Rosita’s TD Proxi-ness (Totally a Word! ;D)

Good morning and Happy Saturday! Wow. Yesterday was a SUPER busy day for me. Hope you all had a great Friday and are looking forward to a great weekend and a new episode tomorrow.

So, this theory actually went through several iterations. Originally it was just going to be an edit. Then an epic edit. Then I decided to make it its own theory, because it just kept growing.

It started when @sparklepoodles told me Rosita had a dialogue parallel in the last episode with Beth’s line, “I can take care of myself.” I totally missed that. Probably because the wording is super-close, but not exact. So I went looking for it. I was just gonna make one of my (in)famous Dialogue Parallels picture edits.

As it turned out, Rosita said this in the scene where she talks to Sasha about her history before meeting up with Abraham. Actually, Rosita did say something in this scene that jumped out at me initially. At one point, she says about the guys she met who taught her things: “They didn’t see that I was picking up everything they did but doing it bigger and better than them.” I went, Huh. Could that be a Beth thing? IT’s not so much that we’ve actually seen her do that, but we saw her get stronger at Grady and we think she’ll be a total warrior and badass when she returns, so it’s possible. But since there wasn’t a specific dialogue parallel or something specific to compare it to, I didn’t think much more of it.

But I rewatched that scene several times and listened to the dialogue. I also hashed it out with @sparklepoodles and @wdway. The more I did, the more I realized there are a TON of parallels there. So yes, I’m gonna say it: I think Rosita is a proxy for Beth right now. Specifically in her backstory and the arc she’s currently in. Let me show you:

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1captainswan1  asked:

I can't wait for your reylo Batb fic, snipped you posted got me hooked :)

Yayyyyy!!!! Here’s another snippet for being so awesome!!!

That’s when she finally turned to look at him, at the face of his mask staring down upon her. She reacted just as he imagined, jumping back in shock from the creature in the mask. When she finally composed herself, she held her head up in defiance. In a calm voice she replied.

“Please, let him go. I will stay in his place.”

Kylo smirked behind his mask. “You would offer yourself up, for him?”

“Rey, NO!”

She ignored the pleas from her friend.

“Please, he’s my friend and he must go back to help my mentor. She’s all I have, that’s why he came here. To retrieve the potion that could save her life. Please.”

She grabbed onto his forearms and looked into where she believed his eyes to be. He felt his gruff demeanor begin to melt, ever so slightly.

He didn’t take his eyes off of Rey as he said, “Fine, he’s permitted to leave but you have to stay. And he’s never to come back. I forbid it.”

not to be a backwards-thinking assimilationist not-radical gay but as someone who has been out for over a decade and faced a lot of backlash for it i would actually really like to be normal. i would really like to be treated normally by society. i’m proud of my identity and i will never apologize for that, but fuck man. there was a post that went around once that really resonated with me – “being gay is a radical act of defiance that none of us signed up for”.

i don’t exist as a lesbian to “challenge societal norms” and i wasn’t outed against my will when i was young just to grow up and be expected to fulfill a role in some “queer” movement that involves fucking, making kinks seem revolutionary or what the fuck ever

i deserve to want to feel normal and i don’t understand why it’s shocking to anyone that after girls like me grow up ashamed of our own thoughts, abused, and constantly knowing that every straight girl around us is more valuable and loved and sane than we are just to be told it’s “not radical” to want to be treated with respect and normalcy by a society that rejected us

james potter: shirtsleeves rolled up to the elbow, sharp collarbones, broad shoulders, never has his fucking tie on straight, shit-eating grin, orders for everyone at a restaurant, pointed elbows that rest jauntily on the table, winking, high-fiving, finger-gunning bastard, can never sit still, stops walking in the middle of the hallway to say something because he can’t do both at once, will drink the tea even if it’s stone cold, all his jumpers are fraying, owns a lot of white t-shirts that all have holes in them, has to keep moving, is always moving, because how else is he supposed to feel like he’s doing something

sirius black: blood pumping, sideswept smirk that stops the heart, chin-tilted-upwards-neck-bearing-column-of-throat-show-of-defiance-what-you-gonna-do-about-it stance, cracks his knuckles a lot, strong arms, resting facial expression that is forbidding and gutting all at once, smells like cigarette smoke, wears his tie around his forehead, twirls his wand around his fingers and it drives everyone insane, never has his charms book, finds himself at the top of the astronomy tower at 3am but doesn’t know how he got there

remus lupin: wakes up with blood in the mouth, glint in the eye that betrays his anger, will comprehensively tear you to shreds in an argument, constantly has a bar of chocolate between his lips, cuffed sleeves, reads for pleasure, owns a lot of threadbare, oversized sweaters, will drink the tea when it’s scalding hot just to feel something, nail biter, constantly picks at the hem of his clothing, bites his lip a lot, lies in the dark staring at the ceiling with an instrumental record on in the background on his bad days, he seems to be having a lot of those recently

peter pettigrew: watery eyes, anxious, sniffs a lot, laughs even when he didn’t hear the joke, three-quarter sleeves, frets with his hands, wringing them at the wrists, stress eats, is constantly stuck in the state of waking up from a nap and not knowing what time it is, the best at simple charms, likes being outside with his eyes to the overcast sky and his hands in the earth, can anticipate what james needs before he asks because he’s good at studying people, he’s good at sitting back and observing, maybe he should do something with that one day