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The Three of Us (Part Two)

Izuku’s hands flew up in immediate denial. “Kacchan, wait, it’s not what you—”

“Don’t give me that bullshit!” Katsuki stormed up to the two of them, stiff with fury. His red eyes seared into Izuku with such anger and betrayal that it made Izuku flinch back. “You’re my fucking boyfriend,” he snapped. “And what, I have to catch you KISSING fucking Halfie in the hall?”

To his shock, it was Shouto who answered, head lowered in guilt. “I’m sorry, Katsuki, I should’ve told y—”

“DON’T.” A burst of sparks shot from Katsuki’s fist. “Don’t say a fucking word to me, or I’ll blow your head off.”

Izuku’s heart thudded into his ribs. He didn’t want to see his two most important people fight. Not because of him. “Kacchan…” he tried weakly.

“Fuck you,” Katsuki growled. “Don’t try to explain it, Deku, because you can’t, you fucking piece of—”

“Don’t talk to him like that,” Shouto broke in, and Izuku’s eyes went wide as he stepped between them. Every part of him was coiled up, ready to defend himself if he needed to, but with a tiny pause; with a jolt, Izuku realized that Shouto didn’t want to hurt Katsuki.

Katsuki’s eyes flashed dangerously. “Get out of my way, half-and-half,” he ordered.

Shouto lifted his chin. “No.”

“Move, before I blow your fucking face off!”

“I’m not moving until you calm down and listen to me.”

Izuku squeaked as a flurry of gunshots sounded in the hall, the noise of Katsuki’s fists bursting with sparks at his sides. It was a clear threat and one that Izuku knew he’d make good on. Uneasy, he touched Shouto’s shoulder. “Shouto,” he spoke up softly. “It’s all right. Let me talk to him, you don’t have to do this.”

Without meeting Izuku’s gaze, Shouto shook his head. “No. This is something I’ve had to do for a while.”

“What the hell,” Katsuki snarled, bringing one hand up, palm outward, “are you talking about?!” This time, the walls seemed to shake as he detonated an explosion within inches of Shouto’s face. A blast of smoke and flame made it impossible to see, and Izuku ducked, sheilding his face. Coughing, he tried to squint through the black haze.

Gradually, the smoke lifted, revealing a jagged spire of ice looming over Katsuki. The ragged, splintered edges told Izuku that the ice had taken the hit instead of Shouto. Shouto had his arms raised, ready to fend off another attack if he had to. His mouth was set in a hard line. “Katsuki, plea—”

“Don’t fucking call me that!” Katsuki raged. He swept his arms out, setting off one explosion after the other. Shouto threw his hand up and gleaming walls of ice met each one, shattering on impact, but keeping him safe. For now, anyway. Katsuki kept coming, one thundering boom after the other ringing out in the hallway. “Don’t ever!” BOOM. “Fucking call me that!” BOOM. “Again!” Another rocking bang, and this time, Shouto fell back with the impact and into Izuku.

Gasping, Izuku caught him up against himself, hands braced on Shouto’s back. “Kacchan, please!” he begged, tears pricking his eyes and his voice cracking. He felt Shouto tense against him.

A loud gust, like the noise of a column of wind, overtook the hallway as a blast of heat made Izuku wince. Then he stared as Shouto’s left side lit up with bright tongues of flame, roiling above him like hellfire. His one blue eye burned like ice against the fire’s deep red. “Shut your mouth and listen to me!” he shouted, advancing a step toward Katsuki.

“Why the hell would I wanna hear anything you have to say?” Katsuki demanded, falling back defensively, but with his hands still sparking. “You expect me to pity you? Is that it? Poor little Halfie likes Deku, but he’s with me. You want me to understand why you pulled this shit?”

“No, of course not! I shouldn’t have done that, but that isn’t the reason!”

“I don’t give a shit about your reasons!”

“I like you both, okay!?”

