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I hope you like it, I feel like it’s not my best cause I had to do it 3 time, and I’m sorry for making you wait till the last day! I had some computer issues. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! -NekoZuki

Wes Weston always knew.

Ever since the “Wishing Ghost” incident, Wes knew exactly who Phantom really was. Hell Fenton didn’t even try to hide in that panicking crowd, but Wes knew. He SAW it.

The only problem he had was that no one believed him.

“Fenton? Ahahaha! That wimp could never be Phantom. You got some crazy ideas in that mind of yours Wesley!”

“Isn’t his family a bunch of ghost hunters? They’d totally know if he was Danny Phantom.”

“They don’t look alike at all!”

Wes was so tired of hearing it all! No one believed him, even after all these months, and he didn’t know if it was because everyone couldn’t comprehend that one of Casper Highs students was disguised as a ecto, or because he wasn’t one of those stupid A-lister popular kids. Seems like if you weren’t a football star or cheerleader, you didn’t matter. Basketball players were always second best.

However, if Wesley couldn’t convince his fellow classmates that Danny Fenton was Danny Phantom, maybe he could get the proof himself.

Walking through Casper High School’s hallways as usually, Wes couldn’t help but wear this smug smile.

He had the perfect plan.

Wes currently had a tape recorder smuggled safely away in the pocket of his basketball shorts. If no one would believe his word, perhaps they’d believe Fenton’s!

He had never spoken to the freak before. Nor had he spoken too Sam or Tucker. They were deemed some of the lowest geeks on the Casper High social totem pole. They were even below Mikey because Mikey could at least do the A-Lister’s homework for them.

Wes’s green eyes shifted slightly upward to see the trio walking to Danny’s locker. He hated to be seen anywhere near the band room. They were, or course, some of the lowest on the social totem pole depending on which band geek you wanted to talk about…

After a few moments, Sam and Tucker departed from their black haired friend.
“Now’s my chance…” Wes said to himself as he calmly walked towards Danny Fenton. The Blue eyed boy was currently muddering something about not being able to find his math homework when Wesley tapped on his shoulder.

“GAH!” Danny dropped his things on the floor and turned around quickly, positioned in a defensive fighting style like position.

“Ah, erm. Hi?” Wes blinked, confused as to where such a reaction came from.

“Oh,” Danny dropped his position and chuckled slightly. “You’re Wes Weston aren’t you?” He smiled at the redhead innocently.

Wes only nodded quickly. “Wes, I mean, Yes. That’s my name.” His green eyes shifted uneasily, causing Danny much confusion.

“Hey, are you okay?”

“I’m Fine Phan- Fenton.”

Danny’s eye’s widened a bit at the slip up. Surely that was just an accident right? This boy couldn’t know his secret? He didn’t want to take any chances though. “Did you almost call me Phantom? Haha! That’s really funny there Wes! That guy is so cool. It must be nice to be a hero!” Fenton smiled brightly, but Wes narrowed his eyes.

“Wouldn’t you know?” Wes stiffened up a bit, trying to regain some confidence.

Suddenly, Danny’s ghost sense went off as some girls down the hall screamed. “Oh no…”

Wes glared at him, as if he knew what that blue puff meant.  "What is it Fenton? Got somewhere to be?“

Danny gritted his teeth and Wes could’ve swore his eyes flashed green.

"Look, whatever your name is-” Danny started, but Wes cut him off.

“It’s Wesley Weston, Danny Fenton…” Wes pointed his finger nearly an inch away from Danny’s nose. “Why don’t you tell me you secret now before someone gets hurt! Normally, Phantom would be here now, but I don’t see him…I don’t suppose you know where he is, do you?!”

Suddenly, the Fenton Family Assault Vehicle (AKA the RV) plummeted through the school wall into the hallway. As soon as the vehicle came to a rest, Jack and Maddie Fenton jumped out and raced down the hall where screams on terror were heard.

Danny smacked Wes’s hand away as his parents came to fight the threat. “Looks like Phantom wasn’t needed this time anyhow.” Anger burned in Danny’s eyes as he walked away from the accusing teen.

Wesley stood his ground, crossing his arms and returning the glare. “You can’t hide it forever Fenton. I’ll get my proof! I’ll always know who Phantom really is!”

“Guys, this is serious!” Danny threw his hands up in the air. Currently, he was in his room. His two best friends Sam and Tucker were leaned up against his bed. “He could pose a real problem. He could make it super hard for me to go ghost, or worse, he could actually get proof!”

“Lighten up Danny,” Tucker started. “Did he tell you he knew?”

“Actually, Tucker, Yes. Yes he did.” Danny scowled. “This is just great.”

“Well it’s obvious that he doesn’t have any proof yet…” Sam started, obviously deep in thought as she spoke. “Maybe you can somehow prove that you’re not Phantom. If you did that, maybe he’d get off Danny Fenton’s case.”

Tucker sat forward a bit, “That’s not a bad idea. But Danny can’t be in two places at once.”

“Actually, there is a way-”

Both Sam and Tucker jumped up at Danny, “WE ARE NOT USING THE FENTON GHOST CATCHER AGAIN.”

Danny threw his hands up in defense, “Alright Alright! Geez, it was only a joke.” He sighed in defeat. “What do you supposed we do then?”

“Hey wait. Do you still have any contact with Danielle?” Sam smirked.

Tucker and Danny shared an uneasy glance.

“I do, but why is that relevant?” Danny asked, very curious to what Sam was plotting.

