hi guys!!!! i reached 1k this week which is literally so incredible bc i have no idea why you guys follow me. it makes no sense but either way id like to thank you for looking at my mess of a blog and deciding to privilege it with a follow, i love every single one of you. im so happy this many of you indulge in the same fandoms as i do (especially my richonne thirst love) and in honor of that i decided to do a follow forever of all the nerds that grace my dashboard. if you’re highlighted it means you’re an extra nerd. 


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on the real i love all of you. you guys r literally the best. if i forgot you it’s bc im dumb plz forgive me ♥♥♥


I just wanted to give a HUGE shoutout to all the wonderful Sherlolly fanfic writers, gif makers, graphic makers, fandom defenders, meta writers, art makers, headcanon contributors and generally lovely people that I follow, reblog and like. (I’m a little bit of a whore for that little red heart)

I feel ashamed that I feel cannot contribute to all the thought provoking, fluffy, beautiful and often delightfully smutty wonderfulness that you all contribute daily, weekly or even sporadically to my otp to end all otp’s. You honestly make my tumblr experience one full of so many feels and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Every day, you make me smile. I’m just gonna tag a fuck-ton of you to say thanks.

And to all those who follow me that couldn’t give two stuffs about Sherlock, Sherlolly or the alien beauty that is Benedict Cumberbatch…. thank you for still following me. I’ll try to post more cats and stuff about vaginas.

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defenestratrix  asked:

So upset about Beverly, too, but would love to read your Hannibal lady-meta if you ever want to post it.

Unfortunately it’s a little…out of date now, and that’s because Beverly was removed from the equation, ripping my heart and soul out of my body in the process. But if you’re interested in the gist of what it said let me see if I can explain it here.

So up until the last episode there were four women who were the major players in this season, and each of them fell on what I like to think of as a spectrum of combined influence and goals. But despite the variations of their origins of influence and what their goals are, they all have one thing in common - they each represent a particular brand of justice.

Kade Prurnell stands on what I think of as the leftmost side of the spectrum. She has been completely taken in by the fiction that Hannibal has created, believing the story wholesale and acting in accordance with what that means. She fully believes that Will has both committed the crimes and that he was conscious while doing it, and what is most refreshing about this is that even though she is acting as an antagonist to Will the adorable puppy dog victim she is not portrayed in a villainous light. Her beliefs and therefore her actions are entirely justified with the evidence that she has been given, and this means that in her own way she is seeking her own kind of justice. She is like an angry, righteous, avenging angel, coming in with purifying fire to sweep a corrupted and mismanaged bureau clean. She seeks vengeance, and rights for wrongs, and retribution, no matter who stands in her way.

To her right is Alanna. She too has been taken in by Hannibal’s lies, although to a lesser degree, believing that Will did in fact commit the crimes but also believing with all of her merciful and compassionate soul that he was not responsible for his actions. She brings hope and fatalism to Will in equal measure, telling him and anyone who will listen that if justice is to be done it will mean Will being found guilty for the crimes but not blamed for them. She is a messenger of mercy, pleading that justice be done for Will by sparing his life and sparing nothing, not even her job or reputation, to see that it happens.

Then there’s Beverly. My sweet, brilliant, doomed Beverly. She was neutral, an outsider, a truth-seeker who was led to her end by her very nature as such. She stood square in the middle of the spectrum, explicitly stating that she didn’t know what to believe about Will and showing how willing she was to look for something more. She represented the logical and implacable movement of truth, searching for the answers that others missed because it was the right thing to do even if it put her in jeopardy. There was nothing for her besides truth, and now there never will be again.

And at the end there is Bedelia. At the far right, so far away from the others that she almost defies categorization. She is, now, very nearly outside the realm of Hannibal’s influence because she has seen the truth of what he is, and that truth is a very dangerous thing to hold. She believes Will, actually believes the whole of his story and not just his profession of innocence, and with that belief and that knowledge she represents one of the few hopes for exoneration that Will has left. At this point she is a wild card, existing out beyond our grasp (or Hannibal’s grasp, which right now is the more important of the two) and remaining as a continuous threat that even Hannibal doesn’t quite know how to deal with. She is truth embodied, hope given human form, and she is just as ephemeral as both of those concepts have ever been.

I had hoped, until today, that Beverly and Bedelia would be the means of Will’s salvation. Now….now I guess we’ll have to see what happens.

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I love Molly and I'd love to see a crack fic with her dating a hot hero (thor or steve rogers) and a very jealous Sherlock... Would you think about it?

Well, Nonny, usually I don’t go for crack fics/scenarios unless they come from the gloriously creative and endlessly imaginative hive of activity that is defenestratrix’s mind, but sure. I’ll give it a go. Why not? (This is more a crack drabble than a fic though, and I did change the prompt a bit. I hope you don’t mind me doing that Nonny!)

“I don’t like him.”

Molly, stood beside Sherlock in the lab at St. Bart’s and quietly getting on with her paperwork, looked up, a degree of innocence in her expression.


“Him. That… person Mycroft’s got himself involved with.”

Person?” Molly raised an eyebrow. “You’d better not referring to Steve Rogers as a ‘person’.”

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The third and final part to my 2.5k followers celebration, and I’ve decided to do a second follow forever! Since I did my first follow forever, I’ve discovered a shedload of really cool blogs run by some total sweethearts, and I’ve made friends with people who are, to quote Arthur Shappey, “brilliant!”. So I’ve made this follow forever in order to say thank you to those people, and more, for making my Tumblr dashboard a really lovely, interesting place to be. Some I speak to, some I’ve spoken to once or twice and some I literally just admire from afar, but you’re all awesomely cool regardless.

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