THAT made Katsuki falter, expression going blank with shock. He looked at Shouto with lips slightly parted, as though his thoughts couldn’t catch up to what he’d just heard. The crackle of flames was the only noise in the lonely hallway. “…..WHAT?”

Requiem for a House Plant

Written for @leiascully‘s XFWritingChallenge: cultivation. 

She told him once that if house plants were members of the syndicate he could save them from colonization single-handedly. It’s true. He kills them with abandon, aloe vera, spider plants, rubber plants, you name it, they wilt and brown and fade.

           “I think you care too much,” she says, laughing as he bins the latest casualty. “Your empathy is overwhelming at times and these plants are sensitive.”

           He knows he’s pouting. “You said this one was impossible to kill. We were only away four days.”

           “Perhaps we should get you a high maintenance plant. Your perversity should provide it with amazingly high survival odds.”

           “You’re pretty smug for someone who let three of my fish die not so very long ago, Scully.”

“They were old. And the air in your apartment is always so…”

He looks up then, waiting for the word she’s going to choose. An earlier version of Scully wouldn’t have hesitated.

“Dry?” she says, trying it out on her tongue.

He can take that. “They were in the bloom of youth, Scully. You just forgot to feed them, and you didn’t even have the decency to admit it.”

She folds her arms. Her fall-back defensive posture. He’s waiting for the eyebrow and the lip pressing. And then he’ll lay himself open for her acerbic tongue.

“You did ditch me. Again,” she starts. She juts out her chin, licks her lips. Here we go, he thinks. He says, she says. He’s ready, though. Their banter has been freer recently, flirtier. She smiles more. He loves it.

But her shoulders drop and her hand falls to her hip. Her fingers squeeze the bone through her skirt. “You’re right, Mulder,” she says, her voice rasping. “I should have told you. And I am sorry about your plant.”

Her hair falls in front of her face and for a moment, Mulder is confused. Is she serious or is she playing him? He waits a beat. She lifts her head and sniffs. She’s crying. She pulls at the ends of her jacket and then rubs a finger under her nose.

“God, Mulder. I don’t know why I’m being so silly about this. It’s a plant.”

He moves towards her, grazing her shoulders and upper arms. “What’s wrong, Scully? You’re scaring me.”

“It’s nothing. Nothing, really. I just feel a bit down. It’s the travel, probably. Too much time cooped up in cars and airplane cabins. I’ll be fine.”

He nods and breathes out. In his chest, relief mixes with uncertainty. She has always been private; is still private now, even with the change in their lives. Their years together, the things that have happened to them, to her, he can’t help but fear she’s hiding something. Not just from him, but hiding the truth of a matter from herself. Not deliberately. He knows she likes to weigh and measure before drawing a conclusion.

He bends to kiss her cheek and she pulls him closer, pressing her mouth to his. The newness of their relationship makes moments like these, where she hasn’t been able to prepare, all the more special.

Intensity isn’t anywhere near close to describing what he feels when she opens herself up to him. Unlike his luck with plants, he likes to think that she has bloomed under his care. She is roots and leaves and buds and flowers.  

They deepen their kiss and when they pull apart, they are both breathless and flushed.

She smiles up at him, surprised perhaps by the ferocity of her need. She’s like that, Scully. She sometimes forgets that she is as human as the next woman. Perhaps she has spent too much time detecting, detaching and dissecting to remember.

She blows out a hoarse breath and wipes away the customary single tear with the heel of her hand. “I’m really out of sorts. I think it must be nearly that time of the month, Mulder. I’m sorry.”

He grips her shoulders. “Hey, never apologise for doing that, Scully. Kissing you, being with you like this, it’s like nothing I ever expected but everything I always knew.”

Fresh tears spill and she collapses against him. He rubs the back of her head.

