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We all know that Kris just cares about here daughters who sucesess like Kim and Kendall. She just so in to them, and not so much in to Khloe Kylie Kourtney and Rob, everyone can see that. It isn't surprising me that Kris doesn't do anything about the Kylie and Amber thing, but Khloe does, it's sweet of her do defind her sister, like Kylie has said that Khloe is like a mom to her. So it isn't a shock that Kris is Kris.

I hate Kris

Elenco de “Cúmplices de um Resgate” é oficialmente fechado

A próxima novela do SBT, “Cúmplices de um Resgate”, já está com o elenco completamente fechado. A trama, que vai substituir “Chiquititas” em meados de julho, entrará nas gravações em breve.

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definding her makes you a racist as well so do us all a favor and kill yourselve too

do us all a favor and get better grammar

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why would you have sex with a girl are you that ugly boys dont like you lol stupid bitch

First off sleeping with a girl is a lot harder then sleeping with a boy. Secondly I don’t have to definded my sex life to anyone. Thank you.