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My favorite thing about Jason Todd is how diverse he is as a character.

He can be as broody and dramatic as Bruce despite claiming to be nothing like the man. He uses an expressionless helmet and his large, confident to put fear into his criminals. He exists on a fine line, working the thin dichotomy between justifying his actions based on Batman and doing things of his own accord because he believes in them. He makes bold statements, claiming he is "no one’s son" and physically attacking members of his former family. And yet everything he does is defined as a lost son lashing out as his Father. his characterizations and motivations (when done well) are constantly shifting minutely over that line between hero and anti-hero, making him complex and too human as he vacillates on the choices he has made and the suffering her has borne.

And then there are times where Jason will be sprawled lazily on the Batmobile complaining to dad that he forgot to ask the take-out place for no pickle on his hamburger and honestly he’s just ready for death again. Such a vibrant and complex character that Jason Todd.


eyes notes.

only during detail shots can you rens bags. valentines are a bit more prominent, but you can only see them during sbr–his ghost in the ovas, and the younger him in the movies doesnt have them. lucy and rina optionally have eye shadow and mascara. ren optionally has mascara (define lashes when they wear mascara).

johnny has a wrinkle under his eye, but it goes away over the series. hp, ren, and diego all have wrinkles under their eyes as well, but they only are so prominent they need to be drawn in during scenes where the characters are very tired

valentine always has eye wrinkles, even when he was young, so aside from child models, show them.


My Torchwick t-shirt arrived today from the Roosterteeth store, so I decided to do another little cosplay makeup tryout of Roman in my t-shirt, along with the new under lashes which arrived (which are a little difficult to see in these photos, but I love them!)
I still need to style the wig and fringe and make the costume, but I’m pretty happy with the look so far! I just need to get a proper contour kit to help look a bit more masculine, and perhaps define the fake under lashes a little more with some eyeliner drawn on the lower lash lids or something :P


I wiped, cleaned, and redid Polaire & Estelle last night while running a LOTR marathon after my last two finals of my undergrad career! They’re about as ready to go home as I am!

Polaire’s faceup is based on the mockup I did a couple of days ago with a few tweaks to the lip. Essie’s is basically the same as her old one, with slightly edited eyeshadow color, finer brow detail, and better defined lower lashes. Both of them have dual layers of eyelashes.

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Top 10 holy grail makeup products

1. mufe hd foundation
2. nars all day luminous foundation
3. tarte under eye corroector
4. abh dipbrow 
5. mac quite natural paint pot (new product lol)
6. kat von d immortal love eyeliner
7. maybelline define a lash mascara
8. mac refined golden bronzer
9. thebalm bahama mama bronzer (to contour)
10. mac whirl lipliner
+ 1 more: buxom hot toddy lip cream


Ending my color series today with black!! ✔️ I’ve been trying to do a white look, but it never looked good enough so I decided to just move on to black.

I’m going to be taking a break to do a couple of regular looks, but I was thinking about doing another series. So what do you want to see more - American makeup through the decades or makeup based off of film color palettes (started by @isabellekategm on Instagram)??

✨DETAILS / ig: @tmbmakeup
💫FACE: L'oreal True a Match Lumi Foundation, Maybelline Fit Me Concealer, Coty Airspun Powder, Elf Contour Kit (white, warm, & ashy shades)
💫EYES: L'oreal Infallible Gel Liner, Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette “Crave”, Wet n Wild Comfort Zone Palette blue/brown duo-chrome “Definer” Shade, Jordana Best Lash Extreme Volumizing Mascara, Ardell Double Up 203 Lashes (cut up)
💫BROWS: Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette “Faint” and “Crave”, L'oreal Brow Stylist Plumper Brow Gel
💫LIPS: L'oreal Infallible Gel Liner, Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette “Crave”, Wet n Wild Comfort Zone Palette blue/brown duo-chrome “Definer” Shade

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do you wear makeup everyday? if you do, what do you wear?

yep i wear this for my everyday makeup:
- nars radiant creamy concealer (ginger, for under the eyes)
- urban decay naked skin concealer (medium neutral, for redness)
- laura mercier translucent loose powder
- thebalm bahama mama (to contour)
- sleek medium contour kit (to bronze even more)
- abh dipbrow ebony
- mac cork eyeshadow
- k palette liquid eyeliner
- maybelline define a lash mascara
- mac bare study paintpot (to highlight inner corner)
- kat von d immortal love eyeliner
- mufe 1C lipliner + mufe 5C lipliner

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What are your absolute must have makeup and skin products? Drug store and/or high end.


• biore charcoal face wash
• bioderma 
• clean and clear dual action moisturizer


• abh contour kit (i know i never really talk about this but its what i’ve been using every day for like the past 2 months to contour my nose)
• laura mercier radiance bronze primer
• mufe hd foundation
• laura mercier translucent loose powder
• thebalm bahama mama bronzer
• mac refined golden bronzer
• abh dipbrow
• maybelline define a lash mascara
• kat von d shade light eyeshadow palette
• mufe 1c and 5c lipliners

these are my absolute must haves. would purchase right away if i lost all my makeup