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Your guide to summer TV(plus which cool actors have new gigs)

May 18:
The Bachelorette (ABC, Season 11 premiere)

May 19:
The Fighting Season (Audience Network, limited series premiere)

May 2o:
MasterChef (Fox, Season 6 premiere; two hours)
500 Questions (ABC, series premiere)
Celebrity Wife Swap (ABC, Season 4 premiere)

May 21:
Braxton Family Values (WE tv, Season 4B premiere)
Cutting It: In the ATL (WE tv, series premiere)
What’s My Car Worth? (Velocity, Season 6 premiere)
Between (Netflix, series premiere)

May 22:
American Diner Revival (Food Network, series premiere)

May 25:
American Ninja Warrior (NBC, Season 2 premiere)
The Island (NBC, series premiere)
Texas Rising (History, limited series premiere)
Barmageddon (truTV, Season 1B premiere)

May 26:
Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? (Fox, series relaunch)
America’s Got Talent (NBC, Season 10 premiere)
I Can Do That (NBC, series premiere)
Extreme Weight Loss (ABC, Season 5 premiere)

May 27:
The Briefcase (CBS, series premiere)
Bullseye (Fox, series premiere)

May 28:
Aquarius (NBC, series premiere)

May 29:
Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars (WE tv, Season 3 premiere)

May 30:
The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe (Lifetime, miniseries premiere)

May 31:
Halt and Catch Fire (AMC, Season 2 premiere)
Golan the Insatiable (Fox, series premiere)

June 1:
So You Think You Can Dance (Fox, Season 12 premiere)
The Whispers (ABC, series premiere)
Devious Maids (Lifetime, Season 3 premiere)
UnReal (Lifetime, series premiere)
T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle (VH1, Season 5 premiere)

June 2:
Chrisley Knows Best (USA, Season 3 premiere)
Royal Pains (USA, Season 7 premiere)
Pretty Little Liars (ABC Family, Season 6 premiere)
Stitchers (ABC Family, series premiere)- Allison Scagliotti
Secrets & Wives (Bravo, series premiere)
How to Be a Grownup (truTV, Season 2 premiere)

June 3:
Girl Code (MTV, Season 4 premiere)
Melissa & Joey (ABC Family, Season 4B premiere)
Baby Daddy (ABC Family, Season 4B premiere)

June 4:
Hannibal (NBC, Season 3 premiere)

June 5:
Sense8 (Netflix, series premiere)

June 6:
Power (Starz, Season 2 premiere)
Tabloid (Investigation Discovery, Season 3 premiere)

June 7:
The Da Vinci List (Ovation, series premiere)

June 8:
Major Crimes (TNT, Season 4 premiere)
Murder in the First (TNT, Season 2 premiere)
The Fosters (ABC Family, Season 3 premiere)
Becoming Us (ABC Family, series premiere)
Odd Mom Out (Bravo, series premiere)

June 10:
Skin Wars (GSN, series premiere)
Knockout (NuvoTV, Season 2 premiere)

June 11:
Beauty and the Beast (The CW, Season 3 premiere)
The Seventies (CNN, limited series premiere)

June 12:
Orange Is the New Black (Netflix, Season 3 premiere)
Defiance (Syfy, Season 3 premiere)
Dark Matter (Syfy, series premiere)
- Zoie Palmer
Hit Record on TV (Pivot, Season 2 premiere)
Secret Lives of Americans (Pivot, series premiere)

June 13:
Jonathan Strange And Mr. Norrell (BBC America, series premiere)

June 14:
Southern Uncovered With The Lee Bros. (Ovation, series premiere)

June 15:
Antiques Roadshow (PBS, Season 19 premiere)
The Making of the Mob: New York (AMC, series premiere)

June 16:
Rizzoli & Isles (TNT, Season 6 premiere)
Proof (TNT, series premiere)
Tyrant (FX, Season 2 premiere)
Clipped (TBS, series premiere)

June 17:
Deutschland 83 (SundanceTV, series premiere)

June 18:
Mistresses (ABC, Season 3 premiere)
The Astronaut Wives Club (ABC, series premiere) -Yvonne Strahovski
Complications (USA, series premiere) -Beth Riesgraf 

June 19:
Killjoys (Syfy, series premiere)