“I…I’m not saying this right, but whatever this audit throws up tomorrow, I just want you to know that with or without the X-Files, we’ll go on. We’ve grown too much to waste it now.”

kylo and rey’s big snow battle: kylo could have won 

kylo was winning in the first half and he could have beat rey - if he hadn’t made a big mistake in the second half.

of course there’s no doubt that rey’s abilities are exceptional. it is curious, however, that she managed to beat kylo ren- who has been training in the ways of the force for years and years- during their first battle, with no jedi training under her belt. sure enough, when i watched their fight again, it was very apparent that rey was not winning in the beginning.

rey initiates the duel by igniting the light saber and comes at kylo with bared teeth. this offensive hardly lasts. she gives a few slashes in his direction but the movements are sloppy and kylo almost immediately forces rey to go on the defensive; she falls back all the way to the cliff. 

she is hanging on by a thread. the cliff is, quite literally, where everything hangs in the balance. kylo’s critical pause, to me, is a follow-up statement. sort of like “don’t you see? i’m disciplined in this, but you couldn’t hold your ground. you need a teacher. i can show you the ways of the force.” the unbolded part wasn’t spoken, of course, but shown. 

one of the mistakes he makes is relying on her submission. perhaps he assumed that her propensity for good, mixed with her loneliness, would make her agree, or at the very least not make her retaliate.

rey, in answer, proceeds to tap into the force, fuels herself with justified rage, and goes after him, which is how the battle shifts and she gains the upper hand. and kylo was not in the right state of mind to handle this. his biggest mistake? tapping into the wrong emotions.

here’s the thing: kylo didn’t look angry when rey was able to call the lightsaber to herself- he looked like he was stunned and in awe. he didn’t growl or yell like he normally does when he’s angry. he didn’t stomp after her and make demands like he did with finn regarding the same lightsaber. rey threw the first punch, and he proceed to charge her to, i think, protect himself, and to show her that fighting him was futile.

and perhaps that’s why he lost. for once, kylo wasn’t relying on the emotions of a sith- anger, contempt, fear, hate. he was relying on emotions that he is not as familiar with in a hostile environment - awe, curiosity, eagerness. by using the force while feeling more stable, neutral, and, dare i say, good emotions, he was not at his best. those emotions are underdeveloped, and he was in a much weaker state and much less capable as a result. 

tldr: kylo couldn’t beat rey because he has been fueled by anger and hate every other battle, but in that battle, he wasn’t. when he offered to be her teacher, he moved away from those feelings, instead outstretching a metaphorical (for now) hand out of curiosity, awe, and perhaps a craving for companionship. he killed his own power source that way. rey, on the opposite hand, had plenty of rage to fuel her and was able to best him. in the larger picture, though, it isn’t really a loss for kylo. it is just another big step towards his redemption.

At The End of the Day (RebelCaptain Appreciation Week Day 2)

Happy RebelCaptain Appreciation Week! (Now I’m on the correct day.) Thank you again to @therebelcaptainnetwork and @rebelcaptainprompts for this :)

Day 2 Prompt: Comfort

Summary: The Battle of Endor is finished, and the Death Star II is destroyed; all Cassian Andor wants to do is find Jyn Erso among the chaos. 

Words: 1268

AO3 /  Below the Cut!

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Pure Laughter

flip flappers was hands down best anime of 2016

anyway tickle fight between girlfriends

Sniff sniff sniff.

Cocona sighs as her concentration is once again broken by Papika’s nose nuzzling her ear, and she looks up from her math worksheet to face the girl who’s been clinging to her all afternoon. Papika doesn’t even flinch back as her head turns, resulting in their noses practically touching as Cocona meets sparkling blue eyes with a stern glare.

“Seriously, Papika, stop that. I’m trying to focus.”

“But you smell so nice today!” Papika beams, and promptly begins rubbing her face in Cocona’s hair as if to prove it. She’s been in a cuddly mood all day, and while earlier, Cocona was more than happy to oblige her girlfriend, right now, she really just wants to catch up on her studies.

“Yes, so you’ve told me,” Cocona says, gently pushing Papika away. “And you can smell me all you want after I’ve finished my problem set, okay?”

