defending rj

what i can’t fathom about anti-r&j sentiment is how people think it’s perfectly natural for two people who just wanted to sleep with each other would KILL themselves because they can’t be together in the end. like, how does that even begin to make sense? 

especially when (just a small reminder) ROMEO AND JULIET DID SLEEP TOGETHER, AND ON THEIR WEDDING NIGHT AT THAT. if their relationship was just a sex thing, then romeo’s banishment to mantua would have been sooooo convenient for them both. juliet would have said ‘‘ah, well, it was just one of those things’’ and married paris and romeo would have moved on too. would have been a ‘‘the one that got away’’ thing for them later in life, probably

but last i checked, things didn’t quite happen that way. in fact, i seem to recall the play going somewhat differently, but gee whiz, i’m blanking out. hmm. very strange.

You know what bothers me the most about the Romeo & Juliet hate going around? Especially from what I see in the R&J tag, it’s that literally everyone overlooks the fact that all of the violence is already set in motion right from the opening scene of the play because the families were so stubbornly engrossed in their own feud (a feud which the play doesn’t even bother explain the root of, that’s how needlessly long this grudge has gone on) but instead they go straight to blaming the only two people who actually wanted out of this rivalry. In the end it doesn’t matter that Romeo and Juliet made some terrible choices because guess what; they were teenagers. They are meant to fall in and out of “love” (call it whatever you want) and screw up like all teenagers do. Why is this a crime all of a sudden? Shouldn’t we blame the adults of the play for perpetuating hate and for the abysmal guidance they all provided to the leads?

So if we go by “the haters” logic, we should excuse and overlook the hatred and violence, and just go straight to blaming the very natural infatuation of two (unfortunately misguided) teenagers. Can they not see how wrong and toxic that is? Goes to show that this play may be over 400 years old but when it comes to love vs hate/prejudice, things haven’t changed much.

BT21/11 - The Jin Harem

Here we have a Jin, patting a figure

This boy be out there forming new ships

(sadly, my terrible eyes were unable to determine the exact figure he was patting but I assume it was a Golden Brown Figurine)

(the moment where all fans pretended they were a figurine, hoping to be patted on the head by this fine man)

Here we have a Jin regretting touching the figurine and lamenting that there was dust all over it XD

Jin going for Mang~

(pretty sure Mang is his 2nd fave, after his beloved RJ)

Hobi… are you playing with the RJ and Mang dolls?

Why does it look like he is making RJ bend down to plant a smooch on Mang?

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

(the random keung keung keung sound at around 2:18 was the sound of RJxMang)

His expression as he does that though XD

The way 2Seok’s face scrunches up as they laugh at their horrible 1st drafts

(RJ is still staring at Mang~)

Joonie, always ready to defend Jin and RJ~

Hobi agrees immediately 


(Hobi, that’s Jin, RJ’s creator… RJ is on the desk)

Their reactions to Jin/RJ’s stickers:

Tae: WAAAAAA! *in pure fascination and joy*

Chim: WOOOOOOH~ *impressed*

Joonie: oooh *silently in awe*

Hobi: WOW *puts his hands together as he marvels at it* 

Yoongs: ooooo *slightly smiles and brightens up*

JK: Ahhhhhh *has the look of a happy child*

Jin: Uwaaaa *happy satisfaction*


Joonie patting RJ’s head~

Chim’s reaction: *whips out phone to take pics*

Yoongs: *praises and smiles while putting his hands together*

JK: *Claps happily in excitement with a wide smile*

VMIN snapping pics on the side like paparazzi 

Joonie pointing out (physically) RJ’s similarity with Jin

Happy and bubbly Jinpalca 

Chim joining in on noting how RJ and Jin are very alike

Hobi jumping in too~

Jk sliding in a praise

Jin, noting the similarity between JK and Cooky

His happiness just radiates out as he laughs at Cooky’s stickers

Jin in anticipation of TATA’s character presentation

He mumbles to himself “it’s TATA” (타타다)

Jin ‘haha’s at all of TATA’s stickers

Until ep 12 comes out, that’s it for now!

Hope you guys enjoyed~

(I’m sad that ep 14 is so near since it will be the last T^T)

Bangtan-ah… when will they release selfies they (definitely) took with their BT21 figures and plush? This desperate fan craves it!

