I honestly feel like every girl should be allowed (by their parents or guardian) to take a boxing class or learn any form of martial arts because we are deemed as weak. Once we start showing them we are way stronger than they think (by they I mean misogynistic men), they might start viewing us as equals. Sure, let’s do ballet, cheerleading, gymnastics & all that good predominately “feminine” stuff but let’s also learn how to be looked at as strong and use our bodies as weapons, sort of speak.


specialsnowflakehunters + that-anti-feminist-girl + pickledherrings + offensive-and-rude + lion-against-sjw + female-anti-feminist + barely-cis-enough-to-wank + candorcas / candorcas-speaks + anti-sjw-for-a-reason + ohshititsrick + inieciele + the-juiciest-peach + All of you cruel Anons

What you are guilty of: (Legal Definition)

  • Harassment - “The act of systematic and/or continued unwanted and annoying actions of one party or a group.” “Such activities may be the basis for a lawsuit.” [Source.]
  • Stalking - “Criminal activity consisting of the repeated following and harassing of another person.“ [Source.]

What Tumblr is not for but you are doing anyway: (Community Guidelines)

  • Malicious Speech: “Don’t encourage violence or hatred on the basis of things like…disability, gender…or sexual orientation.” [Bullet #1]
  • Harm to Minors: "Don’t bully minors, even if you are one. Being a teenager is complicated enough without the anxiety, sadness, and isolation caused by bullying.” [Bullet #2]
  • Promotion or Glorification of Self-Harm: “Don’t post content that actively promotes or glorifies self-harm. This includes content that urges or encourages others to: cut or injure themselves…or commit suicide.” [Bullet #3]
  • Harassment: “Don’t attempt to circumvent the Ignore feature or otherwise try to communicate with someone who has asked you to stop.” [Bullet #17]

Now lets get down to business.

You people make me physically ill. Just so you know. None of what you are doing is okay. The fact that most of you seem to be doing it on anon should be a good indication of this. In fact, some of you- such as the ‘specialsnowflakehunters’- seem to do nothing but this on their blog, which is absolutely disgusting. It needs to come to an end, and come to an end now. The proof of such is both above and below.

Harassment and Stalking:

Peridork has asked you multiple times to leave them alone and unfollow them. Instead of responding to their wishes you continue to bother them. Constantly. This includes anything from making fun of them, encouraging their self-destructive thoughts and/or tendencies, and the simple act of reblogging their post with often rude and inappropriate comments tacked to the end.

That makes your continued responses, asks, messages and reblogs harassment. That makes your continued following and said harassment stalking. You wouldn’t do this to your neighbor or your ex because you would have the authorities called on you. Technically, Peridork could do the same if you weren’t hiding behind the veil of tumblr. Cowards.

Community Guidelines:

The examples of malicious speech are so abundant they may as well be endless. You continue to insist their mental illness (aka disability) is fake, with absolutely no proof that it is. The constant misgendering is also an example of this. They are the ones who get to express their gender, and you have no right to tell them that they are wrong.

Peridork is also a minor, which as the guidelines say is already complicated enough. Your continued harassment is nothing but bullying. Your continued insistence that you are just ‘trying to help’ is no excuse for the insults and degrading comments you continue to make towards them. This is called ‘Concern Trolling’ and is not legitimate concern. It does not make the abusive comments okay. If anything it is an attempt to get them to keep listening as you throw abuse their way.

Promotion of self harm. Do I even need to explain this to you? Apparently I do, because some of you- especially the anons- continue to tell Peridork to kill themselves. This is so wrong. So so wrong. Why do you not understand this? Seriously you all are just being unnecessarily cruel and horrible.

And finally again with the harassment. Harassment harassment harassment. Stop. Just stop. They have asked you to leave them alone, so leave them alone. Simple. So stop.

