it feels desperately urgent to keep on top of all the news, to know what’s coming at me next, what forms the latest threats are taking–

but i’m trying to remember Nabokov, that resistance is refusing to let them define your reality, your values, your life, they can’t get at your core, they can’t contaminate the most important parts of life. he says it again and again, even the jerko’s guide to radicalism (v for vendetta, ok it has its place) says it.

they control a lot of our lives and they’re tightening that but they don’t control us. don’t let fear get to you, take space from them whenever you feel too afraid, take space from the news and the latest petty vindictiveness, remember Pnin and his glass bowl and his dog, remember you are loved.

How you define your reality is what you experience, literally, because all things in physical reality are fundamentally neutral, they have no built in meaning at all. You are designed to give life meaning, you are designed to give meaning to different circumstances and situations. That is the gift, that is the power
—  Bashar