defined abs

important things

Mike Faist
- has sectoral heterochromia in the lower left of his left eye
- is really tall
- is fairly well-built, no visible abs but defined pecs for sure
- has skinny legs, oddly skinny legs, but they’re great

Ben Platt
- lost weight JUST to play Evan, so Evan is not chubby (although i do LOVE that HC)
- even though he got skinnier, he definitely has a chubby face
- is 5'10 which is decent, but still kinda short
- obviously his lower lip is bigger than his upper lip and i’m living for it

Will Roland
- is 5'7 so Jared is shorter than Evan
- also has sectoral heterochromia!! in the right side of his left eye!!

so yeah when drawing Jared, Evan, or Connor keep those in mind please!! just wanted to make this because those three are easily the most drawn

Sweater Weather

Jughead x Reader

Wordcount: 2.2k

Request: Can you do an imagine where Jughead breaks up with the reader and she doesn’t go  to school for a couple of days and when she returns she’s a mess wearing joggers and something of Jugheads.

Warnings: none/fluff/possible swearing

Summary: Based on the Neighbourhood Sweater Weather, Jughead breaks the readers heart, she’s a mess and when he sees what he’s done he realises it was a mistake.

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New toy II pt.1

Jungkook x reader

genre: smut, fluff, sub!jungkook

word count: 8.5k

Your new neighbour turns out to be the perfect toy for you.

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Tasty* ~ [1/2]

Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader
Rating: Mature - 18+ only
Summary: Reader prepares the last important details of Chris’ thirty-sixth birthday party, but he can only think of one or two ways he’d like to celebrate this day with her.
Word Count: 2.5k
Genre: Fluff/Mild smut
Warnings: build up; mentions of sex/innuendos, Chris being a dork and a butt guy, slight food play/kink, make out session and language!
Author’s Note: I know, Chris’ birthday was yesterday (June 13th), but I actually wrote so much that I had to split this into two parts. The actual smut will be in the last part hopefully up tomorrow. Once again, happy birthday to the Dorito and enjoy! xx

    “Dodger, come here,” you whispered and the dog padded out of the kitchen, stopping at your feet. You bent and patted his back as his tail wagged excitedly.

    Staring back at your reflection in the mirror of the foyer, you smoothed out your dress - the same summer dress you’d wear on your first date with Chris three years ago - and you applied your cranberry lip balm. You weaved a hand through your hair, pushed up your breasts and you picked up the breakfast tray you’d left on the entryway table.

    “What do you think? He’s going to like it, right?” You asked Dodger and laughed at how ridiculous you sounded. My God, I’m talking to a dog.

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    The Perfect Blind Date - Dylan O’Brien

    Author: @mf-despair-queen

    Characters: Dylan O’Brien/Reader

    Word Count: 10,822

    Warnings: NSFW, 18+, Oral (both receiving), Multiple Orgasm, Public Kissing, Unprotected Sex, Morning Sex, Shirtless Dylan at the beach, Dylan on a motorcycle, slight shade coming from me towards my ex

    Notes: So, @ninja-stiles an I were talking on day and we were sharing these motorcycle pictures of Dylan and Chris and we’re like “OMG WE SHOULD WRITE ABOUT THIS!” So, I wrote the Dylan side while she did the Chris side. The two fics are linked in plot but different in character and execution. So make sure to give hers a read as well! Also, this is slightly AU. Dylan is not famous here. Let him be a normal guy for a day y’all.

    (As a note, her internet was being shitty today so I will post a link here as soon as she gets hers up! But still read hers once it is up because it is so good)

    It’s hard to want to date when so many bad things have happened to you. One wrong turn in a relationship, and everything comes crashing down. Once that happens, why would you want to get back out there? You worry that the same thing will happen again, or that you won’t find the great guy you wish will sweep you off your feet the way you always imagine it.

    Well, welcome to my life, honey.

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    baekhyun is so proud of his body, he’s been exercising and building muscles for such a long time to get to where he is now and I’m not gonna sit here and watch some people talk down about it. yall fcking demand too much from him lol. he already got low selfesteem and for once he is proud of himself. so fcking shut it and be happy that he’s happy with himself.

    what the FUCK you guys.  I meant for this to be a cute drabble like thing but it just kept going?  like I wanted this to be a fun piece to write to take a break from Homecoming but then I got invested.  lol @ me.  it’s also been a long, loOOng time since I’ve written smut so I hope it’s okay.  this is 80% slow burn, 5% smut, 15% jasmine trying to be a good friend.

    title: elevator of shame
    fandom: hamilcast
    pairings: daveed diggs x reader
    rating: soft m
    word count: 6418 

    prompt: We live in the same block of flats but haven’t ever talked and Sunday morning we were both doing the walk of shame and had to stand in the lift together

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    Big Weekend || Dan Howell

    A/N: this imagine was requested by @let-it-go-and-live-again! I really like the idea. yeeah body positivity!! btw I added an about me page to my bio in case you want to check it out!

