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baby Earendil surprising people by crawling over to Maeglin?

Everyone had thought it was going to be a disaster.

From the nursemaid to the observing chambermaids to the princess herself, no one thought that the babe would ever approach Lomion. Idril had made her feelings on her cousin clear to her entire personal staff; it was only a direct Order of the King that allowed him near her child at all, for Turgon felt it cruel to keep the babe from his relatives. 

Yet Earendil, being but a wee one, seemed not to sense what Idril found broken in his second cousin; no, when Lomion entered the parlor, looking out of place and out of sorts, the newborn prince all but screamed for his attention. 

And Lomion? 

He gave it. 

“May I, Princess?” He asked Idril, ever polite, ever defferential to her position over him. Idril could not say no, but she watched him like an eagle as he lifted her son into his strong, scarred arms. 

There Earendil settled, cooing and gurgling. The nursemaid did not have to tell the Lord Lomion how to hold him; the Lord knew. He examined Earendil’s little face, his slightly pointed ears and his golden thatch of hair. 

“He is a bright child, isn’t it?” Lomion asked, and this sparked the chambermaid’s nervous habit of filling the room with chatter when she was uncomfortable. Idril had chosen her from a group of sixty potentials for precisely this purpose, and as the woman nattered on about how Earendil was beginning to crawl and how adventurous he was, and how the Lord Tuor had had to explain the occasional closing of his eyes, Idril observed her cousin. 

And though she hated to admit it -and in the later days, would not admit it- there was something soft and gentle and not at all dark about Lomion of the Mole as he held a baby.