Imagine, despite knowing that Loki is completely devoted to you and would never cheat on you, getting a little suspicious/jealous of Valkyrie. He doesn’t seem to be paying any attention to what you would consider her “advances,” so you shrug it off as your own imagination.

But it’s getting harder and harder to explain and even more so to ignore. You finally come to terms with it: Val’s definitely hitting on him. (No pun intended.)

You’ve overheard him say things to her in passing about how in love he is with you, how beautiful you are to him, how he wouldn’t trade you for the world, etc., but if her behaviour is any indication, Val doesn’t care that he’s taken.

Eventually, you decide to confront her and let her know that she’s wasting her time… and that you won’t put up with her shameless flirting.

Val just gives you a defiant, “what’cha gonna do about it?” smirk before going to Loki and grabbing him by the elbow to kiss him.

You snap and easily beat her to a pulp, barely aware of Kaci Battaglia’s “Crazy Possessive” playing (either in your own mind or over a sound system; your choice) or of the growing audience who has started to chant “Fight! Fight!”

Loki has to push through the crowd to reach you. By the time he gets there, you’ve already done a number on Val, who is visibly on the verge of unconsciousness. Loki pulls you up and fusses over you, struggling to hide how impressed he is… or how smug he is about you literally throwing someone down over him.