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i just went into your voltron hc tag and read literally everything.... bless u and your shitposts

i can’t believe my headcanons have been ordained

  • “i’ve got a plan” “okay, but is it like a Keith Plan or an actual plan”
  • hunk’s two heroes are han solo and gordon ramsay
    • solo: boots, utility belt, unnecessary vest, snark, luxurious locks
    • ramsay: look at how he took control of that restaurant. he totally watches kitchen nightmares
  • shiro: *jokes about his casual existential angst™* someone: *is concerned* shiro: “no no wait i was trying to be funny”
  • “maybe the real voltron was the friends we made along the way”
  • coran’s rebellious teen phase lasted 35 earth years
  • “if i’m mean to keith will the red lion come eat me”
  • pidge does eventually figure out how to hook up the gaming system
    • there’s a tournament. things start civil but eventually feet are in people’s faces, elbows are flying, threats are being made
    • lance crushes everyone bc he’s from a big family and you can’t convince me that he didn’t learn Defensive Video Game Maneuvers early on in life to survive
  • allura, eyes snapping open in the middle of the night: “coran was born with a mustache”
but I don't ever think I can ever learn how to love just right

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andreil au in which neil gets tired of the ‘we’re nothing’ game and decides to stop playing

It isn’t much of a surprise when one of the foxes gets hurt on the court. While running drills, they’re often teamed up against each other, working of defensive and offensive maneuvers. And while they don’t mean to hurt each other, Exy is a violent sport, and accidents happen. Most of the time they’re accidents, at least.

Today’s incident is a legitimate accident; in a scuffle for the ball, the handle of Dan’s racket catches Neil’s helmet, tugging it off and sending him crashing to the floor. She fawns over him with apologies, helping him back to his feet, ignoring his attempts to wave her off.

He’s only been on his feet for two seconds when Andrew pushes through, tipping his chin up with a finger, likely to get the bleeding to stop.

“I’m sorry, Neil, I swear-“ Dan exclaims, peering around Andrew, who, though tiny, still manages to take up a huge amount of space in front of Neil.

“It’s okay. Really,” He says.

“Your nose is broken,” Andrew says.

“Hell, Dan. Remind me not to piss you off,” Nicky says, a teasing smile on his lips. Matt shoots him a look, to which Dan crinkles her nose, grip tightening on her racket.

“You know-“

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Sunflower Letter | Jungkook

Summary: This is just the Yule Ball, so Jungkook shouldn’t be that nervous, right? / In which Jungkook tries to ask you to the infamous Yule Ball and, well…
Genre: Fluff/Humor, Harry Potter!AU
Word Count: 6,223
Author’s Note: I’ve been meaning to write this for a super long time after finding some short drabbles in my drive, rereading @jungkxook’s Amortentia for the umpteenth time, and just having an everlasting love for Harry Potter. Also, Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them is coming out soon and I cannot handle it.


Jungkook’s relationship with you could be documented by a series of self-inflicted, awkward moments—courtesy of Jeon Jungkook himself. To be fair, it’s not exactly your fault he could never get through anything involving you without tripping over something, stumbling into something, crashing against something or just doing something in front of you that constantly contradicted the cool, smug, collected facade he had spent years trying to build and maintain.

The worst part of it all is that the nerves that gathered together at the mere thought of you is not something he could take out of his system by dating other girls—the gender isn’t the problem. It’s just you.

God, the journey of insanity and embarrassment he’s had to go through because of you—and you don’t have the slightest clue.

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How would a character (with military training) deal with getting flash-grenaded? If they saw it thrown into the room, would they have time to recognize it, turn away, and cover eyes/ears? Would this help mitigate the effects of the flash-grenade? If not, how do they recover the quickest, minimizing their own vulnerability?

Grenades in general are fickle little beasts. You can have all the training in the world on them and they’ll still probably surprise you now and then. They’re more likely to dud than traditional grenades (for some reason) so there’s always that hope.

The M84 flashbang or stun grenade is supposedly supposed to go off within about one and a half to two and a half seconds after deployment. When an object is falling/traveling to a location, those miliseconds can be really critical. You might have that split second or two to react or you might have no time at all. It’s really up in the air. 

If you’re being flashbanged outside, that’s better odds for you. If you’re being flashbanged in a closed environment, there’s very little you can do to avoid the effects completely; the best you can do is make efforts to not be permanently disabled from it. Flashbangs are considered non-lethal, but they’re most certainly not non-damaging. There’s a misconception that flashbangs are mostly harmless and are only used to distract, (thanks, CS:GO) but actually they can cause permanent hearing damage/deafness/tinnitus (ringing in the ears) eye damage, brain damage, limb loss, severe burns, and in the right circumstances they can straight up kill someone. Flashbangs caused fires during the 1980 Iranian Embassy Siege in London, and there’s been cases of people losing limbs to close contact with flashbangs.

Hubby remembers flashbang training better than I do so the rest is all basically his doing. 

In addition to its titular “flash,” flashbangs work by releasing a wave of concussive force, basically a wave of high pressure. This is why you can’t really “avoid” a flashbang in a closed environment because there’s no defensive maneuver you can do to avoid pressure. 

The most important thing to remember when being flashbanged is that you open your mouth. Flashbangs go off at about 170 decibels, which is 20 decibels more than the amount needed to rupture your eardrums. The chart I saw said that a jet taking off 25 meters away at 150 decibels would rupture your eardrums; imagine 20 decibels more than a jet engine taking off five feet from your head. 

There is nothing you can do as a person to protect your ears from this. The pressure will affect your ears no matter what, so your body needs to both release the pressure and try to recover equilibrium after getting hit by the wave, because the blast will disturb the fluid in your ears (the stuff that maintains your sense of balance) and make you all wibbly-wobbly fuckity-uppity. If your mouth is closed and you cover your ears or plug your ears, your eardrums will be very wrecked and you may be brain-damaged as a result of all that concussive force having no escape route. 

The flash of a flashbang basically turns on all of your photoreceptors so that your eyes are just like, 100% all the light, so the flash seems more intense and blinding. Even closing and protecting your eyes, your eyes are still sensitive to pressure, so if the flash doesn’t get you it’ll still send a wave of concussive force through your face and your eyes will still be like “why.”

