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Iron Fist Isn’t Bad. People are just Racist.

I watched it and based on the media I was expecting it to be somewhat disappointing. However, I loved it. I loved it more than I did Daredevil. I thought the plot was fun and Finn Jones is a GIFT. How dare you racist (and yes I do mean racist) people attack the show and lie about it because Danny Rand is white. It does not deserve the hate it is getting. Racism is defined as discrimination based on someone’s skin color and I have seen nothing but hate for Finn Jones based on nothing but being a white guy who is playing a character from a comic book released in the 70s and in case you guys didn’t know, Danny Rand in the comic books is white. If we changed Luke Cage to be white that would be the exact same thing and I would be just as pissed if not more so. Danny being white allows for a very special dynamic between him and Luke Cage.

When you write hateful things about Iron Fist because they didn’t hire an actor that has an Asian background,  it isn’t progressive; you are putting distances between cultures again by covering up that history between Danny and Luke and what that relationship stood for.

Iron Fist and Power Man were written as a way to bridge the gaps between two cultures during a time where that relationship was considered a little more taboo. They are best friends (Luke actually names his daughter “Dany” after him) and race didn’t matter to them. Luke didn’t care that Danny was white and that meant something at that time. This relationship means more with Danny being white because it helped overcome a great deal of racial disagreements; it showed a black man and a white man could have that relationship that was entirely accepting and respectful of both cultures despite those cultures having a history of bad feelings.

 I’m not saying I don’t want other cultures to be represented; of course I do, I’m just saying I like that Marvel honors the comic book origins especially when it has that unique history. My message here is; don’t hate Iron Fist because he’s white. Watch the series and if you hate it that’s fine but actually look at the series and not just the skin color. 

The reason something is called an opinion is because it is rooted in what someone thinks rather than any type of fact or factual information

A racist opinion is still an opinion. It is a racist opinion.

A transphobic opinion is still an opinion. It is a transphobic opinion.

A homophobic opinion is still an opinion. It is a homophobic opinion.

A sexist opinion is still an opinion. It is a sexist opinion. 

Any type of bad, dirty, or disgusting opinion is still an opinion because it is not factual. An opinion does not have to be true, positive, uplifting, etc. in order for it to still be considered an opinion. 

what white people think racism is: when you mean to someone because of their race

what racism really is: social and legal systems that puts a race beneath another, vilifying them, fetishizing them, sexualizing them, and creates a usually negative bias towards that group.

where childhood is not an option when you’re the villain or where you are always seen at a child’s level no matter your age

where you are always responsible if someone else says/does something racist towards you, because existing invites aggression somehow

where you do not fit beauty standards, because beauty is afforded to the human, and your conditioned low self-esteem lets you know that

where you’re either synonymous with violence, stupidity, or infantilization, because you cannot make your own choices that aren’t irrational.

where your feelings are routinely invalidated and your daily life experiences are not enough evidence and cannot be trusted, because you’re a suspicious character whose humanity is always on trial. so you do not get to define universally what racism is

where you do not get feel anything besides rational at all times, to be carefree or upset or angry without it being a stereotype of you overreacting to everything

where if you fit into a stereotype it could mean your death and the rest of your race tries to put you down as a self-elevating technique, because they have internalized the lie that when you deny your race and culture you become human. where fitting a stereotype means “see i knew they where all like this”

where if you don’t fit into a stereotype you are not your race and culture, because people have such narrow views of what you’re supposed to be that you cannot possibly exist and be your race at the same time, so people of every race take away yours. Oreo. Banana. Coconut. Apple.

