buff when he tells the kids to shut up. if there’s an attractive person, he’ll immediately dart to the books section and pick up the nearest nonfiction novel to ‘read’ through. lols @ him because he once accidentally picked up “Fifty Shades of Grey” and didn’t realize it until he gave that person a wink and charming smile and they returned with a piqued brow and a glance down at the novel. oh, and if you have any queries about cameras, he’ll offer himself up as the model for the pictures.

customer service clerk. you want to return something? good luck. while this overly optimistic and positive employee always wins employee of the month (like the wall for this award is basically his mural … or archive of all the different hair colors he’s tried), he’s also the one you don’t want to deal with when you say an item is faulty or that you aren’t interested in it anymore. he’ll wear his perfect smile as he politely asks you what your reason is for the return and delves deeper into things that you don’t even think correlates with the item or the fact that you’re returning. you’ll end up walking out of the customer service queue after a two hour wait, even though there was only four people before you (30 mins per person), feeling healed when there wasn’t anything to be fixed and wanting to buy more things from Walmart. so, good luck returning your purchases. sometimes he works at the cash register where he’ll happily remark what you’re getting. gets pretty awkward if it’s personal hygiene or intimate stuff. gets worse if he makes dirty assumptions. one customer got Kleenex, hand lotion, and chips; he said the first two things out loud and snickered like a immature teen “enjoy yourself then revitalize with chips, huh?”

the pharmacist and optometrist in the store. tends to exaggerate your symptoms when he reads your prescription or checks your sight. one time, he thought someone had diabetes from the white spots that showed up during the eye exam, but it turned out that Jooheon forgot to wipe the lens clean. other times, he’ll gasp or make remarks that don’t really make you feel all too positive about what you have. you just have a cough? he’ll let out a low whistle and mumble how it could lead to something worse. he’s like you googling up your symptoms and reading that you have a number of days before cease to exist. the elderly always have a near fright attack whenever they visit him. there’s always high concern that he’s giving the prescription to the wrong person, but his sight is just fine. except for those couple of times he thought someone lost their sight (after they entered the store on their own with their own two eyes), but he realized he was also wearing glasses and the lens countered the machine’s lens.

in the beauty section sometimes. has this resting bitch face so while it may look like he doesn’t care for your questions … he probably doesn’t care. works so he can get discounts and the experience so he can work at the more luxurious brands one day. if he mans the fitting room and if you have no one to ask how you look, I’m sorry, but there should be a sign that says “don’t ask Hyungwon how you look”. he’ll criticize your choices, roll his eyes, then heave out a sigh when he has to get up from the desk to walk you back to the clothes and essentially be your stylist for 15 minutes, providing you tips on what makes you look good and what straight up makes you look bad. then he’ll start talking about your hair and whatever else you have on or lack of. you’ll come out of the fitting room area as a completely different person. a better version, according to Hyungwon. and when he’s not staring blankly at nothing, he’s on his phone. he’s brave enough to take a call and even hold a long conversation while he works. who said customers come first? he just waves them off while he laughs at a ridiculous thing his friend said over the phone.

no one really knows what his actual position is or what station he’s supposed to cover, but at least he works. there are times where you’ll catch him rapping along with the music or jamming to it with the broom when he’s supposed to cleanup the spill he accidentally made when he knocked over a series of drinks from his hyper dance moves. sometimes he’ll make announcements about deals and whatnot. but everyone always regrets having him in control of the mic because he’ll also have control of the radio and music player so he’ll DJ even though he’s not supposed to. also, he’s probably the most directionally challenged person you’ll ever meet. you want to know where the fruits are? he’ll happily guide you to one end that ends up being the sportswear section, then to the other side where the pet food is at, and so on and so forth until you brand a wide smile and lie that you don’t need to find the fruit anymore. let’s just hope he doesn’t come across the music section with you. he’ll sidetrack his tour and talk about the latest releases and recommend his favorite albums.

sometimes he’ll be the one awkwardly greeting you as you enter the store. prepare yourself for lame jokes and out-of-this-world puns from a guy who pretends to shoot you while also trying to do a wiggle or dance. like, what even, dude? when he’s not greeting you, he’ll be saying thanks for visiting and checking your receipt for your purchases. sometimes he’ll go off topic. okay, who am I kidding? it’s ALL the time. you thought Minhyuk held up his own line with his deep talks and psychological questioning? I.M. will triple check your receipt and match them with the items you have on hand then strike up a conversation with you about it. it goes a little something like this: “so you have Kleenex, hand lotion, and chips. you getting sick or something? bad running nose? our pharmacy has a great collection of flu medicine. dry hands, huh? you may want to try applying body lotion after each bath. oh, and those chips are recalled. ok, have a nice day!” p.s. don’t try to steal anything, you don’t even want to know what will happen when he finds that you have one too many things in your possession.

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For my FTM friends looking to form a more "masculine" body type

This is the formula to the fastest masculine body recomposition:

1. Train and eat to lose excess fat. This slims the hips and legs and defines the abs. Create a calorie deficit in a way that is not excruciating to you. Use a systematic program with compound lifts. Always lift more weight or the same weight for more reps at each consecutive workout. Stick to your schedule, don’t continually change your program, and give it time. Consistency is often the missing factor.

2. Train and eat to pack on muscle once you’re already lean. This expands the chest and shoulders and defines the arms, back and shoulders. Create a slight calorie surplus on training days (300-400 extra calories). Eat at maintenance or just below maintenance on off days. Use the same program, but lift more. Size and strength go hand in hand.