Hubby says if we were to encounter a flashbang, we should cover our eyes, face away from the grenade, and open our mouth. Since there’s nothing we can do about our ears and plugging them would actually make the aftermath significantly worse, at least this will prevent major damage to your eyes, even though they’ll still be affected. Depending on proximity you may be deaf for a few seconds to a few minutes, although depending on eardrum damage your hearing might never fully recover. In an enclosed space you’ll probably be bleeding from the ears. Even if the flashbang goes off in another room, you might avoid the blinding effects but the concussive force would still hit you and at least disorient you/make your ears ring. Even if you took cover like behind a wall or something, you’ll still be affected, although not as severely. (fun fact: indoors the flashbang can blow out windows)

Your eyesight should return within a minute but it’ll be not very good for about/up to an hour after contact. You’ll be so stunned, blind, deaf, and off-balance that you honestly might not be able to do…anything. I don’t think there’s actually anything you can do to recover quickly from a serious flashbang encounter. Equilibrium is so incredibly important and having been stripped of that you can’t walk, run, crawl, climb, possibly even hold your weapon.

Obviously the actual effects depend on the proximity, the enclosed space, the soldier themselves, like…too much to count. You might be lucky enough to be up and moving again in a few minutes or you might be out for the count. Flashbangs are damn dangerous. If your character gets flashbanged and needs to be moving again quickly, either they need to be 

1) Outside, several meters away, preferably behind cover
2) At least a room away from where the flashbang went off

I hope this is all helpful information! I’m sorry it took so long for me to answer this question.


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- Sans, along with Alphys, became Gaster’s apprentices
- Sans was 16, Gaster was 25
- And Sans developed the biggest gayest crush
- Gast had been his idol for all five years that he’d been the Royal Scientist
- Sans’ admiration turned into attraction the very first time they met
- In his thesis papers, Gast had always sounded so formal and stuffy
- In person, Sans quickly learned that he’s an adorably anxious dork
- As well as tall and cute and god he has such pretty eyes
- Gast never noticed the crush because firstly, Sans was underage
- His feelings towards his apprentices were purely platonic, though he still loved them both very much
- But he was also too busy pining over Asgore
- Who turned Gaster down because he was still in love with Toriel
- Who wanted nothing to do with her ex-husband ever again
- So pretty much no one is happy
- Sans pushed his feelings down and pretended they didn’t exist
- And for a long time, he thought he’d gotten over it
- But when Gaster died, he realized he’d been terribly wrong
- No one remembered Gaster had ever existed
- Except for Sans
- Even he forgot sometimes
- This is why he hid that picture of him, Alphys, and Gaster posing together in front of one of their projects
- And wrote ‘DON’T FORGET’ across it
- It’s the only picture of Gaster left
- He’s disappeared from everything else, yet somehow this photo has remained untouched
- Sans worked tirelessly to bring his mentor back: Resets, Saves, time travel, opening the Void
- Nothing ever worked
- It was a huge slap in the face, albeit an enormous relief, when Gast suddenly popped back into existence as Frisk broke the barrier
- All those emotions Sans had been trying to repress return at full force
- But now is not a good time to act on them
- Gaster is severely traumatized, scared, and in great need of a friend
- And Sans is there
- It’s possible that something more could develop, they’re both adults now
- They’ve endured countless Resets, watching helplessly as their timeline was destroyed over and over again
- Gaster cried every time Sans was killed in the judgment room
- It’s not exactly something they can bond over, but they do help each other heal from their respective experiences and grow closer because of it


- Sans thinks Gaster is the biggest asshole ever to exist
- And he’s not wrong! But he can’t bring himself to hate him
- They have a certain amount of respect for one another
- In this universe, Sans never took an interest in science
- He devoted all his time to protecting Papyrus
- But as they aged, it was easy to see that Papyrus didn’t need protecting anymore
- While still ridiculous and overdramatic, Paps is strong enough to defend himself
- Their roles switch, now Sans is the one who needs help
- His HP is pathetically low, his attacks barely do any damage, and he has no idea what self care is
- It’s a miracle he’s survived this long while also raising a child
- He and his brother get into an argument
- Sans is sick of being treated like he’s helpless
- Papyrus insists he’s only trying to do what’s best, but his rebuttals are a little…loud
- When he’s tired of getting screamed at, Sans storms out the door to take a walk and cool down
- It’s the first time he’s been out on his own in months
- Of course, he’s almost immediately attacked
- Things are looking grim when Gaster happens along and blasts the fuck out of Sans’ opponent
- He normally wouldn’t interfere, but Sans looks awfully young
- Gast will never admit that he hates to see children in pain
- Sans doesn’t even have time to say anything before his savior walks away
- Deciding not to push his luck, he returns home and soon forgets about the whole interaction
- They meet again a few years later, when Papyrus has made it into the Royal Guard
- Sans accompanies his brother to a sparring practice, and it just so happens that the king and his Royal Scientist are taking a walk through the courtyard
- It takes some time before Sans works up the courage to approach Gaster
- But once he does, they form an unsteady acquaintanceship
- Wouldn’t exactly call it a friendship, more like a ‘I have no urge to kill or maim you’ sort of thing
- Things don’t get real until they get drunk together
- Gaster would never stoop so low as to drink socially
- Except this time he went to visit Grillby and got roped into it
- It’s late, the bar is empty, and Sans starts to let some things slip
- They’re discussing Papyrus, and a very drunk Sans tells the whole story of their childhood
- Their parents had been neglectful, so Sans scooped up his baby brother and took off at the first opportunity
- They’d barely managed to survive on their own
- Gaster, being not so drunk, is stunned
- There are obvious parallels to his own past
- But he hadn’t been able to save his little brother before running away
- Sans ends up blacking out with no recollection of the night, while Gaster never forgets what he was told
- In some miraculous twist of fate, Gaster feels legitimate empathy for Sans and begins to care about him
- But outwardly, he’s still a jerk
- He just doesn’t know how to be nice lmao