where you will legally get more time for the same crimes

where you will socially be demonized more the same crimes

where when you quell the crimes keeping your race down, there are always more that’s made up to keep you in your place (The War on Drugs =_=)

where you get paid less for the same work

where you get hired less with the same qualifications

where having a culturally-coded name that’s not acceptable, like Ibrahim, Jose, or Unique can stop you from getting a job

where there are so many things in place to keep you impoverished and uneducated but it’s still your fault if you don’t have the strength and good luck to defy the lack of social mobility and create your own

where entire countries whose cultures and economies have been destroyed are trying to restart alone and the people that destroyed them blame the country for its own destruction

where the farther your features are from your race the more beautiful you’re considered

where your rank in social hierarchy changes how people treat you the more they find out about your identity, and the more marginalized you are by coming out of the closet or not being christian or not being able-bodied and neurotypical the worse you get racism, because you are a bigger target for various acts of violence and microaggressions

where you get used to microagressions before you hit double digits

where your most recent experience with a microaggression was probably yesterday if the day just started

where you idea of a microaggression is the white summation of racism

where your family teaches you how to assimilate to white culture to try and protect you from all of the above

where your death is an opportunity to blame you for it and demonize you in your grave

where there is a death count just for existing

where there is a death count just for existing

where there is a death count just for existing

anonymous asked:

Somebody in my TV watching class did a presentation on the Boondocks and I was really uncomfortable @ the white people laughing at some of the jokes; particularly Dr. King in "Return of the King" and Ruckus' mom being beat...

Here’s the thing, I too feel uncomfortable when I hear white people say stuff like: “I love The Boondocks sooo much, I find it sooo funny”.

In the back of my mind I’m always like, “You love it but do you actually understand it?”. Cause not only does the show heavily reference elements within black culture, but the truth is a fair amount of the show underlined themes go above some people’s head, specially the truths Huey Freeman spits time and time again (which is the reason for this specific URL).

The show original premise is about a black family moving to the whitest of suburbs, the most thought-provoking scenes of both the series and comic strips are when the pro-black Huey Freeman clashes with white America.

Also, to tell the truth it makes me even more uncomfortable when white people say they find The Boondocks “oh sooo hilarious”.

The Boondocks is about black people experiences in America, and most of that experience is defined by racism, and institutions heavily rooted in anti-blackness so when white people say they find the show “soooo funny”, I sometimes wonder what are they actually laughing at, what do they find so funny? The overuse of the N-Word? Uncle Ruckus horrific anti-black comments?! Huey’s gripping social commentary? What do THEY find so funny about a black show?!

You were talking about the “Return of The King” episode, how many white people actually understood that episode?

What’s brilliant about the episode is that Aaron McGruder finds a way to put in opposition the picture of MLK we have been given since were little with a closer representation of what MLK was really about by using a “what if?” scenario:
What if Martin Luther King Jr hadn’t been killed that fateful day in Memphis but gravely injured and consequently spend the next 40 years in a coma?

When the MLK from the episode wakes up from his coma he finds out that his legacy, his life work has been reduced to three words “I have a dream”, and as he is invited on talk shows and news stations the hosts expect from him to be the whitewashed, almost sanctified version of Martin Luther King Jr we have been taught and are horrified by the anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist, ardent critic of America’s over-militarism he actually was. And yet when remembering this episode most people only remember that speech near the end of the episode. (I won’t delve into how that speech ends up being a sermon in politics of respectability, but you know…)

I’m not saying of course that all of the comedy in The Boondocks relates to the main characters skin color but it is still very much a black show, and as such some of the issues it address are issues that are specific to black people. So when white people quotes Riley (often saying the N-Word along the way) they are not laughing at Riley’s idiocies but making a mockery of the character who’s much too complex to be reduced to just a wannabe “thug”.

When white people laugh at The Boondocks I can’t help but feel that in some way, they are laughing AT black people in a almost dismissive way, like “black people are crazy”, rather than reflecting on why situations such as the one being played out on The Boondocks can hit so close to home for many black people.

That most of us know someone who can be compared to one of the archetype of black people the main characters represent (the cynical freedom fighter, the rebellious kid with a IDGAF attitude, the benevolent elder family member, the “Uncle Tom”, etc.)

