Yup so I'm seeing it around...

People are arguing that Lucy’s stardresses are for fanservice or are sluttly.

Let just say this here, Lucy has no control over the style of her stardresses.

It’s not like she hand picked em. They materialize on her body depending on the spirit she is using.

Also, why the actual fuck does it matter?

Every female has big breasts, every females fighting outfit is a bit revealing.

Because let’s look at this realistically.

If they are in a battle,and are wearing clothes that are too restricting how are they going to fight?

I’m sure we’ve all experienced the ‘shit my pants are too tight I can’t even kick or run without ripping them’.

Everything from Mirajane’s demon soul to Erza’s requip are revealing.

But please, continue to shame on these women for not giving a single fuck about being revealing and wanting to win an obviously important battle.

Continue to shame these woman for having the confidence to wear such things.

Also, these characters outfits define nothing but their style.

Their clothes do not define their growth and development.

And notice how 99.9% of the time the boys don’t ogle their clothes, but their strength.

Be like that.

So serisously, just stop.

Hey People

If you make $50,000 per year,  you pay:

$3.98 a year for natural disaster relief (FEMA)

$6.96 a year for welfare

$36.82 a year for SNAP

$22.88 a year for unemployment insurance

$43.78 a year for retirement & disability of Gov’t workers

$247.75 a year for defense

$4,000.00 a year in corporate subsidies

If the first 3 piss you off and the last two don’t…you’re an idiot!

Commondreams.org/view/2013/03/23 & Whitehouse.gov/2012-taxreceipt

In defense of Severus Snape
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A lot of people are afraid to stand up for the Bitter Garbage Halfblood Prince himself, Severus Snape. I’m not afraid to like to this character, a character that is a brave hero but also a jacked up asshole. Let’s be honest, there are a plethora of reasons as to why the Harry Potter fandom hates Snape, it’s fine to dislike the character but there is no real open discussion about the flaws of this complex character it’s just common belief that Snape is the ultimate evil friendzoned racist. Biased panels about how horrible the character are popular at HP conventions and people actually get into Twitter fights with the author herself over her character (yeah you know the one she created). At it’s core, it is a hatred of his treatment of beloved characters, underneath it, it is a complete lack of understanding and empathy for one of the most tragic and layered characters in the series.

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Walking around central Cardiff, you’re bound to see remains of these walls. They were defensive structures surrounding the city and the castle. Back in the day the wall “measured 1.280 miles (2.060 kilometres) in circumference and had an average thickness of between 6 feet (1.8 metres) and 8 ft (2.4 m) and a height of 10 ft (3.0 m).”

Defending Lucina (slight spoilers ahead)

Way too serious

Lucina comes from a time where literally all of her loved ones (not including the future children) are dead. She had to suffer through the loss at such a young age, and she actually took upon herself the responsibility of saving the world itself. Clearly, Lucina is not an adult by any means. She’s a child who has burdened herself with saving everyone she cares about: she does not want to screw up again. She blames herself for her father’s death, which in reality, she had absolutely no control over. Chrom was her rock: and when she lost him, she lost her world. But, she selflessly put on a front so as not to discourage the few people left that she cared about. So yes, Lucina IS serious. But beneath that, she’s a vulnerable young girl who wants nothing but the best for her family and friends.

Little to no personality outside of said seriousness

As I said before: Lucina lost everyone. She witnessed destruction and calamity at such a young age, and once she was given another god-given chance to literally change fate, she did not, COULD NOT, fail again. She took on a different persona (Marth) and tried to become a pillar that the Shepherds could lean on. She wholly believed their fate rested on her shoulders alone. If they died, she could never forgive herself. The ‘lack of personality’ you speak of is really - as I said before - an act. She does not want to become close to people in fear of losing them and experiencing the same pain she felt when she lost her father. She doesn’t want emotions getting in the way of her goal: saving the current timeline from destruction.

Overly loved by fanbase for no reason

First of all, I will admit, Lucina is flawed. ALL CHARACTERS HAVE TO HAVE FLAWS. They aren’t human - they’re plastic without flaws. Moulded purely to cater to specific audiences.  Lucina’s strong personality, her will to fight and protect those who she holds dear to her, and her bravery draw people to her. She’s exudes confidence and a sureness most strive for. She’s models the ideals and morals most people would like to have: selflessness, bravery, self-assuredness, humility and strength. That may not seem like reason enough for you, but to me and many others, it’s more than enough.

Can be a useless unit or at least useless compared to other child units like Cynthia and Owain.

In all of my playthroughs of FE:A (6), Lucina has been a MUCH stronger unit than Cynthia and Owain. In the end, it all depends on how much time and effort you put into levelling up and strengthening the character. It takes patience and perseverance to level up characters in Awakening (damn Vaike always dies on me…(; ).

For being an inferior Marth clone in Super Smash Bros. and not being Roy (who’s a Marth clone in Melee but still loved more than Lucina).

“Not being Roy”. Of course she isn’t Roy? SHE’S LUCINA!?! If you honestly don’t like her character for THAT specific reason, then I don’t really have anything to say to you. As for why she’s more liked by fans, for many people Awakening was their first Fire Emblem game, and as such, they only know Lucina. Keep in mind, Roy was first introduced in Binding Blade, which was in turn first released on March 29, 2002 in Japan on the Nintendo Game Boy. Back then, Fire Emblem wasn’t something that everyone knew about. Not saying that it is today, but its much more recognisable since the release of Awakening in April 2012. Awakening literally saved the franchise after being such a HUGE hit inside and outside of Japan. Regardless, I still love Roy, and I like him just about as much as I do Lucina. As for why she’s a Marth clone, why are you blaming her? If you want to blame anyone, blame the developers for SSB. They’re the ones who decided that she should have the same moveset as Marth (frankly, I was just happy she appeared in the game lmao). 

WHEW. Hopefully I didn’t offend anyone.


Joe Panik doing ridiculous things in his first rehab game. 

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