-stellar grades: you know you can do it. and you will.

-get healthy: You only got one body to live in. Take care of it hoe.

-cut my hair: snip snip. You’ve been wanting a change for a while. If you’re going to cut a few inches off, might as well cut of 8 inches and make a wig. Here’s to a good deed and a way to cut off a security blanket

-try out some dance classes: get in tune with your body. You love music, you want the confidence. Learn to ooze sensuality.

-get a tattoo: Your body is temple. Really though not to be cheesing or anything. It’s an opportunity to reclaim your body but also a fun project to save money for.

-take a self-defense class: Got to learn how to kick some ass.

-Find a new skill or hobby to get awesome at: The body is an amazing thing. The mind is even greater. It has so much capability. Use it well.

-Make something your proud of: Y'all got pinterest for a reason. Check out one of those pins you have saved.

-Stop comparing/competing: Every one has their own reality. Define your own. Don’t worry about trying to match with someone else’s.

-Go thrifting: Who knows what you’ll discover? Plus it’s good for the environment…reuse, reduce, recycle

-Own a beauty fear: Maybe you’re overly reliant on eyeliner like me. Ditch it. Find a new look to own.

-Go to a concert: All these good things get pricey af but if there’s a festival you’ve been eyeing, save up. You get to ogle over your fave artist but also learn some budgeting.

-Go out of your comfort zone: The path to self growth is reliant on being faced with uncomfortable situations. Push through because you know damn well, you can do it.

-Watch those shows/read those books you have lined up: You know those moments you have where you can sit and relax. Use it to check out everything you want to watch/read. Even if it’s a few minutes or a few pages. Take these slivers you have and use ‘em for relaxation.

-Check those bank statements: budget budget and budget. ignorance is not bliss when it comes to your bank statement. It’s about time you look straight at all those “treat yo self” sessions. This will help you push through and save for even better treats

-read more articles/watch more news: there’s a lot happening in this world and it’s crucial to stay informed. we got to use the knowledge given to us to our advantage.

-keep a memory jar: grab a random jar and some post it’s and write out anytime something good happens in 2017. Sometimes it’s way too easy to forget the good when something bad happens but opening it new year’s eve, right before 2018 will show you bright side of things.

-Love yourself


There are two kinds of uncertainty, or vagueness. The good kind of vagueness is essentially metaphor. Compression and figuration. This kind of vagueness suggests the outline of something but cannot provide the details, yet as a result of only hinting, it manages to encompass more of reality than simple exactness would. The good kind of vagueness is also something like hope. If something isn’t completely filled in, you can fill it with whatever you like. It hasn’t had the chance to disappoint you yet. Good things can be as fanciful as you want when they aren’t real.

The bad kind of vagueness is simply when things are obscure. The dread of the unknown. That empty space can be filled with bad things as much as good things, including the most awful things you can (or cannot) imagine. Sometimes information can be withheld for the sole purpose of harming you, and that’s a bad kind of uncertainty too.

Uncertainty is uneasy because you cannot make decisions if you don’t have enough information. If the fog is hiding a werewolf, you won’t walk into it. If it’s hiding your house, you will. So the liminal state is the state of not just being unable to decide, but lacking the agency to decide. It’s the feeling both of many overlapping realities being possible simultaneously and also being somewhat powerless to influence whichever one will happen. Like bittersweetness, liminality seems to be a compelling, complex quality for artwork to have because it forces one into an insightful cognitive dissonance, trying to resolve these coexistent and contradictory moods.

Liminal moods seem to happen when the rules that define your reality suddenly go missing, and the constructed nature of it all becomes obvious on some powerful, intuitive level. A childhood summer is liminal in a way a childhood school year is not, even though a child’s future isn’t technically more or less known during either of those times. During summer you don’t make decisions, and you don’t move forward; you tread water until the school year starts again, and tosses you back into a state where you are forced to act on a daily basis. In school you are able to influence your future again, if only in some sort of immediate way. Sundays feel liminal because they have this treading water feeling too. You are waiting for Monday to arrive, for information to arrive, but for the moment you feel as if you cannot move things in any direction or another.

I was talking to a friend about whether anxiety about being “found out” in some way is a universal human experience. The anxiety that underlies movies like Night Moves, or A Simple Plan, or heists, or any of those stories where two friends are suddenly forced to bury a literal or metaphorical body together. It’s an artistically exaggerated version of the paranoia that results from having deliberately broken a rule, however minor. It’s also a relative of impostor syndrome or any sensation that your reach is exceeding your grasp. There is something liminal about these kinds of stories. They’re about people who treat rules as fake and are punished for it by being stranded in a position where suddenly all the rules and familiarity are gone and it turns out to be horribly oppressive and constraining rather than liberating. It’s about the fear that if you take one step into the void you’ll never be able to find your way out.