The Boondocks is a satire of social issues and race relations as they influence a black family immersed in white America, that satire is of course taken to ridiculous extremes but the sad truth is (over-repeating) recent events have shown that the actual state of those relations in today’s America is often far worse than what’s being portrayed on screen…


thankx to the #kyliejennerchallenge on twitter THIS happened.
it’s moments like this that really make me realize we haven’t come that far as a nation.
this young lady actually believes that just because she has “black friends” she can’t be a racist.
if she “felt inferior [she] wouldn’t give them the time of day.”
do white people really believe the definition of racism is this narrow????
is this the 1960’s?????
is it okay to be referred to as colored now???
cuz I’m disgusted af & not the one you wanna try.
(btw ha lil friend entered MY mentions) *rolls eyes*

… [I]n some (perhaps many) cities, discriminatory property assessments left [African Americans] with less disposable income than whites with similar earnings. … An investigation of 1962 assessment practices in Boston, for example, found that assessed values in the African American community of Roxbury were 68 percent of market values, while assessed values in the nearby white middle-class community of West Roxbury were 41 percent of market values. The researchers could not find a nonracial explanation for the difference.

Seventeen years later, an analysis of Chicago assessments found the most underassessed neighborhood to be Bridgeport, the all-white home of Mayor Richard J. Daley, where resistance to African Americans was among the most violent in the nation. Bridgeport assessed values were about 50 percent lower than the legally prescribed ratio of assessed-to-market value; in the nearby African American North Lawndale neighborhood, they were about 200 percent higher than the legally prescribed ratio.

In a 1973 study of ten large U.S. cities, the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) found a systematic pattern of overassessment in low-income African American neighborhoods, with corresponding underassessment in white middle-class neighborhoods. The study revealed that in Baltimore, the property tax burden in the white middle-class community of Guilford, near Johns Hopkins University, was one-ninth that of African American East Baltimore. In Philadelphia the burden in white middle-class South Philadelphia was one-sixth that of African American Lower North Philadelphia. In Chicago the burden in white middle-class Norwood was one-half that of African American Woodlawn. The report provoked no action by the U.S. Department of Justice. Considering all these studies, the differences are too stark and consistent to make benign explanations likely.

The higher property taxes paid by African American owners—and through their landlords, by African American renters—contributed to the deterioration of their neighborhoods. After taxes, families had fewer funds left for maintenance, and some were forced to take in boarders or extended family members to pay their property taxes.

In Chicago, excessive taxation also led to loss of homes by African Americans because speculators were permitted to pay off delinquent tax liabilities and then seize the properties, evict the owners, and then resell the houses at enormous profit. Because African Americans’ property taxes were often higher relative to market value, black families were more likely to be delinquent in tax payments and more likely to be prey for speculators who could seize their houses after paying off the taxes due. There are no contemporary studies of assessed-to-market value ratios by community and by race, so we cannot say whether discriminatory tax assessments persist to the present time, and if so, in which communities. In cities like Baltimore and Cleveland, however, African Americans are still more likely than whites to lose homes through tax-lien repossessions.

Costs of segregation attributable to discriminatory assessment practices, suffered by an unknown number of African Americans, are not trivial. This was not simply a result of vague and ill-defined “structural racism” but a direct consequence of county assessors’ contempt for their Fourteenth Amendment responsibilities, another expression of de jure segregation.

Richard Rothstein’s The Color of Law is a pretty good book
What is Racism? Racism 101

(I have a page on my blog dedicated to defining racism. Bookmark it for future reference when educating someone on what it really is.)

On Tumblr, the internet, and the world, there are plenty of definitions and explanations for what racism is. Some of them are right, some of them are wrong, and most of them are long, abstract, babbly, bourgeois, and filled with big academic words. This is a bare bones definition of racism simple enough for the average person on the street to understand.

What is racism?

Before defining racism, we must first define these fundamental concepts:

Race is a category that classifies people based on physical (phenotypical) characteristics, such as skin color, hair, hair color, nose, eyes, ears, etc.

Prejudice is a negative belief or opinion about person or group of people perceived to be inferior.

Discrimination is an negative action against a person or group of people perceived to be inferior.

Power is the capacity or authority to influence people to think or act in a particular way.

