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ostinato || part three

summary: the road keeps bending back upon itself, and there’s nothing he can do to stop it. time loop au [start here] [part two] [wither] [part four]
warnings: canon major character death, mentions of suicide, violence
word count: 6587


“You hold an absence
at your center,
as if it were a life.”

–Richard Brostoff, “Grief”

When he was younger, time didn’t matter.

Years and months and days would sweep by like gusts of wind, and he would laugh in the face of it as it withered others away into the ether. Centuries and millennia were barely a wink when compared to the infinitely long stretch of immortality. It was nothing; he was created to withstand it, and soon, he stopped caring enough to keep track of it.

So once, he was untouched by time.

He’s lived through this day seven times over now. Seven times he’s tried to save her, and seven that he watched her life fade away like smoke into air.

Now, it pummels him into the dust.

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Prompt #13: Wounded Animal

((Trigger warning:  I… was not going to do this.  And then I did.  I just… had this scene come to me, and I felt like I could write it without being destroyed.  So here it is, under a cut.  It’s non-graphic, but it does involve animal death.  Reader beware.

Also, This story is about my farm girl Ruthanne, who resides at @ruthanne-winter.  For the ease of organization for @sea-wolf-coast-to-coast, however, I will be posting this here to my main blog and simply reblogging it to Ruth’s, where it belongs.))

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