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If you would go out of your way to argue how easy it is for capital to automate away jobs when labor costs become too high, then you should probably know that you’re giving all kinds of credibility to those of us who advocate fully-automated luxury communism. I mean, think about it: you’re arguing that so much of human labor ISN’T NECESSARY because said jobs can be done by machines, and yet you STILL want the bulk of humanity to pointlessly scrape by laboring for the capitalist class, receiving meager wages to buy the shit they helped generate in the first place. The above billboard is a THREAT. Let’s not mince words – that billboard is bourgeois propaganda designed to turn the working class against each other and against the broader goals of resource democratization. “If you fight for a basic livable wage, just know that you’re easily replaceable, peon!”

This is what leftists mean when they say that capitalism is an economic system filled to the brim with tensions and contradictions; it’s also what they mean when they say that capitalism inevitably produces its own gravediggers. Automation is one of those gravediggers, and it’s a major one at that. As more and more jobs become automated in the coming decades, the working class will face widespread dispossession, ramping up revolutionary class consciousness in the process. At that point, capitalism will either focus on generating more superfluous jobs for people to work or set about instituting a universal basic income – regardless, the point is to keep enough scraps flowing downward so that people don’t call for a broader system change. In this way, capitalism’s ruling class can maintain control over the wealth-producing means of production and imperialist capital accumulation can continue unrestrained.

For these reasons, “more jobs” and universal basic incomes are not enough. We need to democratize the broader social infrastructure and eliminate the profit system. If you recognize how possible it is to automate away human labor, then you should defenestrate yourself out of the Overton Window and use some political imagination – cut out the unnecessary jobs, automate all the labor you can, produce for human need rather than elite profit, and you end up with drastically reduced working hours and bountiful leisure time. This is the essence of fully-automated luxury communism – the natural conclusion of the conditions that capitalism set in motion.

Be wary of automation in the present climate, but always trace it back to the class struggle. Robots taking our jobs SHOULD be cause for celebration; why should we treat these potential liberators as harbingers of dispossession? Technological advancements are pushing us exponentially towards a de facto post-scarcity world, where everyone’s needs can be comfortably met alongside their desires for community and leisure and entertainment, and yet we’re held back by Empire’s insistence on keeping the means of production hoarded under the command of a superfluous ruling class. As long as we are divided into capitalists and workers, humanity will never know full liberation.

Zodiac Signs as Beautiful Words:
  • ARIES:  Defenestration (n) the act of throwing someone out the window.
  • TAURUS: Petrichor (n) the pleasant, earthy smell of rain.
  • GEMINI: Ephemeral (adj) lasting for a very short time
  • CANCERHiraeth  (n) a home sickness for home you cannot return to, or that never was.
  • LEO: Phosphenes (n) the light and colours produced by rubbing your eyes
  • VIRGO:  Mellifluous (adj) a sound that is sweet and smooth, pleasing to hear.
  • LIBRA: Limerence (n) the state of being infatuated with another person.
  • SCORPIO: Sonder (n) the sudden realization that each passerby has a life as vivid and complex as your own
  • SAGITTARIUS:  Luminescence (n) light produced by chemical, electrical, physiological means
  • CAPRICORN: Denouement (n) the resolution of a narrative
  • AQUARIUS: Syzygy (n) an alignment of celestial bodies.
  • PISCES:  Ethereal (adj) extremely delicate, light, not of this world.
Zodiac Word Games

Aries: Defenestration- (n.) The act of throwing someone out a window.

Taurus: Petrichor- (n.) The smell of earth after rain.

Gemini: Facetious- (adj.) Trying to appear amusing, witty &/or intelligent at an inappropriate time, when it would be better to be serious.

Cancer: Mangata- (n.) The reflection of the moon on water.

Leo: Panache- (n.) Flamboyant confidence of style or manner, a certain flair.

Virgo: Psithurism- (n.) The sound of rustling leaves.

Libra: Raxeira - (n.) Line drawn by the sunlight on the floor as it filters through the window.

Scorpio: Opia - (n.) The ambiguous intensity of looking someone in the eye, which can feel simultaneously invasive and vulnerable.

Sagittarius: Eleutheromania- (n.) The intense desire for freedom.

Capricorn: Atrabilious-(adj.) Gloomy, morose, melancholy.

Aquarius: Iconoclast- (n.) One who breaks stereotypes.

Pisces: Hypnagogic- (adj.) Relating to the state immediately before falling asleep.


32 of the most beautiful words in the human language.

I just put them into alphabetic order

How To Start A War On Accident

Did you know that the Thirty Years’ War – one of the longest and most destructive wars in Europe, a war so bad that Europe never fought again over religion – was started by three men being thrown out of a window?

