defiance quotes

Writing Prompt: Dialogue

“Let me go.”

“No, no way. No you need to stay put until we get a handle on whatever it is that’s happening with you. I want you safe in [Town Name].”

“I’m not safe anywhere.”

“Yeah, okay, but–”

“And I can’t be killed.”

“Okay, but–”

“And [—-] needs you here.”

“… What do you need?”

“Keys would be nice.”

He’d been in the kitchen a few times before. It was one of the rooms he liked best in the house - homey, with its blue walls and farmhouse sink. The fridge wasn’t badly stocked either. He guessed Shadowhunters were probably hungry pretty frequently, considering how often they worked out.
He wondered if he’d have to work out all the time too, if he became a Shadowhunter. He wondered if he’d end up with muscles and abs and all that stuff, like Julian and Jace. At the moment, he was more on the skinny side, like Mark. He lifted his T-shirt and gazed at his flat, undefined stomach for a moment. Definitely no abs.
He let the shirt fall and grabbed a Tupperware container of cookies out of the fridge. Maybe he could frustrate the Shadowhunters by refusing to work out and sitting around eating carbs. I defy you, Shadowhunters, he thought, thumbing the top off the container and popping a cookie in his mouth. I mock you with my sugar cravings.
—  Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare