anonymous asked:

if you had to describe rip in five to ten adjectives, which ones would you choose

Okay, well.

1.  Scrawny.  Because he is.  Someone should feed the poor boy.

2.  Tormented.  I saw an article describe Rip as “the tormented Captain of the Waverider” once and it seemed like a good word to encompass the sheer awfulness of his general life (both self-inflicted and otherwise).

3.  Defiant.  There’s a reason I say that his motto is “because, fuck you.”

4.  Compassionate.  But that doesn’t always seem to do the poor guy a lot of good.

5.  Complicated.  Complicated is a good word in general.  :-)


I’ve been listening to Linkin Park on repeat for the past few hours. I don’t pretend I knew the band all that well, but a number of their songs resonated with me very personally at different times in my life. Especially during dark days in my 20s. So much poisonous unexpressed self-hatred. 3 minutes with Numb felt like a chance to breathe again. And I loved their melodic shift in Minutes to Midnight. Leave Out All the Rest is just gut wrenching tonight. Waiting for the End feels like a defiant shout against despair.

I’ve read that Chester struggled with addiction his whole life and considered suicide due to abuse he suffered as a child. So many of their songs read like someone trying to make sense of their own suffering. I wonder how often artists create in order to put their burdens down for a few moments peace? When Robin Williams died I remember reading how pervasive depression was among comedians, as many become funny to stave off the darkness. Laugh or cry.

I suppose I don’t really have anything to say. I’m just sad. When these people who helped us get through things fall…it feels like it aches that much more.

But it doesn’t take away from what they gave us.

“Don’t mess with María or she’ll knock you out !” 

I do have a thing for defiant attitudes and gals that aren’t afraid to stare back… You go girls !