- Gaster sits on his boat, patiently waiting for a passenger
- And along comes this bright blue, 4 foot blur that appears out of nowhere and hops on board
- Gaster is briefly startled before realizing it’s just a smol, hyper skeleton
- He asks for a destination, but it turns out that Sans just wants to talk
- Nobody knows much about the Ferryman
- He’s mysterious, cryptic, and not all that social
- So naturally, Sans is determined to befriend him
- Gaster humors him
- He takes Sans on rides and endures the endless chatter
- They have some nice conversations, though it’s mostly Sans babbling about various things while Gaster replies with ‘hm’s and ‘interesting’s
- Sans asks all sorts of questions about Gaster’s life, his job, his favorite color, whether he prefers vanilla or chocolate nice cream- but he doesn’t get many answers
- It takes a while before Gaster starts using full sentences
- And soon, he’s asking questions in return
- He’s curious to know why Sans wants to be a guard so badly
- For the first time since they’ve met, Sans doesn’t have anything to say
- He goes quiet for a while
- Gaster, feeling guilty for bringing him down, hastily apologizes and offers to help him train
- Sans bounces right back to normal and tackle hugs him, immediately accepting
- Be careful, you’ll break the old man’s back
- The training turns out to be harder than Sans expected
- Rather than focusing on attacks, Gaster prioritizes defensive maneuvers
- Sans has trouble keeping up
- Dodging Gaster’s magic is like a hellish game of dodgeball where the other team has fifty people and you’re on your own
- And the dodgeballs are actually knives
- Sans gradually improves
- Very gradually
- Gaster’s not sure if Sans could ever make it as a guard, but supports him all the same


- Sans is a servant at the palace
- He’d tried to land an internship at the laboratory, but his commoner status destroyed any chance of that happening
- Seeing as no one else has the patience for it, he’s been assigned as Gaster’s personal assistant
- It’s a very…demanding job
- He has to sacrifice countless hours catering to Gaster’s every whim
- This includes fetching his slippers, writing letters, bringing his tea, telling him if he looks good in the outfit he’s picked out (he always says yes, regardless of how tacky Gast’s entire wardrobe is)
- Sans never says much unless he’s asked to speak
- But Gast isn’t that shallow
- He pays him well for the overtime, gives him presents on holidays, asks about his personal life
- Gast loves hearing about Papyrus
- He’s actually a bit jealous
- Sure, he’s got money, but Gaster never knew his family
- He was taken in by Asgore as a baby, shortly after his parents died
- He wants what Sans has
- Over time, they begin to treat each other like brothers
- Gaster is older, yet Sans is the more mature one
- ‘you do not need another cape.’ ‘But I only have seven!’ ‘dings. no.’
- Gast eventually gets to meet Papyrus
- And is horrified by the conditions he and Sans are forced to live in
- He’s never been to the poorer part of the city before
- Though Sans strongly argues against it, Gast insists that they come live in the palace
- There are plenty of rooms to spare
- And after a brief conversation with the king, there are two new princes in the court
- Asgore loves adopting children okay


- Gaster is a bit of a recluse, even among his own people
- He’s sort of like a hermit who’s harmless but rarely seen
- When he does mingle with the public, it’s usually because he’s bored
- His curiostiy often gets him into trouble
- While wandering around in search of something to do, he sees a skeletal mermonster nearby
- And so, naturally, he follows him
- Sans has the distinct feeling he’s being watched, but no one is in sight
- Gaster makes it into a game of sorts
- He sees how close he can get without being noticed, completely unaware that this it’s creepy
- He thinks it’s all good fun!
- Sans is starting to think he’s gone paranoid
- It becomes a daily activity
- Eventually, Gaster gets bored of just watching and finally reveals himself
- He walks right up to Sans and offers him a shiny rock
- Sans isn’t sure whether to smile or run for his life
- He tentatively accepts the gift and, with it, Gaster’s offer of friendship
- Instead of meeting with him like any normal person would do, Gaster likes to visit Sans’ home in the dead of night and poke him until he wakes up
- Or ‘borrow’ some of Sans’ belongings so he’ll come to Gaster to get them back
- It’s not long before the poor skel is exhausted
- Putting up with this takes a lot of energy
- But he knows Gast’s just…eccentric
- And he means well
- So Sans does his best to be a good friend, no matter how exasperating it is

“Give me your best shot, Tater Tot.”

“Give me your best shot, Tater Tot,” Kent Parson says across the face-off circle. 

Alexei has been living in the US for almost two years now, and he likes to think he’s been making headway in becoming fully fluent in his adopted second language.  He may still get tripped up on pop cultural references and nonsensical idioms, but even on his first day in the States, those words he would have understood.  In fact, those were the first words he ever learned in English, aside from the the odd Anglicisms naturally adopted from such a massive exporter of pop culture as the United States.  Because Alexei has had those words imprinted across his chest since he was eleven years old.

“Give me your best shot, Tater Tot,” says Kent Parson, Alexei’s soulmate.  

He has approximately half a second to digest what just happened before the referee drops the puck and play resumes at a blazing pace.  It is only years of muscle memory and diligent practice that allows Alexei to slam his stick after the puck with only the smallest hesitation.  It’s enough for Parson however, the man is dazzling on the ice, he snags the puck and passes it with precision to Graham, neatly giving the Aces possession when the Falconer’s are still scrambling to make up the point difference in a 2-1 game.

“Did Parson just call you Tater Tot?” his linemate Spencer asks incredulously, flying by in a flurry of defensive maneuvers.  Alexei is quick to follow after, but not quick enough to stop Parson from looping behind the net to score on pass from Graham.  The fans around them groan in unison as Parson is swept up in a hug by his teammates. Alexei grudgingly acknowledges that it was a splendid bit of skating, as he slides back to the bench to change shifts before the next puck drop.

“You ok, Alex?” his Captain asks, leaning into his shoulder briefly to get his attention.  Zimmermann has sixth sense for sorting out when his players are a bit off, one of the many attributes that make him such an exemplary leader.  “Yeah,” he replies gruffly. He knows he’s behaving a bit oddly, he’s usually the first on the bench to cheer on his fellow Falcs (often bellowing at a volume loud enough to be heard in the reserved boxes), but he just met his soulmate - the person he’s been eagerly waiting for ever since his parents explained the writing along their shoulder blades. So instead of exuberantly yelling as his team regains possession, he’s reeling that the universe has revealed his ideal partner and it’s Kent Parson.  The man is sitting only a few feet away, separated by a wall of plexiglass and overly large hockey players.  Stretching upward, craning his neck, he can barely make out the top of Parson’s helmet.   

