defense trade

Things to take away from this season/series:

  • Brady Skjei is the future of our defense. 
  • Trading for E.Staal was a mistake.
  • Kreider and Miller need to be resigned. 
  • We need to stop with giving away our first round draft picks for the elderly.
  • AV needs to go bye bye. 
  • We need to find a way to dump Staal’s and Girardi’s contract.
  • Kreider’s photo-shoot is the best thing that’s happened this season.

Xochicalco, Morelos

Xochicalco was founded in about 650 AD by the Olmeca-Xicallanca, which are a Mayan group of traders from Campeche, at a site that gave them an excellent position along several of the major Mesoamerican trade routes. The city-state had a population of 10,000 to 15,000 people, many of whom were engaged in craft production and long-distance trade. It was an important fortressed commercial and religious center following the decline of the great Mesoamerican city states. The poor farming conditions in the area show that it was likely built for defense purposes and trading.

At some point around AD 900 the city of Xochicalco was burned and destroyed. Many of the excavated houses and temples have layers of burning and destruction that cover the deposits from the main Epiclassic occupation. Underneath destruction layers, numerous objects were left in place in the houses, indicating that the site was destroyed and abandoned quickly. A small remnant population lived on, however, on the lower slopes of the hill. Later, around 1200, the site was recolonized by the Nahuatl-speaking Tlahuica peoples, ancestors to the Nahuatl-speaking populations of the modern state of Morelos.

I have never written smut and here we are, over 2K worth of fluffy smutty smut what the hell. Go big or go home apparently.
I really have no idea if this is good or not and I’m a little nervous, but it demanded to be written. I had too many first time feelings for Furiosa and Max to not write some rendition of it. And it will become part of a oneshot thing at some point (I have zero control)
gtcosn and suchafrickinkayce I hope you both know I blame you for your encouragement of my descent into sin. (especially you GT) and youkaiyume with your fabulous inspiring art I kinda blame you too. 

Here’s some wasteland OTP smut.

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