Vanitas’ goal

The actual Vanitas is a complex character full of mysteries and contradictions. His psychology surely is written to make us some brain washings, but he seems not so inapprehensible with all that we know yet…

At first, it’s good to remind that the Vanitas’ book is an artifact supposed to unchain its power each time it gets open. So, Vanitas’ will really is to save vampires, however Luca could certainly have a part of truth in his speach by saying that the book generates more ill than anything else. Indeed, if we make those 2 facts in parallel as well as curse bearers’ apparition, we’re close to think that sicknesses appear when Vanitas open the book to heal a vampire. Here I take the case of Thomas Berneux who died just after have been cured, killed by Charlatan, we guess, as long as Thomas seems to know his killer. I go on with that example.

On the other hand, as said by Luca, it could be possible that Vanitas is manipulated since he seems aware of the wrong he could do. This thought is explained by Vanitas’ reacts during the discuss around Amelia Ruth and her Charlatan. Just after knowing about Thomas Berneux’s death, Vanitas is suspicious, starting with a strange smile :

His smile definds his knowlegde of the facts, his astonishment face to the revelation of Noé’s title is going close to the embarrasment, and he 
deflects the dicussion about Charlatan to have fun on Noé’s skills drawing, as he doesn’t worry nor care about Noé’s suffering when he sees Amelia’s past. In conclusion, Vanitas knows his role and its consequences and he’s not satisfied of. He is as full of compunctions as culpability, because of a role he didn’t want. And it is from that that Vanitas would like to be saved and explains that way his so contradictory behavior.

He told Noé about a salvation as he didn’t know about, and that Noé was wrong about his attentions. We know Vanitas manipulates people for his own, he is a liar for his interests. As he qualified humans as selfish, he is too, but keeps it under by blurried speachs. So, all of that would explain why he looks like he would like to die that much or doesn’t care of his own life. He rejects everything and go on something he can do to be forgiven, he searches his salvation… Does he even want to live at this point ?

The elephant in the fandom

I spent most of my life denying who i was. I never gave myself the chance to experiment with feelings i was having because in my world i couldnt accept that i could like men and women at the same time. I, like so many others, lived their life in a religious right family whose go to reaction to most upsetting news was shouting.

Its only recently that i have started talking about it in my real life. I told my wife after we were married and had a kid. I told my best friend for years after being the one to tease his older brother of his sexuality in my teen years. I openly mocked a gay kid in high school, never to his face but to the same friends we all had.

I hated bisexuality and called it one foot out of the closet. More importantly i suffered from depression, anxiety, rage and antisocial tendencies becausr i could not admit to myself that i was attracted to men.

And let me get this out of the way, i love the way my life turned out. I dont regret anything. My family turned out much more accepting then i anticipated, my wife is very supportive and i have a beautiful baby girl.

It wasnt until i joined tumblr and found a community that celebrated people like me. And more importantly online content like critical role that featured strongly characterized characters of varying sexualities and gender identity. All these characters were unashamed of themselves and more importantly were definded beyond just that they were gay.

Gilmore as a successful merchant and powerful mage.

Kima as a short zelot warrior to the platinum dragon god

Allura as a nation leader and accomplished sage.

Not only that but main characters that are influential and powerful warriors in their own right.

This all enabled me, amoung other things, to be honest about myself.

And then comes Tary, problematically played by a straight actor. When he came out i was reserved? Ive alluded to it before so if you want the full thing find that post. I dont really want to get into that right now. What i am saying now is that even though it is problematic i like tary’s characterzation.

He isnt as over flamboyant as lets be honest gilmore can be sometimes and no one complains about. Sam filled a role that so many people wanted, an openly gay pc. Because no matter the jokes and enduendo representation matters to those people.

And you know who wasnt represented in that show until tary was revealed? People whose lifes have been affected negatively by homophobia. People that have lived their whole life believing the way they feel is wrong.

This fandom can get so toxic out of no where sometimes. Ive seen people shout for female represention and nit pick at everything keyleth does.

Tary’s coming out probably seems trite and over used because guess what, coming out isnt easy for most people. Family gets disowned and people get pressured by the ones they love to be who they arent and sometimes people need to be reassured that life gets better and not everyone is going to hate who you are.

Instead of hating matt and sam for the negatives look at the positives. Tary is smart and capable and every bit as indespencable as anyone else in the core group and that includes scanlan shorthalt.

Tl:dr i will defend my genius little science gay with every fiber of my being.