3. Wait. The longer you’re on hormones, the more masculinized you’ll become naturally. If you’re on a solid nutrition and training protocol that you stick to faithfully, your changes will come even sooner and your aesthetic will be infinitely more appealing.

The Main Hallway

inspired as a sequel to this wonderful/amazing/beautifully drawn comic by @rolierose

By the time Shiro met her in the main hallway of the palace, Allura had done her best to compose herself, even if she couldn’t quite look in him eye. Nor could she really look at him at all without remembering the view she had walked in on, a broad, strong chest and stomach and arms, finely defined with muscle. There were hardly anything that could render the princess of Altea speechless, but Shiro’s―what was the Earthling term Lance had used (even if it had been grumbled in regards to Keith)? Oh, yes―Shiro’s hotness was apparently one of them. 

The tips of her ears were still burning as he joined her, his gaze downwards instead of the friendly greeting she was used to. Well, maybe it was better for her own self, but it still rubbed her the wrong way. Was he ashamed she had caught him in an incriminating state? She didn’t know how much Earthlings were affected by things like nudity; perhaps there were large differences between them and Alteans. Or had she embarrassed him by her reaction, staring and stuttering like a fool?

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Toned & Defined Arms Workout || No Weights Needed

Blogilates writes:

It’s time for another weightless arms workout! Get ready for the burn guys - I’ve got 2 songs worth of arm toning exercises that will tone your biceps, shoulders, back, lats, and traps!

This is one of my most fun and most effective POP Pilates arm workouts. 

The Ultimate Sexy Arms Workout

Whether you’re rocking a swimsuit at the beach, a little black dress at a cocktail party or a tank top while running errands, you’ll want to show off your strong, lean arms. With these exercises, you’ll sculpt and define your arms, reduce excess fat and become stronger for everyday tasks. You’ll need two sets of weights, one lighter set (women five to 10 pounds, men 10 to 25 pounds) and one heavier (women 10 to 25 pounds, men 25 to 40 pounds).

External image

(Photos: Travis McCoy)

1. Triangle (or Diamond) Push-Ups
Start in a plank, with your forefingers and thumbs together so they create a triangle (or diamond) shape. From this position (either fully extended on the feet or in a kneeling plank), lower down into a low push-up. Your elbows should come out wide to the side and your chest should lower directly down toward the triangle on the floor. Start with three sets of five and work up to three or four sets of 10.

External image

2. Stability-Ball Biceps Curls
Hold the ball against a wall with your back without leaning too heavily against it, feet hip- or shoulder-distance apart. In this standing position, hold your heavier weights, one in each hand, and keep your arms down at your sides, palms facing in. As you squat down, roll the ball down the wall with you, lift your arms into a biceps curl, rotating the hands so the palms face your shoulders. Do three to five sets of 10 reps.

External image

3. Hard-Core Plank
Start in the same position as the top of a push-up, balancing on your feet and hands, your body in a straight line from your heels to head. Exhale as you lower halfway down toward the floor, elbows bent in close to your ribs. For an added challenge, lift your right foot four inches off the floor and hold for five seconds. Set it down for a second, then lift it out to the side at a 90-degree angle, still four inches off the ground. Hold it out at your side for five seconds. Return to start position, and repeat on left side. Start with two reps on each side and work up to four.

External image

3. Dumbbell Arm Circles
Sit tall in a chair or stand with feet shoulder-width apart and knees slightly bent. Hold a weight in each hand and extend your arms straight out in front of you, chest height, slightly wider than your shoulders. Slowly make small circles inward (about four inches in diameter). Do this for 15 seconds before reversing your circles. Do three to five sets of these.

External image

4. Reverse Fly
You can do this standing, kneeling down or straddling an incline bench with your face down. Hold a weight in each hand at your sides and roll your shoulders back. Squeeze your abdominal muscles in as you lift your arms into a soft-bent circle in front of your chest, just below shoulder height, palms face inward. Open your arms wide apart, with the movement coming only from your shoulder joints. Stop when your elbows are slightly behind your back. Resist as you bring the arms and hands back together. Do three to five sets of eight.

External image

5. Chest Opener
With a weight in each hand, start in a kneeling position. Leaning slightly back with arms down at your sides, squeeze your glutes and inner thighs as you feel a slight stretch in your hip flexors. Face your palms behind you and press your straight arms back behind you. Stop when your hands are directly above your ankles. Do three to five sets of 10 presses.

External image

6. Serve-a-Platter
Hold a weight in each hand and sit on a chair or flat bench. Plant your feet firmly on the floor about hip-width apart. Sit up tall, engage your core and lengthen through the top of the head. Hold your arms up in front of you as if carrying a platter, palms and underside of your forearms facing up. Your forearms should be parallel to the floor, your shoulders back and down. Slowly lift and extend your arms up and forward. Lift until your hands are just above shoulder height. As you lower, bring your elbows to the point just before they go behind your back and lift back up. Do three to five sets of eight.

External image

7. Rotator Cuff In and Outs
Kneel on the ground, sit back on your heels and hold your weights at your sides. Keeping your upper arms close to your ribs, lift the weights so your forearms are parallel to the ground, palms facing up. Your elbows should be at a 90-degree-angle. Move your forearms slowly in toward each other, then slowly out to the either side of your torso without allowing your forearms to lift. Do three to five sets of 10. If kneeling puts too much pressure on your knees, do this on a bench or chair.