Papika pouts slightly but nods, crawling backwards until she’s a good meter away. Cocona, satisfied, makes use of the new space to stretch her arms above her head and then return to her work. But before Cocona can so much as even grab her pencil again, she’s unceremoniously tackled from behind, strong arms curling around her waist as Papika’s telltale giggles resound in her ears.

Oh, forget the worksheet. Cocona wasn’t actually getting anywhere anyway.

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________Felucia- 1 month before order 66________

Padawan Commander Ahsoka Tano stared out from the gunship as it grazed past the exotic landscape of Felucia. It was a beautiful, but very dangerous planet. And the Republic needed to claim it as theirs once again. Anakin Skywalker, her master of now nearly three years stood off to her left, intently discussing the upcoming battle with his clone captain. Rex’s helmeted head bobbed up and down slightly as he talked with Anakin, and he swayed almost gracefully with the movements of the gunship as he held onto the grip above his head.

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anonymous asked:

I give it at least a few days before he starts calling anyone who agrees with u in any way ur ~~white knights~~ that'll always Come to Your Defense uwu

People always fall back on the CULT! thing when someone does something shitty and my followers are like “hey i guess thats pretty shitty” and the person has to be like “see this is an example of how he brainwashed the masses” the only time i control my followers is when i try to make you all like 21p again



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Imayoshi series and 2.5k collection
A/N: man this really put me in a good mood

If someone had told you months ago that you would be holding hands with Imayoshi Shoichi while he tried to avoid children climbing up his legs in a pumpkin patch, you would have blinked in disbelief and burst into laughter. 

Nevertheless, the said man was tugging you towards a stack of pumpkins in an attempt to hide from the preschoolers insisting that your boyfriend was a tree. 

“Are you laughing at me?”

“Yes. Who wouldn’t laugh at Imayoshi Shoichi being lessened to nothing more than part of a playground?” You smile at him as he growls, shaking strands of his hair away from his glasses. 

“Other people think I’m terrifying.” He huffs as he ducks behind a bale of hay heaped with a wide variety of pumpkins. Leaves crunch underfoot as the children run through the rows of vegetables, searching for both the perfect pumpkin to take home and Imayoshi to jump on. 

“I’m sure they do.” You tease. “I, on the other hand, have known you for far too long to be frightened.”

Imayoshi shoots you a grin that implies you should think otherwise right before a preschooler walks around the bale of hay, squeals gleefully, and jumps on him. Your boyfriend barely catches him before the kid nearly crashes on to his lap.

Soon enough, he’s being chased again until the group of parents call out to their kids, rounding them up and thanking Imayoshi for playing with them. You were sure that you saw his eyebrow twitch, giving away his annoyance, before he answered with a polite smile.

“You’re not too bad with kids,” You taunt with a grin. “I wonder what you’d be like if they were-”

You shut your mouth, realizing what was on the tip of your tongue. Imayoshi stops walking, turning his head towards you, eyes darkening.

“What were you about to say?”

Shaking your head, you tug on his arm and make sure that you’re looking at anything but his face. But in that special way of his, he draws your eyes back towards his masked ones.

“You’re Imayoshi Shoichi.” You mutter angrily, frustrated with yourself. “You probably already know what I was about to accidentally say.”

His eyes only gave away that yes, he did know the exact words that were about to tumble out of your mouth. And that you two weren’t ready for that conversation. But nevertheless, he sits down, leaning his back against a particularly large pumpkin and motioning for you to sit down.

The two of you sit in silence, before he cuts through the heavy air with “How long have we known each other?”

“More than ten years. For the majority of our lives.” Your fingers twitch as they automatically find his.

His eyes lower. Imayoshi’s defenses had always been high, and he rarely lowered them. And you weren’t sure why you were one of the only people who saw behind that tall wall of his.

“Why is it that I don’t care about people, but you’re an exception to that?”

“You’re the only one who can answer that, Shoichi.” You reply quietly, knowing that if you proceeded to make a jabbing comment, his defenses would raise in a flash.

He presses his lips against your temple, and you respond with a brush of your mouth against his. Fingers gingerly tangle themselves into hair as he allows himself a weak moment. Taking advantage of it, you straddle his lap as he pulls back for air.