Incredible how John Laurens was the only one in the musical to actually speak out about slavery, musical wise and historically, and y'all Hamilton artists out there, you know who you fucking are, are not interested in him cus he’s “boring”

It’s even more incredible how how you make every other Hamilton character ooc, which clearly demonstrates that the other characters don’t have as much personality as you say John doesn’t

Even even more incredible is that the same people are all over Jeffersons dick, giving him shitton of artwork, fics, attention, and praise and y'know If you want to base these characters musical wise, guess what bitch he was a slaver in the musical too

And yeah I know Jefferson is a well made character, he definds the meaning of an asshole character and the way he’s built up is really great and I don’t even hate him and I don’t think anybody should hesitate to not do so either (though alot of y'all just love him for the Daveed Diggs fetization and I’m not fucking up for that)

But I already know it’s cus y'all ship Jamilton, no need to deny it Cariño

If y'all haven’t been “sinning” and wanting to make Hamilton and Jefferson fuck (which makes no fucking sense) y'all would of seen the loads of character Anthony put into Laurens so puta bye

Parent Malec headcannons

* Alec being okay anytimes Rafael gets into fights to protect Max.
*Magnus teaching Max how to throw glitter bombs at bullies.
* Alec and Magnus walking in on Rafael teaching Max how to defind himself so he doesn’t have to use magic all the time.
* Alec being overprotective dad.
* Magnus dressing Max and Rafael in matching clothes.
* Magnus sprinkling glitter on the boys on their first day of school for good luck.
* Alec giving Rafael his frist stele * Magnus and max baking a cake for Rafael that says Happy frist demon hunt. * Magnun amd Alec ready to fuck up any mother fucker that dares to mess with their children.

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Can I get an imagine where me and Nate date and break up because we had a fight and he said something really messed up about me and I get with someone else and he sees that and one day he sees me with the guy and he breaks us up by kissing me and then me and Nate start back dating

*THIS IS A TRIGGER WARNING STORY*Thank you so much for requesting, you’ve been waiting for a long ass time and I’m really sorry about that. I’ve been really stressed with exams and tests so yea. I hope you enjoy it and I really hope its what you wanted in your imagine. Love youuuu:) And just a reminder to those who actually read my blog or just pass this imagine. ALL YOU WONDERFUL PEOPLE OUT THERE ARE BEAUTIFUL JUST THE WAY YOU ARE. SOCIETY DOES NOT DEFIND YOU! EVERYONE IS BEAUTIFUL JUST THE WAY THEY ARE. AND IF YALL THINK “how does she know” or “She just saying that”. I actually have alot of body issues too. And I’m always comparing myself to other, like all my friends who are twigs. SO, I WOULD JUST LOVE TO SAY…EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU IS SMART, BEAUTIFUL, KIND, and AMAZING. NO ONE ELSE HAS TO TELL YOU THIS EXCEPT YOURSELF. DON’T LOOK AT OTHERS FOR ACCEPTION, LOOK AT YOURSELF.

You just got home from work and it was extremely late. You tried to quietly close the door without waking anyone. You set your bag down and immediately went to the fridge for food. “(Y/N)”,Nate called rushing down the stairs. “Hey baby, I thought you’d be in bed by now, it’s 2A.M. “Where were you”,He said with a harsh tone. “They needed me to take some night hours because Sandra was sick today”,you said continuing to eat your left over pizza. “Don’t lie to me. Where were you huh, fucking some other accountant? Was he better? huh was he?”,Nate said getting in your face. “No Nate, I was working late because Sandra wasn’t here today and they needed her files done for the end of the month”,I explained. He then smacked the pizza out of your hand. “Don’t get fat again (y/n), remember what you used to look like”,Nate said. I just stood there in shock, looking down at my feet. For once in my life, at this age I felt confident and beautiful. I’ve lost 75 pounds and i finally felt good. I kept my head down and tried to dry up my tears before looking up. “You’re right Nate”,I said finally looking up. The tears were filling my eyes and they finally came rushing down my cheeks. “I think i’m going to go upstairs now”,you said quickly going up the stairs. 

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You went into your bedroom and ran into the bathroom. You locked the bathroom door behind you and slid down the door crying. You heard shoes running up the stairs. “(y/n), (y/n) baby i’m sorry. You know I didn’t mean that. C’mon baby unlock the door and come to bed”,Nate said trying to open the door. You looked in mirror and saw what Nate was talking about. “I’m not good enough for him”,you said softly to yourself.

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Nate continued to beat on the door, screaming your name and apologies. You grabbed your toothbrush and began to shove it down your throat. Once you were satisfied and felt better, you brushed your teeth and opened the door. Nate was sitting on the bed with his head in his hands. He looked up and saw you. “Baby, listen you know I think you look amazing before and now. Please know I didn’t mean anything I just said. I was drinking earlier with the boys and I was worried about you. I was paranoid and I started overthinking about things”,He said looking in my eyes. You pushed pass him and headed into your side of the closet. “Baby?”,he said questioning. You pulled out a random bag and started packing. “Baby, please don’t lea-”Nate said before you cut him off. “First of all Nate, you know what I went through in highschool and you know that I finally felt good about myself. Second, I’m not leaving, you are. And third, you know what they say, A drunk man’s words are a sober man’s thoughts”,you said shoving the bag into his chest. “Goodbye Nate”,you said kissing his cheek. “I love you (y/n) I always will. I have always believed the saying ‘if two people are meant to be together, eventually they’ll find their way back to each other’,He said smiling with tears forming in his eyes. And with that he walked out of your bedroom.

