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Steve Rogers and his confused mind

Steve: “Don’t question our orders, just follow them, Tony!” - Avengers

Also Steve: “I disagree with the 117 countries and so have decided to do whatever I want, whenever I want. Thanks.” - CW

Steve: “My teammates don’t tell me things” - AOU

Also Steve: “I knew about Bucky and your parents but decided to not say anything or tell you ever” -CW

Steve: “Wanda’s just a child!!” (yes, let’s pretend she’s not like 25) 

Also Steve: “I’m from Brooklyn lol” he says as he tries to throw a truck at Peter, who he can see is a young child (a real CHILD this time)

STEVE: DOESN’T know that the first dead guy Tony saw in his PTSD hallucination that his lil daughter Wanda gave Tony was HIM, and she was the reason Ultron was created btw -_-

So, Supercoorp fandom can hate on a man of color, send him disgusting shit because his character was an obstacle for their crack ship and made him say things about fan hooliganism and it’s perfectly fine?

So, Supercoorp fandom can send shit about main hero’s love interest, mock the actor, post disgusting shit about him – death threats included, mock his real relationship with the main actress and it’s perfectly fine?

So, Supercoorp fandom can kiss Melissa’s ass as long as she says what they want, she is a queen when she says that people can ship whatever they want, they can question her relationship and call it PR, muse about what she can or can’t say because “producers didn’t allow her” or be sure how “unhappy she is about her character’s arc”, but the second she says something that doesn’t fit their imaginations she is a bitch and “done for them” and it’s perfectly fine?

So, Supercoorp fandom can love the show only as long a ship is a possibility and it’s perfectly fine?

So, Supercoorp fandom can love the cast as long as the actors stay silent and say nothing about bullies, but when they sing a song about friendship that is REAL and nothing more – because apparently shippers can’t see a difference between their fantasy and canon facts - they are suddenly called homophobic and it’s perfectly fine?

So, Supercoorp fandom can ignore sexualities of the characters, ignore friendships (because who needs healthy friendships, right? Friendships between women don’t mean a shit, right? Friendships are less important than loves, right?) and talk about subcontext, baiting and “meaningful gazes” but when the cast just says it’s friendship, nothing more, it’s gross and awful and again, homophobic and it’s perfectly fine?

Supergirl cast did nothing homophobic or wrong. NOTHING. They were FORCED to finally do something, because they had enough of the constant harassment they got. No one baited a thing about Supercoorp. The shippers baited themselves. There are canon facts and there are fanon headcanons and if shippers can’t tell the difference it’s THEIR problem, not the cast or producers problem.

If you think  that you can harass actors because they said everyone else already knew, if you think that you fight for a better world or something by sending gross shit to them – rethink your life choices.

And yes, I’m waiting for the hate I for sure am going to get, because some people can only hate, when they don’t get what they want. Nothing else.  

  • edgeworth: um wright, so, i'm being put on trial for murder, there is a fuckton of evidence against me and my fingerprints are everywhere and there're witnesses and i gotta tell you, do not defend me i swear to god--
  • wright: i gotchu fam
  • edgeworth: nO WAIT I SAID NOT TO DEFEND ME
  • wright: lalala i can't hear yoU

haha anyways remember how jotaro could have easily prevented the universe from being reset at the cost of his daughters life, saving the world once again but he chose to save his daughter, hahaha tell me again about how jotaro kujo, the person who nearly died because the only thing on his mind after seeing his grandpa killed by the man who was bragging about killing one of his friends was avenging them and making that man suffer a painful death, tell me more about how he is rude, selfish, and a bad character

Chris Schistad Defense Post

Despite what you may think of him, you can’t ever tell me that Chris didn’t treat Eva with respect, and whatever he did for her was because he genuinely liked her, or at the very least, because he found her intriguing, even from the very first moment they met. Sure he used the word dick-tease when she walked out, but he never brought up what happened in the bathroom to make fun of her or to mock her; and I found that the most telling because when something embarrassing happens to you, whether by your own doing or otherwise especially when it happens in front of other people, the last thing you want is for someone to bring it up. Vilde and Girl Chris never did, and neither did P-Chris.

He greeted her nicely at school the following Monday and even when Sana used her profile to add him on IG, his reaction wasn’t to mock her for it or for what happened at the club.

He called her brainy at the party and maybe it was just as a ploy to get in her pants, but it doesn’t detract from the fact that he listened to what she had to say and her reasoning for saying it; he didn’t make fun of her and he didn’t mock her opinions or belittle them.

He listened to her at the party when she was crying over Jonas, and it was obvious that his only intention was to comfort her in the moment. It didn’t mean that he wasn’t open to wherever Eva chose to take said moment, but at the same time he was as willing a participant in all of it as Eva was. 

Even though his hand is on her shoulder, he’s sitting a respectable distance away, not infringing in her space or getting too close.

He wasn’t obligated to go to the kose party with her. But he did. He wasn’t obligated to go to her birthday party for her. But he did. He wasn’t obligated to spend the rest of the night partying with Eva, Eskild and Linn even though the latter two are barely his associates, much less his friends. But he did. He didn’t drag his Penetrator friends to any of the parties with Eva even though he probably didn’t know a single person there besides Eva.

Ultimately, any time you see Chris with Eva you can tell that that’s exactly where he wants to be and she’s exactly who he wants to be there with.

I hope Mon-El stays forever.

After all the hate Chris Wood has gotten from these assholes, just for doing his job, they deserve to be disappointed and reminded that they’re never going to get their way. Fuck them and their bullshit.

And I hope he Melissa and the rest of the cast are all very happy together, either working on the show, or in their personal lives.

They never asked for any of this nonsense from these idiots. They’re just doing what the writers tell them to do. And if they can’t please everyone that’s nobody’s fault.

Some people in the fandom just need to grow the fuck up, and accept things the way they are.