in 2020 first year psychology students will given this excerpt and told to write 1500 words on what possible thought distortions cognitive deficiencies and medication alterations can be interpreted from the above patients diary entry and why for midterm exams

I have not had any meat in a year. W i l d. I never thought I would stop eating meat let alone become vegan… It literally shocks me every single day. I am not a purist by any means and there are some days where I eat animal products (ranch is my weakness) but as a whole I would say my diet is at least 85-90% vegan and it is shocking to me. 

When I first started this journey I had people telling me I would feel weak/tired/be protein deficient and that could not be any farther from the truth. I have had my blood work done and not only did everything come out normal, my doctor said my results were super good. 

Transitioning into a plant based diet is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am not one of those vegans who wants to force everyone to become vegan and shames people who are not vegan but I would strongly suggest cutting down your meat consumption (meatless Mondays!) and finding different sources of protein. One of the things I have loved about becoming vegan was how much it expanded my diet. I know people would assume going vegan means cutting out a lot of things and that is true but if anything, it has made my diet a lot more diverse. 

ANYWAYS, I just wanted to ramble and talk about this because it just occurred to me that my vegetarian anniversary was sometime around this time last year. 

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Hey look another hc from yours truly at four in the morning, this one's about Tom! So like, he had real parents but they left him at the hospital because they thought he was deficient or something so yeah. And he just, decided 'hell if I'm being told I don't have parents I'll m a k e my own parents' but he was mcfrickin five and five year olds are dumb af like they will care for anyt h in g if given the opportunity??? So yeah there you go. -Tally

This is cute and sad

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As a previously anemic, calcium deficient, generally unhealthy person, going vegan was the best decision of my life. I got loads of health issues from diabetes to celiac's disease. There are no health conditions which prohibit one from being vegan, like???? I wish nonvegans would stop being like "sick ppl can't cut dairy and meat! Don't guilt me!" Like how about you quit fucking minimizing people who HAVE these health issues who vegan and are actually doing BETTER now as vegan. Sorry not sorry.

22nd January update!

…posted on the 23rd, but I haven’t gone to bed yet so it still counts. :P

I got an IBC to store topup water in!

This means I can run tapwater into it and let it sit long enough for chlorine etc to offgas, so I can do big topups without worrying about harming my bacterial colony. We’re also looking into getting a small rainwater tank and plumbing it into the guttering, but in the meantime this is awesome.

This also means that I’ve been able to top the system up to its full capacity!

Aaaahhh, having a full sump tank is awesome.

My plants are still growing well! The spaghetti squash are developing nicely (still fighting deficiencies with them but I think I’m getting on top of it, they’re putting out new buds):

I’ve got lots of beneficial insects visiting the system and my wicking beds:

And look at these awesome flowers that are making me happy:

my analysis bc i’ve got nothing better to do:

  1. i think the cow (who i will now call bessie) is on a hoverboard
  2. lance is holding what looks like a piece of rope which is presumably tied to bessie’s hoverboard
  3. which implies that lance is pulling this cow along like a little kid pulling a wagon
  4. lance has weird shit on his forehead but we can at least assume he’s not calcium-deficient
  5. if lance is hallucinating this cow, at least it’s getting acknowledged by the others (i.e shiro’s “is that a cow?”)
  6. bessie has a bow on their tail. if lance tied that on that’s cute :’)
  7. bessie looks fucking ripped like their shoulders are two lances wide
  8. look at the size of that snout
  9. big ears but tiny horns
  10. keith’s knife is in the frame so bessie better watch the fuck out 🔪
The Joke’s On You [Joker x Harley]

What if Joker showed up to break Harley out of Belle Reve at a different time, before Suicide Squad, and saw what happened there? Based on this post.

Inspired by day 6 of @jokerxharleyweek​: Wrath

This ended up like a mixture of my previous fics Go Home and Death Throes, so you will surely recognize the themes if you’ve read those.
Warning: depictions of graphic violence, suggested/referenced non-con.

 The floor was underneath her again, cold and hard. She could feel the hard surface against her back, her empty stomach cramped as her eyelids fluttered shut.

“She’s just a little girl, come on! How could she overpower you?”

Her dry lips twisted into a smile and she felt the skin break, the warm metallic liquid spilling down her chin. The guards moved like dark shadows around her, distorted in her vision, enormous sharks surrounding her from all angles.

