define racism

what white people think racism is: when you mean to someone because of their race

what racism really is: social and legal systems that puts a race beneath another, vilifying them, fetishizing them, sexualizing them, and creates a usually negative bias towards that group.

where childhood is not an option when you’re the villain or where you are always seen at a child’s level no matter your age

where you are always responsible if someone else says/does something racist towards you, because existing invites aggression somehow

where you do not fit beauty standards, because beauty is afforded to the human, and your conditioned low self-esteem lets you know that

where you’re either synonymous with violence, stupidity, or infantilization, because you cannot make your own choices that aren’t irrational.

where your feelings are routinely invalidated and your daily life experiences are not enough evidence and cannot be trusted, because you’re a suspicious character whose humanity is always on trial. so you do not get to define universally what racism is

where you do not get feel anything besides rational at all times, to be carefree or upset or angry without it being a stereotype of you overreacting to everything

where if you fit into a stereotype it could mean your death and the rest of your race tries to put you down as a self-elevating technique, because they have internalized the lie that when you deny your race and culture you become human. where fitting a stereotype means “see i knew they where all like this”

where if you don’t fit into a stereotype you are not your race and culture, because people have such narrow views of what you’re supposed to be that you cannot possibly exist and be your race at the same time, so people of every race take away yours. Oreo. Banana. Coconut. Apple.

where you will legally get more time for the same crimes

where you will socially be demonized more the same crimes

where when you quell the crimes keeping your race down, there are always more that’s made up to keep you in your place (The War on Drugs =_=)

where you get paid less for the same work

where you get hired less with the same qualifications

where having a culturally-coded name that’s not acceptable, like Ibrahim, Jose, or Unique can stop you from getting a job

where there are so many things in place to keep you impoverished and uneducated but it’s still your fault if you don’t have the strength and good luck to defy the lack of social mobility and create your own

where entire countries whose cultures and economies have been destroyed are trying to restart alone and the people that destroyed them blame the country for its own destruction

where the farther your features are from your race the more beautiful you’re considered

where your rank in social hierarchy changes how people treat you the more they find out about your identity, and the more marginalized you are by coming out of the closet or not being christian or not being able-bodied and neurotypical the worse you get racism, because you are a bigger target for various acts of violence and microaggressions

where you get used to microagressions before you hit double digits

where your most recent experience with a microaggression was probably yesterday if the day just started

where you idea of a microaggression is the white summation of racism

where your family teaches you how to assimilate to white culture to try and protect you from all of the above

where your death is an opportunity to blame you for it and demonize you in your grave

where there is a death count just for existing

where there is a death count just for existing

where there is a death count just for existing


thankx to the #kyliejennerchallenge on twitter THIS happened.
it’s moments like this that really make me realize we haven’t come that far as a nation.
this young lady actually believes that just because she has “black friends” she can’t be a racist.
if she “felt inferior [she] wouldn’t give them the time of day.”
do white people really believe the definition of racism is this narrow????
is this the 1960’s?????
is it okay to be referred to as colored now???
cuz I’m disgusted af & not the one you wanna try.
(btw ha lil friend entered MY mentions) *rolls eyes*


At the beginning of 2013, former AC Milan player Kevin-Prince Boateng made one of the biggest and defining moments against racism in professional football.

In a friendly match before the season resumed, the Ghana international was the subject of racist chants by the opposing team’s fans. Boateng became angry and frustrated with the chants, picked up the ball kicked it into the stands where the racist fans were seated and then walked off the pitch. After a moment of confusion, his AC Milan team mates decided to follow Boateng, leaving the pitch in support of the player against the racist fans. The match was then canceled. 
This marks the first time in football history that a match was abandoned due to racist abuse.

This challenged the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) policy that players must stay on the pitch regardless of abusive or racist chants.

Rather than disciplining the player and the team for leaving the pitch in the middle of a match, the Italian club, AC Milan, supported the players decision by making personalised “AC Milan against racism” jerseys for the players to wear before their next league match.

I would define racism as a system of social advantages and disadvantages doled out based upon group membership, particularly what we have socially defined as races. Among sociologists, we also talk about a newer form of racism known as “colorblind racism” (Eduardo Bonilla-Silva pioneered this work) that emerged after the 1960s, where the outward expression of racial animus and explicit discriminatory laws have been silenced or removed, but unfair racial advantages or disadvantages are still doled out, despite few people admitting to being devout racists.

That’s Racist, Right? (Racism Defined) | Sky Williams

  • Tumblr: The law enforcement system is inherently racist and designed to justify the shootings of black people and the subjugation of the masses.
  • Tumblr: Only cops should have guns.
  • Tumblr: Slut-shaming is terrible! Women should be allowed to dress as provocatively as they please.
  • Tumblr: Halloween costumes are too sexualized.
  • Tumblr: Whites can't be racist, regardless of how the dictionary defines racism.
  • Tumblr: The dictionary definition of feminism is all that matters.
  • Tumblr: Racial minorities, LGBTQ, and women are individuals with the capacity to make their own decisions and be treated with the same respect as everyone else.
  • Tumblr: I am literally so scared of women/LGBTQ/minorities when they aren't democrats.