    Word Count: 1.6K

    POV: Reader


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    The sky was cloudy but the air wasn’t too cold. Thousands of people were just hoping that it wouldn’t start raining. I was one of them. I stood there and hoped while my body was made of 60% pure adrenaline by now.

    “I can’t wait for them to start!” I had to yell because the crowd of talking people was just so loud.

    I smiled at Dan whole heartedly. The huge grin on my face was so big that my cheeks hurt.

    “You are cute when you are that excited.” Dan laughed and took my hand in his.

    His dimples were showing and just the sight of him made me feel like my heart was going to burst. Although Dan and Phil had stopped doing their radio shows they were still asked to do some interviews at Radio 1’s Big Weekend, an annual music festival.

    Dan surprised me by inviting me to come with him. I obviously had to say yes, especially since my favourite band was performing. They were going to enter the stage soon and thousands of excited fans including me and Dan were impatiently waiting for them.

    Although Dan was allowed to watch from back stage we decided to mix into the crowd because there was so much audience participation during the band’s concerts.

    For a second the crowd grew all silent, then the first fans started screaming. Welcomed by loud cheers and squeals my favourite band ran onto stage. They immediately started with their first song. The air was filled with bursting energy and excitement. I hadn’t felt so alive in a long time.

    I started singing my heart out to the songs I had listened to a million times before, but they sounded and felt so different live. When the whole crowd started chanting the chorus of my all time favourite song I jumped up and down, not being able to stop myself from moving and dancing.

    “You are damn beautiful, Y/N!” I heard Dan shout into my ear.

    I only now realized that he was watching me the whole time and blushed a little bit.

    As one of the band’s slow songs sounded from the speakers Dan wrapped his arms around me from behind and we swayed to the music. His broad chest was pressed against my back and he rested his chin on top of my head, kissing my hair now and then.

    After the ballade ended I got on my tip toes again in order to be able to watch my favourite band member’s every move.

    “Do you know how lucky you are, Dan?” I asked him laughing, pointing out the height difference between us.

    Dan was by far one of the tallest people in the crowd and I looked tiny next to him.

    “You could sit on my shoulders.” Dan suggested with a wink.

    “Dan, everyone behind us would hate us.” I laughed but had to admit that I kinda liked the idea.

    “Enter the world of us giants. Just one song.” He pleaded with puppy dog eyes.

    I had to admit it sounded tempting. Very tempting actually.

    “Okay, but if people start shouting at us it’s all your fault!” I gave in and Dan didn’t really have much convincing to do.

    He bent down so I could sit on his shoulders. After I had gotten on top of him I was able to overlook the whole crowd. His head was in between my thighs and I couldn’t stop myself from running my fingers through his soft chocolate brown hair. I crossed my legs behind Dan’s back and he held my thighs for extra stabilization.

    Dan and I were enjoying ourselves and I was so happy to have an amazing boyfriend like him.

    Just as the song ended and Dan was about to set me down, we were stopped by the band’s drummer and my favourite member.

    “Listen everybody! Do you see this pretty girl who got on top of somebody’s shoulders? I want you all to do the same!” he shouted into his microphone and pointed right at me. The crowd started cheering and moving around.

    Everybody who was here with somebody followed his instructions. I, on the other hand, had an immensely hard time processing the fact that my favourite band member had just called me pretty!

    The heat rushed to my face and my hands started shaking. I felt like my 16-year-old fangirling self again.  

    “O my god he called me pretty!” I squealed once my feet touched the ground again.

    “Because you are!” Dan said with twinkling eyes and made me smile even wider.

    I pecked his lips quickly before I faced the stage again. Just as my eyes landed on the drummer again he took off his shirt, revealing his toned chest and perfectly defined abs. The whole female part of the crowd completely lost it. Never before had I heard such high-pitched screams.

    A few teenage girls actually looked like they were about to faint. I had to stare at him in awe. I squealed along while he smashed his drums, sweat dripping down his forehead.  

    “Damn I forgot how hot he is.” I breathed in disbelief and was too busy to notice the look on Dan’s face as those words left my mouth.

    I was still jumping up and down like a bouncy ball after the concert had ended. Dan was guiding me backstage with him because I was too busy talking about the concert to concentrate on where I was going.  

    “I can’t believe that just happened. Best concert ever!” I babbled ecstatically.

    “Mhm” Dan mumbled quietly and I was again too excited to notice his resentment.