I suspect that this feeling shows up again and again because of the simple fact that the constructed or unknown nature of reality (or the sensation thereof—I probably can’t prove the void in a tumblr post) is also going to be there again and again. If the default state of reality is undifferentiated, in other words, pretty much everything you do is a bit like getting away with something. Or pulling something off. It seems strange that an absence of rules (as you do in the summer, or on the lam) would feel like lacking agency, but in fact we rely on them to know what is possible at all. If liminality is the default state of the universe, then it’s in liminal moods that we (think we) can finally see that.

name/alias: minni!!
age/age at heart: 26 prob acts like 85 in reality
define your essence: isfj, hufflepuff, the kitten lady 2.0
pick an ocean to vacation in: o god my high school career just flashed before my eyes what oceans are there uh THE ARCTIC let me go play with the polar bears
faces you usually like to use: honestly i’ve been all over the place lately, i’ve recently used models like carmella rose, iskra lawrence, will higginson and actors like matt daddario, natalia dyer, blake lively, michiel huisman. i’d love to play/play with a madelaine petsch though!!
what type of events/challenges do you like most?: i am DYING for a costume event okay. or a formal one. events you can’t really do in regular threading like you can a carnival, ya dig??
-insert relatable image/gif of yourself below-:

How you define your reality is what you experience, literally, because all things in physical reality are fundamentally neutral, they have no built in meaning at all. You are designed to give life meaning, you are designed to give meaning to different circumstances and situations. That is the gift, that is the power, you have been given by creation as a co-creator. The meaning you give to something determines the effect you get out of it. This is just physics, it is what we call the third law of creation - what you put out, is what you get back.
—  Bashar
Hannibal Rewatch: 2x01

Season 2, Episode 1: “Kaiseki”

**Warning: rewatch blogging, written with knowledge of the full series

Maybe not the expected opening, but, I feel S2 is significantly funnier than S1? Like, generally more ridiculous, as well more actual punchlines. Although, also more beautiful, and more heartbreaking… idk, #PEAK TV. Season 2 is everything MORE, so I’m sure I’ll be over here finger-painting tears in the shape of words and everything, but that means we’re gonna need some lols, and when they are not already there I WILL ENDEAVOR TO BRING THEM.

Ok! So let’s see if I can turn Hannibal: Season Two into a TRAGIC ROMP. Hahahaha*crying* (oh great, we’re already in the money)


Huh. I had completely forgotten that 2x01 begins with the Crawford v. Lecter Rumble of 2x13. Just, utterly out of my head. Which is crazy because this fight is so good. Bless you Laurence Fishburne & Mads Mikkelsen, bless you and your sheep and your family’s sheep.

I feel like I’m looking at my family’s cat right before she sinks her teeth into my arm.

God imagine being Jack though, and Frasier Crane is leaping bodily over his kitchen counter to come snarling after the knife he just flung into your hand. I WOULD PEE.

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it feels desperately urgent to keep on top of all the news, to know what’s coming at me next, what forms the latest threats are taking–

but i’m trying to remember Nabokov, that resistance is refusing to let them define your reality, your values, your life, they can’t get at your core, they can’t contaminate the most important parts of life. he says it again and again, even the jerko’s guide to radicalism (v for vendetta, ok it has its place) says it.

they control a lot of our lives and they’re tightening that but they don’t control us. don’t let fear get to you, take space from them whenever you feel too afraid, take space from the news and the latest petty vindictiveness, remember Pnin and his glass bowl and his dog, remember you are loved.

six9mafia  asked:

Hey lesean big fan of your stuff Yo. As a teenage artist I hope to one day create cartoons when I'm older and I've written storyboards, art, and scripts and started animating for about 4 years now going into my senior year of high school. My question is do you have any tip on how to get into the cartoon/2d animation industry especially with it not being a majority African American occupation?

Six9mafia, thanks for watching my stuff!

As for your question, “ tips on how to get into the cartoon/2d animation industry,” you can just use Google for that question. That was tip, btw. :-)

As for your concern about there not being a majority African American occupation; I was concerned too, when I first started in my late teens. But my love for the medium was greater than the worry about the complexion of my bosses and the projects themselves. Many liberal creators I’ve met won’t openly admit this, but it’s hard not to notice that you’re the only person who looks like you in a field you enjoy (that goes for gender as well). It’s just the world we live in. You have a choice in letting your feelings—positive or negative—towards that reality define your experience (and ultimately, your career), or not. 

You can roll with it and assimilate. Or you can go against the grain and be the exception. This is my advice in trying to get into a creative, American industry that already exists where the majority of the content produced, owned and show run is predominantly White American. 
If you’re trying to create your own stories and projects that feature characters that look like you green-lit in a predominantly white American industry, then that could be a challenge. But I believe it’s a worthy one. 

Race politics in animation is one of the many last frontiers of social tolerance in our media. It’s “bad” to talk about. I think this is because we have yet to reach a point where we can accept our differences and see it’s good for the industry all over having inclusion in mind. I also think it’s primarily because commercial animation is still a relatively new medium in light of the other forms of commercial entertainment we’ve enjoyed and experienced historically, and also something African Americans for example are still attempting to find a foot hold in, in large numbers (we only represent 12% of the US population). Remember, the Civil Rights Movement was only 45 years ago (not a long time ago). 

There’s a lot of ground to cover before we reach a level of solidarity and equality that this country so loves to brag about. But I think if more minds like you overcame that and just focused on putting out genuinely kick-ass work from your POV, you’ll help be the change you wish to see in the industry.

Hope you don’t give up, bro.


So often survivors have had their experiences denied, trivialized, or distorted. Writing is an important avenue for healing because it gives you the opportunity to define your own reality. You can say: This did happen to me. It was that bad. It was the fault & responsibility of the adult. I was - and am - innocent.
—  Ellen Bass & Laura Davis , The Courage to Heal
How you define your reality is what you experience, literally, because all things in physical reality are fundamentally neutral, they have no built in meaning at all. You are designed to give life meaning, you are designed to give meaning to different circumstances and situations. That is the gift, that is the power
—  Bashar