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So after Coda I was, like many of you, distraught and inconsolable. In order to get that out of my system, I wrote down some lyrics, and by the time the team delusional theories were circulating my views had changed so I went in and added a few lines to the end to give it some hope. But I decided to share it because yay it got recorded and big ups to my man at 13 studios for helping me out. Always and forever bethyl woot! Lyrics below:

so we’re drowning
we can’t stay afloat
waves have come and overtaken our boat
and we’re losing everything we know
wait it out and see how hard this storm blows
we are sinking, despite how hard we’ve rowed
rain has come and we are soaked to the bone
break, break, break it down
i’m never gonna let you fall into the background
how did we end out this far from shore?
how did we end up inside this downpour?
and we never, in our wildest dreams
thought that this was where the ending would be
break, break, break it down
i’m never gonna let you fall into the background
and as the end draws
there’s nothing we can do
i’m content to just be sinking with you
i can make it
hold my head up high
look for clouds but all i see is blue sky

Might not mean anything...

As we all saw, Beth was blatantly in at least two clips for the “featured” episodes during the TWD marathon next week.

And it might not mean anything, but out of all the clips and all the episodes the could have chosen, they picked those two in it. Again, might not mean anything. But, the only other person I remember seeing in the clip that has already died is Hershel. 

And, I don’t think she’d be the guest even if she did appear. There would be too many questions that they couldn’t ask her.

BUT, I have hope.

Anyone else feeling like it’s proof enough that Beth is returning because of all the bones TPTB throw at us. And I’m talking specifically at us Team Delusional. No one else would think much of them showing Bethyl twice for the mid season finale marathon, except for us. They do things that aren’t obvious to the average watchers but scream Beth’s return to us TD. They could have shown so many scenes in Season 4,5,6 (which I believe are the seasons being shown) and they chose to show two Bethyl scenes. The fact they showed her at all makes no sense. They didn’t show any other people who have been dead for a while. Also, they are starting with Season 4 the beginning of Beth’s arc and Bethyls arc.

It just baffles me. They know about us. So, why would they throw all these hints at us? To mock us? Why would they go out of their way to do this if it meant nothing? Why won’t they address us? Why do they keep doing things to make us think she’s alive still if she’s really not?

She’s coming back, and they are telling us Team Delusional, not everyone else, just us. I have hope that she’s coming soon!


Under the cut you’ll find roughly 256 gifs of the handsome, one of my baes, Raymond Ablack from his roles as Gabriel in Teenagers season 2 episode 1-9, as lovely Sav Bhandari inDegrassi: Next Class season 2 episode 5 (episode 6 sadly refused to work for me), Samir Pandey in Defiance season 3 episode 4, and Raj Singh in Orphan Black season 4 episode 1. Ablack is best known for his role as Sav Bhandari in Degrassi and has appeared in many other things.He is Indo-Guyanese so please cast him correctly. The gifs are all small/medium, textless, and as hq as I could get. Look, a lot of time an effort was made into these gifs, like a lot so if you’re going to use them, credit me. I’m lenient with other gif packs but guys don’t play me. Please like or reblog if you plan on using. Oh. Tw: flashing lights and violence. There’s like one nsfw gif too. There’s also a download for this gif pack (like my other gif packs) so if you would like that instead, feel free to come to me off anon. Thank you! 1/?

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I hope Beth is in tonights episode but i doubt it 😒
If she’s not at least in the ending scene in 7x08 then i’m gonna be worried i mean c'mon “heart still beating” if these writers are geniuses like everybody always says they would use this title as a return of something or rather someone 😉🙆💫

anonymous asked:

2P China, battered and bruised, being tortured and interrogated by an FBI agent. The agent slaps China and growls, "Admit it. Admit you wear crocs!" China spits on the agent and mumbles, "Never."

The agent pulls back his hand to deliver another blow onto the 2p nation, a loud smack being echoed throughout the cold, grey room. “I’m not going to ask you again,” the agent growled, causing China to scoff at him. 

“You have no proof of anything. You and your sick incorporation just want to bring tragedy upon others.” He spat at the agent, his eyes burning with fury and defiance. “I won’t tell you anything.” He muttered.

A muffled noise came from the agent’s walky talky, and China could only wish that he had heard it. A sick, twisted grin came upon the face of the agent, and he glowered down at the nation. Just then the door open, and another agent holding a large box walked on. He smirked at China before dumping the contents of the box onto the floor.

He couldn’t believe his eyes. He thought that he had locked them up for good.

Dozens of pairs of crocs spilled out onto the ground. Crocs of all different shapes and colors filled up the eyes of the agent and the nation, and that was when Zao knew. 

It was all over. There was no digging out of this one.