defiance (tv show)

Lesbian TV Guide

Tv shows with queer female characters:

- American Horror Story
- Arrow
- Banana
- Black Sails
- Buffy The Vampire Slayer
- Carmilla
- Defiance
- Faking it
- Glee
- Grey’s Anatomy
- Lip Service
- Lost Girl
- Once Upon A Time
- Orange Is The New Black
- Orphan Black
- Person Of Interest
- Pretty Little Liars
- Rookie Blue
- Sense 8
- Shameless
- Skins: Second Generation
- The 100
- The Fosters
- The Legend Of Korra
- The L Word
- The Walking Dead
- Waterloo Road

Feel free to add more to the list


The League Series  Born of Defiance [x]

Sooner or later, death comes for us all. None of us can stop that. But I’m not going quietly to my grave. Whether it’s tomorrow or a hundred years from now, I’m checking out with blood on my fist. Fighting every step of the way into eternity.

Writing Prompt: Dialogue

“Let me go.”

“No, no way. No you need to stay put until we get a handle on whatever it is that’s happening with you. I want you safe in [Town Name].”

“I’m not safe anywhere.”

“Yeah, okay, but–”

“And I can’t be killed.”

“Okay, but–”

“And [—-] needs you here.”

“… What do you need?”

“Keys would be nice.”


You’re doing this for her

Catching up on Defiance and I don’t know why the entirety of tumblr isn’t all over this show. It’s a great, compelling show with absolutely everything that fandom loves. Let me break it down for you:

- It’s like someone took Firefly and the new Battlestar Galactica and mixed them together into one awesome show. It’s a gritty western with aliens and politics and good people forced into difficult situations surrounded by cunning, ruthless players who will cut you down.

- The women. Oh my giddy aunt the women. They are old and young, innocent and evil, complex and wonderful. The women are the true movers on the show, their actions, needs, and emotions drive the plot. They are the strong ones and the men around them are all trying to get on their level.

- But the men are no slouches either. The supposed hero of our show (our DeanMal Solo) is a good guy who has done some bad stuff but, in true Han Solo style, he doesn’t spend too much time angsting over it. Plus he’s this good dad who’s trying to do the best by his adopted, traumatized daughter and, yeah, he fucks up sometimes but they’re still a team.

- Speaking of, omg Irisa. I could write whole white papers about how awesome irisa is, how being some god’s chosen one has ruined her life, but she’s trying so hard to be a good person. Seriously. Irisa.

- Fucked up family dynamics. The Tarrs alone are fodder for so much messed up fic, You don’t even know. 

- Complex world-building with multiple cultures and communities clashing and rearranging in interesting ways.

I, just, seriously you guys. You need to watch Defiance. I’m only a couple episodes into the second season and it’s only getting better and better. It is everything I love about television.