Okay, now we can define ‘racism’ :

Racism is the use of power and prejudice to racially discriminate against a person or group of people. Since institutions possess the most power in society, racism is an institutional force. Therefore, racism is synonymous with institutional racism.

A good rule to keep in mind: All forms of racism are examples of racial discrimination, but not all forms of racial discrimination are examples of racism.


If White boy Billy tells Black girl Shaniqua that she’s a nappy headed hoe, he’s not being racist, he’s being racially (and sexually) prejudiced.

Now, if Billy calls Shaniqua a nappy headed hoe in class and then takes some scissors and cuts a piece of her beautifiul afro, he’s still not a racist. He acted on his prejudice and therefore racially discriminated against Shaniqua. Billy is too young to wield the power to complete the fusion to full fledged racist.

But, if the school suspends Shaniqua for not cutting her afro because it doesn’t obey school policy, then the school administrators, including the principal, are racist. They used their power to discriminate against Shaniqua for the way she looked.

For more examples check out my #racism posts, which is like a mini blog about racism.


White people - People born in Europe or of European-descent.

People of Color - Non-white people who share an oppressive experience of white supremacy and racism.

White privilege - An elite status of racial advantage given to White people over people of color simply for being white or of European-descendent.

White Supremacy - A system that institutionally upholds whiteness as superior, the crème de la crème, and discriminates people of color for allegedly being inferior.

Colorblindness - The idea that race is invisible and not real and that therefore racism does not exist.

Afro-Latino - A Latin@ person who identifies with their African roots.

African Diaspora - A scattered population of African-descended people throughout the world with a common African origin.


  • Race is a social construct, therefore it’s made up and we don’t have to worry about racism. We are all part of the human race.

Yes, race is socially and politically constructed depending where you go. However, that doesn’t mean we should become colorblind.  Even though race is arbitrarily defined, people all over the world are still being categorized into a racial hierarchy with Black people at the bottom and with people of color being discriminated against. Race may be a debatable reality, but racism definitely is not.

  • Black people and people of color can be racist too.

Negative. People of color do not possess the power to oppress white people. It was Europeans who first created a system of slavery that categorized people into a racial hierarchy with White people at the top and Black people at the bottom in order to gain profits. No Black person ever in the history of humankind has designed such a system based on racism.

Therefore, racism also means white supremacy and it is and always has been fundamentally anti-Black.

If people of color in a position of power discriminates against white people, then that is only racial discrimination. Reverse racism is therefore not possible.

  • Not all white people are racist.

True. However, since racism is synonymous with white supremacy in this current global structure, only white people have the capacity to be racist. People of color can only be racially prejudiced and discriminatory.

  • Racism is over, slavery was 100+ years ago.

Negative. Slavery is still legal in prisons in the United States. The 13th Amendment states:

Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

Even outside prisons, people of color continue to be disproportionally underrepresented and discriminated againsst in virtually all institutions in the United States and the world. Also, the majority of wealth in the U.S. still rests in the hands of white people.


Racism is NOT based on any form of ‘systematic oppression’ or oppressive history.
Racism is defined as:

prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.
“a programme to combat racism”

There is no mention of systematic oppression in this definition, nor any references towards use in relation to a history of oppression.

The idea that it is based on such is an excuse for people to feel victimised whilst simultaneously attempting to achieve a moral high ground whilst blissfully unaware that exclusion of other races is supposedly what they are fighting against, but is exactly the act they are committing by supporting this Rube Goldberg of an excuse.

The idea of descriptivism does not deface this dictionary definition either, as the idea of ‘racism = prejudice + power’ is NOT a widely accepted idea. The dictionary is prescriptivist through necessity, listing the denotations primarily. Descriptivism will only take you so far in the re-invention of the meaning of a word, that being if a connotation is widely accepted. In the case of racism, it’s not.

Enforcing the doctrine that ‘racism = power + prejudice’ as the only acceptable definition of racism is prescriptivism in itself, and just because you’re not serving it on a diamond-encrusted tea plate doesn’t make it any less so.

”The dictionary can’t be used” is not an excuse. 