Someone was yelling; she must have broken someone’s back again. Harley traced the bars of her cage with her outstretched hand, feeling the electricity travel through her skin in sensations she couldn’t decide were uncomfortable or pleasurable. The sunlight that she had not felt on her skin for months filtered through the acrylic glass at the very top of the room, held back by endless metallic bars.

The sun had fought to climb all the way up on the sky and the work day had started. This place was a treadmill in constant motion, but the inmates remained unmoving. Day or night inside of this place had no meaning.

She had no clear memory of how she ended up there on the floor, only this time with a split lip and the taste of someone’s skin in her mouth. She was convinced she was so deep underground that no one could ever find her, as if this place was a rabbit hole, filled with endless tunnels and passages. Someone had stolen her away; an evil rabbit with big teeth and hilarious round glasses had grabbed her and taken her with him.

Sometimes, this room was the only thing she could remember. She was rootless, drifting alone at an enormous vast sea, no trace of land in any direction. Floating further away on a wave into the universe.

For a long time, her hope had kept her going. She survived for many cold, empty months on hope alone.

Don’t scream. You’ll only give the security guards a show. Now hold still.”

She knew that he would come for her. Puddin would not leave her there; he would find out where they kept her. He must be miserable without her.

Do you like that, hotness?” Heavy panting in her ear. Her limp body pushed against the dirty floor. She giggled when she pried his fingers off.

Anytime now. She kept repeating it to herself.

Grabby, sweaty hands on her skin, grasping. “We can do whatever we want, you’ll be in here forever.”

She sang a tune to herself and the laughter bubbled up from her chest.

Eenie meenie miney moe, catch a guard by his throat. If he screams, squeeze harder. Then bash his head out.

By gazing at the barred window far above she could determine what time of day it was. The light came and it went away again, and Mr. J had still not shown up.

He will come, something told her, fiercely, he will.

But he was somewhere else, on the other side of the universe, and she had lost sight of him as time passed by.

She had refused to eat – she didn’t touch the dog food they gave her. She wanted bubble gum and something sugary sweet, but the main guard had laughed at her until she broke his wrist through the bars. Hunger was a sign of life force, of energy, and she lost it as time progressed. A dying body does not want nutrition of any kind. So she slept instead, and her sleep got heavier and sometimes feverish, sometimes cold. The shadows danced at the edge of her vision, whispering to her when she hang upside down from the ceiling.

Letting her hair fall to the floor, rocking in the pieces of fabric she had strung together to create a makeshift trapeze, she let the slow movements soothe her for days on end. Like a spider in her nest, she waited for the next opportunity to strike.

As time passed by she had withered away until she was only skin and bones, and when she finally curled up on the floor and decided to shut the world out, she was happy. She was in her happy place with Mr. J and nothing could ever reach her.

Until one day when the guards suddenly showed interest in her again, and she was forcibly removed from the floor by the alpha guard and his men.

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I hate that feeling

when I can feel myself falling

into a deep, deep depressive hole


like quicksand

or a soccer field after a rainy day,

everything is slippery,

there’s nothing I can hold onto.

Nothing to stop me from falling.


Today sweet space dog was diagnosed officially with a zinc malabsorption problem. His biopsy results came back positive. It’s been over a year that we have been fighting illness, disease, and injury. Many of which I have not talked about because as the problems got worse and my sweet humble bumble got sicker, the prognosis seemed more and more to be possible cancer. A zinc deficiency means Hubble has a long, healthy, happy life though. It means we will see dramatic improvement in health and even his chronic hind end injury…

Guys be advocates for you pets. It has saved my dogs lives more than once. If you don’t have a vet that takes you and your concerns and research seriously, get a new one. Because of my vet’s compassion and open mindedness, as well as her drive to stay educated, hubs was diagnosed and now will receive appropriate treatment.

Haha I am still crying over it.

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I have a headcanon that the barrier around the mountain slows the aging process of everyone and everything within, so that while Chara may very well be mid-30s, this would explain why they look 20-something at most. Thoughts?

Very interesting headcanon! If that was the case, that barrier comes with some awesome perks!

However, our Chara isn’t benefiting from any barrier anti-aging perks in this story. Rather, I’ve found 30-somethings can actually look quite young (or old!) depending on their genetics and lifestyle. In fact, I mix up mid-20s and mid-30 year olds all the time in real life! This Chara is just supposed to look like a regular 36 year old. Old enough to have a bit of wisdom, but young enough to hit the local arcade without looking out of place.