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Democrats introduce a bill to prevent Donald Trump from launching a nuclear war

  • Senator Ed Markey and Rep. Ted Lieu introduced legislation intended to prevent Trump from using nuclear weapons in a first-strike scenario without the explicit approval of Congress on Tuesday.
  • The legislation is titled the “Restricting First Use of Nuclear Weapons Act of 2017." 
  • The two legislators issued a press statement on the bill co-signed by William Perry, who served as secretary of defense in former President Bill Clinton’s administration. Read more

I had a dream where I had to drown hillary clinton in self defense and then when bill came in to try and finish me off the same had to be done to him


Whereas We Respond

an interactive art piece by Layli Long Soldier (Oglala Lakota)

Community members of the Pine Ridge Reservation will be on hand to respond to the Congressional Resolution of Apology to Native Americans signed by President Obama in 2009. All interested parties – artists, students, educators, elders, activists, parents, etc. – will be invited to interact with text from the National Apology by writing, drawing, painting, erasing or adding text, or sharing narratives and images directly onto the surface of a gallery wall in The Heritage Center.

Sometimes referred to as “the silent apology,” President Obama signed the Congressional Resolution of Apology to Native Americans on a weekend, shielded from the press. Tribal leaders were neither invited to nor present at the signing, and the President never read the apology publicly. 

Folded into a much longer piece of legislation called the Defense Appropriations Bill, the national apology acknowledges “a long history of official depredations and ill-conceived policies by the Federal Government,” citing the removal of Native people from traditional homelands and events like the massacre at Wounded Knee. The apology also concludes with disclaimers that, “Nothing in this Joint Resolution (1) authorizes or supports any claim against the United States; or (2) serves as a settlement of any claim…

In the installation, as part of her ongoing work, Long Soldier explores the process of apology and forgiveness by asking, “What makes an apology effective? What incites forgiveness? How do apology and forgiveness work in Lakota community, families, and personal relationships? What makes a national apology effective for a People to whom it’s addressed?”

The installation is site specific to Red Cloud Indian School and will address a section of the congressional apology that concedes “the forcible removal of Native children and their families to faraway boarding schools where their Native practices and languages were degraded and forbidden.” As part of the installation (which will run until December of this year) Long Soldier will be onsite at The Heritage Center for five days to interact with participants.

Full gallery available here

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Bill & Tom in NLYD - [2/5]

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Bernie Sanders Claims He’s a Longtime Champion of Marriage Equality. It’s Just Not True.
Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders likes to describe himself as a longtime supporter of marriage equality—in sharp contrast to his Democratic rival Hillary Clinto

“But Sanders is not quite the gay rights visionary his defenders would like us to believe. Sanders did oppose DOMA—but purely on states’ rights grounds. And as recently as 2006, Sanders opposed marriage equality for his adopted home state of Vermont. The senator may have evolved earlier than his primary opponents. But the fact remains that, in the critical early days of the modern marriage equality movement, Sanders was neutral at best and hostile at worst.”

Hillary Clinton declared in her historic speech on the world stage, “Gay rights are Human rights.” 

In this speech, Hillary outlines what she did for LGBTQ people around the world. Her implementations as Secretary of State has made it safer to be LGBT in a world of so much hate. 

Hillary has also worked with the Human Rights Campaign on a variety of issues as New York Senator and she was the first First Lady to march in a gay pride parade. 

Curious why Hillary was asked to speak at the Human Rights Campaign and not Bernie? Watch her speech:

As New York Senator, Hillary fought for stronger hate crime laws and anti-discrimination laws. As Secretary of State, Hillary enacted lifesaving policies and programs that saved LGBTQ people around the globe.


Welcome to the fandom, Bill. We’re not sure if your style is retro, or if that Back to the Future comment means you’re fresh from the 80s. We don’t care, because you have sass, you’re scrappy, and you have a patch on your stone washed denim jacket. You also have good taste in albums.

Now all you need, is a baseball bat.

I am all here for substantial belief in the media intentionally setting up black folks to look like fools for the purpose of catering to their manufactured, albeit false stereotypes, this ideology does NOT however come into play in the case of PEDOPHILES and RAPISTS. I am so tired of seeing black people on social media coming to the defense of men like Bill Cosby and R Kelly simply because their fucking legacy was “classic” or they were an essential fragment of your antiquated childhood memories. These men are disgusting. The minute you commence an action as heinous as forcibly robbing a child of their innocence, or denying ANYONE their right to consent, your talent doesn’t mean shit. STOP DEFENDING THEM. You sound disgusting.
Defense Bill Passes, Giving Sacred Native American Sites To Mining Company
WASHINGTON -- The U.S. Senate passed a measure authorizing the nation’s defense programs Friday, and along with it managed to give lands sacred to Native Americans to a foreign company that owns a uranium mine with Iran.

December, 2014

Native Americans, particularly the Apache tribe in the area, say digging a massive mine under their ancestral lands will destroy sacred ceremonial and burial grounds.

In this case, the addition of the Arizona swap and the other land measures were never discussed in public, and were added during secret negotiations between the House and Senate Armed Services Committee. the deal was never publicly revealed until the House started work on passing the entire defense bill last week.

This is disgusting. Imperialist assault on Native Americans is NOT a thing of the past. It continues on to this day. 

Did y’all see the shit the Game wrote in defense of Bill Cosby? “#Blacklivessplatter” That fake deep shit smfh. I can’t find the wrods to express it properly but y’all need to stop using black folks that have lost their lives to police brutality as a comparison to defend some potato pop, respectability politic, ass rapist.
This Bill Would Allow Employers to Fire Women for the Most Ridiculous Reasons
By Mic

Even with a majority of Americans supporting the Supreme Court’s decision to establish legal marriage equality, there’s still a mad dash to “protect” individuals who oppose gay marriage on religious grounds. Yet the most recent effort to accomplish this, the First Amendment Defense Act, could extend beyond marriage and even allow employers to fire single mothers.

In the midst of everything, I feel that the internet needs to know that the final episode of Bill Nye the Science Guy, which aired in 1998 and which I showed my students after their quiz today because I am an awesome and/or lazy teacher, had a man of color portray Sir Isaac Newton.

  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: I'm not ready for Weirdmageddon. Mabel is still alone and unconscious in the woods without her family even knowing where she is. What will Dipper do? What will Stan do? Will they find her in time? Will Ford be mad at her that she handed the rift over? If he is will Dipper rightfully yell at his hero in her defense? What's Bill going to do to the town and why is he apparently collecting all the people on the Cipher wheel? Will we finally see definitively who the Glasses and Llama are? What of Shermy Pines? What of Waddles? Will Candy still have to go to music camp!? Will Ford see what a butt he was being assuming that Dipper's relationship with Mabel was suffocating and seemingly projecting his own feelings onto them? Will he finally appreciate what Stan did for him and apologize or say thank you? Will this all be addressed in this one part or will we have another agonizing cliffhanger to freak out over between this part and part 2? What about a reunion of Ford and Fiddleford? What if someone dies? And WTF WHAT ABOUT MABEL THE PRECIOUS ANGEL FOOD CINNAMON ROLL ALONE IN THE WOODS UNCONSCIOUS AT THE MERCY OF BILL!?

Anonymous said: Dipper accidentally nut checking bill

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It was just natural defense.

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