butterflygineer  asked:

FUSION TIME : basically everyone you want >:D have fun ! , may i have a small request : all the members of the team fuse to create OR a defigured monster OR an ultime bug fighter ! have fun !

((Had some fun here, but tablet pen is dead))

((Hope you don’t mind @butterflygineer))

@ask-wasp-sniper and @ask-butterfly-medic

@ask-the-engie-bee and @ask-the-soldier-bee

@ask-moth-scout and @ask-ladybug-pauling

@ask-moth-pyro and @butterflygineer

@ask-dragonfly-demo and @ask-bullet-ant-heavy

@ask-wasp-sniper and @marbled-spider-spy

((And the full team with a small reference that all together they’d reach about to @ask-ex-engineer and @ask-pnk-engie height))

Asger Jorn, Poussin, 1962


Olivier de Sagazan || Transfiguration