Reverse Racism does not exist, because regardless of what race it is aimed at, it is racism. If a black person discriminates against a white person based on their skin colour, it’s racist. If a white person discriminates against a black person based on their skin colour, it’s racist.

It’s a two way system. If this inconveniences you, you should probably reassess if you’re fighting for equal rights or superior rights.
Black St Louis police officer shot by white colleague 'fearing for his safety'
Off-duty black officer arrives at crime scene to help and is ordered to lie on the ground before white officer shoots, ‘apparently not recognizing’ colleague

If THIS isn’t Racism-Motivated Shooting, then we need to Re-define “Racism”.

“Fear” of People of Color is just as Racist as Hatred of People of Color!


edit: this post was written and then subsequently forgotten about during a time of severe mental unrest. someone pulled receipts on me so I thought it would be best if I acknowledged this directly: this post does not reflect my current opinions. thank you.

The Discoursers™ are at it again

apparently white people making, commenting on, or even so much as REBLOGGING white people jokes, well, they’re all racist too now. because white guilt. somehow. fucking christ.

how the FUCK is it white supremacist to deprecate whites??? “you only make those jokes so you can absolve yourself of your white guilt” bitch I’m not ~absolving~ shit, I’m jaded & bitter about whites being assholes, ultranationalists, queerphobic, christcentric, ableist, misogynist, have questionable taste in literally everything… oh yeah, and a lot of us are racist in that we all benefit from white privilege (unless you live in eastern europe in which fellow whites deny the privilege from each other because caucasians are just that fucked up) or appropriate cultures that don’t belong to us.

whites can’t handle spice. that’s irritating to deal with as a fellow white. it’s not that spicy bro IT’S FUCKING MUSTARD. you seasoned your steak with just salt and pepper, it tastes like garbage. you consider it adventurous when you sprinkle a little bit of garlic pepper on your boiled chicken.

whites crank the A/C Too Much™. if you’re on public transportation you’re gonna turn into an ice cube. even wearing thermal lined jeans you find yourself shivering while obnoxious dudebro I’m-hetero-hear-me-roar boys wear gym shorts when they haven’t been to the gym in months (and when they do they smell like BO and axe). if your teeth are chattering, This Is Fine.

these traits are annoying as fuck and they’re all exclusive to whites in terms of joking around. cishets who make straight people jokes aren’t homophobic, okay, and this isn’t any different. we don’t make these jokes because we consider ourselves “the good whites”, & any who do are very clearly NOT “the good whites”. there are no “the good whites” as long as white supremacy exists. there are good people who are white, and there are bad people who are white; inherent goodness or badness isn’t determined by your skin color. but being racist doesn’t automatically make you a bad person if and only if you define racism as benefitting from a white supremacist system of oppression- if you define racist as being a dick to people based solely on their ethnicity, then yes, racists are all bad people. but making, adding onto, and laughing at white people jokes is not racist in any sense of the word… because as has been made abundantly clear, you can’t be racist against white people. don’t be a fucking idiot, otherwise people are gonna throw these words in the face of people who actually know what the hell they’re talking about and make it way harder in the long run to end things that are *actually* racist.

“well who are you, a white, to say what is or isn’t racist???” someone with working fucking brains in this (AND ONLY THIS ONE SINGLE) situation.

Evergreen Rant

this is a little off topic and not about onision but i feel like this needs to be addressed.

This Evergreen State College this is fucking ridiculous. The students barricaded white staff in a room until they complied with all their demands.

Wanna know some of their demands that they trapped the staff in?

*No homework
*Serve gelato
*forced absence of ALL white people in the campus for the day
*resign of a professor who stood up and said what they’re doing is wrong

I’ve watched so many videos on this, even the original videos and nothing I’ve seen shows what they’re doing is right. Instead of going against racism, they’re bringing in more racism.