    Back in the hotel we were staying in for the weekend I had calmed down a bit again. After changing out of my sweaty shirt and drinking what seemed like 4 bottles of water I was back to normal.

    Since Dan and I were extremely exhausted we decided to go straight to bed. It was only Saturday so we still had the whole of Sunday ahead of us. When I was done with brushing my teeth and exited the bathroom I noticed that Dan was in bed already. I got under his duvet as well and was immediately greeted by his comforting body warmth.

    I snuggled up next to him and rested my head on his chest.

    “Thank you for taking me with you. I really enjoyed today.” I whispered softly and pecked his pink lips.

    With a grin, I decided to deepen the kiss and quickly straddled my surprised boyfriend.

    “I thought you said you were tired.” Dan asked raising a brow, teasingly.

    “I am never too tired for this.” I breathed seductively.

    As soon as those words had come over my lips Dan immediately flipped us over so he was on top. I ran my hands up and down his chest, taking his t-shirt off soon after. He connected our lips again, we didn’t start out slow, it was heated since minute one. The tiredness from before was gone as Dan moved his hips against mine. I couldn’t hold in a silent moan.

    “Am I hurting you?” Dan asked suddenly sounding insecure.

    I broke the kiss to look at him in confusion. Did he misinterpret my moan?

    “Why would you be hurting me? We haven’t even.. you know.“ I asked him confused, looking up at him.

    “I thought I crushed you under my weight..” Dan’s words were barely a whisper. He swallowed hard as has face turned the colour of a tomato.

    My eyes widened in shock and disbelief.

    “Daaann-“ I trailed, waiting for him to tell me he was joking, but he didn’t.

    “What are you talking about, Dan?” I wanted to know, scared of his answer.

    He got off me and let himself fall down on the bed next to me. I lifted myself up on my elbow to be able to look into his dark brown eyes.

    “I- I’m just really heavy. I don’t wanna hurt you.” He explained and I could tell that he was uncomfortable.

    “You are way over 6 feet, Dan. How are you supposed to not be heavy?” I argued.

    “Yeah sure.” He mumbled unmotivated. My face fell, finally getting what he was implying.

    “That’s not what you meant, right?” I breathed totally aghast.

    “No.” He whispered and slowly shook his head.

    “Why do you suddenly feel like that? You are so beautiful, baby.” I gently traced his biceps, taking in his beauty.

    He seemed to quietly ponder for a while before he decided to voice his thoughts.

    “I just, I don’t have abs or a toned chest and I’m not that fit and-“ he made himself stop in the middle of his sentence.

    He grew all silent. His words brought tears to my eyes. Why didn’t he see how perfect he was?

    “You are not saying this because I called that stupid drummer hot today, right?” I tried, but the look on his face at the mention of what I had said earlier totally gave him away.

    “I’m sorry. I didn’t think it would make you feel that way. Listen I don’t care if he is hot or not. He will never be you and I love every tiny bit of your body and your soul.” I whispered softly, meaning every word I said.  

    I cupped Dan’s face with my hands and deeply looked into his eyes. “You are perfect the way you are and I love you more than anything.” I slowly said so he could take in every single word.

    Dan blushed and I noticed that a small smile had found its way back onto his face.

    “It’s not just about having a fit body, you know that. Now c’mon let me show you how beautiful you are.” I breathed and started leaving kisses all over his chest and neck, straddling him again.

    with a hint of sin || stuart twombly (smut)

    word count: 8,643

    warnings: smut, fingering, oral (both receiving), orgasm denial, squirting, unprotected sex

    author’s note: happy stu week everyone! this is for mine and @sarcasticallystilinski‘s stuart twombly week! hope you enjoy this smut as much as i enjoyed writing it! the usual special than you to my #HERCPAL @thelittlestkitsune for helping me out with a few things! also, sorry if there is any errors, it’s past midnight and i’m barely keeping my eyes open right now.

    pairing: stuart twombly / reader


    coming soon

    The first thing Y/N saw when she walked into the room was the living room that had come along with the big house Stuart had rented for their honeymoon, much to his wife’s surprise. The room had a large white couch right in the middle, a coffee table parallel of it, and some living room chairs on the sides. The newly married woman smiled softly as she looked around the dimly lit room, she set her heels on the floor by the door, her feet sore from being in heels for twelve hours. She could see that the house got bigger the more she ventured into it. A big kitchen was located to her left, an island in the middle with lots of counter space. On her right was a door that she assumed would be their bedroom for the three weeks they would be there.

    A pair of arms wrapped around her waist after the sound of their suitcases being set on the hardwood floor was heard from behind her. “What do you think?” The voice of her husband whispered into her ear, his raspy voice sending a shiver down her spine.

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