Alexei briefly considers confiding in Jack, after all, if anyone would be able to tell him more about his soulmate, it would be Jack Zimmermann, whose boyhood orbited hockey and Parson in equal measures.  But the moment passes in the brisk rush unique to hockey games, and he and his line are back over the boards and in a mad scramble for the puck.

It’s easy to focus on the ice. The scrape of a hard stop, his stick connecting with rubber, pushing hard to shove a player into the boards long enough for his team to retrieve the puck.   He wouldn’t have made it as far as the NHL if he wasn’t capable of focusing when it’s his time on the ice.  But despite the familiar comfort of the game, he can feel how much his equilibrium has shifted, like stepping onto dry land after months at sea.  

Kent Parson.

Captain of the Las Vegas Aces, Stanley Cup winner, current point leader in his division, his accolades are many. Parson is a dazzling skater, he has an ebullient personality in general but the man seems to sharpen when he’s on the ice, all determination and and drive and focus. He is entirely centered when he is laced into his skates.  Alexei spends the rest of the third period biting back words, and he know his teammates are looking at him strangely, for him to skate practically mute is an anomaly of the highest order.

He can’t help it, his instincts are screaming at him to close the space between him and Parson, he’s swallowing compulsively as if trying to bury the words deep in his gut.  He’s not sure what is holding him back, by all rights he should be ready to sweep the man up and yell his happiness for all to hear.  The middle of play during a professional hockey game is hardly the place he thought he’d be meeting his partner, and Alexei wonders if it wouldn’t be quite fair, really, to distract Parson as he’d been distracted at the face off. He tries to tell himself to focus on the game, that there will be time enough to figure out his response later.  

Parson is almost entirely covered in his gear and sweater.  Still Alexei can’t help hoping for a glimpse of bare skin, but the only skin visible is the man’s face and part of his neck, unlikely spots for imprints.  If his location matches Alexei’s it will almost impossible for anyone to see it while they’re in the middle of the game, but he’d love to have some kind of hint of what he’s eventually going to say to the man.

He knows it’s not unusual for soulmates to have imprints on disparate body parts, but he’d always found it romantic when partners shared a location. He thinks looking forward to finding his imprint on Kent.

They manage to score again late in the third, but can’t manage to pull ahead enough to tie it. The game finishes 3-2, much to the disappointment of their home crowd.

Lining up the shake hands with the Aces he feels a pull deep in his gut, anxiety flaring as he nears Parson.  This man is a stranger to him. He sees Jack tap gloves, congratulating Kent and awkwardly thumping him once on the helmet before continuing down the line.  And then it is the two of them. Alexei reaches out a hand, and looks up into blue eyes, cold and bright, and the moment passes. Parson moves on, chirping the men behind him as he moves further down the line.

“Hey, Tater,” Spencer says from behind him, “What’s the hold up?” He nudges him gently with his stick to keep him moving.

“Sorry,” he mutters, before reaching out to the next player. He just couldn’t do it, he’s felt a sting of recognition looking into those eyes, his mind blanked, losing the moment like water through his hands.


“Oh my god Tater. I can’t believe you finally have a hockey nickname and it came from Kent Parson.” Snowy is moaning when they get back to the locker room.

“I don’t understand, is tiny potatoes, yes?” Mashkov asks uneasily, not getting why everyone in the locker room is beaming at the name.

“Dude, it’s pun. Potatoes, tater, Mashkov, like mashed potatoes?”

Ah, that does make sense. He feels his face fold up involuntarily into a smile.

“See there! He does remember how to smile.” Spencer says, red curls specularly ruffled after pulling his sweater over his head.

“What’s wrong Tater, you’re usually the one cheering the rest of us up.” Snowy asks, bend over undoing his laces.

“Is…complicated.” Alexei says, unsure if he should elaborate. He likes his team, he knows in most circumstance they would be thrilled to know that he met his soulmate. He knows they would chirp him endlessly over having met his soulmate in the middles of a hockey game, would give him wild suggestions for what his own first words should be to Kent. But that’s part of the problem, his soulmate is not some stranger to all of them, it’s Kent Parson, complicating things immensely. For one, he’s the captain of the team they narrowly lost to only minutes ago. Second, their own captain has a murky, unspoken past with the man, with hints that the two parted ways less than amicably. Alexei doesn’t know where the two men stand. It’s only his own first year with the team, he hardly wants to shake things up with his captain.  So he’s getting undressed in a locker room feeling unsteady, wanting to reach out to his team but uncertain of his reception, with a half formed soulmate bond to a man who is likely getting ready to fly to the other side of the country.  He’d pictured meeting his soulmate and feeling nothing but overwhelming happiness, not this muddle of confused thoughts.

“We are going out tonight?”  He asks the room at large. “I need a drink.”

A thing I’ve been working on, sort of an alternate path for Don’t Speak Before We Say Too Much.  I’m a little bit stuck on whether to continue angsty or fluffy as I have ideas for both. It is surprisingly difficult to write from Mashkov’s POV and also continue in an angsty vein. 


( suggested by @yamiyoukaipao and @rabbit-kinder )

partial role-reversal AU, Roxanne is a supervillain and Megamind is a hero

T rating, (brief language, sensuality)


AO3  |  FFN

“Come on, buddy; hurry up,” Metro Man’s voice comes through Megamind’s earpiece.

“Shut up, Wayne; I am trying to concentrate!” Megamind hisses back, up to his elbows in the circuitry of Temptress’s bomb, attempting to figure out how to stop it from exploding without, hey, making it explode.