Now, I don’t give a shit about this “reverse racism” because it doesn’t matter. Racism is defined as discriminating against another race and when you completely barricade and harass white people and not even giving them chances to speak for themselves and instilling fear into these students and staff, you’re being fucking racist. There are students and teachers who are terrified for their fucking lives because these students are going on a witch hunt for people who are speaking out about this and throwing threats at white people. They’ve even chased people out of the CITY because they were defending those professors.

Bottom line is that they’re promoting segregation and violence in the school and no matter what fucking race you are, that is never fucking okay.

Do you know what Racism is?

Most people are going to read this and immediately think I am either going to support what some people call “reverse racism” or I am going to support equality. Little do they know, this is actually a lesson.

First, let us start with the definition of racism. Racism is defined as prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior. Now, why would I explain that, I wonder. Oh, yeah, because some white people are claiming they are getting attacked via reverse racism… Well, reverse racism WOULD BE NO RACISM. You see, that is how the reverse of things work. So, no. reverse racism does not exist, however, someone can be racist towards white people. I know, shock. However, claiming someone cannot be racist because they had more people act racist towards them is just stupid. Because you are wrong. They are racist. Now, I will give you this.. is there is any race that deserves people to be racist against… it is probably white people… But I also don’t think it is fair for you to punish people for what their ancestors did. That isn’t fair. Some people are nice. Here is the kicker though, a lot of white people are racist. The problem with that isn’t just the opression, but it is also the fact that racism breeds racism and the more racist they act, the more racist the other races become because they are only in contact with those people. Crazy peoples’ voices are the only ones people hear because they are the people who speak out. Unfortunately crazy people, have crazy ideas

Anyway, back to racism. A few notes on how to tell the difference between racism, stereotyping, and generalizing. When you stereotype it isn’t racism and that is because you have to be saying your race is better. Now, if you say all black people like watermelon, that doesn’t mean they are racist. It means they don’t know the stereotype is not always true and are stupid… because watermelown is fucking good, so, who is really missing out. I did see a story a long time ago… a white woman got rushed out of a restaurant because she ordered fried chicken. The waitress was a black woman and accused her of being racist because she had ordered fried chicken and claimed that it was her trying to get closer to the black folk. The truth is, she just liked fried chicken. Want to know why? Because it is good.

Racism happens to all people, but this is what I am going to tell you. White People who scream and cry about how racism is worse or the same for them as it is for minorites are WHINERS! It isn’t the same. They have been the victims of racial discrimination for years at the hands of white people and if they think black people are being racist now, I can’t imagine why. Btw, that is sarcasm. I am not condoning racism towards white people. I think it is wrong, but, I also think that it is heavily caused by their ancestors. It also isn’t nearly as bad. I am going to tell you why. It’s because (and you’re going to love this) when people are racist towards white people they can normally just laugh it off. My friend went into a bookstore and they asked him if he was “feeling tall with his white privlege.” And he said “No, because I am not that tall.”

That was rude and uncalled for, especially since he was just looking for a book. She refused to help hn. There is something I didn’t mention about this incident.. oh, yeah, the person was white. Racism can happen even if you are racist against your own race. In fact, I know a few people who are.

Now, to sum up my huge argument. Racism can happen between all races,  racism towards minorities is worse because it isn’t just those people denying people from their business or telling them they can’t wear their hair a certain way. In case you are wondered, the earliest depictions of dreadlocks are from the Minoan Civilization… by modern day Greece. If white people are appropriating that culture, so are black people… besides a hair style shouldn’t define an entire race. You shouldn’t tell people what they can and can’t wear. That is beyond rude, I don’t care what race or sex you are. Don’t do that.

Anyway, same thing goes for sexism. A woman can be sexist. Just because women are the minority doesn’t mean they can’t be sexist. It just means no one will take them seriously. If you want to hear me rant on sexism and feminism let me know. Anyway, I am out for now. Learn your stuff, all people are stupid. Some more than others and the racists are normally the dumbest. I will add that most people are prejudice against something. If it isn’t race… it is something. Anyway, enjoy your day. ta ta.

