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IICF just came on my shuffle. I was wondering what you think of the song. Not the lyrics but more the vocal arrangements and things like that. I really like the harmonies - like the louis/liam and harry/niall echo. I think it has a nice balance and use of their voices. And tbh I always like to be able to pick louis out. (Like LYG when they push his vocals and Harry's to the front of the chorus. Bonus if you want to talk about that vocal arrangemeny.) I love the song and yeah, that's about it!


I’ll limit my answer to the singing on If I Could Fly. 

The spare arrangement of the piano accompaniment allows the voices to come to the forefront. A piano-driven ballad, unless one is Adele, is almost never released as a single. I have to think that this song was written for the album only. We don’t know if it will ever be toured, either– it’s an intimate and confessional song, not a song structured for a stadium tour. Of course I would jump at a chance to go to a smaller, more intimate One Direction show, but I don’t think that’s likely.

The voices are in top form here. We know that MITAM was written during OTRA and recorded during OTRA breaks. We know that the guys worked on a large chunk of the album in Chicago in the summer 2015, in particular between 8-8-2015 and 8-29-2015 when the concert dates were centered in the Midwest. 

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