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FOX released a new promotional video for season two of its hit, Sleepy Hollow and it has fans in a fuzzled fury of feels. Well, at least it has me in a bag of feels.

From the looks of it Abbie Mills, played by Nicole Beharie gets rescued by Tom Mison’s Ichabod Crane pretty early in the season, which leads to yet another fist bump and the part of the fist bump Abbie hasn’t taught her partner-in-crime-world-saving just yet.

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As all Sleepy Hollow fans know by now, Lyndie Greenwood became a series regular at the end of last season so we get to see a glimpse of her in the minute-long promo. This only heightens the anticipation. BadAss Abbie Mills + BadAss Jenny Mills (Mills Militia), played by two badass Black women with talent of this caliber could potentially send me over a cliff.

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Like I do with all of the shows I fangirl over, I’ve subdued my feels and anticipation as a survival mechanism to endure the long break in between seasons - it’s a nifty little skill I encourage all fangirls to master. However, this new promo video with Nicole Beharie’s gorgeous and talented self popping up off the ground, hair all frazzled, teaching Ichabod the evolution of the fist bump and reading this angry old white guy (John Noble) to filth is really testing me right now.

Be sure to check our for more…right after you check out the promo video!


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Nicole Beharie and Sleepy Hollow Cast at 2014 San Diego Comic Con

It’s official, Nicole Beharie along with the rest of the Sleepy Hollow cast will be making an appearance at the 2014 San Diego Comic Con. Twentieth Century Fox has announced that the cast of “Sleepy Hollow” will be participating in a sneak-peak screening of footage from Season 2, followed by a panel that will include a question and answer session. Beharie will be appearing alongside co-star, Tom Mison and fellow cast members Orlando Jones, Lyndie Greenwood, Katia Winter and John Noble.

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In addition to the panel and screening, the cast will be signing autographs at the Fox Fanfare Booth!  Beharie, Mison, and Noble will also be appearing at the Sleepy Hollow Virtual Reality Experience, where fans will come “face-to-face” with one of the Headless Horsemen!

Just a year ago when Beharie and her co-stars appeared at the San Diego Comic Con, Sleepy Hollow hadn’t yet premiered. Fans were privy to the pilot episode and the cast encouraged them to watch the show and take the wild ride with them.

Fast-forward a year later. Sleepy Hollow has become a phenomenon – at least among fans. The breakout hit finished at the top of E! Online’s television awards poll in several categories including Nicole Beharie taking the top spot for Female Breakout Television star.

Tickets to San Diego Comic Con have been sold out for quite some time, but there’s certain to be plenty of pictures and video on social media for those unable to attend.  The panel and screening will take place on Friday, July 25 from 5:45-6:45 p.m. in Room 6BCF at the San Diego Convention Center.

The Fox Fanfare Booth autograph sessions will take place on Saturday, July, 26, with times to be announced at Comic Con. Keep up with FOX for updates on all things Sleep Hollow at SD ComiCon including a live stream of the panel.

“SLEEPY HOLLOW” – THE SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON “VIRTUAL REALITY” EXPERIENCE Where: Petco Interactive Zone When: Thursday, July 24 – Sunday, July 27 Hours: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM daily.

We've All Seen the Numbers

Sleepy Hollow is loosing in the ratings and you all know what that means. But Hold Fast Sleepyheads. Fandoms have saved shows before.

10 Fan Campaings That Worked

I really like the Chuck campaign myself. It showed the fandoms buying power and got the show a bigger sponsor in the process. 

“With the NBC spy dramedy in danger of being canceled after its second season, fans launched a “Have a Heart, Renew Chuck” campaign, which ended up raising $17,000 for the American Heart Association on behalf of NBC. They also organized to buy sandwiches at Subway — one of the show’s main sponsors — the day of the season finale, dropping comment cards in support of “Chuck” while there. The chain signed on as a bigger sponsor, the network renewed the show, and it ran for five seasons.”

Personally I’d like any campaign we run to be central to something between the two Witnesses though I’m not sure what. 

Some people have suggested an alliance with other fandoms. I’m still not feeling superwholock, but there are Supernatural fans that probably aren’t feeling Superwholock either, and alliance with Superwholock is natural given some of the similarities between the two shows. The Fannibals have also rejected superwholock and also need more viewers to keep their show going perhaps an alliance based on mutual need. I know Hannibal is the opposite of diverse, but its a good show, and also a horror show so we might come together and strengthen both our fanbases in the process. 

Something else to consider is that a number of these shows went from networks to cable or became online shows. Personally I’d like to keep SH on a major network, but keeping it being produced works well for me.

My first thought that our campaign whatever it is should be called Hold Fast Fox!, but we’ll see. Let’s brainstorm some ideas Sleepyheads and save our show.