June 21:
Celebrity Family Feud (ABC, series  premiere)
BattleBots (ABC, series premiere)
True Detective (HBO, Season 2 premiere)
Ballers (HBO, series premiere)
The Brink (HBO, series premiere)- Jaimie Alexander, Carla Gugino
The Last Ship (TNT, Season 2 premiere; two hours)
Poldark on Masterpiece (PBS, series premiere)
The Crimson Field (PBS, series premiere)

June 22:
POV (PBS, Season 28 premiere)

June 23:
WWE Tough Enough (USA, series premiere)

June 24:
Big Brother (CBS, Cycle 17 premiere; two-night premiere continues June 25)
Suits (USA, Season 5 premiere)
Mr. Robot (USA, series premiere)
First Peoples (PBS, limited series premiere)

June 25:
Under the Dome (CBS, Season 3 premiere)
Boom! (Fox, series premiere)
Rookie Blue (ABC, Season 5 premiere)
Graceland (USA, Season 3 premiere)

June 26:
Love Thy Neighbor (OWN, Season 4 premiere)

June 28:
Humans (AMC, series premiere)
Falling Skies (TNT, Season 5 premiere)
Last Tango in Halifax (PBS, Season 3 premiere)

June 29:
Teen Wolf (MTV, Season 5A premiere)

June 30:
Zoo (CBS, series premiere)
Scream (MTV, series premiere)

The Haves and the Have Nots (OWN, Season 4 premiere)

July 1:
Extant (CBS, Season 2 premiere)
Operation Wild (PBS, limited series premiere)

July 2:
Food Fighters (NBC, Season 2 premiere)

July 6:
The Boris And Nicole Show (Fox, series premiere)
Penn & Teller: Fool Us (The CW, Season 2 premiere)
Whose Line Is It Anyway? (The CW, Season 11 premiere)

July 7:
Hollywood Game Night (NBC, Season 3 premiere)

July 8:
The Spoils Before Dying (IFC, miniseries premiere)
Catfish: The TV Show (MTV, Season 4B premiere)

July 9:
Dates (The CW, series premiere)
One Bad Choice (MTV, series premiere)
Teen Mom 2 (MTV, Season 6 premiere)
Dominion (Syfy, Season 2 premiere)
Rectify (SundanceTV, Season 3 premiere)

July 10:
Masters of Illusion (The CW, Season 2 premiere)

July 11:
Livin’ Lozada (OWN, series premiere)
Flex & Shanice (OWN, Season 2 premiere)

July 12:
Ray Donovan (Showtime, Season 3 premiere)
Masters of Sex (Showtime, Season 3 premiere)
Basketball Wives (VH1, Season 4 premiere)

July 13:
Running Wild With Bear Grylls (NBC, Season 2 premiere)
Monica the Medium (ABC Family, series premiere)

July 15:
The Jim Gaffigan Show (TV Land, series premiere)
Impastor (TV Land, series premiere)
Dating Naked (VH1, Season 2 premiere)
Twinning (VH1, series premiere)

July 16:
Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll (FX, series premiere)
Married (FX, Season 2 premiere)
Geeks Who Drink (Syfy, series premiere)
Impractical Jokers (truTV, Season 4B premiere)
Friends of the People (truTV, Season 2 premiere)

July 19:
Welcome to Sweden (NBC, Season 2 premiere)
Tut (Spike, event series premiere)

July 22:
Last Comic Standing (NBC, Season 9 premiere)
Candidly Nicole (VH1, Season 2 premiere)
Life on the Reef (PBS, limited series premiere)

July 26:
Stewarts & Hamiltons (E!, series premiere)

July 28:
Face Off (Syfy, Season 9 premiere)

July 29:
America’s Best Dance Crew All Stars: Road to the VMAs (MTV, series “reinvention”)
Fameless (truTV, series premiere)
Friends of the People (truTV, Season 2 premiere)

July 31:
Cold Justice (TNT, Season  premiere)
Cold Justice: Sex Crimes (TNT, Season 3B premiere)
Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp (Netflix, series premiere)

July TBA:
Gunslingers (American Heroes Channel, Season 2 premiere)

August 2:
Bachelor in Paradise (ABC, Season 2 premiere; two hours)
On the Record with Mick Rock (Ovation, series premiere)

August 3:
Significant Mother (The CW, series premiere)
Ice & Coco (Select Fox stations, start of three-week daily preview)

August 4:
Playing House (USA, Season 2 premiere)

August 5:
Mr. Robinson (NBC, series premiere)
The Carmichael Show (NBC, series premiere)
America’s Next Top Model (The CW, Cycle 22 premiere)
A Wicked Offer (The CW, series premiere)
Job or No Job (ABC Family, series premiere)

