defiers of fate

Defier of Fate [listen]

A long time ago on the riverside below the castle,
The flames of war advanced turn by turn.

The people raised their fists.

The words I long felt like screaming,
That I was ashamed of the noble blood I carried…

Now I can finally say them.

Defiers of Fate | Noctis & Lightning

     {♘} Monochromatic clouds cast above, their dark hue shading the land and the sun no where to be found. Even though such a setting wasn’t to her usual liking, it was fitting to the female’s current cracked exterior, pained and frustrated emotions showing through. Countless times had the soldier told herself and the others that she’d work better alone, her reasoning for leaving was because the built exterior was breaking—all Lightning had ever lived for was taken and she didn’t even know how to handle it.

     What was there to do? Complete the focus and destroy their home? Then there’s what Serah had said…‘Save Cocoon.' Which path to take? Could Lightning even save Serah anymore…Or was it too late? 


     The more the female pondered on any of the matters, the more it got to her—Lightning had turned into the one thing that she told herself she wouldn’t; A bad sister. Instead of looking after the younger Farron, she’d let work take over her, distancing herself from everyone even the woman’s precious sister. Look where it got her.

     Combat boots kicked at the nearest pile of debris, a loud clank of the metal scraping against each other, one of the sheets flying off to the floor. “Dammit.The words was muttered with a sharp exhale, cerulean narrowed as roseate brows furrowed in frustration. Lightning knew this situation could have been avoided, at least avoiding Serah and herself getting involved if she’d looked after her more. As long as Serah returned alive, then maybe the older sibling could live with herself—maybe.

     Advancing cautiously, the soldier’s defensive senses kicked in, posture squaring at a low snarl coming off not too far in the distance. Strangely, it wasn’t approaching herself, instead, taking a stance not too far in front of her, presumably in front of her. Had Snow managed to escape Lake Bresha? No—there wasn’t a way even he could manage to take that route. Even so, Lightning quickly approached, turning the corner as on semi-gloved palm met with the smooth metal of Blazefire’s handle, quickly readying the weapon before taking a stance next to this stranger.

     Being a soldier had definitely had it’s perks, but right now, should she really be helping this man? Seemingly, the whole world was against the l’Cie, and little did she know that this man beside her had been cursed with a brand. It was instinct for her to help others, and right now, it was getting in the way.

     "I hope you can fight.” The pain he’d felt was already obvious because his slanted stance, and honestly, Lightning wasn’t feeling up to taking on this fight herself. Right now, formalities didn’t matter—no introductions, nothing. Getting the predator out of the way was top priority, then the other’s identity could possibly be found out. What was he doing out here? The lack of uniform made it quite easy to assume that he wasn’t PSICOM, and the area was abandoned. Nobody came out here unless they were patrolling, removing monsters like the one before the duo so harm wouldn’t come to the nearby citizens. “We’ll talk after—don’t even think about running.”

He was unafraid, of course. He has sparred with much larger creatures where he was from. The beastly features of the Behemoth before him was a good indication that he was not too far from home; or at least, so he believed or wanted to to believe. Once upon a time, he had been lost in the wilderness away from home. He knew not why his mind would wander to such a memory at this point, but it bought about consequences that to this day he still regretted. Something that his heart could not let go.

No, it never left him. Being out here by himself where memory could not help him in lining the pieces, it was an anxious feeling. He cannot shake off the ominous notion that fell on his shoulders–and now panging irritably on his back. A hand shot out abruptly to press tightly against the painful jab but such an abrupt notion elicited a dangerous growl from the predator before him.

His feet added pressure to the soil, as if ready to leap into a battle that would be transpiring now and–

A shadow whisked in front of him, swiftly and to the prince’s surprise. Pink blurred upon cerulean irises and they widened after the few-second processing of the figure. A woman–armed and ready to engage in battle as he was. 