In conclusion:

You have not only broken multiple rules of tumblr but, technically, the law. There is no reason to continue to bother them. I really don’t think I need much more argument than the above quotes, definitions, and explanations. So back off, if you know what’s good for you. If the harassing actions (following, commenting, messaging) continue you will be reported and the offending blog will be flagged for deletion. 

Don’t see your name in any of the above posts? You’re not being called out for no reason.  Look below the cut, there is oh so much more disgusting evidence. For those of you trying to cover your tracks, don’t worry, we’ll catch you in the act as well.

And Peridork, feel free to respond to further harassment with a link to this post or the blog. Tell them to take it up with mod Jasper. I’m more than capable of dealing with them for you. The other mods and I support you and anyone else under attack 100%. Spread the word, widen the shield.

- Mod Jasper

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¿Has estado enamorado? Horrible, ¿no es así? Te hace tan vulnerable. Abre tu pecho y abre tu corazón. Y eso significa que alguien puede conseguir entrar ahí y desordenarte. Construiste toda una armadura, desde hace años, por lo que nada podía hacerte daño; entonces una persona estúpida, que no es diferente de cualquier otra persona estúpida, vaga en tu estúpida vida … Le das una parte de ti. Hicieron algo tonto un día, como besarte o sonreírte, y entonces tu vida no es tuya nunca más.
—  Neil Gaiman

Chironius monticola by James Christensen

Via Flickr: Mountain Sipo, Chironius monticola, in gaping threat posture.

Mindo, west slope of Andes, Ecuador

All images © James A. Christensen/PrimevalNature.com



Polaris Defense

Throughout the 1980’s and 90’s, the United States military’s rising demand for Polaris off-road vehicles leads to Polaris being the first ATV OEM to produce militarized vehicles for SOCOM and the United States Army.

The extensive success of Polaris vehicles in theater leads to the official founding of Polaris Defense in 2005, as a way for our company to better serve the needs of our nation’s government and armed forces.

Polaris Defense steadily develops a range of vehicles to serve the US and allied forces including the MVRS, MV700, and RZR-SW to meet the increasing demand for light off-road mobility platforms.

In 2011-2012, Polaris Defense launches the next generation of ATV and LT-ATV’s to meet the demanding needs of U.S. and international special operations, expeditionary and light infantry forces. Polaris is awarded several contracts from the US and other allied governments for the MRZR (LT-ATV) and MV850 (ATV) vehicles.

Polaris Defense continues to work closely with the United States and Allied forces, with Defense products operational in over 100 countries across 7 continents.

Defending Petra Ral (Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin) - by @tinkerbruh

I have never understood why the fandom should hate such a great character as Petra, and finding her here made me quite bitter. So I will explain myself, giving you some reasons to stop this unbelievable hate.

