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I Tried A Shitload of Black Eyeliner So You Don't Have To

I figured for my first real post I could focus on my ongoing obsession with finding the perfect black eyeliner. I swatched 30(!) different black liners and did a rub test and a water trial for all of them, so we could really get an idea of what all this goth-water will wear like. hit the cut if you wanna paint it paint it paint it black, BLACK AS NIGHT, BLACK AS COAL. 

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“The United States should always be at a level of military readiness necessary to fight two simultaneous wars” alright, but even if I agreed we’re spending twice as much on defense as Russia and China combined, if we aren’t way beyond that point right now than that means that (hint!) there’s something wrong with the way we’re using defense expenditures

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sanders was pretty shitty about trans stuff. + his voting record is made out to be amazing and anti-war when thats like, patently not the case and he voted to join the war in the former yugoslav states in the 90s, voted to invade iraq in the 2000s, continually approved defense expenditure bills, voted to invade afghanistan. like the one thing he did was vote against expanding the war on terror in the mid 2000s. also his vote for a deal with cuba included extraditing assata shakur, like, goddamn