People of color are not racist because they do not systematically benefit from racism. And equally important, there is no systematic cultural and institutional support or sanction for the racial bigotry of people of color. In my view, reserving the term racist only for behaviors committed by whites in the context of a white dominated society is a way of acknowledging the ever-present power differential afforded to whites by the culture and institutions that make up the system of advantage and continue to reinforce notions of white superiority. (Using the same logic, I reserve the word sexist for men. Though women can and do have gender-based prejudices, only men systematically benefit from sexism.)
—  Beverly Daniel Tatum, Defining Racism: Can We Talk?

You Can’t Be Racist Towards White People


Because racism is systematic oppression based on race, and there is no system that oppresses white people for being white.

But I got called a cracker!

“Cracker” isn’t a racial slur because it doesn’t dehumanize or oppress white people. Instances of prejudice against white people exist, but that is not oppression. White people have the privilege of being able to leave a situation if they’re being harassed for being white, while that’s not always the case for people of color.

But the dictionary definition says!

The dictionary definition was created by white people. Oppressors do not get to define oppression. People of color have defined racism as an institutional prejudice, as systematic oppression.

I would define racism as a system of social advantages and disadvantages doled out based upon group membership, particularly what we have socially defined as races. Among sociologists, we also talk about a newer form of racism known as “colorblind racism” (Eduardo Bonilla-Silva pioneered this work) that emerged after the 1960s, where the outward expression of racial animus and explicit discriminatory laws have been silenced or removed, but unfair racial advantages or disadvantages are still doled out, despite few people admitting to being devout racists.

the whole semantics argument regarding the definition of the word “pedophilia” just reminds me of this one time…:

I was talking to this white guy about racism and he kept insisting that poc can be racist towards white people. and then we had this long drawn-out argument about how racism is defined and how to apply it to white people and poc, until the end when he finally revealed the basis for his argument was that “anyone can be racist because anyone can discriminate. the phrase you’re looking for is ‘systemic racism.’ white people face racism, but poc face systemic racism….” and i was just floored because he was so adamant about this Dictionary Definition and that I use the Correct Terminology that we wasted an hour talking about which words to use…even though…he knew the difference between how white people and poc are treated in reality.

so whenever people come to me saying “it’s not pedophilia, it’s …” it just makes me think of that guy who didn’t actually care about the issue, he just wanted to have his piece of the “Discourse” and protect himself even though his input literally helped no one.

tl;dr if an issue affects people in real life in a much more complex way than any brief definition could hope to ever encompass, stop applying some basic definition to it as if it’s some clever Gotcha one liner. restricting complicated issues to dictionary definitions is a shitty derailing tactic that gross people use to avoid criticism through technicalities and loopholes, so if you use this tactic, expect to be ignored.

teagreens  asked:

hi, so I read your ask about the whole USA-defined racism vs. European-defined racism, and I myself (biracial American Latina) have had qualms about the argument where black people cant be racist....... I've agreed when said black people cant be racist towards whites bc of the whole position of power thing but that they can be racist towards other poc's. how do you feel about this in terms of European racism that whites can be racially targeted/etc?


So this post has been sitting in my askbox (with a bunch of others) for a while now, sorry for not answering earlier but I didn’t have neither the time nor the drive to write anything, I hope you will still see it. 

Now, I have struggled with how to word this and I hope I won’t be misunderstood, but the first thing I feel many americans need to understand is that their definition of racism (as being power + prejudice) simply isn’t how racism is understood almost everywhere else in the world. For us Europeans, racism is simply prejudice against someone for being different; it can be about colour, ethnicity or nationality and power plays aren’t necessarily factored in the definition of racism that we are taught even though we are well aware of their existences. This is why often Europeans will be very confused when you tell them that an entire group of people can’t be racist toward another no matter which, because according to what they have been taught on the issue all their lives, racism is simply hatred against someone else for something they were born with and can not help and as everyone is capable of hatred then everyone can be racist against anyone according to this very simple definition. 

Pulling out one of my French dictionary, this is the definition I have under “racisme”:

“n.m; 1. Idéologie fondée sur la croyance qu’il éxiste une hiérarchie entre groupes humains, les “races”; comportement inspirée par cette ideologie. 2. Attitude d’hostilité systématique à l’égard d’une catégorie déterminée de personnes.”