“We’ve known each other so long,” He murmurs. “Maybe that’s why I can’t see a future without you.”

Your eyes widen as you comprehend the meaning of that statement. Imayoshi Shoichi, the one who was scared of love, was thinking of a future with someone. Heartbeats reverberate in your chest as your lips crash into his, hands locking around his neck. His fingers trace your spine, pulling you closer, encouraging you to grind against him, eliciting a moan from both of your mouths until-

“What are you doing?!” The farmer of the field yells out, spitting and looking furious. “Honestly, youth these days!”

Your mouth opens, trying to come with an excuse and realizing that the effort was futile. Imayoshi quickly apologizes before you pull him away from the field, fleeing.

“Told you that you should be scared of me.” His infamous grin flashes across his face as his normal defenses fall back into places.

“You idiot.” The nickname for his rolls off your tongue as he chuckles.

In other news I slipped down the stairs at work tonight like the smooth motherfucker that I am and I’m rockin some proper fuck-off bruises whatup

Some Aion friends have been asking about which class to play in Blade & Soul, and with NA’s release inching closer, I decided to make a brief guide to help people decide on their future classes.

Before we begin, you should understand that classes are dictated by race. Although Korea and China had recently expanded upon the race/class limit, it’s unlikely that NA will receive this patch that soon.

Class: Assassin
Race Available: Jin

This class is exclusive only to the Jin race, and it ties with Kungfu Master for being one of the least played classes. Aion comparison wise, even though it shares the same namesake with Assassin, the playstyle is generally more similar to that of the Songweaver.

And yes, you have a hide but unlike Aion’s, the hide in B&S is not perfect and you will still leave a vague outline (but have increased movement speed). You can however, DPS in hide, and this allows Assassins to solo some bosses while remaining unscathed (mobs are unable to detect stealth).

PVP wise, everybody fears a skilled Assassin. You’re annoying, and you have a plethora of blinks and CCs and once your target falls into your completed setup, they can only suck it up and die. As an Assassin in Aion, you can blink to your target, but in B&S you can blink your target to you.

tl;dr - A setup-based class with plenty of mobility/CCs, few people play this class but even fewer can play it to it’s full potential.

Class: Blademaster
Race Available: Jin, Kun

Contrary to belief, this is actually the tank of the game. While the Lyn Blademaster is the sister class, one major difference that divides the two is that the Lyn Blademaster focuses more on offensive and speed, and their defensive abilities are rarely applicable to the whole group.

Aion comparison wise, this is like a fusion between the Templar and Chanter. This class does not lack in offense either; as most speed kill records for solo instances are usually first accomplished by Blademasters (being able to juggle offense and defense with ease).

Watch out for the Blademaster’s block in PVP as they can often chain to other skills to counter your attack, or engage you into a stun/knockdown.

tl;dr - A very balanced class in terms of offense and defense, but to perfect the defense portion relies heavily on your reaction speed and ping. 

Class: Kungfu Master
Race Available: Jin, Gon, Kun (will not be available at NA launch)  

One of the hardest classes to master, and the least played classes in-game; but for a reason. It is a very fun class though, if you’re a big fan of combo chaining skills.

As a class, you have little supportive aspect to the entire group other than your signature acupuncture skill, which refunds the other classes their chi/rage (AKA Mana) and also crits every skill they perform for a short duration. Most of your skills are very conditional, so it can be quite overwhelming for the new player.

NC hasn’t been doing a good job balancing the class for PVP, even if you’re skilled, you will still face more difficulties as compared to the other classes. And generally speaking, if your ping is terrible, don’t even touch this class with a ten foot pole.

tl;dr - You can be a beast with both offense and defense, but that is defined by how much you really understand this class, ping and reactionary speed.

Class: Warlock (will not be available at NA launch)  
Race Available: Jin, Lyn

This class is just one disgusting burst machine. You can think of it as an Aethertech/Chanter fusion; not only are you able to dish out high damage under a short span of time, you have a couple of skills that can buff up the rest of your group and put them in bursting mode as well.