Also I’m low-key crying for my wallet (i’ll probably not be able to afford any of the BT21 merch T^T)


RJ: It was an accident, Mami. We didn’t mean for it to happen.

Lala: An accident? What do you mean, accident?

RJ embarrassed: I mean…I lose control when I’m with her. I can’t-

Lala frustrated: Lose control, that makes no sense to me!

Remy leaps in to defend his son- first because Diosa irritated the shit out of him and second in the hopes both RJ and Lala would be distracted and not notice his epic screw up.

Remy interrupts: What doesn’t make sense? He loses control, he can’t pull out when he orgasms.You have three kids with another on the way, you never understood how that happened, Lala?

Lala livid: Remy, do not defend this irresponsible behavior! RJ is not a child! 

Remy firm: He’s my child. And I’m not going to let Diosa keep him from his baby just because she’s jealous he’s engaged to someone else and um- having a baby with another girl too. A nice classy girl. Not a wildcat like she is.

RJ sighs: Dad, Diosa is the love of my life. I hate when you insult her. I already insulted her enough. But you’re right- she kept mentioning Margaux and my engagement and my baby on the way with Margaux.

Lala: Did she actually say that to you, RJ? That she’s jealous?

RJ: No. She said the baby is all she has and it’s all hers and a whole bunch of other BS. I couldn’t even stay to listen to it, she was being so ridiculous.  *stubborn* I want a lawyer. I want to be able to get custody of my kid the minute she has it. I know Diosa, and she’ll do what she says. Run off who knows where with my child. 

Lala: Can I ask you something, RJ? Do you want this baby with Diosa? Are you happy about this?

RJ indignant: What? Of course I want the baby, Mami!  I’m very happy about it.

Lala softly: Very happy. Did you congratulate her? Since you’re so happy?

RJ looks away.

Dallas in Rumble Fish

It was July of 1962. The Rolling Stones had their first debut, the first Walmart opened and Thomas Cruise Mapother IV was born. It was a hot summer day and the fans were whirling, keeping the costumers of Benny’s Billiards comfortable. “Rusty-James,” Midget Jones walked swiftly into the old restaurant. His mission was to get the news to his friend before reporting to Carlos Rodriguez that Bobby Williams had been killed not even an hour earlier. “Biff Wilcox is lookin’ for you, Rusty-James.”

“I ain’t hidin’,” Rusty-James Vincent replied, his focus on the cue ball in front of him.

“Says he’s gonna kill you, Rusty-James.” Midget knew Rusty-James was a good fighter so, like the rest of RJ’s friends, he wasn’t concerned. Midget was a precise, honest guy and he knew that even though Rusty-James could take the old cat, he’d need to be prepared. Dallas Winston, who was in the middle of kicking BJ Jackson’s ass in their own game of pool, was suddenly interested and listened closer, even though he knew Biff wasn’t shit.

“Sayin’ ain’t doin’,” Rusty-James shrugged and missed his shot. “Shit.”

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anonymous asked:

do you believe romeo wnd juliet rewlly were in love?

I think Romeo and Juliet were exactly what they needed at that precise point in time, and that’s why they fell so hard for each other. Juliet was giving Romeo the enthusiasm and recognition he so dearly yearned for but Rosaline never gave him, and Romeo simultaneously gave Juliet the attention and devotion her parents neglected to give her. They both filled the other’s void and because of that, they gave their hearts unconditionally. Also, when it is your first love, you have no walls nor barriers such as the ones we put up as we grow older or after being heartbroken. R&J may seem stupid to the eyes of the skeptics but that’s the beauty (and rarity) of the innocent untainted heart. You love without reservation, especially when the feeling is mutual; “the more I give to thee the more I have, for both are infinite.” If it were only lust, then Juliet wouldn’t have implored Romeo to marry her when she could have simply given in to her carnal desires. Despite being completely smitten, she still had enough sound judgment to turn the tables in her favor and make this formal. If Romeo would have only wanted to shag her and nothing more, he clearly wouldn’t have proposed. Marriage may be taken lightly nowadays but that was far from the case during the renaissance era. They both cared about each other with the same intensity, and wanted to make this a permanent deal. I’m not saying with time their love wouldn’t have died out (although I like to think they still would have loved each other for the rest of their lives) but in that precise moment, these characters thought it was love and we have to accept that.

