defensive maneuvers

Here is that new OC, H.D.S.U. or Heavy Defense and Support Unit. A police robot who specializes in long distance messaging from her screen on her chest, as well as strong defensive maneuvers by projecting energy shields from her arms and legs. She is excellent at her job, but a bit of a clutz when it comes to socializing, she gets flustered very easily. More on her later. 

Stranger Things: Mike Wheeler [ESTP]

OFFICIAL TYPING by Charity / The Mod.

Extroverted Sensing (Se): Mike is an excitable boy, eager to involve himself in everything. He comes up with immediate solutions and looks for chances to act within his environment – both in defensive maneuvering (protecting his friends, hiding El and tending her needs) and in daily life (he’s amazed that eleven hours went by without him noticing, he was having so much fun playing D&D with his friends). He’s quicker to leap on things than the other boys, and more tuned in to what’s really going on.

Introverted Thinking (Ti): He is good at “quick solutions.” He argues with his friends about the logic of their decisions. Mike is semi-detached, even in intense situations. He adopts the belief that Will is still alive, despite all evidence to the contrary (including a “dead body”), and holds to it.

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): Once in awhile, Mike has emotional explosions – he and Lucas get into a fight because Lucas insults El. Mike doesn’t understand why Lucas seems so threatened by her, until Dustin explains, and then he’s willing to make up and be friends again, to keep the peace. He sometimes pushes aside his own feelings, but shyly admits to El that he “likes” her as more than a friend.

Introverted Intuition (Ni): His “gut” tells him that Will is alive, and nothing will stand in his way of making sure they get their friend back. He trusts El, even when there’s no evidence to suggest that she’s trustworthy. But his instincts aren’t that great when it comes to figuring out Lucas’ motives. He sells El a nice futuristic image of their life together – with her “like a sister, but not.”


READ THIS: tell me about the big bang

Okay, tumblr. This stormpilot fic is amazing and you should read it. Some of the best writing I’ve read in a long time; outstanding characterization of Finn and achingly slow burn of the one true otp.

The following is a scene that completely wrecked me (how is this ship not C A N O N??? READ THIS SCENE). ENJOY!


Poe says, “You know, Jakku was only my second mission for the Resistance.”

Poe says, “I was in the Republic Navy before, and I did a handful of missions for them. But it wasn’t big time stuff. Some recon, some supply runs. Some defensive maneuvers. Thing is, the Republic doesn’t wanna get their hands dirty with this war. They don’t wanna pick a side, just in case it turns out they picked the wrong one. So the Resistance—that was the first time I was really in the thick of it. And my second mission ever, the General sends me after the Skywalker map. And she told me before I went that I was on my own. No backup. No rescue if things went pear-shaped. She couldn’t risk it.“

Poe says, “And—well, you know what happened. Things went pear-shaped, all right. And I’m in that chair, I can’t move, and Kylo Ren is digging around in my head and I can feel it. I can feel him, like—like a worm or something, all cold and slimy, eating tunnels through my brain. Worst thing I ever felt. I still get nightmares about it, Finn, and I don’t know if they’ll ever stop. I have nightmares that I’m strapped down, I can’t move, and I can feel that horrible wet worm inside my brain.”

Poe says, “I thought I was gonna die. Like, I was absolutely sure of it. No backup, no rescue, and Kylo Ren got everything he needed. I said goodbye to everyone. BB-8, Pava, Wexley, the General, all of ‘em. I remember thinking at least I’d see my ma again soon. And I remember hoping it wouldn’t hurt too bad.”

Poe says, “So this Stormtrooper comes to get me. I think, okay, this is it. They’re gonna execute me. Probably do it in front of the Troopers, make a whole big show of it. To boost morale or whatever. He’s leading me through that massive fucking starship and I’m telling myself it’s okay, it’s okay, BB-8 has the map, there’s still a chance. It’ll be okay.” He pauses. “And then the Stormtrooper takes me into a, a closet, and he takes off his helmet—Stormtroopers don’t do that, that’s their whole thing, but he takes off his helmet—and he looks at me and I swear, he’s got the kindest eyes.”

Poe says, “He saves my life.”

Wanna Be Free || Loxley & Sol

This was the longest Sol had gone without talking to Addie since the day she met her and even though Sol wished to have no emotions and to not care about anybody she couldn’t help herself. She was sick of crying in the bathroom when she was alone because she had lost her best friend, someone who she even considered a sister. Crying and moping around made Sol feel week and pathetic even if it was a natural state of grief, but she just wanted to stop grieving and move on with her life so instead of dwelling on it she figured it would be best if she didn’t think about it at all. Flying always cleared her mind and she needed to practice for Quidditch anyways so Sol made her way out to the pitch and just started to fly around as quickly as she possibly could. Sol practiced a couple of defensive maneuvers for about an hour and the offensive for another. Rationally Sol knew it was best that she take a break before she caused serious injury to herself, but then she thought about the fact that if she stopped she would think and if she thought she would be thinking about Addie and how normally Addie was the one practicing with her. So instead of slowing down and landing to get a drink of water Sol flew even higher and even faster, she needed the wind to blow away any thoughts of Addie, any thoughts at all.