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I had a dream they added a new pokemon who was either bug/flying or bug/poison and was basically just a stock cartoon fly

It didn’t evolve from or to anything and was a pretty weak early game mon


You could combine it with Garbodor in a way similar to Mantyke/Remoraid, up to 5 or 6 flies could be combined, and it would look something like this

This counted as an “evolution” for Garbodor kinda like how Silvally does to Type: Null, where the only thing that really changed was Garbodor got better defensive stats for each fly and maybe a new ability, also I think the flies would randomly use an attack on the opponent

@bogleech you’d like this

Send me |¬| and my muse will rate your Muses combat stats!

☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ Strength
☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ Defense
☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ Speed
☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ Intelligence
☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ Accuracy
☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ Agility
☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ Stamina
☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ Teamwork

date a girl who can potentially deal the most damage in one single attack through the use of numerous stat boosters; by using Helping Hand by two different Pokémon in a Triple battle, holding a Metronome, Power Trick, a Skill Swap to Pure Power or Huge Power, 6 Attack boosts, and a Mimiced Me First used on a slower Pokemon using the Defense Curl/Rollout combo. Also, her partner must have the ability Flower Gift and the weather must be sunny. On the 15th turn of using Rollout consecutively without any misses, if used against a level 1 Ledyba, Yanma or Combee with minimum Defense stats, that have been hit with negative Defense modifiers (such as Screech), she can deal 481,266,036 damage with a critical hit


I had a ton of fun this cosfest cosplaying Darkness from konosuba. The crowning moment of glory was quite possibly when my friend turned up with an actual cabbage. There are some inaccuracies with the costume I intend to fix and hopefully I can get a photoshoot done for Darkness. And hopefully by that time…. I’d had figured out how to make a convincing lewd expression lol.

Megumin: Ming myo

Photos by. Speedknight, Nutcase23 and Stupidlamer

Special thanks. Zihao for donating a cabbage. RIP cabbage, clearly my defense stat was higher

Classes in a nutshell

A Witch is someone who looks at a problem and thinks of how to break it apart and put it back together again.  They see obstacles as resources and weapons at their disposal, and use them to their advantage.  They dance with their Aspect and play it like a piano, putty in their hands.  Also they always prototype something that’s going to wreak tremendous havoc with your Session, it’s a rule or something.

A Maid is someone who can handle anything the world throws at her, and throw double back.  They don’t let anything get in their way, and smash anything that does.  They use their Aspect like a claymore, massive but slow, and great at breaking stuff.  Thanks to having the highest physical defense stat in SBURB, Maids are the tanks of your team, they waltz into danger and shrug off damage like no tomorrow.

A Sylph is someone who looks at other people and sees the whole potential of who they could become.  They help people up to their highest point.  This seems like healing to onlookers, but to the Sylph she’s just revealing what she knew was always there.  Also the mother-bear class, with the highest melee offense stat in SBURB, tied with the Prince.

The Rogue is the classic Robin Hood, stealing from the rich to give to the poor.  With their crazy high speed, agility, and stealth stats, papilionaceous pilfering is a piece of cake.  It doesn’t matter if they’re stealing money, knowledge, or hearts, they take from their enemies and give to their friends.  (With a little taken off the top for services rendered, of course).  

A Knight is a shield in the form of a sword, someone who takes the hits for others because they know they can take it.  They protect their friends with guts and headbutts, but often try and hide themselves behind the shield they use to protect.  It takes good friends to lower that shield, but a good Knight always has good friends.

A Prince is the end to the story.  They enter the story, slay the dragon, rescue the princess, etc etc.  When they enter the situation things are coming to a head, one way or another.  Through sheer force of personality they bulldozer their way through the riff-raff and fix the problem, either with duct tape or a hammer. They are the guillotine blade, the tick of the last tock of a bomb, The End.

A Thief takes what they want, and they don’t want no sass.  If something they want is in front of them, they’ll fight, cajole, or sneak their way to get it.  They often lose interest in the thing they wanted as soon as they get it, though, and is never far from picking a new target, be it material or social.  A considerably high speed stat, and it tied for the highest stealth stat, with the Rogue.

The Page is a powder keg with a really long fuse.  They start out small, but Oh, The Places You’ll Go.  The movers-and-shakers from humble beginnings, a Page never stops advancing, never stops growing.  As long as they keep moving, they know they’ll get where they’re going eventually, a matter of simple physics.  They slow down when left alone, however, so remember to poke them with a stick or something every once in a while.