Wait, was she….helping him? Was she suffering the same predicament as he? Or perhaps walking about her own agenda? Perhaps she would know where they were…and how to get out. Either way, he stood with more strength returning to him, mentally blocking out the pain behind his shoulder, making tremors in his body the only outlet of pain left.

Her query was quickly answered; perhaps too eager–to ready to get this over with and get some answers: "I can.” He assured with his dark brows narrowing now to the Behemoth beginning to prowl around the two figures’ forms. He watched steadily. They can finish this battle quickly if they went about this strategically. But he waited for the female’s cue. She seemed more adept to the creatures here than he was, so best not to ruin what she had in mind. 

Her last words however made bewilderment mask his features. It indicated to him that he became an object of interest to the pink-haired woman. What did that ultimately mean? 

“Why would I ru–?” A slash, a gargantuan claw dived for the woman and himself and Noctis immediately evaded the attack with ease, sidetracked by conversation but always anticipating the beast’s moves. He nearly gasped for breath since his sudden movements activated the pain more, but he ignored it, panting now as he moved forward, readying himself again. His entire body glowed, a bright blue outlining his form. Though the thought of waiting for the woman’s strategy had surfaced his mind, he decided to take the reins in the situation. 

“Distract it,” he said carefully, “I’ll take care of him.” And like that he disappeared, his form completely becoming nothingness. This may alarm the woman more, but he was oblivious that his powers were unseen in her world. Still, he moved with such agility, teleportation guiding his form as he materialized–reappeared–right above the Behemoth’s head, ready to plunge a blade that too materialized in his hands and piercing it straight through the beast’s skull.

Defiers of Fate | Noctis & Lightning

   The region just above his right shoulder blade was relentlessly painful.

   It had been greatly jabbing at him since the moment he awoke to this strange land. There were many attempts to alleviate the pain, by rolling his arms, not exerting too much strength on the right side of his body, and even managing a brief massage with his attempt at reaching behind his back to apply pressure against the area. It had him stumped–not just the newly received pain in this newly-found place, but the memories for whatever reason not returning to him to line the pieces from the lost point A to the quizzical point B he is now in.

   Irises of Cerulean surveyed the new environment around him over and over, yet familiarity could not be founded. The dark skies that overcast upon the black hills and cliffs that surround him was coupled with debris of what could be akin to junk–left over parts of airships perhaps? Or machinery that was left to rust and forgotten. Has he been thrown too far from his own kingdom? Maybe beyond the vast plains and desert that surrounds the kingdom premises was this very junkyard location? Whatever the case may be, he needed to return home hastily. 

   If it wasn’t for his back acting up, things would work much more smoothly. Oh–and his memories. If his memories weren’t such a jigsaw then his current predicament would be resolved but then–


   “….Was that…a dream?”

   It had to be. The images of blurs and and foggy details flashing before his very eyes in what could be his slumber shouldn’t be any more than a mere dream, right? Dreams never made sense, especially this montage. It was…inexplicable. Unfamiliar faces, places, and unforeseen power that was well beyond his imagination–where in his memory could such things be concocted from the recesses of his mind, enough to formulate even that of a dream?

   He moved forward regardless. Best not to stand around and be cooped up by inquiries unanswered. His chances for survival was greater in motion than in the position he formerly was in upon his awakening. He found it a great and utter distress that his cell phone was not on his person. How had he lost in during the moments that led him here? Damn the memory for not returning to him yet. If he knew any better, this place was anything but–

   A snarl from behind. Speaking too soon.

   Brows of ebony narrow a fraction, keening in on the noise that was channeled to the Lucis heir. Pivoting slowly, cautiously, a ferocious visage met a mask of cool. Ebony tresses swayed slightly as he positioned himself in a ready battle stance. A behemoth–not one he has seen before where he is from, but to his alarm it was significantly smaller in size compared to those he’s more familiar with. Still, he did not let up his guard. A battle would be engaged in this new terrain and he must tread with caution.

   The pain in his back, to his dismay, continued to stab.