The men were the Catholic regents of the Catholic emperor of Bohemia. Under the rules governing the Holy Roman Empire which Bohemia was part of, individual princes could choose what religion their subjects followed. Religious freedom, yay! As you may have guessed the Bohemians were ordered to be Catholic. This did not sit well with Protestant nobles in Prague. When the Bohemian authorities started cracking down on their Protestant churches, they called an assembly at Prague Castle, and demanded the four regents answer for their actions.

After some talking, two regents were let go. But two were held back. After a nice little speech about their tyranny, both men were thrown out the third-story window. Then their secretary, for good measure. It goes down in history as “The Defenestration of Prague.”

All three were badly hurt, but survived. “A miracle!” claimed the Catholics, “They fell in a dung-heap!” claimed the Protestants. Within days, troops were being mobilized, and within months Bohemia was ablaze. Most of central Europe would catch fire. And millions would die because of the actions of a handful of noblemen in Prague.

mbti as beautiful/aesthetic words

intp: syzygy (n) an alignment of celestial bodies
istj: vellichor (n) the strange wistfulness of used bookshops
infp: nefelibata (n) “cloud walker” one who lives in the clouds of their own imaginations or dreams; one who does not obey the conventions of society, literature, or art
estp: clinomania (n) excessive desire to stay in bed
istp: pluviophile (n) someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days
esfj: eloquence (n) the art of using language in an apt, fluent way
estj: petrichor (n) the pleasant, earthy smell after rain
isfp: phosphenes (n) the light and colors produced by rubbing your eyes
infj: sonder (n) the realization that each passerby has a life as vivid and complex as your own
enfj: limerence (n) the state of being infatuated with another person
isfj: ethereal (adj) extremely delicate, light, not of this world
esfp: supine (adj) lying face upwards
intj: luminescence (n) light produced by chemical, electrical, or physiological means
enfp: chatoyant (adj) varying in colour when seen in different lights or from different angles
entj: denouement (n) the final resolution of a plot
entp: defenestration (n) the act of throwing someone out of a window

If you had to choose~ Hamilton edition

Okay, I’m not sure if this has been done berofe or not, but let’s give it a try! 

The rules are simple- in each question, you’ll have to choose which one of the two things (characters, songs…) listed is your favourite (and why).

Sometimes It’s gonna be a really difficult choice (I know it’s lose-lose but if you had to choose)!

Feel free to reblog this with your answers, I’m looking forward to hear your opinions! =^^=

(Also, you’re welcome to add more if you like)


1) Act 1 x Act 2

2) Eliza Schuyler x Angelica Schuyler

3) Cabinet Battle #1 x Cabinet Battle #2

4) Lafayette x Thomas Jefferson

5) Lams x Jamilton

6) Helpless x Satisfied

7) Hamilton wrote the other 51! x Deep voice saying ‘damn’ in Reynolds Pamphlet

8) Chick-a-plao! x Awesome, wow!

9) Lafayette’s rap in Guns and ships x Mulligan’s rap in Yorktown

10) MyShot x Non Stop

11) John Laurens x Hercules Mulligan

12) Wait for it x Burn

13) Peggy Schuyler x Maria Reynolds

14) Immigrants? We get the job done! x You want a revolution? I want a revelation

15) Right hand man x What’d I miss?

16) Sit down John, you fat motherf- x Eliza beatboxing

17) Free tickets to Hamilton x Your own island in the Caribbean

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Words for the Theoi
  • Aphrodite: Pulchritudinous- (adj.) Someone of breathtaking, heartbreaking beauty
  • Apollo: Effulgence- (n.) Bright, so much so it seems as if rays of light are being emanated
  • Ares: Defenestration- (n.) The act of throwing someone out a window
  • Artemis: Tenacious- (adj.) Willfully determined
  • Athene: Sagacious- (adj.) Having or showing an ability to understand difficult ideas and situations and to make good decisions
  • Demeter: Petrichor- (n.) The smell of earth after rain
  • Dionysos: Panache- (n.) Flamboyant confidence of style or manner, a certain flair
  • Hephaestus: Monochopsis- (n.) The subtle but persistent feeling of being out of place
  • Hera: Redamancy- (n.) The act of loving someone who loves you; a love returned in full
  • Hermes: Facetious- (adj.) Trying to appear amusing, witty and/or intelligent at an inappropriate time, and when it would be better to be serious
  • Hestia: Hiraeth- (n.) A homesickness for a home that never existed, or to which you cannot return
  • Haides: Nepenthe- (n.) Something that can make you forget grief or suffering
  • Persephone: Iconoclast- (n.) One who breaks stereotypes
  • Poseidon: Curglaff- (n.) The physical sensation experienced when diving into cold water
  • Zeus: Sovereign- (n.) A supreme ruler, especially a monarch