so now that I have my hair cut I think, with some careful hair management, I can pull off a Blaine look for that photoshoot.

it’d be cool to do an AVPM shoot at the same time!

however, outside of photoshoots I’m declaring my Darren Criss cosplays officially retired. I don’t watch Glee anymore, and AVPM has lost it’s novelty as a silly cosplay. it’s been a blast, but I’m moving on to other fandoms, and that’s just how life works I guess.


WOW! Thank you to all the new followers I’ve gotten in the last few days!! I feel I should do a proper hello for this many people!

Feel free to drop me a message whenever, or ask for my skype, twitter, etc bc I love talking to people! 

Thanks again! :) xx

Aki-Con Cosplay Groups - UPDATE


  • Blaine - Me (Complete! …pending wig. Seriously, this thing is being bitchy.)
  • Kurt -  TheArtAlchemistify
  • ItsNoodleBitches?
  • DefiantWaffleLord?
  • a-study-in-timeywimey?



  • Female Blaine - Me (Complete!)
  • Female Kurt - ItsNoodleBitches or  TheArtAlchemistify
  • Female Sam? - ItsNoodleBitches?



  • Harry Potter - Me
  • Ron -  TheArtAlchemistify
  • Draco -  DefiantWaffleLord
  • Hermione -  TwistingHerMind
  • Ginny - can supply wig, tie, and dress shirt for anyone who wants to join in!


Modern Fem!Avengers - no longer participating. sorry, guys! maybe next con.


Iron Man Extended Universe (yes it’s a thing shut up)

  • Tonya Stark - Me


Harry Potter

  • Lily Evans OR Hermione Granger
… hey messerprongsmarauder, can you come? what’s the situation on that?