  • Too motherly: How could you just blame someone for this. Yeah, she is motherly. And this is so very important for the plot you can’t even imagine. Being motherly with the members of her squad, and especially with Eren really makes the difference. Petra is the one who is a mother to Eren after he has seen his real mother eaten by a titan. She is the one who puts all of her trust in him when everyone does it not. She is the one who will save him from certain death when he wanted to mess it up. It’s just how she’s like, and it is so important. Please notice it.
  • Mary-Sue: I’m sorry but I’ve never seen a fictional woman with such a wonderful character. There are a lot of strong women out there, but Petra is different from everyone else. She is so strong, but she is not a rebel like many and she is respetful to her superiors without being succubus. She is always ready to make the first step, and she’s braver than she looks like. She is also loving and she cares. She cares about her comrades, she cares about her family. She is just so unique. Definitely not a Mary-Sue type, at all.
  • Does nothing: Have we read or watch the same thing or what. As I said above, she is the one who helps Eren out when he doesn’t even knows how his power works. She bites her hand in front of Eren, forcing the entire squad to do it as if saying: “Don’t worry. We are with you.” She makes Eren trust in her, and in Levi’s squad. She helped the Hope of Humanity to believe in himself and in his comrades. She taught him not to fight alone, but even to ask for help if he needs it. And she dies with all of the squad to save him from the titan that was chasing him, and only him. She gives Eren - the goddamn main character - a reason to fight. Now you’re telling me if this could be even possibile be “nothing”.
  • Too obsessed with Levi: Okay, let’s talk about it. Because there is just a wrong word here and we could clean this up. She’s not obsessed: being “obsessed” is really specific thing, and I genuinely assure you she is not. She is just grateful: think about it. We can’t deny that she’s a thing on Levi, and that’s pacific. But it’s so easy to understand why: she is the only girl in a squad - the Special Operation Squad - totally formed by men. A Squad where only the best soldiers are admitted, and we know that is Levi that picks them. So imagine you are a very young girl that has left her house and her father - that she adores - to be a soldier to choose her fate and path on her own. Imagine the gratitude and the attachment you would give to the man who admitted you in one of the most prestigious squad in the entire military. It’s a shame that we will never see the background story of Petra, but if we could, I bet that so many opinions about her would change. Because it is not an obsession, it’s just gratitude. And yeah, she is has an obvious crush on him too, but how can we blame her? She is young and she feels like she has to pay Levi back for everything he has done for her and she maybe loves him too. Is she obsessed, then? Because I don’t think so.
  • Gets in the way of Levi/Eren: Please. Just please. I’m not starting a shipping war on this but how can you even judge a character like this, only because of your fanon ship? (Because it is what we’re talking about, just a fanon pairing. Like many others tho.) So please. She’s such an awesome woman, and a marvellous character. Not the perfect character, but even so amazing. You may hate her for a lot of reasons that could be considered “valid”, but this is just so unacceptable. Ship whoever you want, but please don’t hate anyone without a reasonable reason. Have your pairing and leave the hate apart.

And I hope I barely convinced someone to see this wonderful girl with different eyes. She is so beautyful, and so important. She doesn’t deserve all of this hate. Thank you for reading this.

Racism and Sexism Strike Again!!! A Defense of Jacqui Briggs

  • Character: Jacqui Briggs
  • Fandom: Mortal Kombat

Another black woman character I was waiting eagerly for on this site. The racism and sexism is really strong in fandom. I saw fan grumblings about Jacqui Briggs, Cassie Cage, Takeda Takahashi and Kung Jin (I wanted to submit Cassie and Jin, but the hatedom isn’t big enough for here I think) but poor Jacqui really got the worst of it. Diversity is already setting off fanbrats but seeing a fly black woman who doesn’t fit into stereotypes really sets them off (see Sheva Alomar, Michonne, Vivienne and Aveline de Grandpre). Netherealm Studios did a good job with Jacqui’s character and her romance and I’m not letting the whiny fanbrats piss on our parade. Most of these reasons are bullshit and it didn’t take much thought to debunk them. I grouped some of the similar reasons together, so let’s go.

Bland/boring design and personality, flat character

Beauty is subjective and everyone is not attracted to the same thing. Lots of fans, including myself, find Jacqui beautiful. Personality-wise, chill=/= boring. She usually acts as the voice of reason. What, did you want her to be sassy and rolling her neck all day? Flat characters are those who give and take nothing from the story. Jacqui balances out Cassie’s snark and Jin’s impulsiveness. The SF team would not flow together as well if she wasn’t there. Jacqui is a calm, intelligent, goal-focused young woman who fights all these weird things with nothing more than high-tech gauntlets and kick-boxing training. How is that boring? Don’t think that the real reason her personality is deemed “boring” isn’t noted. Y’all wanted a stereotypical “Sassy strong black woman who don’t need no man, stays in the background and is kept chaste” and got a cool-headed woman who is rational, takes her job seriously but still has a sense of humor, is considered beautiful, has her own moment in the limelight, and ends up in a relationship with a liked character. I see the bullshit and y’all ain’t cute.