This is why every PVE group welcomes a Warlock, even if they are not geared. One downside is of course, you’re terribly squishy once everything is on cooldown, so managing your skill cycles is important.

tl;dr - People love you like the support bra you are, highly popular and highly wanted. You’re also the epitome of cool poses and insane burst damage. 

Class: Destroyer  
Race Available: Gon

A Gon exclusive class, like the Warlock and Blademaster, end-game groups welcome a Destroyer. You dish stable and constant damage, you have naturally high HP, you have decent mobility, you have good (easy-to-activate) defenses and you’re the only class that can reliably perfom double stun/knockdown with a short cooldown.

What’s not to love? You’re every Aion’s Gladiator wet dream, and you’re greatly recognized by the fact that you can choke a target for the longest duration (the other classes being Lyn Blademaster and Forcemaster).

tl;dr - You literally carry everyone in the group. Plus this class is also quite stable and newbie friendly, and everybody needs you.

Class: Forcemaster
Race Available: Kun, Lyn, Gon (will not be available at NA launch)  

As far as this class goes, you’re the kiting magic class with no cast time (if you spec your skills right). The standard ranged DPS class that can have an array of abilities that also extends to support, fire element for offense and ice element for defense.

You can’t burst as high as the Warlock, but you’re not limited by cooldowns. Think of this class as a fusion between the Gunslinger and Sorcerer. Plus you’re one of the two classes that can defend against ranged attacks without the need for reaction skills (has a cooldown of course).

Unlike the typical magic class, your CC department is largely limited to mostly roots, choking (this is usually used in PVP and not PVE) and ember stacks; the latter of the two quite deadly when used right.

tl;dr - A flashy DPS class, also newbie friendly being a natural ranged class. You’re squishy like the Warlock but in more ways than one, you’re better at self-sustaining.

Class: Lyn Blademaster
Race Available: Lyn

As the name suggests, it is exclusive to the Lyn race. This class has been wildly popular among players and even before NA’s upcoming launch, it already has stolen the hearts of the western community.

An ultra aggressive melee, and when it comes to speed, you have (almost) no equal. You’re like the offspring of the Ranger, Gunslinger and Assassin, in terms of DPS. Without a doubt, you’re squishy; but you have a bunch of defense skills to fall back upon, although not as diverse and group-friendly as the Blademaster’s.

You’re one of the classes that benefit greatly from a target’s choked condition as the conditional DPS skill of yours is one of the highest/fastest.

tl;dr - A tiny melee terror, but majority of the players don’t like or don’t know how to utilize their support skills. Don’t be that Lyn.

Class: Summoner
Race Available: Lyn

Another Lyn exclusive class, this class is rated 5/5 easy out of the difficulty scale. You tie with the Blademaster for accomplishing solo feats but only because you’re taking the slowest and safest method.

Aion wise, you’re a fusion of the Cleric and Spiritmaster. In a small way, you can heal your group. If you’re a fan of seeing big numbers of your damage, you may not like this class as most of your damage comes as a form of DoT damage. You have some direct damage skills but they do not impress as much, all your damage racks up eventually though.

Your cat forms 50% of your skill table, so without her/him, you’re quite crippled in PVP. You can also perform a wide array of supportive abilities, as well as being able to readily defend against ranged attacks. You have quite a decent amount of CCs too, and they’re almost as annoying as the Assassin’s, especially during a ZvZ when nobody’s targeting you.    

tl;dr - Extremely ping and newbie friendly, recommended to anyone who don’t want to try too hard in Blade & Soul. Plus, you’re cute and you have a cat companion that you can customize and play dress-up with. NC has admitted that this class was created to attract females to the game.

End Notes: I hope this short guide helped everyone decide on their future classes, you can inbox me if you have other queries. I main a Destroyer, Forcemaster, Kungfu Master and Warlock on the CN server.