“I’ve got an idea is all…”

The next morning at Casper High was quiet. All was pretty normal, specially in a place like Amity Park. Wesley Weston, making sure his recorder was on in his pocket, knew he could pry it out of Fenton today. He had even convinced a few friends, with some cash,  to take a video of their encounter today.

Yes, Wes had truly come prepared for almost anything today.

However, so did Danny.

Wes walked in the school, heading straight in the direction on the band room. He could just feel it! The adrenaline was pumping inside him. Finally! Maybe people wouldn’t call him crazy. Just one word, a picture, maybe even video proof! The Fenton’s secret would be gone.

Wes reached the band hallway and looked at at the lockers sternly. Fenton was leaned up against them, alone. He was staring at the ceiling. Wes felt like something was off about him. He was wearing a red beanie and a blue jacket over his normal T-shirt. His face seemed a little softer edged compared to what he remembered from yesterday too… Maybe it was his imagination though. It’s not like Wes actually knew the kid. Heck, yesterday was the first time he’d ever even talked to the raven haired boy.

Danny looked up at him as Wes approached him. “Ahh, Wesley Weston yes? Come back to harass me some more?”

“Cut the crap Fenton,” Wes started. His voice seemed so much softer. It almost sounded like a girls. “You are Phantom. I saw you change months ago.”

Danny backed up against his locker the best he could as Wes walked closer and closer with every word. “I don’t know what you’re talking about Wes! There is not a ghostly thing about me! I’m as human as human can get!”

“Yeah right, I know better than that. You disappear too much for that.”

“Can I help my uncontrollable bladder problems? Should I just pee on the floor all the time to please you?” Danny spat back.

“Why are you and Phantom never seen in the same place then huh?”

Danny looked to the floor, “I’m scared of ghosts, okay?”

“Liar! You’re from a family of ghost hunters!”

“That doesn’t mean I’m not scared of ghosts!” Danny threw his hands up into the air. “Phantom is a ghost, so when Phantom is around, I am not!”

Around the corner, Sam, Tucker, and the real Danny Fenton covered their mouths as the quietly snickered.

“Man, your cousin is better at coming up with excuses than you are when you’re parents ask who that naked girl on your computer was!” Tucker sneered, almost chocking on his laughter.

“Dude I know, who knew honestly!” Danny replied, obviously enjoying seeing Wes get angry at his own interrogation.

“Alright guys, think it’s time for step two.” Sam laughed, looking around to see if anyone was around. “You’re clear Danny!”

“I’m going Ghost!” Danny called out in a whisper yell, throwing his arms up at his entire body was engulfed in the white rings, fully transforming him into Amity Parks well known hero, Danny Phantom.

Meanwhile, Dani’s interrogation continued.

“Alright fine, you have severe bladder issues and you hide under anything  and everything wherever there is a ghost nearby! That still doesn’t explain what I saw!”

“Personally, I think you here hallucinating! There is no way that I could be Phantom!”

“You know, He’s right!”

Wes spun around to see Danny Phantom floating behind them. “Wait! How is that-”

“GHOST!” Dani let out this terrified girly scream and took off down the hallway.

“Bahaha! Man, that boy cracks me up. Specially being the son on the Fenton’s.” Phantom laughed.

“Look, you, you, ectoplamic ball of fame!” Wes struggled for a god insult, but failed badly.

“Hey Kid, seriously, you were wrong.” Phantom smiled and shrugged. “No need to hate me for it.”

Wes growled in anger. “This isn’t over… I know exactly what I saw Fenton. I know it!”

“Man some people are just so stubborn….” Danny floated over to Wes and whispered into his ear, “But now that there is video proof that Danny Fenton isn’t the ghost boy…” He gestured over to his two friends with the cameras. “No one ever truly believe you.”

Wes’s face grew annoyed. “Not unless I get real proof!”

“Haha! I’m a ghost, Wesley Weston. That’s all the proof you need.” With that, Phantom phased through the floor.

Dani peaked her head around the corner, and Wes’s friend came out of his hiding place. “Woah man! I can’t believe you got that close to Phantom!”

“He is gone…right?” Dani said, looking around uneasily.

“Bahaha! Man, I knew that wimp wasn’t Phantom.” Wes looked at his friend then back to Dani.

With a defeated sigh, Wesley finally nodded. “Yeah. I guess you’re right.”

Later on that day, Wes walked sadly down the hallway when suddenly someone pulled him into the dark janitors closet. “Woah!”

The light came on to reveal former A-lister Valerie Gray.

“Oh great. What do you want? To laugh at me some more?”

“Actually, no.” She paused a moment. “ I saw your video Wes. We need to talk…”


Mackie and Seb,” Evans noted when asked who his key team members were. “I’ll be in a foxhole with those two guys any day.
—  MTV Movies (Source)
Hit By An Angel

Requested: Based on this: “Fuck I feel like I got hit by a car… Wait I did? And it was your car?” Where Evie hits Mal with her car and insists on taking her to the hospital and feels rlly guilty

A/N: Love this prompt! Modern Day AU! featuring Latina!Evie. TW: Brief mention of blood.

Oh, what the fuck. Mal groaned internally, the pounding in her head making her keep her eyes closed.

“No, she’s just lying there–” A raspy voice said anxiously. “I think I killed her! Oh Lucifer, I killed her!”

Mal forced her eyes open, squinting up at the bright light. She tried to sit up, but a delicate hand was placed on her shoulder held her still.

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