Crappy moveset

In fighting games, not everyone will play well with every character. Don’t be salty because Jacqui’s rushdown style doesn’t fit you. Find a character that does and quit your bitching. And considering how one of the reasons for hating her is that so many people use her on-line and spam, it seems that quite a few fans like her moves just fine.

Isn’t attractive and cool as Cassie Cage

Once again, attractiveness is subjective as is coolness. I happen to like both women. They have different personalities so they will appeal to different people. Cassie is light-hearted and Jacqui is serious. Congrats on noticing basic personality variances.

Players use her Full Auto Variation to spam in online matches.

But you just said her moveset sucked, so how is she used enough to annoy you if she’s so bad?

I’m so sick of people hating on fighting game characters because “players spam”. If you get caught with a move more than 5 times and still haven’t figured out a way to counter or evade, you deserve all the losses you get. If someone figures out that an opponent can’t handle a certain move, then of course they will take advantage to win. It’s called using common ass sense. There is no honor in battle, only victory and defeat.

Also, training mode is your best friend and you need to know her. I know when I would get fucked up by certain moves; I’d go into practice mode and practice with AND against the character giving me problems. Then I’d come back and dominate with my newfound knowledge. If you know Full Auto Jacqui owns you relentlessly, learn her moves. See where her combos begin so you can react. Use the particular move that annoys you and see how it works. Practice against her. Maybe recruit a buddy or little sibling to use that move/combo on you until you can evade or stop it. But don’t just whine and stamp your feet because you’re too lazy to do the work. Either accept that you’re gonna get washed every time you see Jacqui or shut up and grind in the training room.

Just a female Jax in terms of her moves

They don’t even fight the same, so wtf? Jacqui uses running combos and kick-boxing while Jax is the grappling king. Sure Jacqui clearly is influenced by her dad but Cassie Cage has moves from Sonya and Johnny and no one gives her as much shit. Jacqui uses the gauntlets as homage to her dad. But it’s clear that she’s not just a re-skin. You’re not even trying anymore haters.

Gets in the way of slash ships involving Takeda (since it’s all but said that she and him get together at the end of Mortal Kombat X).

Students, it’s time for MissTakenBk’s “Bitch, you tried it, you really did” class. Today’s topic is shipping. First, SHIPPING IS NOT A REASON TO HATE A CHARACTER. One more time for Suzie and Tommy in the back, SHIPPING IS NOT A REASON TO HATE A CHARACTER!!!! Second, there are these magical, glorious things called fanart and fanfiction. You can use these magnificent tools to create whatever alternate universe you want. You can even completely ignore canon!! *gasps* See darlings, you can ship whatever the fuck you want but the key is simply not being an asshole about it. Doubly not being a racist, sexist asshole, because I hope you don’t think we can’t smell why the hate towards Jacqui is so virulent. Racist and sexist fanbrats aren’t nearly as slick as they think they are. But either way, Jacqui x Takeda is canon and is staying. Keep the nasty racist, sexist filth to yourselves.

In summary:

1) Beauty, personality, coolness, and moveset quality are (for the most part) subjective.

2) “Homage” is different than “exact copy”.

3) Consistently losing to spam is your problem to fix. Take your stankin ass to the training room and get good.

4) Shipping is no reason to hate a character because fanfiction.net and deviantart.com are things.

5) It’s one thing to not like a character because they’re not your cup of tea. It’s another to hate them for racist and sexist reasons and try to hide behind nonsense reasons that anyone could disprove.

Most of the Jacqui haters also bitch about “SJWs” ruining the game because the female characters actually have clothes on. Fanbrats aren’t even being subtle, or they’re trying and failing miserably. If you don’t like Jacqui, don’t play as her unless it’s her chapter in story mode. Problem solved. Either way, Jacqui’s awesome, Jacqui x Takeda is canon and both are here to stay (as long as something can survive in Mortal Kombat) so…