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Name: Laura
Nickname: Hardly any except my mom calls me Chief, my best friend calls me L, and everyone else calls me bitch ;)
Birthday: December 6th
StarSign: Sagittarius

Gender: Female

Height: 5'6" 

Sexual orientation: Straight

Favorite color: Orange or pink or anything disgustingly neon 

Time right now: 1:55am
Average hours of sleep: When I have to work early, like 4 seconds, but usually like 8-9 hours
Lucky number(s): 13, 6

Last Thing I googled: Tattoos, I have 2 and I have such an unhealthy addiction that my wallet can’t handle

Number of blankets I sleep under: It’s literally 85 degrees out and I’m under 3 blankets because I’m always cold

Favorite Fictional Character: I’m not really sure but my entire existence is Spongebob quotes even though I’m almost 20. Gotta stick with the classics 

Favorite famous person: J Law is life, Channing Tatum is a god sent, and can we talk about how great Ellen is??
Favorite books: Catcher in the Rye, read that shit. It’s a classic, everyone will think you’re cultured, you’ll fucking love it. I’ve read it 4 times nbd
Favorite bands/artists: I like literally anything that isn’t trash and I’m always open to new music 
Last movie I saw in theaters: Well I haven’t been to a movie in like a year so idk probably Fault in Our Stars which was embarrassing because I left the theater crying all over myself 
Dream Trip: I’ve been all over Europe but I want to go back sooo badly and am currently saving my paychecks to go to Germany next year so god help me.
Dream Job: I’m super into photography and like not to toot my own horn I’m actually pretty good so if I could do anything in the world it would be to be a photographer for National Geographic because I would get to do the 2 things that I  love, travelling and taking pictures!

What am I wearing at the moment: My totally sexy (it’s shorts and a huge ass tshirt) pajamas because I should be sleeping instead of doing this shit.

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ikolson replied to your post:nevolition replied to your post:Just finished…

I’m still in utter shock, because HOW DO YOU FIND TIME TO WRITE THAT WHILE YOU’RE STILL IN THE MIDDLE OF CATCH AND RELEASE?? Just casually dropping another 66k like it’s no big deal. Honestly.

FUCKING RIGHT? defenestration-and-more we are fondly in awe of you.