If you want to get technical, allow me to quote this post:

  • Their first meeting? Their lines form a sonnet THEY COMPLETE EACH OTHERS’ METER THEY ARE SPEAKING IN PERFECT METER WITH EACH OTHER. Iambic pentameter mirrors heartbeats, and Shakespeare was so thorough with how he used it — when characters interrupt each other, cutting off the end of an iambic line, that’s always a bad sign, or when a character (Edgar in Lear is all about this) speaks in a somehow ‘flawed’ meter, when the stress of a line falls in the wrong place, that’s usually a sign of some inner turmoil. So you will never convince me that Shakespeare wanted us to think of R+J as anything other than IN LOVE. […] at the end of the day if you take anything away from this post, I want you to know that THEY SPEAK IN PERFECT METER THEY COMPLETE EACH OTHERS’ SONNET THEIR HEARTS BEAT AS ONE THEY ARE THE DEFINITION OF LITERARY SOULMATES

So I think as much as people try to derogate their relationship as a frivolous one, they need to realize William Shakespeare most likely intended his star-crossed lovers to be honestly in love with each other no matter how “unrealistic” the time-frame may have been. That’s the magic of storytelling, after all. While we’re on the subject, I find it very ironic that we can get lost in any kind of fiction; robots, dragons, werewolves or wizards, but two normal teenagers falling in love get sneered at like it’s the most ridiculous and nonsensical thing in the history of fiction. lol okay then.

no fear anti-r&j shit sphere: a translation into plain english

‘‘they were just stupid teenagers1!!!’’ —> While I too am fairly young, I ridicule a fictional couple to make myself look mature and distinguished. It soothes my own feelings of inadequacy and boosts my self-esteem. 

‘‘it wasn’t love it was lust!!!11" —> I haven’t much experience in these matters to be able to distinguish between erotic love and more sex-based relationships, nor have I studied enough psychology to know the difference. I am, after all, just a kid. 

‘‘r&j is not shakespeare’s best works tbh’’ —> Most likely I haven’t read any other Shakespeare other than R&J, or else I would have found Titus Andronicus, The Two Gentlemen of Verona, Troilus and Cressida and others weak in certain respects. But I really don’t have a deep interest in or an understanding of Shakespeare - I just want to sound smart and important. 

‘‘r&j were so fucking dumb’’ —> Fictional couples in love make me very uncomfortable. They point to my own inadequacies in regards to that area, and remind me of the fact that I have the emotional range of a teaspoon, unsuccessful yet in building a lost-lasting relationship. 

‘‘in liking r&j you are romanticizing an abusive relationship!!111’’ —> In making this claim I have not only failed to distinguish between love and abuse - in doing so I trivialize the pain and suffering of real-life abuse. I have just toed the line at disgusting and probably should stop now while I have the chance. 

‘‘r&j is unrealistic in its portrayal of love. people don’t kill themselves for love they just don’t’’ —> I have enormous difficulty distinguishing between reality and fiction, so when I read a fictive work on imaginary persons, I take the events as portrayed as real. I also believe that writers should write works to portray a moral example. Therefore, the writer (Shakespeare) wants us to emulate the behaviors of his characters, and that’s bad. 

‘‘teenagers would look at r&j and think ‘oh cool i’ll do the same thing’ and that’s wrong!!!11’’ —> I also believe people are as stupid as I am and take fictive works only at their literal sense, and as a kind of moral lesson or example. I am a very sad, delusional person. 

‘‘r&j led to the deaths of six people!!111’’—> I don’t really understand cause and effect relationships and how they work; I am not terribly smart. But I read the Sparknotes summary once! That counts, right?

‘let’s face it r&j is just problematic’’ —> It makes me very angry that there are people out there who are having more sex than I am. According to my Judeo-Christian moral compass, sex should be strictly restricted to procreation. If it isn’t, then it’s sinful. Since Shakespeare does not punish the lovers for their behavior, R&J fails as a good work of art that should work on instructing people to have relationships solely geared to productive, socially-sanctioned ends - marriage and children. Not running around kissing and wooing each other in iambic pentameter like heathens. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to lock myself in the bathroom and cry out my self-loathing in peace.