August 10:
She’s Got Game (VH1, series premiere)

August 11:
Next Step Realty: NYC (ABC Family, series premiere)

August 12:
Kevin From Work (ABC Family, series premiere)

August 17:
Chasing Life (ABC Family, Season 2 premiere)

August 18:
Startup U (ABC Family, Season 2 premiere)
Six Degrees of Everything (truTV, series premiere)
Hack My Life (truTV, Season 2 premiere)

August 20:
Documentary Now! (IFC, series premiere)

August 22:
Blunt Talk (Starz, series premiere)
Survivor’s Remorse (Starz, Season 2 premiere)

August 23:
Vicious (PBS, Season 2 premiere)

August 24:
Switched at Birth (ABC Family, Season 4 premiere)
Black Ink Crew (VH1, Season 4 premiere)

August 25:
Public Morals (TNT, series premiere)

August 31:
Todrick (MTV, series premiere)
Girl Code Live (MTV, series premiere)
Awkward (MTV, Season 5A premiere)
Faking It (MTV, Season 3 premiere)
Big Blue Live (PBS, limited series premiere)

August TBA:
From Wags to Riches With Bill Berloni (Discovery Family Channel, series premiere)

September 6:
The Art Of (Ovation, Season 5 premiere)

Summer TBA:
Fear the Walking Dead (AMC, series premiere) Alycia Debnam Carey
The Strain (FX, Season 2 premiere)
L.A. Hair (WE tv, Season 4 premiere)
The Seven Year Switch (FYI, series premiere)
Hell on Wheels (AMC, Season 5 premiere)
Defiance Appreciation Week 2016

Defiance originally premiered on April 15th 2013, and Nolan and Irisa arrived in Defiance on April 15th 2046, so I think it’s the perfect time to do a Defiance Appreciation Week!

April 9th: Favorite character

April 10th: Favorite relationship (romance, family, friends, or even enemies)

April 11th: Favorite quote or favorite scene

April 12th: Favorite costume

April 13th: Reason you fell in love with the show

April 14th: Favorite object (Irisa’s knives, Nolan and Irisa’s Antarctica postcard, Stahma’s poison set, Berlin’s camera, Amanda’s scotch bottle, etc)

April 15th: Free day (Some suggestions: favorite season, favorite arc, favorite Votan curse word, favorite location, cast appreciation)

We’re a small fandom, so I’m hoping we can get as many of us as possible together for this one. 

And if you don’t do gifs, graphics, drawings, or other art, text posts are fine too. 

Tag your posts with #defiance appreciation week so we can find everyone’s posts. #defianceedit is the general defiance edit tag, so you will probably want to tag your graphics with that tag as well. 

Have fun and hope you join us!

Castithan Glyph Charts

Hello, and welcome to the last (for now) installment for Defiance writing systems day! It’s being done in honor of the premiere of the third season of Defiance which is today at 8/7C on Syfy!

The system we’ll be looking at now is Castithan’s Fajizwalino. Castithan’s writing system is by far the most difficult to write (not the glyphs, but spelling words correctly), though not the most difficult to read (I think Indojisnen is the hardest to read). The script is written from left to right, and each glyph is a syllable that has at most one consonant and a vowel. There are stand-alone vowel characters, so that’s where we’ll start.

Like Japanese, Castithan has a number of glyphs for vowels, and several for diphthongs. All are counted as vowels in the system. All told, there are sixteen vowels, and they’re listed below:

With Castithan’s writing system, I always feel like Homer with his float (“Hang on, I gotta explain a lot of it!”). There’s two a’s, two i’s, and two u’s. This is similar to Greek, where there are two e’s (ε, epsilon and η, eta) and two o’s (ο, omicron and ω, omega). In Both Castithan and Greek, they’re there for the same reason: there used to be long vowels that were spelled differently. Now the long vowels are gone, but the letters remain. The first three vowels in the first column were the old short vowels, some of which are now pronounced differently in certain contexts. Specifically, short i is pronounced ye when it’s stressed, and short u is pronounced wo when it’s stressed. The next three vowels are the old long vowels, and they’re always pronounced with their pure qualities.

Before leaving the vowels, the diphthongs on the right side have two different forms. The first form you see is the form you’d use when the glyph begins a word. If the diphthong glyph is used in the middle of a word (i.e. after a vowel and not at the beginning of a word), you’d use the form on the right. For example, in the word farubawa, which means “related to outer to space”, the last glyph is the wa in the right hand column (with the little hat), not the wa to its left.