“This is taking too long; hurry up; you gotta go after her; she’s gonna get away again—”

“Yes, well, excuse me if I’m less worried about that than the possibility of exploding and dying a fiery death—”

(red wire, red wire, another red wire; why are all of the goddamn wires red; why does Metro City’s supervillain have to be so damn smart; now he has to trace each wire back to its origin to figure out which one is which—)

“What are you, afraid she’s going to kiss you again?” Wayne asks. “Don’t know what you’re so freaked about; it’s not like her powers even work on you—”

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anonymous asked:

Some reasons Keith is actually Amy Santiago: 1) probably has a binder on defensive maneuvers, 2) also has a binder on offensive maneuvers, 3) his things are very organized because a messy space does not a good evasion tactic make, 4) cannot cook at all and survives on microwaveable meals and salads, 5) really wants Shiro/Raymond's approval, 6) very competitive, 7) in love with Lance/Jake. ~ AKA

i love this to death. i love you kinkshaming anon. i am so glad i am here and alive to see these peraltiago/klance comparisons. this is the best day of my life

Kill Your Darlings

Rating: T-M; for graphic violent content

Pairing: Platonic Levi and Mikasa

Summary:  X-Men/Mutant AU. Mutants Levi and Mikasa cross paths, both seeking to escape dark forces.  (wolverine!Levi, x-23!Mikasa)

Word Count: 1682

A/N:  (Also posted on Archive of Our Own!) Originally intended for this to be a drabble of less than 500 words but I just had to expand on it a little more! Got carried away with the violence, but *shrugs*, ain’t like we’re not used to this kind of stuff. If you’ve seen Logan, you won’t be shocked like at all lol.
I’ve seen Logan too many times already and it inspired me to write this piece featuring my faves; Humanity’s Strongest Pair.
Hope you enjoy this random-as-hell crossover/x-men fusion one-shot!

“She’s like you… very much like you…”

The first time he sees her, she has just ripped a man’s head off, dual claws protruding from her fists.

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Final Fantasy VII Zodiacs

Cloud Strife

Originally posted by ergo


Strengths:   Passionate,  generous, warm-hearted, cheerful, humorous, faithful and loving

Weaknesses:  Pompous, patronizing,  arrogant, stubborn, self-centered, lazy, inflexible

Year of the Tiger:

Strengths: Tolerant, loyal, valiant, courageous, trustworthy, intelligent, virtuous

Weaknesses: Arrogant, short-tempered, hasty, traitorous

Primal Zodiac:Wolverine

Strong, proud, and emotional, those born under the sign of the Wolverine are born leaders who can rise to a challenge with the best of them. Like their animal namesake, Wolverines never back down, even to much bigger opponents. Their powerful presence and confidence in battle intimidate even the most resolved competitors, allowing them to achieve unlikely victories in territories that most others would fear to tread.With such a strong personality, one might expect members of this sign to be serious all of the time, but in reality nothing could be further from the truth. Though less pronounced, Wolverines show their playful side often. In fact, if given the opportunity, they would prefer every day to be a lazy day filled with good food and rousing entertainment, but they also know that if they want to achieve their goals they must get up and fight for what they want. Wolverines spend a good deal of energy putting forth a self-image that they want others to believe in. Pride is incredibly important to members of this sign, and in truth a great deal of their fight comes from the need to prove that they can match the power and intensity of anyone around them. If it were possible, they would make it so they could never show any weakness or uncertainty again. What they fail to realize is that it is their faults that make them charming and relate-able. Without their imperfections they risk coming across as overly aggressive and competitive, which many people find off-putting.Though they can be among the most fun people you will ever meet, they also have a darker side that comes out when things don’t go their way. In fact, Wolverines have a reputation for sulking if they don’t get their way. Members of this sign want to be in control all of the time, and they don’t share the leadership role well. When they are happy they are outgoing, gregarious, and kind, but when they are upset these traits quickly disappear. The caveat is that Wolverines are far too proud to put their negative emotions on display, though they also don’t hide them as well as they think they do.Ultimately, Wolverines want to be the best all the time. They can be controlling and moody when they are “off”, but when they are “on” there are few stars that shine as brightly as they do. With maturity will come stability, but Wolverines don’t have to worry too much about directing their energy one way or another. Unlike many other signs, those born under this one can typically let their intuition and natural ways of being guide them through life successfully. As long as Wolverines remember that they don’t always have to win, life can be whatever they want it to be.

Symbolism of the Wolverine: Wild, Power, Strength, Attitude, Courage, Warrior, Defense, Confidence, Ferocious, Aggressive, Adaptable, Resourceful, Commanding, Determination, Uncompromising

Wolverine shows as a spirit guide when…

  • You want to make a point.
  • Showing superiority.
  • Gaining respect by showing love and not by fear.
  • You want to make things happen.
  • Using your abilities.

Call on wolverine as a spirit guide when…

  • You want to be heard and you want to emphasize your position.
  • Showcasing your command ability.
  • You want to be respected and not to be feared.
  • You want to manipulate things.
  • Deciding whether to do things positively or negatively.

Barret Wallace

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Strengths: Generous, idealistic, great sense of humor,  optimistic,  honest and straightforward

Weaknesses: Promises more than can deliver, very impatient, will say anything no matter how undiplomatic, tactless, irresponsible

Year of the Rat: 

Strengths:  quick-witted, resourceful, versatile, kind, smart, opportunistic, adaptable, smart, cautious, acute, alert, positive, flexible, outgoing, cheerful

Weaknesses: Timid, unstable, stubborn, narrow-minded, picky, impolite, not natural born leaders

Primal Zodiac: Skunk

The first thing most people think of when they hear the word “skunk” is the noxious odor the animal can emit as a defensive maneuver. Less talked about is the thick-skinned, independent, and solitary nature of this animal or how it prefers a wide range of land to call home rather than a single den. It is these attributes that best represent those born under the Primal Zodiac sign of the Skunk. Members of this sign live by their own philosophy and prefer to follow their own path instead of taking the easy road. Confident, energetic, and independent, they seek new life experiences and rarely stay in one place for too long. Like their animal namesake, Skunks don’t care if you like them or not - they are going to do what they want and have no trouble leaving others behind. Most people know better than to cross them, as they are idealists who hold their ground when challenged.Skunks are witty and tend to have a somewhat dark sense of humor. They find reality far more intriguing than absurdity and can find humor where others can only see tragedy. They are not morose, but observant. They have good instincts and trust their senses, though they don’t pay much attention to anything beyond their momentary point of view. Skunks only look forward, never back. They are not sentimental and don’t dwell on the past. They are far more concerned with what’s around the corner than what they’ve left behind. Some people consider them selfish because of this, but in truth Skunks just want to be left alone to do what they think is best and usually extend others this same courtesy. Ironically, they are at their best when focused on helping others. Though they can and should have a life of adventure, too much time alone can cause them to become selfish, aggressive, and greedy. Likewise, they shouldn’t allow themselves to become bored just to please others. A bored Skunk is the worst kind. Without excitement and energy they can easily surrender to their dark side, becoming blunt, irritable, judgmental, restless, and unfocused. 