The Mage is the one who looks and is displeased.  They find a way to grump about everything, but because of that they’re always looking for ways to make things suck slightly less.  Their methods may seem like magic to the plebian folk, but really, it was elementary, my dear idiot. And if that ends up benefitting everyone, well, so much the better.  "Really, I was just in the neighborhood, it’s not like I care or something.“

The Bard is in it for the laughs.  They don’t care who’s laughing, as long as someone is, be it them or others.  The trolling, the pranks, the shenanigans, it NEVER ENDS.  However, a true comedian is occasionally unable to distinguish from tragedy, so be sure to laugh along with their more harmless tomfoolery, even if they really aren’t that funny.

The Seer knows what you need to do, and they know you won’t be happy about it.  Regardless, it’s something that needs to be done, and it’s their job to make you do it, one way or another.  This class may seem cruel in its execution of necessary evil, but it’s a dirty job, and someone has to do it.  You probably couldn’t, so stop your yabbering.

The Heir always gets their way, but you just can’t hate them for it, dang it.  No matter how much you try, they always win you over with their “earnestness” and “authentic kindness”.  Ugh.  It’s not easy being the person who has everything, but they sure make it look easy.  They have the easiest time acquiring special abilities, quite a bonus to their Mangrit stat, and their Aspect clings to them like a heavy mist.  Even universal archetypes can’t get enough of these guys.

Stay Safe!

So here is a thought: Pokemon go uses only 3 stats, HP, Attack, and Defense. These stats are proportionate to the game and generally the pokemon with the highest HP are the ones you see in gyms (ex, snorlax, vaporeon, lapras, chansey). Bulky pokemon with lower speed.

you know who is ALSO a bulky with low speed?

(( ahh !! i haven’t done one of these in a while !! :0 ))

Class: Adventurer.
Individual Skill: Womanizer. Accuracy increases by 10% when paired/next to a female unit.
Critical Lines:
“This is how a gentleman does it!”
“The great Lupin strikes again!”
“Shall I steal your heart? Or your life?”

Class: Wyvern Lord.
Individual Skill: Inspiration. This unit will have a temporary boost in skill stat when successfully defeating an enemy. (Depends on luck stat.)
Critical Lines:
“Tsk. How unappealing!”
“Don’t you know when to quit?”
“You’ll be a good meal for my dear pet!”

Class: Maid.
Individual Skill: Persistence. When HP is below half, the defensive stat increased by 5.
Critical Lines:
“They always told me to clean up after a mess!”
“I hate touching trash with my bare hands.”
“I can’t let them down! I won’t let them down!”
“Don’t you move an inch…!”

Class: Strategist.
Individual Skill: Intimidate. Adjacent enemies’ attack and defense gets lowered by 3.
Critical Lines:
“I don’t wanna do this…!!”
“Since Eisuke asked…”
“You have nice bones. Too bad I’m gonna break em.”
“You’ll need an appointment after this.”

Class: Sniper.
Individual Skill: Loyalty: When paired or next to an A rank or above unit, their partner’s stats will increase by 2.
Critcial Lines:
“For the Ice Dragons!”
“Die already.”
“Prepare for the worst.”
“Heh. That all you got?”

Class: Master Ninja.
Individual Skill: Revenge. If an allied unit is defeated, critical hit percentage will be raised by 20%.
Critical Lines:
“Another one?”
“This hurts me more than you.”
“Just the usual!”

Class: Paladin.
Individual Skill: Greed. For each enemy this unit defeats, depending on their luck stat, they will retrieve 500 gold.
Critical Lines:
“You dare defy the king?”
“Oh how I LOVE playing dirty.”
“Have fun in HELL.”
“Mercy, you say? Please.”

Class: Great Knight.
Individual Skill: Devotion. If this unit defeats an enemy in one turn, the next attack they have will be a guaranteed critical hit.
Critical Lines:
“Nnn…Do I have to?”
“You’re going down, punk.”
“What a nuisance…”
“Fade like smoke!”

Class: Basara.
Individual Skill: Intellectual. This unit’s skill and strength are raised by 3.
Critical Lines:
“I calculate that you’re dead!”
“The predictable outcome.”
“You’re as annoying as the rest of them.”
“I’m afraid you were below average.”

About the Seeker class

~Support class

”You know what’s better than flying? Flying whilst kicking ass. And birds”


primary- hand-crafted long-bow

secondary- assault rifle

melee- wrist daggers


The seeker class is the 10th class, under the support title .

Seeker is responsible for taking out important enemies (like the sniper) and informing the rest of the team of what is “coming up next”. Hence, the “seeker”. Seeker is winged and therefore can fly above the fight and view the entire battlefield, allowing them to see the next wave of the opposing team. They will then alert their teammates of this wave and who it contains.
    ex: “We’ve got two scouts, a heavymedic pair, a demo, and four freaking snipers, ya nasty bastards. Get a move on!”

