For defenestratrix, who wants to see makeup, I finally got this posted.  :)

Mine is a bit different from everyone else’s, in that I use drug store brands, exclusively.  I’ve just never been one to spend a lot of money on makeup.  Three days a week, I’m either in the bakeshop or the kitchen, and I’m not allowed to wear makeup at all. The other two days, I’m in the classroom and in my “front of house” uniform. I’m allowed to wear “minimal, natural looking” makeup.

I start with Olay Total Effects CC Cream, then I put concealer wherever I need it and blend it in with a duo-fiber brush. (I got an ELF one from Target.) Then I use mineral powder foundation.

I like the L’Oreal True Match line, because it makes choosing makeup easy. I am usually an N2 or N3; sometimes I go all the way down to N1 in the winter. (Actually, the palest I’ve ever been was when I lived in Hawaii, because I was super diligent about sunblock.) Right now I’m using N1-2-3 concealer, N4-5 mineral powder (the 1-2-3 was too pale), and N3-4 blush. I use the blush as eyeshadow, as well. My blush and eyeshadow brushes are both Sonia Kashuk brushes from a travel kit I bought about a decade ago. (Holy crap I’m old.)

I used Almay eye makeup for YEARS, decades actually, because when I started wearing makeup they advertised as being “safe for contact lens wearers”.  Lately I’ve been feeling like that’s not really the case anymore; and even though I don’t usually wear contacts anymore, my eyes are still sensitive.  I had to stop using their eye makeup remover because, holy crap, I might as well use a Stridex pad on my eyes.  I use Neutrogena now.  So anyway, I recently switched over to Maybelline Great Lash.  I tend to end up with racoon eyes by bedtime, but it doesn’t make my eyes itch, so that’s good.  I use Dark Brown, as opposed to Black or even Black-Brown, because my eyelashes are really long and thick on their own, and dark mascara is just too much.

Much like Cinna, my one touch of glamour is gold liquid eyeliner.  I was using the super cheap Wet ‘N’ Wild stuff for a while, it works just fine, but I developed an allergy to it, so I have this one tube of gold Prestige Cosmetics liquid eyeliner in Legend that I got at the Navy Exchange. 

My collection of lip stuff, from top to bottom: Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lipstain in Honey; Almay color + care Liquid Lip Balm in Blooming; Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer in Watermelon; Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Blossom; Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer in Apricot; and Almay color + care Liquid Lip Balm in Cantaloupe.  The one I use most often is, by far, the tinted lip balm in Blossom, but I keep at least one pink and one peach in each of my bags.

Perfume is a no-no in Culinary school, but I’m not a perfume kind of person anyway.  I use unscented lotion on kitchen days and Burt’s Bees Milk & Honey lotion on classroom days.

So, well, yeah.  That’s my as-if-anybody-really-cares detailed description of my cheapskate makeup routine.  Here’s me (sorry that my glasses block my eye makeup, such as it is [holy cannoli my face got fat]):

defenestratrix replied to your post “I don’t know if Molly having a bigger presence in s4 is a good thing,…”

Yeah, BBC Sherlock is kind of on my last few nerves after S3. Still looking forward to S4, but if Molly or Mary dies for some weak-ass man pain, I’m out.

I’ve never been worried about character death in this show before until last year when people were freaking out about her possibly dying. I’m not even sure how that came about, but I think we were all just a little paranoid. 

I’m trying to remain positive, or as positive as I can anyway. I realize this show is a drama, and can sometimes be quite dark, but it is much more lighthearted than some of the other dramas you can find on TV. Maybe character death really isn’t something we should worry about when it comes to this show. 

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"#i know there's a waiting list, #but marry me defenestratix, #we'll put the L back in LGBQT." Such tempting promises, but where are our matching tuxedo tee-shirts and bacon rose bouquets? Where is the MC Hammer wedding playlist?

You know I can’t resist a good floral arrangement made of pig fat and goodness, but I had something a tad more dramatic in mind.

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So upset about Beverly, too, but would love to read your Hannibal lady-meta if you ever want to post it.

Unfortunately it’s a little…out of date now, and that’s because Beverly was removed from the equation, ripping my heart and soul out of my body in the process. But if you’re interested in the gist of what it said let me see if I can explain it here.

So up until the last episode there were four women who were the major players in this season, and each of them fell on what I like to think of as a spectrum of combined influence and goals. But despite the variations of their origins of influence and what their goals are, they all have one thing in common - they each represent a particular brand of justice.

