aries are always following the call to adventure. they evoke all form of childhood fantasy in the way they create miracles with the mind, see the world as a toybox, and foresee all possibility. the aries temperament however, is labile and inclined to abrupt change, because feelings like excitement can turn over stimulation and then anxiety, or subtle frustration can suddenly become rage or defiance  

Hey everyone! I’ve been getting a lot of asks and a few messages about my thoughts on this post earlier from Emily’s twitter.

My opinion on it is that it’s either her album cover or something related to TWD or maybe both.

The problem I have with it just being an album cover is the fact that it’s blurred out. I follow musicians like Emily that are individual artists, small artists, and some big artists. The first thing that’s released when any artist is about to release an album is the album artwork (or cover) and the release date. Emily has already been extremely secretive about the release date saying it’s sometime in October. Usually, specific release dates are announced at least two months or more before the album comes out. On top of all of this, she is an INDIVIDUAL ARTIST. She has total control over what she can release, unless for some reason she’s still under contract (maybe with AMC)?

I want to add that I met Emily and I told her how much I loved her music, and I said to her “I can’t wait for new music!” This was back in the beginning of the summer, and she told me she would release some in the fall. So way back then she knew it would be in October.

Now, I think this could be strictly related to TWD. Maybe Beth’s return poster for when it’s revealed she’s alive. There’s some yellow in it, possibly her polo? Just some theories.

Lastly, it could be both album and TWD related. I think they could be intertwined. I think she might release a song for the new season of TWD and it will come out when she’s revealed alive on the show. I just am not sure how exactly it’s going to line up with an October release date because I don’t think we will see her until 706 at the earliest. Though, it’s possible she could’ve just recorded a song for the walking dead 701 episode, and then not show up until later that season. This would explain why she can’t say the date because everyone would realize it’s TWD related. Also, why she hasn’t released her album art work it could possibly be Beth or TWD related.

It’s just all very strange that she can’t tell us a specific date and she can’t release the art work. If she’s not under contract she should be able to do these things. The secrecy makes absolutely no sense. A small artist like her should be promoting the release date like crazy with the album art work. This way a lot of people know about it before it comes out. At this point it seems as though she’s going to wait until the day it’s released to tell us it’s now available to buy. So, we must ask why wouldn’t she need to promote it so much? Maybe AMC and TWD will be enough of a promotion for it? Also, why isn’t there a release date to pump up this album? Why would such a small artist not tell their fans until the day of that the album is now available? Maybe that’s because again TWD episode will do this all for her. She’s not Beyoncé or Drake here people. She can’t just drop a secret album the day of and expect loads of sales on it. What she can expect though is dropping a new song on a new album the day of, if it was played through a heartbreaking returning episode of TWD.

Also, I was going to save this for another post but she’s releasing a VINYL. I get that that’s a popular thing to do now for indie artists but seriously. Beth and Edwards with those vinyl records in Slabtown. Idk, just saying.

If you have anything to add please do! xo

anonymous asked:

I've noticed on your blog that there is a lot of talk about why Beth is wearing a bandage on her wrist when she wakes up in the hospital, but at the beginning of Slabtown, Dr. Edwards tells her "your wrist was fractured and you sustained a superficial head wound". So isnt she wearing it because her wrist was fractured? Or do we not believe him?

Ultimately, I and blogs like @bethgreenewarriorprincess believe that Beth is wearing a bandage on her wrist because she was actually bit there, and it’s to cover it up. There are several reasons for this (most of the credit for this goes to bethgreeenewarriorprincess):