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*6 months later*

6 months without Nate. 6 long months but as my mom always says, ‘when one door closes, another one always opens’, and wasn’t she right. I met another heart throb, his name was William. He worked at my dad’s construction business. We’ve been dating for about 3 weeks now, and he makes me very happy. 

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Tonight was the big Memorial Day cookout for our family and friends. I came over early to help my mom with the food and festivities. “Mom, what do you mean you invited the Maloley’s”,I said annoyed. “(y/n), Kami and I have been bestfriends for 20 years. I didn’t ask you to date Nathan, and I don’t care what you want they’re coming”,she said with her hand on her hip. “Ugh”,I shouted and rolled my eyes. 

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Everyone started to arrive. (y/n), do you remember us? Oh My Goodness the last time we saw you you were this little”,this random lady said. “Oh yea, its nice to see you again”, I said hugging this total stranger. “Hey baby, sorry I’m late. I needed to go home and change”,Will said hugging me. “And these are for you baby”,Will said hanging me a bouquet of flowers. “Oh Will, they’re beautiful!”you exclaimed. You noticed some familiar people walk through the gate, it was Nate. You two both glanced at each other for a bit too long. You quickly looked down at your sandals and tried to control the butterflies in your stomach. “Hey, he can’t do anything. Not if I’m here baby”,Will said. You smiled and walked inside to help bring out the food.

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“(y/n), hi honey its so nice to see you again”,Kami said picking up the potato salad. “Hi Mrs.Maloley, how are you”,you said awkwardly. “I’m fine honey, and you know to call me Kami honey”she said smiling. I smiled and picked up the corn walked outside. I ran into some one almost dropping all the corn. “Oh, i’m sorry”, I said. “Its fine (Y/n)”, some said. I looked up and saw Nate. “Oh hey Nate. How you been”,you said smiling. “I miss you baby. I can’t sleep, I can’t eat, I can’t move on. I need you back. I know what I did was terrible and I’m sorry. I still love you”, he said looking into my eyes. He cupped my face and rubbed my cheek. “Nate please”,you siad softly. “If you don’t feel anything, then I’ll move on okay”,he said. He then kissed you. It so passionate and full of lust and love. You kissed back.

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“y/n) what the hell!”I heard William shout. I stopped and stood there in shock. “Will please”you said running after him. “No-no i’m done, you kissed him in front of everyone making me look bad”,he shouted. He took the flowers off the table and threw them down. “Bye Will”,you said. “(y/n), please give me another chance baby”,Nate said. You turned around to see him with tears in his eyes. “Promise you won’t hurt me again”,you said walking toward him. “He picked you up and spun you around. “I promise till the day I die baby”,he said kissing you.

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Random bios bcz ily guys :)

i can turn the wold around

if i lose myself tonight it i’ll be by your side

baby you sound so good to me

maybe you’re gonna be the one who saves me

all i know that “i hate you” not exsists

i just want to see the stars with you

you’re so dark, babe but I want you hard

alex turner is better than free wifi

if this is love, then love completes me

i don’t like this game

all i see looking back in the mirror demons in my head

with the exception of you i dislike everyone in the room

stop the world cause I wanna get off with you

it’s my recovery,i made it

look at all the hate they keep on showing,i don’t wanna see that

i have broken down walls i defind,i desinged

what seemed like a good idea has turned into a battlefield


||original poem/song||

(I just wantes to post this here for random reasons. It has a tune but it’s kind of horrible… So I guess it’s a poem.)

The youth is in our skin

Imbedded there fat or thin

In our sun-kissed eyes

In our glittering smiles

We shout and we scream

Sense of order, nothing firm

We are chaos incarnate

In us, they are losing faith

But they don’t know

We aren’t definded by the now

They must look under the sheets

Our ideas there leave dents

When everything’s muted

We are disgusted by the lies we fed

Why do we lie to our reflections?

Afraid everything’s our imaginations?

But darling, the world is fake

Not sweet and innocent like cake

We build walls of illusion

Reality? Such a far fetched notion…

We laugh for we feel pain

But this we cannot maintain

We are growing older

But are we getting any wiser?

We were once youth

Stupid, flailing youth

But we are no longer them

They are shielded gems

And we do not shine like stars them

Hi everybody,

I’m looking for illustrators for an ILLUSTRATION PROJECT and I need your help!