It means : “1. Ideology founded on the belief that there exist a hierarchy between human groups, “races”; behavior inspired by this ideology. 2. Systematic hostile attitude toward one specific category of people.” 

You can notice two things: first, nowhere is it said that it HAS to be about colourism, it only talk of “human groups” or “specific category of people” which can be about colour, or ethnicity, or nationality … etc, just as well since - and as I have explained before - “races” and “racism” are far murkier concepts in Europe than they seem to be in the USA,  colourism for instance was never the sole factor differentiating the “others” from the “same” here. And secondly, nowhere are power plays mentioned as being essential to the definition. 

About that last point, and this is where I don’t want to be misunderstood, I am NOT saying that power plays are non factors in Europe, because it is obvious that they exist; but since racism was not overall something that was institutionalized in Europe to the extent it was in the USA (no segregation well into the 60s for example), those power plays are not understood within the definition of what racism is and will often be less visible and less defined. It doesn’t mean that they are “better” and even less so that they don’t exist, in many ways it makes the problem harder to tackle, it just means that those things will express themselves differently and therefore should be approached differently and understood with the specific history and constructs they carry. If we try to fight racism in Europe with an American definition in mind, I do not think we will go anywhere because it won’t resonate the same as our history is different. 

Additionally, it is important to keep in mind that power is not a fixed thing, it is fluid and won’t be held by the same people everywhere all the time, who has power and who doesn’t lies on a number of factors which won’t be the same everywhere, it depends of where you are, of your wealth and yes, of the individual we’re talking of as well since individual racism, from person to person, exists. Insisting that the power plays existing in the USA are the default and valid everywhere is absurd, and when social justice oriented tumblr tries to argue that, this is where they lose people. For example, if you are a black American in Europe, there is 90% chance that you will be treated far better than a romani, even if they look and are white (and yes, plenty do, especially if they have been sedentary for a while and/or have married outside of their group), this doesn’t mean that you can’t suffer from anti-black sentiment as well, as (as I’ve said) racism here takes many pervasive forms but you can’t argue that the white looking romani (or the European jew, or the Slav in WE or whoever) has any significant power that somehow makes it impossible for them to be the targets of racism no matter where this racism comes from (in the case of the jews it would be a vastly problematic thing to say in fact as an overwhelming amount of antisemitism comes from the Muslim community, as uncomfortable of a fact as it is) - also, if you are latino with lighter skin there is a huge chance you will only be seen as white, period as odd as it may seem. And this is only about Europe, because those power plays are again far different and have their own structures everywhere else in the world. 

When Europeans, who do not believe and are not taught that “races” are anything but social constructs, disagree with you that white people can’t be the targets of racism they disagree for many reasons; witnessing many people who would be constructed as “white” in the US be the victims of it time and again is one of them, the fact that this “power + prejudice” definition isn’t the one they were taught is another and I think it is vital for Americans to keep that in mind before they lash out at Europeans (especially younger ones) for being confused by the American point of view on the issue. It is valid for you, no one is denying that, but it isn’t for us and it isn’t what we are taught.


At the beginning of 2013, former AC Milan player Kevin-Prince Boateng made one of the biggest and defining moments against racism in professional football.

In a friendly match before the season resumed, the Ghana international was the subject of racist chants by the opposing team’s fans. Boateng became angry and frustrated with the chants, picked up the ball kicked it into the stands where the racist fans were seated and then walked off the pitch. After a moment of confusion, his AC Milan team mates decided to follow Boateng, leaving the pitch in support of the player against the racist fans. The match was then canceled. 
This marks the first time in football history that a match was abandoned due to racist abuse.

This challenged the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) policy that players must stay on the pitch regardless of abusive or racist chants.

Rather than disciplining the player and the team for leaving the pitch in the middle of a match, the Italian club, AC Milan, supported the players decision by making personalised “AC Milan against racism” jerseys for the players to wear before their next league match.