defiance theme week

Defiance Theme Week: Friendships

Playlist: Irisa/Nolan “The purest kind of love.”

No Place That Far - Sarah Evans // Hiding Place - Miranda Frigon // 
Stars - Grace Potter & The Nocturals // Start of Something Good - Daughtry // Without You - My Darkest Days // Better Than I Know Myself - Adam Lambert // Landslide - Fleetwood Mac // Demons - Imagine Dragons // Ooh Child - Raya Yarbrough

Defiance Theme Week #2

Hey, everybody! I think we’re well into our hiatus, so it’s time for another theme week. Given that this show is science fiction and partially alien-centered, I think sometimes some of us forget how great our normal human characters can be. So, for the second theme week, starting tomorrow, let’s concentrate on the humans!

That means any human characters, good or bad; The human culture and how it seems to have changed or stayed the same; and also, if you want to delve in deeply, the themes of the show, some of which are very raw and human.

So, starting tomorrow, feel free to design graphics, edit screencaps, make gifs or just share your opinions and feelings about the humans and human world in Defiance. I’ll be posting some things, but remember, theme weeks are meant to be open for anyone to participate in! If you want to make or say something, do so. :)