Shall we Judge Mr. Harper by the Numbers?

Stephen Harper wants the 2015 election to be about the numbers, about his stewardship of the economy.  So let’s give him what he wants.  Here’s how the economic forecast looks today, July 22nd, 2015.

 - The loonie today hit an 11 year low

- The PBO today advised Canadians that we are headed for a $1 billion deficit, as opposed to the $1 billion surplus Harper has been touting.  This is Harper’s 8th straight deficit.

 - Canada is now entering its second recession under Stephen Harper

 - Canada currently has the worst growth record since the Great Depression.

So, if you won’t vote him out for leading the the most crime ridden, corrupt, fraudulent government in Canadian history, then vote Stephen Harper out in 2015 for destroying the Canadian economy.

Don’t look now, but the federal budget deficit is at its lowest level since Obama took office

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) announced on Monday that the federal government's  budget deficit will shrink this year to its lowest level since President Barack Obama took office.

The CBO says the deficit will be $468 billion for the budget year that ends in September 2015, slightly less than FY2014’s $483 billion deficit. As a share of the economy, CBO says this year’s deficit will be slightly below the historical average of the past 50 years.

U.S. debt headed toward Greek levels

The projection of US debt for the next 25 years looks a lot like Greece’s debt over the past 25.

From the Washington Examiner:

United States’ projected debt over the next 25 years looks a lot like Greece’s over the past 25.

With all the chaos unravelling in Greece, Congress would be wise to do what it takes to avoid reaching Greek debt levels. But it’s not a matter of sticking to the status quo and avoiding bad decisions that would put the budget on a Greek-like path, because the budget is on that path already.

A quarter-century ago, Greek debt levels were roughly 75 percent of Greece’s economy — about equal to what the U.S. has now. As of 2014, Greek debt levels are about 177 percent of national GDP. Now, the country is considering defaulting on its loans and uncertainty is gripping the economy.

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As we’ve said many times before, our spending levels are utterly unsustainable. There are simply not enough rich people to tax. The only possible chance we have of fixing our debt problem is to cut spending severely. And even then, it would be almost impossible to pay back our debt. Even still, you know a spending reduction of any kind isn’t going to happen, especially a substantial one. After all, remember how the infinitesimal-by-comparison sequester “cuts” (that weren’t actually cuts) were demonized by the big-government left? Grandma was going to die, planes were going to fall from the sky, even men were going to beat their wives, all because the spending increase from one year to the next was going to be slightly less than originally proposed. All this means is that Greece’s mess is coming here. Obviously there’s no way to predict when. But it’s coming, nonetheless.

Federal Budget Deficit Falls to Smallest Level Since 2008

“The federal budget deficit fell precipitously to $680 billion in the 2013 fiscal year from about $1.1 trillion the year before, the Treasury Department said Thursday. That is the smallest deficit since 2008, and marks the end of a five-year stretch when the country’s fiscal gap came in at more than a trillion dollars a year.”

Shrinking deficits are impossible for Conservatives to comprehend. They do not even know how to report on them.


A common dove tale…

This youngster is suffering from calcium deficiency. These birds are often mistaken for birds that have “fallen from their nests”. This species suffer from it very commonly at this time of year. They are originally native to India, where breeding all year round is not an issue for them! They were not an introduced species, but have gradually spread across Europe by themselves!

Sadly there are not enough hours of sunlight in the UK to metabolise the calcium and Vitamin D properly. So they get calcium deficiency at this time of year, which is seen when they try to leave the nest and fledge.

You can always spot them by the fact they crouch close to the ground rather than standing tall, as their legs are weak. They have bendy soft beaks and tail feathers that are full length but still “in pin” (the sheath still attached). They often pant or breathe rapidly, as their hearts are not functioning properly due to the lack of calcium.

Untreated, the prognosis is poor for these birds, as they cannot fly and will weakly sit on the ground until predators get them. Here at the hospital they are given a calcium supplement, and the majority make a full recovery.

Spread the word - if you see young doves looking like this - get them to a wildlife rescue centre quickly!
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Yes, Obamacare Is Cutting The Deficit

“… all the ‘deficit hawks’ out there who are deeply concerned about too much borrowing and the terrible choices our grandchildren will confront might want to write a letter of thanks to one Barack Hussein Obama…. The reasons for the slowdown [in the deficit] in Medicare spending are complicated. But a big part of it is — you guessed it — the Affordable Care Act. The ACA has found direct savings in Medicare with things like cuts to some provider payments…. Medicare is still the biggest driver of future deficits, but the next time you hear a conservative say we have to 'rein in entitlements,’ you can remind them that nothing any president has done to achieve that goal has been nearly as effective as the reforms contained within the hated Obamacare.” - Paul Waldman in the Washington Post

You will never hear a Republican/Conservative say thank-you. They are too caught up in a hate-spiral of name-calling and victim-blaming.