Tony Stark officially wants Peter to be better than him. Which means Tony is still looking down on himself for his mistakes. But Peter looks up to him anyway. Tony has never ever had anyone look up to him like this before.

This movie is going to be so emotional.

before people start attempting to drag tony for his line in the spider-man: homecoming trailer: “if you’re nothing without the suit than you shouldn’t have it” by saying something along the lines of “says the guy who’s nothing without his suit”

remember iron man 3. tony is still iron man without the suit. tony is the genius who built the suit in a goddamn cave. he’s doing good and worried about peter. he’s afraid peter will get hurt and trying to prevent that from happening. tony is honestly, one of marvel’s best superheroes and really doesn’t deserve the hate he receives.

I can’t get over… how GOOD Tony looks… in Spider-Man: Homecoming… like… he looks so put together… he’s working with the government to create programs to clean up superheroes messes… he’s still saving the day as Iron Man… he’s mentoring the future New Avengers young superheroes… he looks Hella Beautiful in that black suit…

Tony is becoming Ultimate Avenger Leader Tony Stark…. like, full offense, he’s blossoming without Steve Rogers the other Avengers… he doesn’t need them to Get Shit Done… he doesn’t need them

I feel so happy and vindicated we have been blessed friends.

Allow me to rant about Maggie and Sanvers

When we first meet Maggie, we learned three basic things about the character: she’s an out and proud lesbian, she’s a cocky little shit, she cares a lot about people. For a while, this is all we had to hold on to. Maggie’s layers were added painstakingly slowly, and you had to pay attention to see what they were. Looking back, the traits that made Maggie Sawyer the woman we love, were always there, we just didn’t know it.

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No scene between two people in the history of television or cinema has or will ever be as pure, tender, organic and raw as the scenes shared by Colin Morgan and Bradley James in that last episode of BBC’s Merlin.

find you someone who looks at you the way mon-el looks at kara

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Legends of Tomorrow AU, where Mick - having reassembled the time scattered legends in early season two - decides that he's had enough of this hero thing and goes home.

1 - someone gets their face ripped off in the zombie episode. Who was it that was about to die and then Mick smashed the attacking zombie with a rock? Was it Ray? Stein? Jax? I think it was Jax, sad to say. Stein probably blows up shortly thereafter because Jax isn’t around.

2 - they get ambushed by ninjas during the Shogun episode because Mick isn’t there to fight them off single-handedly. God only knows how badly that goes. Probably we lose Nate because he doesn’t control his powers yet.

3 - Ray blows himself up in the white house. The other Legends have to scramble to stop a massive incident regardless of the fact nobody dies. Chances of them succeeding once an aberration like that has been created? Not high.

4 - The going-back-to-the-past thing in Invasion never happens because they don’t have enough people, so Cisco never forgives Barry.

5 - Sara definitely dies in Turncoat. Gideon’s ability to save her is kind of dependent, eventually, on SOMEONE saving George Washington successfully. Without Mick, the team resources would have had to be apportioned differently and they wouldn’t have gotten back in time.

6 - they never cure Rip because they never learn about cognitive intrusion. He continues to sabotage the ship. If they’re not dead already, they’re definitely going to be dead soon: see Season 1, episode 7 “Marooned" in which Rip spaces every other person aboard the ship by virtue of having the controls without blinking an eye. And that was GOOD Rip.

7 - everybody is totally dead without Mick okay?

8 - Mick is noodling around at home, grieving, and then Barry finds out why in his epic quest of “we need to CHANGE HISTORY to keep Iris from dying!” and decides that he and Wally will go rescue Len so that Len and Mick will be on their side in the final battle against Savitar and therefore history will be different. Mick is indifferent to their reasons; he’s just happy to have a very shaken Len back.

I will go berserker on anyone that hates on Tony based on the trailer because what we got right there was a CARING mentor/father that literally does NOT want to see Peter get hurt and he doesn’t want Peter to know what it feels like to have innocent blood on your hands.

Most ironic thing? Tony looks far better in Spidey Homecoming PHYSICALLY than in Civil War. I mean… It could be just me, but he looked so tired and pale and drawn in CW.  In this one, he looks healthier. He has an entirely different vibe.

Maybe at the end of the day, shaking off Team Freeloader was good for him. Well, technically, we have been saying that all along, but it’s nice to have official confirmation.

It’s not just my impression, is it?

Mon-El and Antis

So.. basically some people hate Mon-El because he is a daxamite who “literally owned slaves, a liar, who has a very evil mother, and his relationship with Kara is toxic.” Even he wants to change and be freed from this evil daxamite system (and even want to change the system if only the king wasn’t killed)

Okay.. did you realize that…

1. Maggie just lied to Alex but Alex was soo cool to understand Maggie and forgave her and you go "wooo! sanvers all the way!” and your reaction with Kara forgiving Mon-El is well.. (insert toxic relationship, Kara should not forgive Mon-El etc. etc.) whats the difference? They both lied (maggie and Mon-El) but the reactions were far too different.

2. Lena has a verrryyy evil mother (who owns cadmus) a very evil father (lionel) and an evil brother (lex). (although she was only the half daughter of Lillian, but still her father is very evil too) how come we don’t see anyone “judging” lena about her past (or even at present) because she is a Luthor? and we see people judging Mon-El because he is the prince of Daxamite.

3. Another Character development who wants to be freed from his father and did not agree with his father’s action was Winn. But no one is judging winn even his dad is a criminal.

4. Many countless times.. these characters lied to each other (to supergirl, to Jonn, to alex) yet no one is judging them unlike Mon-El who gets a lot of judging from the Antis.

5. Then some people say “Karamel is Toxic” Why? We don’t see it that way. If Mon-El is Toxic, you won’t see him loving Kara so much that he is willing to do anything to be with her/ or to leave her just to save her. He was a frat boy and a playboy before right? How come he changed himself for Kara? He sacrifice himself and even said, “I am in your hands.” A person– or a prince… the worst of the worst in the galaxy, the frat boy, who cannot be controlled and can have lots of girls (if he wants to) .. had said.. “Im in your hands, Kara.”

I still don’t get it. Why the hate?

The reason why we the #Karamel fam are defending Mon-El because it hurts us to know that a guy who wants to change is being bullied by the “Antis” because we believe the goodness in his heart. We defend Mon-El not by attacking other “ships” and not calling names to the other “ships”

and yet Antis kept calling bad stuff about Mon-El and- and even us! telling us that there is something wrong with us, by defending him. There is nothing wrong, we are even the type of People who will give others a chance to change.

Again. We the #Karamel fam are type of people who understands Kara and like Kara and the rest of CWSupergirl writers we see the goodness in Mon-El.

But of course, I know that the Antis will not agree with these words and again they will continue to see the bad in his character. Because they are blinded by the hatred they feel towards Mon-El’s character.

So why did I wrote this longgg text? I don’t know. I guess I just want to let it all out for a “change”

Antis.. if you see this, don’t bother to reply. But thanks if you read the whole thing. Because I won’t entertain your comments (even how rude they are.)

and this is my Point of View, I will not comment (although I only comment once) but refrain from “calling me names” thanks.

When your show is on a break and you're waiting for it to come back on

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