Kade Prurnell stands on what I think of as the leftmost side of the spectrum. She has been completely taken in by the fiction that Hannibal has created, believing the story wholesale and acting in accordance with what that means. She fully believes that Will has both committed the crimes and that he was conscious while doing it, and what is most refreshing about this is that even though she is acting as an antagonist to Will the adorable puppy dog victim she is not portrayed in a villainous light. Her beliefs and therefore her actions are entirely justified with the evidence that she has been given, and this means that in her own way she is seeking her own kind of justice. She is like an angry, righteous, avenging angel, coming in with purifying fire to sweep a corrupted and mismanaged bureau clean. She seeks vengeance, and rights for wrongs, and retribution, no matter who stands in her way.

To her right is Alanna. She too has been taken in by Hannibal’s lies, although to a lesser degree, believing that Will did in fact commit the crimes but also believing with all of her merciful and compassionate soul that he was not responsible for his actions. She brings hope and fatalism to Will in equal measure, telling him and anyone who will listen that if justice is to be done it will mean Will being found guilty for the crimes but not blamed for them. She is a messenger of mercy, pleading that justice be done for Will by sparing his life and sparing nothing, not even her job or reputation, to see that it happens.

Then there’s Beverly. My sweet, brilliant, doomed Beverly. She was neutral, an outsider, a truth-seeker who was led to her end by her very nature as such. She stood square in the middle of the spectrum, explicitly stating that she didn’t know what to believe about Will and showing how willing she was to look for something more. She represented the logical and implacable movement of truth, searching for the answers that others missed because it was the right thing to do even if it put her in jeopardy. There was nothing for her besides truth, and now there never will be again.

And at the end there is Bedelia. At the far right, so far away from the others that she almost defies categorization. She is, now, very nearly outside the realm of Hannibal’s influence because she has seen the truth of what he is, and that truth is a very dangerous thing to hold. She believes Will, actually believes the whole of his story and not just his profession of innocence, and with that belief and that knowledge she represents one of the few hopes for exoneration that Will has left. At this point she is a wild card, existing out beyond our grasp (or Hannibal’s grasp, which right now is the more important of the two) and remaining as a continuous threat that even Hannibal doesn’t quite know how to deal with. She is truth embodied, hope given human form, and she is just as ephemeral as both of those concepts have ever been.

I had hoped, until today, that Beverly and Bedelia would be the means of Will’s salvation. Now….now I guess we’ll have to see what happens.

defenestratrix said: Dawkins is such an embarrassment, not just to atheists, but to human beings in general. He belongs in a meat grinder.

He is. He spoils things for his own philosophical group and supports the discrimination and belittling of others. Hateful fucking person with a wider audience than he deserves.

jessiokafroka replied to your post “Your stupidity really hit home, I mean, blaming everything on internalized-misogyny? I have secondary embarrassment from your use of a serious topic to defend your stupid turf-war over a minor character. Please stop making females look as stupid as you.”

Wow, anon. At least own your righteous opinion.

defenestratrix replied to your post “Your stupidity really hit home, I mean, blaming everything on internalized-misogyny? I have secondary embarrassment from your use of a serious topic to defend your stupid turf-war over a minor character. Please stop making females look as stupid as you.”

Aw, look at this stressed out gray face, trying so hard to rationalize their shitty opinion without actually owning it.

Well would either of you want people to see you acting like a five year old and be able to identify you? Of course not!

defenestratrix replied to your post:I started writing an Alana/Molly fic with the full…

Yes, Bloomper! With their perfect hair, and advanced degrees, being excellent and stealing dogs from Will Graham.

I like the idea of Will ‘accidentally’ taking Applesauce with him one time after he visited them, causing Molly and Alana to plan an elaborate heist to get their dog back and taking Buster with them to teach WIll a lesson, resulting in this continuous back and forth dogstealing

defenestratrix replied to your post:Ahh, nothing like a bank robbery with the criminal…

Maybe that bank robber, flush with new money, believes they are now entitled to the ritziest of parking garage hideouts.

Yes, come to the safety and luxury of our parking garage, where you may hide among the broad forms of Fiats and Vespas.  Oh and double-extended bed pickup trucks.  #Texas

I did the thing!!

Defenestratrix asked me (like months ago) to do a make-up post using the benefit “they’re real” push up liner, so here it is!

Products: Benefit “boing” concealer (shade 01)
Benefit “they’re real” push up liner
Clinique blush

This is my low key, “all ready for a day of convincing the kids I work with that communication is better than punching” look! My life is so glam ;)

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Hannibal flirtatiously baking nightmare pastries for Mycroft. Ghost!Bev and Sally Donovan not getting paid enough for this shit.

Bedelia and Mycroft being classy as fuck as their sipping wine and complaining about the idiots in their life

Moriarty and Hannibal bragging to eachother how they each almost completely ruined Will’s and Sherlock’s lives over dinner. Moriarty would be cool with the food being people. In fact, he’d probaly give Hannibal some victims for his birhtday and Christmas and in return, Hannibal would cook Jim his favourite body part just the way he likes it

Fuck, I’m getting emotional