Symbolism of the skunk: Defense, Prudence, Protection, Confidence, Awareness, Pacification, Effectiveness, Good judgement

Skunk shows up as a spirit guide when…

  • You need to have self esteem.
  • You should be playful
  • You need to be patient.
  • You need to accept who you are.
  • You need to express yourself with respect and respect others.

Call on Skunk as a spirit guide when…

  • You need to have a will power.
  • You need to have self confidence.
  • You need to have a good reputation.
  • You need to understand the flow of energy.
  • You need courage.

Tifa Lockhart

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Strengths:  Reliable, patient, practical, devoted, responsible, stable, warmhearted, loving,    

Weaknesses:  Stubborn, possessive, uncompromising, self-indulgent, greedy, jealous

Year of the Rabbit:

Strengths:  Gentle, quiet, elegant, alert, quick, skillful, kind, and patient; and particularly responsible, faithful, demure, amiable

Weaknesses: Timid, stubborn, melancholy, conservative, hesitant

Primal Zodiac: Hedgehog

Those born under the sign of the Hedgehog are friendly, reserved, stylish, and sensitive. Like their animal namesake they can be shy and defensive, especially in unfamiliar situations, but once they open up to you they are great friends to have around. It usually takes a while to get to know a Hedgehog. It’s not because they are unfriendly or impolite - in fact they value manners and politeness very highly - it’s just that they don’t talk about themselves very much and tend to be very uncomfortable in unfamiliar places or with unfamiliar people. Those with the patience to get to know them on their terms will find them to be very warm, friendly, and well-mannered. They don’t like to say bad things about anyone, and equally don’t like bad things said about them. If you become very close friends with a Hedgehog you will find that they are welcoming hosts, engaging conversationalists, and imaginative thinkers with a lot more to say than one would expect. Hedgehogs like to do things their own way and on their own terms. They are surprisingly stubborn and determined for having such an easygoing nature. They don’t need to brag about how good they are at something - they just go out and succeed. Hedgehogs have creative minds and are more ambitious than they appear. While others are out socializing, Hedgehogs often spend a lot of time on their own mastering their craft or learning a new skill.

Symbolism of the hedgehog: Energy, Vitality, Fertility, Intuition, Protection, Perception, Intelligence, Uniqueness, Resourcefulness

Hedgehog (Echidna) shows as a spirit guide when…

  • We are facing tough challenges.
  • We need to use our energy in a more competent way.
  • We need to reveal our true self.
  • We need to defend ourselves without losing our ground.
  • He wants to teach us that success does not happen in one day.

Call on Hedgehog as a spirit guide when…

  • We want a problem to be resolved.
  • We need to allocate our energy on the right things.
  • Showing your inner self.
  • Having grace under pressure.
  • Striving hard for a better future.

Aerith Gainsborough:

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Strengths:  Progressive, original, independent, humanitarian, friendly, loyal, inventive, honest

Weaknesses:  Runs from emotional expression, temperamental, uncompromising, aloof, perverse, contrary

Year of the Ox:

Strengths:  Diligence, dependability, strength, determination, patriotic, 

Weaknesses: Poor communication skills, foolhardy, restless

Primal Zodiac: Walrus

People born under the Walrus sign are likely some of the most curious people you will ever meet. They can be exceptionally smart and hardworking to a fault. They have big ideas that they have no intention of allowing to simply remain ideas. It’s tempting to think of Walruses as the cartoonish mad scientist or absent-minded inventor making fantastic machines in his basement, but in reality Walruses are much more grounded than this. They have many layers to their thinking, but are always fair with others. They are not overtly social, yet they work extremely hard on projects with the intention that others can benefit from them. The best way to describe a Walrus is as a person who works hard to succeed, but has to do things their own way. Walruses aren’t inherently rebellious, they just know what needs to be done and trust themselves to do it. They don’t like to follow the typical ways of doing things, mostly because they’ve already figured out how to do them better.

Symbolism of the walrus:  Ability to see the beauty in everyone, lesson on the importance of life, perceptive, dreams, intuition, evolution

Walrus shows up as a spirit guide when…

  • You need to focus on spiritual growth or enlightenment.
  • Faith is being lost.
  • You can’t see the proverbial forest for the trees.
  • You need to seek knowledge, it allows you to know the questions that  you need to ask.
  • You are promoted or seeking higher education.

Call on a Walrus as a spirit guide when…

  • You want to learn or are seeking a teacher in real aspects of life.
  • Seek a balance between reality and grounding.
  • Are dealing with the loss of a loved one.
  • Feel overwhelmed emotionally.
  • Need protection or are protecting your family.
  • When you want to stand up to someone.

Yuffie Kisaragi 

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Strengths: Resourceful, brave, passionate, stubborn, a true friend, exciting

Weaknesses: Distrusting, jealous, secretive, violent, obsessive, compulsive

Year of the Sheep

Strengths: Gentle, softhearted, considerate, attractive, hardworking, persistent, thrift

Weaknesses: Indecisive, timid, vain, pessimistic, moody, weak-willed

Primal Zodiac: Panda

In the animal kingdom, the famous giant panda is one of the most contradictory animals by nature. They are popular but loners, bears who don’t hibernate, carnivores that eat 99% bamboo, are territorial but don’t live in one place, are strong and potentially dangerous but shy away from confrontation. Humans born under the sign of the Panda share many similarities. Members of this sign tend to be popular but loners, want to go with flow but have to feel in charge of their own destiny, long to relax but are always working on projects, are ambitious yet uncertain, want to do things that help others yet are often self-focused, and have creative minds that are often focused on success and achievement.Rather than see things as they are, Pandas see the world in terms of how it affects them personally. They have a desire to improve the world around them, but their approach to doing so is a bit different from others. Members of this sign believe that by being their best and improving their own lives they are doing what they can to improve their surroundings, which makes things better for everyone. Others may interpret this behavior as self-centered, but this is genuinely the best way for Pandas to operate.Pandas are surprisingly shy. They can be territorial loners who live in their own little world, but this is by design. Those born under this sign are quiet, collected, and focused but can become obsessive, overly critical, and anxious if left alone for too long. Though they need time alone, Pandas should be careful not to isolate themselves from the world. Private and reserved, it can be hard for Pandas to find the right social scene, but it’s important that they try.The biggest challenge for Pandas in life is finding their place in the world. In their youth they will likely isolate themselves to work on esoteric projects and personal interests, but over time they must realize that they do, in fact, need others to help make their visions into reality. Pandas also have a hard time feeling content, and too often second-guess themselves. Though ambitious, they must also realize that there is time to work and time to play, and they can afford to do both. 