  • Beth’s IV bag had an abnormally large dose of heparin. A healthy person like Beth would not be given heparin for the injuries she sustained as it’s a blood thinner, especially in such dangerous amounts. This was found by bethgreenewarriorprincess, who has never seen a bag of that size even though she was a nurse for over twenty years. Heparin though could be part of therapy-concoction to treat her for the zombie virus, as it would keep her blood from coagulating like walkers’ blood, and heparin is also used in the book genre for cures.
  • There are comic eggs and general eggs tying her to dialogue on cures and medicine. Noah also came from the Daryl Dixon video game, as Daryl met a character named Noah at St. Cleburne hospital who was being held prisoner there by an insane doctor searching for a cure.
  • The show has hinted at a cure storyline since 4a and the flu arc, the first storyline under Gimple’s reign and which is original to the show. The Greene family was immune to it. Maybe Beth is also immune to the virus.
  • She said that the last thing she remembers before Grady was that she had been fighting a walker. Well, Daryl saw a walker outside the funeral home with what looked like fresh blood on its face. It could have grazed her shallowly (something similar happened to the protagonist in the first Tell Tale walking dead game). If she were bit, it likely would have been on her dominant arm. There are also two holes torn open on the sleeve of her sweater there, holes larger than what she cut for her thumbs.
  • Such a storyline is what the show needs as it has become repetitive to the point it is losing viewership, which the writers would be aware of. Beth being immune to the virus opens up new storylines as the plot would shift to protecting her and looking for resources in order to do research. It would also explain the depth of Beth’s resurrection arc. She’s a Christ figure and Christ figures are saviors typically. The world needs saving from the zombie virus. Her being that savior justifies a resurrection arc now years in the making.
  • The overall strangeness and ambiguous of Grady. Why was Trevitt so important? He was a doctor, yes, but Edwards was already there. But Trevitt was an oncologist, and most biomedical research is done in the cancer field. He might have been able to help Grady, as the people were likely doing research there, hence the cops taking people and the bodies down the elevator shaft. Beth then healed from her injuries at the end of Slabtown at an impossible speed.
  • Beth literally gives no indication that she’s in any pain from a fractured wrist, and she does tasks that she couldn’t do with such an injury. A fractured wrist is the medical term for a broken wrist. Yet she is able to hold on to the rope as Noah lowers her down the elevator shaft, with a flashlight in that hand as well, and at one point is holding on with just that hand. Her cast was also changed twice in Slabtown as twice her cast is white again after being dirty; it’s a soft-compression cast which is basically gauze, and it is not something you use for setting bones. Edwards likely lied about the fractured wrist so she wouldn’t ask about the bandage, but I’m sure she figured everything out by Coda.
  • Recently in FTWD a character revealed he was immune as he was bit, but he survived. He then proceeded to show a scar on his shoulder, a scar that included a chunk of his actually shoulder gone. The shows have begin seeding one another, which makes sense as they belong to the same universe, and Beth parallels have always been in that show, but they’re rampant now.

I hope this helps. You can read more about it here (X).

The creative urge and vision struck me last night and when it does strike, I just have to follow where and how it takes me… so I stayed up hella late 😞 to make my latest Bethyl collage edit here.💞
I am aware that the panels in this one are a bit out of chronological sequence when it seems here that they should be shown in such an order, but it works because most of the scenes match the lyrics of this song–“Run for Your Life” by #thefray–ever so appropriately. Usually, I’m not quite so literal as far as following the verse of a song when I incorporate them into a photo edit… but I just couldn’t resist this time. 😍
I guess it can all be interpreted as a somewhat random flow of different memories of Daryl and Beth bouncing around with changing narratives. First it’s a third person narrative, then it’s a second person narrative, then it’s from Daryl’s POV (“point of view”), then it’s from Beth’s POV, and then it’s from both of their POVs together… mutually conveyed to each other. It’s a bit complex, but I love it.❤️
A huge “thank you” to my dear friend @boltthrutheheart for suggesting yet another tune that perfectly inspires with the many sweet ‘n’ tragic 💘Bethyl💘 feels it evokes.
Just to let you know, I take requests! 😉
I very much enjoy doing these song lyric-based edits.🎶❤️😌
If you have a Bethylesque song in mind that makes you all crazy-emotional, please feel free to hit me up! 😊👍🏼

anonymous asked:

I'm really interested in the wolves too and if this story abt beth being tied to a tree is happening in season 8 do you think they already reunited in season 7?

Oh geez, I hope so! If they don’t give us a Bethyl reunion by the S7 finale (especially assuming that we’ve already seen her this season) they may have a full scale riot on their hands. I think they will though.

I already mentioned this in another Ask this morning, but my current theory is that Daryl will find out Beth is alive in the MSF and part of 7x10, (the whole Carol/Daryl episode everyone seems to be losing their crap over) will be that, just like in Consumed, he’ll be searching for Beth again.

If that’s the case, I really can’t see them making us wait over the summer for the reunion.Shipping and the fact that people tend to leave for two seasons aside, once events in the plot start happening, they do happen fairly quickly. For example, we saw the wolves looking at pics of Alexandria in 5x16, which unfortunately was a season finale, but they attacked Alexandria only 2 episodes later.

Daryl was looking for Beth in Consumed (5x06) and they found her in Coda (5x08) again two episodes later. 