My goal is to create a magazine for my bachelor thesis about the own drawing style. The reader should receive an impression of different drawing styles and views on the subject based on a lot of self-portraits of various illustrators. National and international artist can join in.

Many well-known illustrators already take part in this project!

External image

f.l.t.r. larapaulussen, Felix Scheinberger, frannerd, Mawil, Mareike Engelke, sibyllinesketchblog

I’m grateful for every reblog to make this project big and successful!

All you’ve to do to take part in:
It‘s simple: Just draw a selfportrait. Feel free to draw yourself as you want to. It‘s important that the own drawing style is clearly recognizable, so the reader can compare the different illustrations easily.

You also have to write something about „style“ in 1-3 sentences. What does style mean to you? How do you defind style in relation to the own drawing style? What are you connecting with the subject? etc.

For example:

“Stil entwickelt sich von selbst. Er ist einfach die Art uns Auszudrücken und das entwickelt sich schlicht durchs machen. Das was uns gut von der Hand geht und uns gefällt ist unser Stil.” - Felix Scheinberger

“Style is who you are, from how you dress to how you see the world. Everyone’s is different, it’s what defines you and lets you be the individual you are.” - Caroline Boyk

1st December 2014

All criteria you’ve to note can be found at the link below! Also please check the FAQ before asking.

After my exam and presentation I will plan a Kickstarter Project to publish the book. Thus all have a chance to buy a copy.



Okay, remind me again why some fans commented that the English cast were terrible? I think the English voices are, well SPOTS ON!

Before I begin my rant, first some commentary about things I observed while watching this first episode that I NEED to remark about:

The English version of the Miraculous theme song. Or should I say my new ring tone! My number is 555-L-A-D-Y-N-O-I-R. That’s MY JAM right thar!

Miraculous-es? Ehhh? Okay, gonna take some getting used to that, I guess. I’m so used to the term being simply Miraculous to describe both Ladybug’s earrings and Chat’s ring that hearing a definded plural form of the word, makes it sound weird on the ears? Anyone else tilted their heads when Hawkmoth said miraculous-es?

Time to De-Evilize! Pffffffffffft! Typical. It wouldn’t be an English dub without a marketable catchphrase. I have to laugh about this because…I’m sorry, it reminds me of Power Rangers with ‘it’s morphing time’ or the Ninja Turles with ‘it’s ninja time’ or ‘turtle power’. Everybody got themselves a catchy catchphrase and I wouldn’t be surprised if soon, we’ll be hearing the term, de-evilize with the little kids as much as Booyacashaw! Y’know it’s coming.

The little boy who is being dragged in the park by his dad who says he has to do chores. I’m sorry but chores? Isn’t that kid like 4 or 6 years old? Maybe it’s just me but why would you give a 4 or 6 year old…chores? I dunno that dub sounded odd to me. That’s just my puzzlement.

All the ‘off the changs’ and ‘cramping my styles’! What, no cracka-lacking? Or my homies? Pffffffft! Oooh the slang of today’s youth…in cartoons. I’m sorry I have no problem with this dub dialogue but I found this too amusing to not comment about.

Ladybug didn’t call Chloe a vixen. If I remembered correctly from the fan subs for Miraculous, in the party scene where Chloe is dancing with Adrien and tries to kiss him, I think Lady remarked calling Chloe, a vixen or a leech or another creative synonym for thirsty girl. Anyways I remember her calling her that kind of word so I was actually looking to see if they might use it in the dub but…sadly they didn’t. Booo! 

Adrien calling his dad ‘father’.Adrien, y u no call him daddy? Even papa would’ve sounded better. ‘Father’ sounds so…formal which I guess…suits given their strained father-son relationship. Just weird hearing it in English. Then again it’s probably me.

 Is that all? Yeah I think that’s all. Alright. Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, time to really talk about how I felt about the voices. Keep reading if you wanna know my thoughts. As usual, my miraculous musings are long so you may wanna grab yourself a snack.

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♡: Rucas

They honestly didn’t mean to fall asleep during movie night, it just happened. 

Riley was the last one to arrive at Lucas’s house for the weekly movie night they all had, and the only spot left was right next to Lucas on the very small couch. Things were still weird between the two after the whole Maya identity crises and they still haven’t definded their relationship. 

While Zay was putting the movie in, Riley yawned and Lucas looked at her. 

“If your tired you can lay your head on my shoulder.” he whispered and Riley blushed and nodded, not moving her head just yet. However about ten minutes into the movie Riley felt her head getting heavy, so she dropped it ad landed on Lucas’s shoulder, Lucas smiled before leaning his head against hers and placing his arm around her, allowing her to snuggle deeper into is embrace. Before long they had both fallen asleep. 

Farkle looked over and saw the two sleeping at the end of the couch, and nudged Maya and pointed. She smirked and grabbed her phone before taking a quick picture and sending it to Riley with the caption. 

“And you say you are just friends.”