Symbolism of the panda: Opposites, Discretion, Docility, Thankfulness, Peace,  Keeping, Slow and steady action, Scrutiny, Privacy, Equilibrium, Flexibility, Global mindedness, Subtle strength, Earth Element (particularly plants), Resolve, Determination

Cid Highwind

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Strengths: Compassionate, artistic, intuitive, gentle, wise, musical, sympathetic, selfless

Weaknesses: Fearful, overly trusting, sad, desire to escape reality, can be a victim or a martyr

Year of the Rabbit

Strengths:  Gentle, quiet, elegant, alert, quick, skillful, kind, and patient; and particularly responsible, faithful, demure, amiable

Weaknesses: Timid, stubborn, melancholy, conservative, hesitant

Primal Zodiac: Silkworm

A combination of the two most passive signs in their respective zodiacs, the Primal Zodiac sign of Silkworm belongs to those born under the tropical sun sign of Pisces during the Chinese Year of the Rabbit. This should not be interpreted, though, as saying that the Silkworm is weak. Members of this sign are among the most creative and intuitive people in the world. The difference between a weak or a strong Silkworm will be the amount of self-confidence they build. Silkworms are very emotional and easily influenced, so having strong role-models around, particularly in their younger and more formative years, will make a tremendous difference.While this combination may be sensitive and emotional, they are also capable of creating great things. When they are feeling good, there are few who can match the creative power of their minds. They have the ability to see things in an entirely unique way, and thus are capable of great innovations. Just look at the life’s work of fellow Silkworm Albert Einstein for proof.The good thing is that the natural serenity of the Rabbit eases the inherent tendency of Pisces to become overly worked up while questioning everything in life. Kindness and compassion are very important to this sign; so much so that they have a tendency to give too much too often and find themselves worn down and burnt out. In nature, silkworms do not survive in the wild. They must be carefully raised and bred by humans, and eventually give their lives for the beautiful and delicate silk that they produce. This is an apt metaphor for those born under the sign of the Silkworm. Though they may seem too delicate to survive the rigors of the outside world, members of this sign must be able to grow beyond themselves to create the beauty that they alone are able to. Silkworms will give anything and everything for what they believe in, which to some seems like too much, but to them seems to be the very purpose of their existence.

Symbolism of the silkworm:  Gossip, depression, fairness,  movement, balance, vulnerable self, empowerment, weaving

Vincent Valentine

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Strengths: Cooperative,diplomatic, gracious, fair-minded, social, easygoing, romantic

Weaknesses: Indecisive, avoids confrontations, will carry a grudge, self-pity

Year of the Tiger

Strengths: Tolerant, loyal, valiant, courageous, trustworthy, intelligent, virtuous

Weaknesses: Arrogant, short-tempered, hasty, traitorous

Primal Zodiac: Tasmanian devil

Emotional, intense, and idealistic, those born under the sign of the Tasmanian Devil are anything but predictable. Initially coming across as mild-mannered, most people will quickly notice that there is more to this sign than meets the eye. Though they romanticize about being seen as the strong, stoic friend to others, in real life they are much more transparent than they think. Tasmanian Devils wear their emotions on their sleeves. They hold strongly romantic ideas about life and the people in it. They fantasize about a future in which every day is like a wonderful dream that you never wake up from. When they open their eyes and see that the world isn’t perfect and they are not yet the hero, disappointment sets in.In the animal kingdom, the Tasmanian devil is famous for having a wild streak that can show itself at the slightest hint of confrontation. Likewise, those born under the sign of the Tasmanian Devil are the most emotional when reacting, rather than when acting. On their own they may be peaceful, friendly, and sincere, but the moment someone challenges them on any level their blood begins to boil. They may want nothing more than a peaceful conversation, but they can’t stand not defending their opinions when someone expresses an opinion other than their own.Tasmanian Devils can also become obsessive. They have artistic, creative minds and it is mostly likely going to be some kind of artistic or charitable venture that they will find worthy of prolonged attention. Tasmanian Devils often channel their energy, passion, and even fears into an art form. The most common of which are music, graphic arts, and writing. They do best if they find a partner, group, or mentor to help keep their energy focused.Staying focused on a productive venture is important for this sign to maintain balance, and maintaining balance is by far the biggest challenge for this sign. Few others need a sense of balance as strongly as this sign. Tasmanian Devils have a lot of energy that needs to be released. Regular exercise is highly recommended for Tasmanian Devils. Without this, pent up energy turns into pent up emotions, which can turn those born under this sign from calm to frenzied at any moment.With so many live-wire characteristics, it’s important for members of this sign to focus on the good things happening around them. For a Tasmanian Devil, emotional momentum goes a long way. Focusing their formidable energy towards positive things prevents that same energy from turning into moodiness, restlessness, or indecisiveness - all of which are common to this sign.Tasmanian Devils almost always good intentions, and may even be very passionate about something. They are always willing to take on a challenge, but often become overwhelmed, bored or disinterested after the project has started. Members of this sign rarely plan ahead, so they have to rely on their energy to carry them through. Unfortunately many give up at the obstacle in their path, preferring to start a new project rather than try to fix the old one.

Symbolism of the tasmanian devil: Self-defense, magic, protection of territory, ability to use perseverance when necessary, understanding of how and when to fight, brutal honesty, fighting disease, The wisdom of aggression

Tasmanian devil shows up as a spirit guide when…

  • You are sick and need help getting healthy.
  • Are challenged with rage or aggression.
  • You need a pick me up emotionally.
  • You are desperate for approval.
  • Cannot forgive someone who has hurt you.

Call on a Tasmanian devil as a spirit guide when…

  • You are needing energy.
  • You are feeling low and need motivation.
  • Courage or confidence is needed.
  • You cannot forgive someone.

Cait Sith (Reeve) 

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Western Zodiac: unknown.