Actually, what I originally said after the 7x10 spoilers came out was that if it follows the S5 pattern, he’ll probably find Beth two episodes later in 7x12, which would line up nicely with Still in terms of episode numbers.

So in short, we can’t know for certain, but if things play out the way most of us think/hope they will, then yes, I think they’ll reunite in S7, but it’ll be closer to the end of the season than the beginning.

That said, I think other things foreshadowed for Beth (helping bring down the wolves, stuff with the Saviors such as @thegloriouscollectorlady‘s 4 Arcs for 4 Communities theory, etc.) may not come to fruition until S8. I just don’t think there’ll be time for all of it in S7. But of course Bethyl is the most important thing we’re looking for. :D And remember that the candles in Alone pointed to 7, not 8. Just sayin’. :D

And for the record, I’m not discounting the thing with the tree happening in S7. I think it COULD, but it just depends on how the story plays out. I wouldn’t be surprised either way. 

Thanks for the Ask! Xoxo! ;D

How Dare I Love You? Part Two

ourlordandsaviorc-3po said:
Prompt: Sansa gets in a fight with a her mother. In an attempt to get back at her she engages in the greatest act of defiance, spending time with Jon Snow. This leads to a confused Jon and a angry Cat. Her plan backfires when she starts to fall for her bastard half-brother.


Finally added the second installation! 

On Ao3 too


Sansa picks at the skirts of her gown, the wool catching at her nails. With a frown slant on her lips she sighs out, eyes drowned in the shade she adorns. Grey. A melancholy draped to her body as a whole. The bodice tight, the neckline droops and leaves her neck bare. Truly, not a desirable style to face the cold with. However, she cannot help but wear it with pride. Mother wished her to.

Lord GreatJon is visiting and with him his son. But that is not who her mother had her sights on, her father had mentioned as such, instead mother had grown impervious to the North. Claiming Sansa was already made of it, ice flowing through her veins. To have the South treat bonds through marriage and the bed that came with it would allow a better reunion of the two.

Sansa would not have mind before, having always wished to go South, and she still does. It’s her dream. But something weighs her down. It plunges that of steel between her shoulder blades and never loosens. Like a guilt swaying down her neck, hugging her waist and pinching at her arms.

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William was fascinated by science. One day, he opened a textbook and saw a picture of a windmill, and his life changed forever.

“I was very interested when I saw the windmill could make electricity and pump water. I thought: ‘That could be a defence against hunger. Maybe I should build one for myself’.”

Neighbors found it very strange that he was spending so much time sifting through garbage. “Many, including my mother, thought I was going crazy. They had never seen a windmill before.”

“People thought I was smoking marijuana. So I told them I was only making something for juju [magic].’ Then they said: 'Ah, I see.’”

He built a 16-ft-tall turbine from spare bicycle parts, a tractor fan blade, and an old shock absorber, and made blades out of plastic pipes- amazing the entire village when he climbed to the top and plugged in a light bulb that slowly flickered to life.

A book titled 'The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind’ was written about his story, as well as a documentary called ‘William and the Windmill.’


“Aliens: Defiance #1″ Variant Cover for Dark Horse Comics

It’s the 30th Anniversary of Aliens this year and I’ve been lucky enough to work on a lot of the franchises art over at Dark Horse this year. This one is a cover for Aliens: Defiance, following the story of Colonial Marine Private First Class Zula Hendricks, who goes AWOL to protect Earth from an unknown alien species that’s been discovered on on a derelict hauler.

You can check out more in the announcement article on Screen Rant!

RIP Nellie :(

As you may have seen last night on Twitter, a local sea-lebrity has left this earth. We are very saddened by the news.

Nellie, the 19-year-old otter best known for being a goddamn champion at stacking cups, was humanely euthanized at her home, the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium, on December 15, following the sudden onset of an acute illness. She had been a resident at the zoo for over a decade. 

Originally posted by just-for-grins

According to the zoo, female sea otters typically live between 15 and 20 years.

Nellie’s ability to stack cups has made her an internet star (as evidenced by the above gif, which is actually a gif of Nellie); her YouTube video has 2.6 million views. But she wasn’t just great with shapes—Nellie was also quite the conversationalist.

Our hearts go out to the keepers and staff at Point Defiance Zoo, as well as the other otters (there are three), who must miss Nellie sorely. 


In which Kate is literally us, and Emily actually resorts to the “hey, what’s that over there?” diversion tactic [and I’m cackling in the distance]