Seeker’s can also fight melee quite well, though their defense lowers once out of the sky (wings slow down running speed, give more to attack, and decrease agility on the ground, though they are also dangerous to be too close to)

Ubercharge: Ubering a seeker is only useful in a crowded area, since sky-bound ubers are a no-go. She will go ballistic once invincible.

Health: 175
Speed: air~ scout’s speed  land~soldier’s speed


Swoop crits:

The seeker can fly to a high altitude before falcon-diving, reaching 600 mph. She will then swoop into the enemy mercs with her wrist daggers, killing them instantly (instant mega crits that will kill enemy despite circumstance (excluding ubercharge)). These are only available after the flight meter has charged


Seeker may pick up a merc for an aerial attack. She can only perform this with: Demoman, Scout, Medic and Sniper.
(engies, spies, pyros cannot do much in the sky. Heavy is too large. Soldiers get up on their own and refuse to be assisted)

Demo: signal call ~ “dropping the bomb” 

  • jumps off for sword/axe attacks (landing on enemy)
  • shoots bombs n grenades into hard to reach areas

Scout: signal call ~ “speed lift”

  • shoots from her back
  • goes the fastest of the three
  • jumps off for melee attacks as well
  • dropping mad milk

Sniper: signal call ~ “arrow storm”

  • shoots from back
  • if both are wielding bows, they get random mini crits
  • dropping jarate jars

the only exception that they cannot be carried when possessing the intelligence

The seeker cannot fly with the intelligence, she must run 

Lines: (still being made. Feel free to drop suggestions)

Taunts (class specific):

  • Spins around and flares wings out with a cheer
  • puts up both middle fingers and jokes about being a bird giving the bird
  • puts out her arms for many birds to land onto
  • singing taunt
  • varied bird calls
  • hugs another merc while aloft (may cause them to spin or stumble)
  • blows a kiss
  • sits criss cross with chin in hands
  • wing preening
  • wing push ups
  • impersonates a merc (random)
  • all official all class taunts
  • overly enthusiastic fist-pumps
  • takes out sucker and sticks in mouth
  • air tricks and flips

cosmetics, weapons, achievements, sets, quotes, etc coming soon

GM Tip

In an RPG, no aspect of the world exists unless the PCs observe it. Why is this important for GMs? Well, your players only know what you show them. That means you don’t have to make full stats for your NPCs. That means you can give the city guard, the bandit, and the evil cultist the same statblock, and your players won’t know the difference. That means you only have to prepare what you absolutely need and you can make up what you didn’t think of when you hit the table. 

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banyanas  asked:

please enlighten us on the saga of the BRAVE BEEF run

Alright, so I have this one particular FE8 randomized file, in which a good number of my units had hilariously lopsided defensive stats and a solid portion of weapons got the Brave effect (a couple of Eclipse and Devils, too, but mostly Brave). Hence, I named it the BRAVE BEEF run.

Last time I played it, I was doing a no military/no royals challenge run, and ended up with this team:

(He started with 2 Mag. He stayed with 2 Mag.)

(I made an exception for Eirika because I took one look at Ewan and went “Hell No” and stuck her in his place.)

Really, the only thing that was stopping them was their class caps. If they kept going, I’m sure they would’ve been untouchable to anything that wasn’t a Draco Zombie. (That said, Myrrh and Colm were the only ones with enough HP to withstand Draco Zombies, because surprise surprise, Dark Air had the Brave effect.)


Instead of a Fun Fact Friday, I thought I would finally share the Squirtle variations that are canon for NOICE world! Breed variations don’t really exist for Squirtle, which are now restricted to training facilities to distribute as starters to trainers who passed the certification exam (like with Bulbasaur and Charmander).

Do you have a favorite? I love all my Squirtle children equally, so I’m afraid I can’t pick just one. (//coughs the special defense one)

Also? Color?? What is this???

My roommate made a simple game to be king of our Discord server through passively generating gold, upgrading attack and defense stats, and attacking other players to steal gold and attacking the current king to steal the crown, which unlocks the taxation power.

Since I succeeded in stealing the crown last night, I decided to have a little fun this morning.

After I saw @krazehkai ‘s fatesona I wanted to do my own so badly, so here’s my fatesona….well, let’s call her Elizabeth^.^

She’s a total bookworm who wants to appear mature but likes to goof around and gets flustered a lot in front of others whenever she makes a mistake.

Nothing much is known about her. She somehow became good friends with Nyx through her books and also with Niles/Zero because she likes the way he talks and conters him with pure sarcasm and irony;) She also always emberasses herself in front of her crush (*coughLeoncough*).

Elizabeth has bad defense stats but a high skill stat.

Critical Hit Quotes:

“Woohoo! Magic!!”

“ I’m gorgeous, you’re gone!”

“Eat my knowledge!”

“I’ll shred you into pieces!”

I hope you like her:)