If you’re wondering about the vowels on the left having a second form, they do not. Any time two vowels came next to each other in old Castithan, the result was a new glyph. Now when two vowels come next to each other in modern Castithan, it’s because a consonant has been lost between the two vowels. That consonant will still appear in the spelling, though, so there will never be a case when two vowels abut. If this is needed (e.g. for a foreign borrowing), the consonant h is used as a carrier for the vowel.

With that explained, we can now turn our attention to the consonants. The consonants below are showed with each vowel above, meaning each consonant will have 16 forms. In order to do this, I had to split the table into four. There’s a lot of stuff happening with these. Here they are:





So, there you have it! Those are all the consonant-vowel pairings of Castithan. Some of my favorites: the zw- series; the Zw- series; the vw- series; the nd- set; the S- set; the f- set. Mb- always reminds me of Taco Bell…

Anyway, a couple of notes. The prenasalized series loses its nasal element at the beginning of a word (thus mb is pronounced [b] at the beginning of a word). Ng is pronounced [ŋ]; ngg is pronounced [ŋg] (again, except at the beginning of a word, where it’s pronounced [g]). All bilabial sounds delete a following w. Thus, pwa, mbwe, bwo—all of them lose their [w] (so they’d be pronounced [pa], [mbe] and [bo], respectively). The capitalized letters are older emphatic consonants. Words are still spelled with them, but they’re no longer pronounced differently, except as sound changes have applied to them. Thus, at the beginning of a word, s = S; z = Z; b = B, etc. Also, just as a note, th is [θ] and dh is [ð].

Though gemination is no longer phonemic in Castithan, one does write geminates. They take a special glyph that looks like a little c before the syllable which begins with a geminate consonant. Here are some examples:

I actually put that little c glyph on the letter c in the font (stupidly), because c isn’t used in the romanization. This is how on the backs of those director’s chairs you saw back in season 1 that little glyph in names like Tony Curran and Nicole Muñoz. My bad there.

Despite the geminate glyph, there is no way to simply write a consonant without a vowel in Castithan. The most basic form of a consonantal glyph features a short a vowel. So how do you get a word like shtako? Well, the word is spelled (using the schema above) siTaaKu. Short vowels disappear in between voiceless consonants—and s becomes sh before i—so that’s how it happens. (Also, word-final i and u go to e and o if they’re short).

You will have seen a version of the Castithan numeral system already in Irathient (they borrowed their numeral glyphs from Castithan), but here are the originals:

That system should explain itself fairly easily. I love the glyph for 15; it’s ridiculous.

Here’s some Castithan punctuation:

I think it’s pretty self-explanatory. I never did use that phrase-final mark. It’s there, though, hanging out; waiting for the call to the bullpen. The double comma is used for an extra long pause.

The last thing I have to show you is my favorite bit. I’ve always loved ideographic systems (like this one I did), and I was inspired by Tamil to add some to Castithan. Never in a million years would I have added a tiny number of ideographic glyphs to an otherwise phonological writing system if I hadn’t seen it done somewhere else first. Tamil has some cool letter-inspired glyphs that apparently enjoy widespread use (like @ and ® and & in English, but more contentful), so I thought Castithan could have some too. These are they:

Some of these are self-explanatory. I created these with the intention of their enjoying widespread use (like the hospital sign and the male/female signs for bathrooms), but I didn’t do a good enough job advertising them to the art department. I was talking to Suki about them some time last season, and she said it would’ve been cool to use the “hospital” symbol on Doc Yewll’s place instead of the caduceus symbol. Oh well; live and learn. I have managed to use a number of them on store signs and in other places.

The symbols in the right-hand column are liro symbols. Each liro has its own symbol, and the struck through version is for those removed from the liro. This came from an early idea where they were going to use liro tattoos on Castithan foreheads. They decided (rightly, I think) that this would look too much like Teal'c (I shudder at having to type that name) from Stargate SG-1, so that idea was abandoned. I think I’ve been able to use the glyphs elsewhere, though. The last symbol was also a test I did for a potential rallying symbol for the townspeople of Defiance in season 2 (resisting the E-Rep). It didn’t take, which is fine; I don’t much care for it now.

Anyway, that is the Castithan writing system. Thanks again for reading, and tune in to the season 3 premiere of Defiance tonight at 8/7C on Syfy!