Year of the Rat

Strengths: Quick-witted, resourceful, versatile, kind, smart, opportunistic, adaptable, smart, cautious, acute, alert, positive, flexible, outgoing, cheerful  

Weaknesses: Timid, unstable, stubborn, picky, lack of persistence, querulous,  narrow-minded, impolite, not natural born leaders

Primal Zodiac: unknown


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western zodiac unknown

Year of the pig

Strengths: Warm-hearted, good-tempered, loyal, honest, gentle

Weaknesses: Naive, gullible, sluggish, short-tempered

Primal zodiac unknown

The President of the United States of America takes pleasure in presenting the Navy Cross to Commander Gordon Paiea Chung-Hoon, United States Navy, for extraordinary heroism and distinguished service in the line of this profession as Commanding Officer of the Destroyer U.S.S. SIGSBEE (DD-502), a unit of an Advanced Picket Group, in action against enemy Japanese forces in the vicinity of Okinawa, Ryukyu Islands, on 14 April 1945. Although his ship suffered major damage when struck by an enemy plane and all power was lost, Commander Chung-Hoon coolly carried out defensive maneuvers and directed his anti-aircraft batteries in delivering prolonged and effective fire against the continued heavy enemy air attack. Afterwards, he supervised damage-control procedure which resulted in his ship being made sea-worthy for a safe return to port under its own restored power. Commander Chung-Hoon’s gallant fighting spirit, courage and unwavering devotion to duty were in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service.

I’m a Survivor (Part 4)

Bucky x Reader

Summary – The reader is more of a scholar/lab rat (highly intelligent, knows something about everything and maybe a bit of a know-it-all). She prefers the shelter Stark Tower offers her rather than joining in on the action whenever there’s a new mission. Fury knows she once got beaten up pretty bad, even ended up in the hospital, and gives her a pass each and every time (the others don’t mind but are a bit disappointed). She has been on guard ever since, ashamed of her scarred body and counting her blessings ‘cause she’s still alive. But when she finds herself all alone in the tower yet again, she decides that something needs to be done and asks Bucky for some lessons in self-defense.

Requested by -  Annelies @hellomissmabel  Thank you!!!!

Warnings – None

Word Count – 995

Notes – I absolutely love the way this fic is developing! I hope you enjoy it as well! 

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10


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It became more difficult to dodge his attacks.  He left absolutely no part of his own body open, so you weren’t able to even attempt a hit.  He was coming at you again, when he suddenly switched tactics and spun around behind you, grabbing the back of your hood and yanking you down onto the mats.

“What the…!” you screamed, scrambling back to your feet, pulling the hood tightly around your head.  “Why did you do that?”

“Do you really think Hydra won’t take advantage of any opening?” he answered with a condescending huff.  “It’s no wonder they were able to get to you so easily.  You’re so naïve, thinking that they’re going to play by the rules.  This is war, sweetheart, and you’re going to be the first casualty with an attitude like that.  I surely hope you’re not the one watching my back out there.”

His comment had you seeing red. How dare he imply that you were responsible for being captured and tortured!  Anger had adrenaline coursing through your veins and before you could think about it, you were rearing back and punching him as hard as you could, right in his beautifully smug face.

10 Months Ago

Blood spurted everywhere as your fist made contact with his nose, breaking it instantly.  Bucky’s hands flew to his face to staunch the flow, but when he looked up at you, it was with a glimmer in his eyes.  “I knew you had it in you, doll.  Just needed a little push.”

“Maybe you really are the SOB the world thinks you are,” you shot at him as you turned to leave the training room.  

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You don't need to say a word (Aragorn X Reader) [Part 2 of "All the words left unsaid"]

The first part if you haven’t read it yet: Here

Based of THIS imagine from

You were dead; no other explanation could be made. Falling off a cliff into the rocky rapids below, was a feat nobody was able to survive. Not even you.

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Marines with the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit and Sailors aboard USS AMERICA, USS SAN DIEGO and USS PEARL HARBOR conduct defensive maneuvers during a power projection drill during Amphibious Squadron-Marine Expeditionary Unit Integration, April 8, 2017.


Fairy Tail 534:

Lucy did it, Natsu is back. But what happened to her? Is this some kind of curse for meddling with this kind of magic?

Why is that letter shining? Is that what activated all of this? a defense maneuver or something like that?

anonymous asked:

Could you do an imagine where you're Gladio's best friend, lover, and a protector of Noct and after Ignis and you get really injured (with you gaining new scars on your face and back) he yells at Noct and you jump in to defend Noctis which upsets him more and causes you to fight? And Ignis slaps some sense into Gladio when you storm off?

Note: Spoilers in this one-shot! Refrain from continuing if you haven’t gotten past Chapter 9 or at least beaten the game.

Title: Into the Storm (Gladio x Reader)

Word Count: 2626

Noctis came back outside once he concluded his meeting with Camelia, meeting up with you and the boys. Gladdio and Ignis was the first to walk up to him, wanting to hear the plan about getting the Leviathan and getting Lady Lunafreya back. Noctis looked around the group and said, “Well, basically, we need to evacuate the citizens of Altissia if we want them to return Lady Lunafreya to us.” Gladio nodded and Ignis chimed in, “Hmm, it seems that they were only holding her ‘hostage’ because they wanted us to help with the evacuation.” You looked down, knowing that it’s going to lead to a huge battle with the Imperial Forces and then the Leviathan on top of that. You’re a sworn protector of Noctis, just like Gladio and that means never backing down from the fight. Gladio looked over to you and asked, “Think you can handle it?” The boys all turned to you and you remained silent for quite a bit before finally answering, “I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t able to. As long as Noctis will allow me to remain, that is.” Noctis placed a hand on your shoulder and smiled. Prompto smacked you playfully on your back and said, “Come on, what’s the worst that could happen? We got this, right guys?” They all agreed in unity and Ignis cautioned them, “We still need to be smart about this. We’re fighting two battles here. Noctis, you focus on getting Leviathan under your control and the four of us will evacuate the citizens.” That is that; the plan is set and the only thing left is to play the waiting game. You weren’t planning to fall in love with one of the boys, namely Gladio, but love comes when you least expect it to. You two have a lot in common and have been through training, tough training, to be one of the best warriors assigned to protect Prince Noctis. When you found out that Gladio got assigned to Noctis as well, you were excited. It’s no surprise there because the Amicita family has always been sworn protectors to the royal family of Insomnia. You sighed as Prompto suggested to head back to the hotel to gear up for the upcoming battle.

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