Many who speak English do not possess the mental aptitude to actually research the language. One who does knows that there is not just a single word, but many words derived from other languages, those words are called ROOT WORDS. Look at the word racISM. Webster defines the suffix as a distinctive practice, SYSTEM, or philosophy, typically a political ideology or an artistic movement. For example, fascism. Then you look at the word racIST. Webster defines -IST as denoting a member of a profession or business activity; denoting an adherent of a system of beliefs, principles, etc., expressed by nouns ending in - ism. For example a dentist. Since racISM is a type of classist SYSTEM, one who is made not to benefit from the system cannot be labeled as as racIST who would have to be one who practices racISM. Since Blacks cannot systematically oppress any other ethnicity, since Blacks cannot actually practice the ideology of racism, which in itself oppresses, BLACKS CANNOT BE LABELED AS RACIST. Learn the language you speak

C: I cannot change or alter my voice nor do I have the desire to. You cannot sound like a race of people and alienating your Black brothers and sisters because YOU are clinging to the asinine idea that we must all sound the same way.

I never wanted to be White a day in my life; the thought of being attached to the most notorious criminals in the world makes my head turn. My blackness is not defined by lies, racism, and delusions.  

Do you know how many Black people I meet like myself who feel as if they “aren’t Black enough” or the “right kind of Black” because they grew up with the label of “oreo”? It’s trash. Because at the end of the day I don’t “speak properly”; I sound, look, and behave this way because of who I am. Get over it.

Y'all can’t come on here and preach about being “Pro Black” when you don’t even accept that your own people don’t all sound the same.

People of color are not racist because they do not systematically benefit from racism. And equally important, there is no systematic cultural and institutional support or sanction for the racial bigotry of people of color. In my view, reserving the term racist only for behaviors committed by whites in the context of a white dominated society is a way of acknowledging the ever-present power differential afforded to whites by the culture and institutions that make up the system of advantage and continue to reinforce notions of white superiority. (Using the same logic, I reserve the word sexist for men. Though women can and do have gender-based prejudices, only men systematically benefit from sexism.)
—  Beverly Daniel Tatum, Defining Racism: Can We Talk?

I don’t give a fuck about the “definition” of feminism. I have zero shits to give about what Webster “defines racism” as, and you can literally eat my feces if you think it’s important to remind me that “the meninist account was meant to be a satire, sweetie.”

What I care about is people with privilege taking ten fucking steps backwards and saying “ok, I’m listening.”

tbh i don’t understand why it’s so accepted that straight people do not determine what is and isn’t homophobia, or that cis people have no role in defining what is and isn’t transphobic, but so many people don’t seem to care that bi people have to constantly argue against non-bi people defining biphobia for us

It’s not racism, Adam Goodes’ “spear dance” was distasteful.
It’s not racism, Waleed and Lee Lin are just not as deserving as that guy who hosts Family Feud.
It’s not racism, just stop calling it an “invasion”.
It’s not racism, Kyle and Jackie O’s “Wong Number” bit is just fun.

If racism is the systemic screwing over of non-white people, then it’s racism. Yes, these things are not in the same league as lynchings, but it serves the same goal: keeping non-white people scared of stepping outside their box.

‘but the dictionary says racism is how ALL races are discriminated against’

the dictionary is some text in a book.

if we’re talking about factual logic that has good evidence from science like the sky is blue, which the majority can experience for themselves, then we can put in print.

with social issues, no text can put it simply.

these are people’s lives we are dealing with and unless the author of the text has all experiences of every living being on this planet, only then can they have the power to put that in to a sentence of text stating fact that needs no explanation. 

but for now perhaps we should listen to the people who have the most experience of racism and hear them out when they say

'all our problems aren’t equal for racism to affect every race…sorry white people. you can have the word racial prejudice instead’

..we started having an amazing discussion in the room about the illusion of race and how the idea of different races is actually a set us to keep us from evolving rather than help us define ourselves. And the racism discussion came out of the conflict with the Cylons and how at times particularly Adama and Roslin were racist in relating to these creatures – these beings. ❞
  ↳ Mary McDonnell, on one of the discussions they had in
     ‘Battlestar Galactica – A Retrospective’ at the United Nations.

my dad: “i’m not racist, but when i see muslims boarding planes dressed in their gear, i get scared” you literally just defined racism you piece of garbage

how is black lives matter a racist movement? racism is defined by believing a certain race is better than another. the black lives matter movement is fighting for equality, therefore you denying it is being racist.